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The best cities to travel to in Sri Lanka

Find hotels in the most popular cities in Sri Lanka



Temples, Botanical Gardens, Culture

266 hotels


Landscapes, Nature, Nature Walks

90 hotels



Beach Walks, Hospitable People, Beach

146 hotels



Hospitable People, Shopping, Food

142 hotels



Beach, Sandy Beaches, Walking on the Beach

106 hotels



Beach, Sandy Beaches, Walking on the Beach

88 hotels

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

Nature, Scenery, Mountains

161 hotels



Beach, Sandy Beaches, Walking on the Beach

119 hotels



Beach, Sandy Beaches, Relaxation

115 hotels



Old Town, History, Walking around town

94 hotels

Hotels in the Most Popular Regions of Sri Lanka

Explore Sri Lanka when you travel to its many regions



46 hotels

Galle District

Galle District

370 hotels



132 hotels



89 hotels

Hotels in Sri Lanka near popular attractions

Find interesting places to visit and stay close to

Adama Peak, Nallatania

Adama Peak, Nallatania

6 hotels

Richmond Castle, Kalutara

Gartmore Falls, Nallatania

Galle Fort, Galle

Fort Galle, Galle

22 hotels

Tsunami Photo Museum, Pereliya

Kandyan Art Association & Cultural Centre, Kandy

62 hotels

Unity Plaza, Bambalapitiya

House of Fashions, Colombo

9 hotels

Lake Kandy, Kandy

Kandy Lake, Kandy

43 hotels

Negombo Lagoon, Negombo

2 hotels

Casino Marina Colombo, Colombo

27 hotels

Best Hotels in Sri Lanka

Stay at one of these popular hotels in Sri Lanka with high ratings

Green Escape Unawatuna

Green Escape Unawatuna

Hotel in Unawatuna

Featuring a restaurant, an outdoor pool, a bar and a shared lounge, Green Escape Unawatuna Hotel is located in Unawatuna. Absolutely amazing grounds, helpful staff, great atmosphere. The hotel itself is new and you can see it. The food is good, but I will only suggest to diversify the menu and include see food platter which we tried as specials (it was so delicious. thank you chef!).

Eagle's Nest Manor - a gift for Hitler

The Lucky Elephant

The Lucky Elephant

Hotel in Hikkaduwa Beach, Hikkaduwa

The Lucky Elephant is located in Hikkaduwa, 100 metres from Narigama Beach. It offers a bar, a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, a shared lounge and a garden. Nice staff, but no one is in the hotel, it’s out of season + everyone is afraid to go to Sri Lanka. That’s what I needed as I needed a two day reset :)

Negombo Boutique Villa

Negombo Boutique Villa

Hotel in Negombo

Boutique Villa Negombo is located in Negombo, 500 m from Negombo Beach. It has a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor pool and a bar. Super clean place nearby the beach of Negombo. The pool and rooms are very clean. The people of Negombo Boutique Villa are really helpful!

Marino Beach Colombo

Marino Beach Colombo

Hotel in Colombo

Featuring a restaurant, a bar and a fitness center with an outdoor pool, Marino Beach Hotel Colombo is located in Colombo. It is 2.4 km from Galle Face Beach and 1.7 km from the US Embassy. Great hotel! I recommend the dinner. Unfortunately, it’s only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we didn’t know that.

Villa DeLorenta

Villa DeLorenta.

Hotel in Anuradhapura City Centre, Anuradhapura

Located in Anuradhapura, 3 km from Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, Villa DeLorenta offers accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a shared lounge and a garden. Nice room with air conditioning. The bathroom was very clean. The staff was nice and we got juice as a welcome drink. The staff also showed us what to see in the area and helped us to get a TukTuk driver and a tour guide. The city tour was very interesting and our guide knew a lot and took us to many different places throughout the day.

11 Sri Lankan resorts and beaches, where to vacation

Overview of the best resorts and beaches in Sri Lanka: map, description, season, pros and cons. Find out where the best beach vacations are on the island!

Sri Lanka has many wonderful resorts with good beaches and not bad infrastructure. In this review you will learn about the most popular resorts and beaches in Sri Lanka. We will tell you about beach vacations in Sri Lanka: what is good about each resort, how to spend time on vacation and when it is better to go on vacation.

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The best resorts in Sri Lanka:

Map of resorts and beaches in Sri Lanka

List of the best resorts in Sri Lanka


Negombo is the closest resort to Colombo Airport – the distance to it is about 30 km. This is very convenient for tourists who have suffered a long flight. The place is more famous for its conditions for fishing rather than beach recreation: the coastal waters abound with a large number of fish and their migration period falls on the high tourist season. The large seafood market is one of the most famous attractions of Negombo. Negombo has reefs, which makes the place popular with divers.

Beach recreation in Negombo is mediocre: the water is muddy, some parts of the shore are occupied by fishermen, where they spread their gear and dry fish. Umbrellas and sun beds are few, as well as water activities, the only exception is expensive hotels.

Nevertheless, Negombo is considered one of the best resorts in Sri Lanka, thanks to the bathing-friendly beaches, which stretch along Lewis Place. In addition, there is an optimal choice of accommodation and plenty of photogenic fishermen and beautiful scenery.

Negombo can be visited all year round, but is very wet in May and October through November.

beaches in shri lanka

(Photo: ronsaunders47 / / License CC BY-SA 2.0)


Hikkaduwa is located 100 km from Colombo and is the top visitor destination. It attracts divers, surfers, snorkelers, young people and families. Water activities and modest nightlife have made Hikkaduwa the busiest and best resort in Sri Lanka.

It has the longest beaches in Sri Lanka and many hotels of different categories. The beaches are ideal for surfing – almost always a strong wave. Early in the morning near the shore appear huge turtles, which are so accustomed to people that they take treats right out of their hands.

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In the center of Hikkaduva – coral park, where you can ride a boat with a transparent bottom or snorkeling, book a boat trip. In Hikkaduwa, there are several Buddhist temples, the most famous and popular among them is located on a small island. Entrance to the temples is free, not counting the fare. Popular with tourists excursions to mines, where precious stones are mined, which you can buy.

The perfect time to vacation in Hikkaduwa is from November to April.

Sri Lanka weather by month

(Photo: iris0327 / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Wadduwa is located 35 kilometers from Colombo. At this Sri Lankan resort you will find golden sandy beaches, coconut palms, diving centers, sailing, surfing and other activities. During the dives you can see the remains of shipwrecks. Specially for vacationers are equipped with tennis courts and golf courses. All hotels are comfortable.

Fans of excursions will not be bored – they can visit the neighboring Kalutara with the Buddhist temple Gangatilaka Vihara and Hambantota fishermen town, take a trip on the canals by boat and capture the local beauty.

The best time for outdoor activities and beach holidays at this resort is from October to March.

Best beaches in Sri Lanka

(Photo: Hash Milhan / / CC BY 2.0 license)


The village of Bentota is located south of Colombo, 65 km (2 hours), between the estuary of the river of the same name and the ocean. It is considered the elite and best resort in Sri Lanka, a favorite place for beach holidays for romantics and those looking for solitude.

Here is the largest number of comfortable hotels, sparsely populated clean beaches and lush jungle nature, the famous mangrove forests grow in this area. The resort offers its guests a lot of entertainment – sea and river fishing, an exciting safari on the river with crocodiles, tours to a turtle farm, walks on a boat and much more. For diving enthusiasts, there is a diving center.

The best time for a beach holiday in Bentota is from October to April.

Best resorts in Sri Lanka

(Photo: lola media / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)


The small resort village of Unawatuna is located 120 km from Colombo. Once a fishing village, now a booming resort only slightly inferior to Hikkaduwa and Bentota.

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This place is especially loved by tourists vacationing on their own – the resort has a lot of hostels at an affordable price. The main advantage of Unawatuna is the calm waters of the ocean. The central beach is located in the bay, and coral reefs protect from strong waves, so here with pleasure rest with children.

All the tourist infrastructure is established. Vacationers can go scuba diving or snorkeling, excursion lovers can visit the neighboring resort – Halle. But this is not a place for solitude: the beaches of Unawatuna can be quite crowded.

The best time to rest – from December to April. It’s too rainy in May and October-November.

Sri Lanka beach vacations

(Photo: iris0327 / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Because of its remoteness from the airport, the resorts of the northeast coast of Sri Lanka are less popular than the southwest. Nevertheless, Trincomalee is considered one of the best resorts in Sri Lanka and the most beautiful place of the island: there is a deep sea bay, discovered at one time by Admiral Nelson. Trincomalee itself is unique in terms of architecture – there are Muslim buildings, Buddhist and Hindu temples. You can get here by night train from Colombo (9 hours) or by bus (7 hours).

According to some vacationers, the beaches of Trincomalee are the best in all of Sri Lanka. The rest is quiet, there are few entertainments, the infrastructure is still under development, most hotels are inexpensive, the same level of bars and restaurants.

Surprised by the natural beauty of the place – high palm trees and free-ranging lemurs. Not far from the shore – a coral island, which is beloved by divers and snorkelers, a few kilometers away are hot springs.

March through August is the best time to plan a trip, because November and December are too rainy.

beaches in shri lanka

(Photo: Images of Sri Lanka – Sequential Shots / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license)

List of the Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

All of the island’s beaches are sandy and many are surrounded by coconut palms and other tropical plants. The best beaches in Sri Lanka are located on the southwest coast and are not too far from each other.

Bentota Beach.

The most famous beach on the island and according to many reviews of enthusiastic tourists – also one of the best beach holidays. Honeymooners prefer to spend their honeymoon here. The wide coastal strip, palm trees and complete privacy – these are the main advantages of this place.

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A beautiful place and almost complete lack of infrastructure. Since the beach is quite far from Colombo (5 hours by bus), it is visited by tourists alone or those who have taken an independent trip around the island.

Best beaches in Sri Lanka

(Photo: That Guy,Will / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Unawatuna Beach is located in the village of the same name. The coastal strip is not as wide as in Bentota, but the calm water near the shores makes it extremely attractive. The sand is very fine and clean, part of the area is occupied by cafes and hotels, the rest is available for swimming and water activities. There is shallow water, designed for swimming with the little ones.

Hikkaduwa Beach

The longest beach line in Sri Lanka. Orange sand and turquoise colored water, along a line of numerous cafes and hostels. The strong waves have made this a favorite place for surfers, but there are relatively quiet areas – near the hotel Chaaya Tranz. There are no sun loungers, there is enough shade from palm trees, many people come there with children to swim. Because of all this, Hikkaduwa Beach is considered one of the best places for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka.


Tangalle beach complex has long and persistently made the list of the best beaches in Sri Lanka. This is the perfect place for a secluded vacation: you can walk a mile and not meet a single person. Accommodation can be found in any way. You can reach the place by bus from Colombo (6 hours).

Best resorts in Sri Lanka

(Photo: Šejba / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

It’s hard to predict where and who will like it better. Sri Lanka is an amazing island after all, where every place deserves special attention and admiration, so it is quite difficult to make a list of the best resorts and beaches in Sri Lanka, claiming objectivity. However, we hope that our review will help you decide where to go and you will have a great time.

First photo: Dhammika Heenpella / Images of Sri Lanka / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license.

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