Holidays in Tenerife and Mallorca, Spain

What is the difference between Mallorca and Tenerife?

What is the difference between these islands? Why do some people praise Mallorca and others on the contrary say that there is nothing to do there.


Mallorca and Tenerife are two big islands that belong to different archipelagos: Balearic and Canary respectively. Mallorca has very beautiful nature, long mountain ranges, forests, fertile valleys. Tenerife is not as picturesque island, but nevertheless enjoys equal popularity. Excursion opportunities are on any of the islands, the prices differ slightly.

Significant differences are in climatic conditions. Spa season on Mallorca lasts from late May to early October (every year this time interval varies slightly). The rest of the time the island is cool and beach lovers do not come to Mallorca. The Mediterranean Sea, on the shores of which Mallorca is located, warms up very well. As for the island of Tenerife, this island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, just 100 kilometers from Africa. Throughout the year, the weather is pretty much the same, with a constant warm breeze blowing in from the mainland. But unlike Mallorca on the Mediterranean coast, the water is not as warm and rarely exceeds 25 degrees.

To get to Mallorca is faster, a direct flight from Moscow will take about 4-4,5 hours. A direct flight to Tenerife takes about 7 hours, and if you change planes in Malta or Mallorca, the whole 10 hours.

As for accommodation, then on each of these islands can be found as a budget accommodation, and more expensive. It all depends on your preferences and financial capabilities. In this regard it makes no sense to compare islands.

Recreation prices are almost the same. Holidays on Majorca, you will save on airfare, because the flight will be closer, and rest on Tenerife, you can save money on shopping, as the island is tax-free zone, and on Mallorca there is no such area.

It is difficult to judge and say that one island is better than the other. Everyone chooses an island by itself, based on personal preferences. It is clear that the holiday season on Mallorca is limited by weather conditions, and to rest on Tenerife, you can at any time of year.


Both islands are beautiful in their own way. It all depends on the time of year for which you are planning your vacation, as well as personal preferences. The only significant difference may be the price of tickets and time on board from Moscow. To get to Tenerife is more difficult, since most airlines offer flights with connections, so the travel time can be 10 hours.

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Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary archipelago, which can offer a variety of recreation: from a quiet stay at the local beaches to the noisy fun at the Liquid Club or El Faro, located in the southern part of the island. Many tourists choose Tenerife for its mild climate, because here the temperature in winter does not drop below 20 ° C, and in summer does not exceed 25 °.

The climate on Mallorca does not differ significantly from that of the southern coast of Spain. The famous Arta Caves can be found on the north-eastern part of the island. Architecture lovers should visit the Cathedral, the Palace of Almudaina and Valldemossa.

In terms of plant life, Mallorca is considerably inferior to Tenerife in this matter. Tenerife’s island and geographical location allows you to observe more than 1200 plant species in Tenerife. Mallorca, on the other hand, is rather famous for its great variety of birds.

Diving is well developed on both islands. On the northern side of Tenerife there are very interesting places, but due to the unpredictable weather conditions they are less popular. This is why most diving centers are concentrated in the south and southwest. The southeastern side is perfect for surfers.

On Mallorca, I suggest visiting the West Coast Divers Mallorca, located on the west coast, closer to Palma.

In any case, on each of the islands you will be able to find something to your liking. Both are unique with their attractions, nature and history.


Tenerife is a year-round resort, the warm currents of the Gulf Stream allow for swimming even in winter, while Mallorca on the Mediterranean Sea opens the beach season only from May to September. Of course, the Canary Islands are more exotic because of its geographical location, but the sightseeing program and hotel base are good both on Mallorca and Tenerife.


Mallorca has a slightly milder climate than Tenerife. However, the latter has more attractions and entertainment, while Mallorca goes to rest from the bustling cities and companies. Although there are clubs, bars and restaurants.

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Mallorca is more expensive than Tenerife. This applies to accommodation. Prices for food are basically the same.

As for water activities. On Mallorca, it is diving, water skiing. On Tenerife, a boat ride around the island, water skiing, diving, there are even two water caves.


Tenerife is “the island of eternal spring”, a unique place where you can vacation all year round and the nature is a nature of several climatic zones. Mallorca is a more usual option with the holiday season (May – October). I recommend Tenerife because it is more interesting to visit, it has a wonderful volcano, unique nature and amazing parks with animals. Mallorca is more ordinary, except Palma with its Cathedral, not much to remember.


Mallorca is the Balearic Islands, close to Spain. It is not true that there is nothing to see, there are more than 20 nature reserves. Caves, Palma, La Granja, castles all over the island, Poyensa (Roman city). Yes you on one Palma will need 2-3 days to see everything there is not on the run!

Mallorca or Tenerife.

Good day to all, “Mallorca or Tenerife” – I will tell you today, I will share my experiences to make it easier to understand what to choose, Mallorca or Tenerife? Invaluable knowledge gained through a long study of both resorts. To begin with, not to boast, I will say that in my life, besides Spain, I managed to travel: Cancun, Punta Cana, Bali, Phuket, Vietnam, Germany, Austria, Italy – not a complete list of countries and cities we visited with my dear husband. We have a lot to compare it with! I will generously share my knowledge.

So, on the agenda is the question – Mallorca or Tenerife? Each of us is busy with his own worries and concerns – work, the daily resolution of all sorts of problems, nervous breakdowns, studies, raising children and other everyday things take away all the strength, you do not want to walk like a taut string and irritated over every trifle? I’m sure we all dream of being in harmony with ourselves, so a good and proper rest is essential. Sometimes we are so backed into a corner that we do not even know what we want from life, from a vacation – especially. It is clear that we need to escape from the daily routine, to change the place, to go somewhere. CONCLUSIONS:

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The search begins: where what weather, what sea, what reviews of tourists. Having stopped the choice on islands of Spain, you will not make a mistake. It remains only to understand the features of each resort.

Climate, weather, season

Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate and a distinct summer season. Tenerife, an island of eternal spring in the Atlantic Ocean near the African coast.

Which is better, Mallorca or Tenerife? Daytime temperatures on the coast of Mallorca average 21-24 degrees all year round. Above 30 rises in the summer, from June to August. The best time for a beach holiday is considered the period from the second half of June to the first part of September – the sun shines, it never rains, the water is ideal for swimming (more about this later). The average daily temperature in Tenerife is about 18-20 degrees. The hottest months are July and August, when the thermometer rises to 26 degrees. It is not as hot as on Mallorca. In the evenings can be cool, be sure to bring a cardigan or leather jacket.

On Tenerife vacation all year round. The air temperature stays at 18 degrees all winter. Some tourists swim in the ocean. Mallorca is a little cooler in winter by a couple of degrees. At different times of the year to change the environment, swim, admire the beauty, you can, deciding what to choose Mallorca or Tenerife .

I do not like the strong heat of over 25 degrees, so I feel more comfortable on Tenerife, where the heat is not so strong. Mallorca is not stuffy in early June. I consider it an ideal time to visit, by the way.

Sea, Water Temperature

Mallorca is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The Canary Islands or Tenerife are located in the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean is a priori always colder than the sea, as the ocean waters warm by a stretch. Water temperature in Tenerife from December to May averaged 19 degrees, from June to August, about 21-23 degrees, from September to November at 24. In principle, you can swim all year round. But not everyone likes the cool water of 23 degrees in the summer. For example, in Mallorca in the summer, the water is 23 degrees in June, and in August and all 27. You can swim in May, September and October in Mallorca.

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Beaches, nature

Mallorca or Tenerife, in terms of beaches, are very different. On Mallorca, the sand is champagne-colored, creamy, and looks almost white in the sun. On Tenerife, the sand is of volcanic origin, which determines its color. The sand in Tenerife is dark, the color of asphalt, here and there is a dark yellow. Keep in mind, all the light sand in Tenerife imported.

Personally, for a long time, the fact of dark sand made me a little tense, so we flew anywhere but Tenerife. In the end, the interest wore off. What can I say? Dark sand is strange, unusual, but you quickly get used to it, it seems to be the way it should be.

The entrance to the water on the beaches specially equipped for swimming is equally gentle. It is safe for everyone who can’t swim well, in particular for children, on both Mallorca and Tenerife.

Nature is beautiful in its own way on each island. Flora is different because of its geographical location.

Entertainment, tours, attractions

Mallorca or Tenerife, where is better? Resting in the high season, there will definitely be no problems with entertainment anywhere. In low season (especially November, December, January, February, March), some cafes, clubs are closed, not very many tourists, prices, by the way, in low season, accommodation and food markedly reduced. You can rent a car, get acquainted with the island more closely.

For the partying youth Mallorca is probably more suitable, there are a couple of areas rich in all sorts of clubs, every day you can visit new interesting places. Tenerife exactly loses in this regard, there are of course clubs, but their concentration is not as high as on Majorca.

Mallorca is suitable for recreation at any age, it is great for teenagers, young couples, families with children, the elderly. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the most suitable area. Tenerife, I would say, is more suitable for a holiday 30+. All the same, girlfriends aged around 23 will be a bit boring here.

There are a lot of beautiful sights on Mallorca, as well as on Tenerife. On Tenerife, we can highlight volcano Teide, the Museum of Miniatures Pueblo Chico (collected all the sights of the island, just to define your plans, what you want to see), Loro Park (the largest parrot exhibit in the world, a botanical garden, zoo and dolphinarium), water parks Siam Park and Aqualand, many observation points, where you can contemplate the beautiful view.

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Mallorca has superb scenery in the Sierra de Tramontana (valleys, green hills, mountains, lakes), Valldemossa, a quaint town at the foot of the Sierra de Tramontana, and Palma de Mallorca, or simply Palma, the famous capital and port of the Balearic Islands, Palma Cathedral by the sea, Belver Castle, Mondrago Natural Reserve with stunning beaches, where pine trees grow, the train of the early 20th century from Palma to Sawyer (opportunity to take a ride on the old railroad. The train goes with stops in picturesque places – super tour, great fun). I have a separate review of what to see in Mallorca.

Let’s summarize

Where better to stay, Mallorca or Tenerife, no one can tell you for sure Both islands are good in their own way. The main difference between the islands – the location, the climate. Tenerife is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean carries a special energy, power, when the wind blows from the ocean, you feel all this power and greatness. Mallorca is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, any sea, I believe, is inferior to the ocean.

Where is warmer, Mallorca or Tenerife, the palm clearly belongs to Mallorca. In terms of prices, level of hotels, food – everything is identical. Both islands belong to Spain, you must obtain a visa, do not forget. The flight to Mallorca takes about 4-4,5 hours, to Tenerife – 7-7,5 hours. By the way, I have an interesting article about 2 countries, where it takes less than 4 hours to fly and do not need a visa – is Cyprus or Montenegro.

I can’t say where I liked it better, Mallorca or Tenerife . We have been to the islands at different times in our lives. I know for sure that my husband and I were very satisfied with our travels. I can only say one thing that we will return to both places more than once! It will all depend on the mood!

Trust your intuition, choose what is best for you right now based on the parameters and descriptions. And… travel, travel, travel!

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