Holidays in Cyprus: the sights of the island of Aphrodite

The Rocks of Aphrodite (Cyprus, Paphos) – reviews

Aphrodite Rocks (Cyprus, Paphos)

I want to tell you about an amazing and romantic site in Cyprus. Many people call this place the Rocks of Aphrodite, someone Aphrodite Bay, and in guidebooks this place sounds like “Petra-tu-Romio” (translated as “The Stone of the Greek”). There is a legend if you take the plunge in the locals.

Beautiful place, beautiful legend!

♥cult place, ♥beautiful bay, ♥belief about the happy marriage of girls after visiting this place♥

In Cyprus, we contacted a local Russian-speaking guide and asked for a small sightseeing tour, especially the significant places, so we have an idea of the culture of Cyprus. We can’t take longer excursions with our daughter.

Beautiful nature, a beautiful legend.

Greetings to all. A beautiful place in Cyprus, a small beach with the mythical name of Aphrodite Rocks, I visited during the tour “Golden Ring of Cyprus” . In this tour the place is called Aphrodite’s Cove. In the guidebooks this place is called Petra.

This is where Aphrodite emerged from the foam of the sea.

Hi friends, when I told you yesterday about the excursion to the city of Paphos , I mentioned that we went there from the city of Larnaca, where we vacationed in March 2018. The road to Paphos is quite scenic, especially if the weather.

One of the beaches around Paphos, according to legend, the birthplace of Aphrodite

As you know, Cyprus is the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Many places in Cyprus are associated with the name of Aphrodite, among them the Bath of Aphrodite . Often you can find the image of Aphrodite in Cyprus on boxes of chocolates, lucum and.

I liked it very much: a very beautiful place

There are 2 places in Cyprus with similar names – Rocks of Aphrodite and Aphrodite Bathing . For some reason, many tourists (with whom we talked when we arrived and wanted to know how to get to the Aphrodite Rocks) were surprised.

Where the goddess of love Aphrodite left her mark, and not just one.

Good day to you all, dear friends! This review will be again about Cyprus, about its most remarkable place – Petra tou Romiou, otherwise simply Rocks of Aphrodite. This is another natural attraction of the island of Cyprus, along with Kavo.

Interesting, beautiful place near Paphos, but the tour for 65 € is not worth it.

The excursion is expensive and there is almost no point in killing a whole day for it; no place to wash up after sea water

Greetings all! Continuing my story about our vacation in Cyprus. If someone thinks that there is nothing to see on the island of 180×90 kilometers, he is greatly mistaken. The island is very rich in both historical and natural attractions.

We were there in winter.

Hello all, I want to tell today about a small sightseeing. We visited it when we were in Paphos in the winter of 2012. The Rock of Aphrodite is a sea rock or kekur, located in the picturesque bay of Petra tou Romiou, on the southeastern coast of Cyprus. According to legend, it is.

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Oh, those legends.

Good day! Continuing my memories of Cyprus, I can’t help but tell you about the Rocks of Aphrodite or Aphrodite’s Cove. Beginning to explore what to visit first in Cyprus, this place will come across to you as one of the first.

The most beautiful place where Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam

Good day otzovik readers! Holidays in Cyprus, we took two excursions. Each tour consisted of visits to several different places. About one of these places I will tell in today’s review. A visit to the rocks of Aphrodite was included.

A picturesque place with the legend of Aphrodite!

In Paphos we were passing through on excursion. Very much liked the beach of Aphrodite, a beautiful legend where she emerged from the foam of the sea. The beach excellent, the sea clearest, a gate in the sea too good smooth, gradual. People were, but not so much.

Definitely to visit.

Visited this place in the off-season, which madly glad – was able to take pictures without the crowds of tourists. In addition, it was not hot, the sea was calm and incredible color. On the plus side: 1. Free attraction on the island of Cyprus 2. The coastline.

Indescribable beauty, mystical atmosphere of mystery, stunning views, pristine nature!

When my husband and I were on vacation in Cyprus, in the town of Paphos, we visited the rocks of the goddess Aphrodite during our next tour! The impressions remained incredible, and I want to share with you photos and positive emotions about.

Petra tou Romiou. The birthplace of Aphrodite.

It is a very beautiful place on the coast. And to attract tourists to beautiful places you need a beautiful legend. The earth goddess, Gaia, decided to teach her husband, Uranus, a lesson. Their youngest son Cronus beheaded his father, but his.

For me this is the symbol of Cyprus!

When I was planning my vacation in Cyprus, I was looking through the pictures of Cyprus sights for a long time, and especially I liked the pictures of Aphrodite rocks, the place where according to legend goddess of love Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam, so it was a landmark.

Beautiful legend, but the beach not so much.

My husband and I went to this beach not by tour, but we rented a car and drove by map. Once you get to this beach, there is a beautiful view, around the rocks, stones. The beach itself is pebbly when we arrived was.

Cyprus. The birthplace of the goddess of love and beauty, the sacred stone of Petra Tou Romiou.

I think many people know that the legend says that the goddess of beauty and love came out of the foam exactly on Cypriot soil. And this is no accident, because Cyprus is a truly wonderful place. It’s full of sunshine, it’s washed away.

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Make a wish!

If you are lucky enough to holiday in Cyprus in the resort town of Paphos, then surely you should visit a place very popular among tourists – the Rock of Aphrodite. It takes 30-40 minutes to get from Paphos by car on the Highway.

That is what I wanted to see in Cyprus in the first place.

When I decided to visit Cyprus, I knew very little about this island. To be honest, I clearly knew only that on this island, according to legend, the goddess of love Aphrodite was born. So the first excursion I took was.

Bathing place of Aphrodite, goddess of love, in Cyprus

Many picturesque places in Cyprus are associated with the goddess of love Aphrodite. No wonder: this island is her homeland.

It is not uncommon to confuse the attractions of Aphrodite’s bathing place in Cyprus with her birthplace, the stone of Petrou-tou-Romiou. But this confusion is not difficult to sort out.

The stone, or Aphrodite’s cove, is the beach on the seashore where, according to myths, the goddess of love was born from the foam of the sea. This mythical birthplace of Aphrodite in Cyprus is located 25 km south of Paphos. And the bath of the goddess is located 50 km north of Paphos in the national park “Akamas Peninsula”.

The Rock of Aphrodite in Cyprus

The stone of Aphrodite and her birthplace

Of course, the bay is marked on the map of Cyprus in any case. This beach for more than one hundred years attracts those wishing to bathe in the place of her birth, prolonging her youth and beauty. Indeed, the stone of Aphrodite makes a great impression even on the tourists who have seen a lot. It is a magical place this mesmerizing bay. According to tourist reviews, the Bath of Aphrodite in Cyprus is an even more romantic place.

clear water of the bath

A natural wonder that came down to us from the depths of time

The special atmosphere of this place will appeal to all lovers dreaming of meeting their soul mate, as well as all lovers of mysteries and beautiful love stories. Once you get here, you realize that this place is just created for love and everything here is saturated with love. It is impossible to describe it, you just have to feel it. Of course, this is no accident – Aphrodite herself chose this place to meet her beloved!

According to legend, the couple in love, who visited the baths of Aphrodite, will be bound by a strong bond for the rest of their lives!

In the footsteps of Greek myths

So, the beach of Aphrodite in Cyprus is the place of her birth. And the natural “bath” in the mountains 75 km to the north of the bay is a point on the map, hidden from prying eyes high in the mountains. This is the grotto where she met her lover Adonis. Here the sea beach is far below and barely visible from the top of the mountain. All around is stone, right out of which grow low trees (olive and carob trees mostly, and also almonds).

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According to the legend, which every Cypriot knows, because it is as old as the island itself, Aphrodite herself discovered the miraculous properties of water in this secluded grotto. Walking to it by a special path, she took her baths here. Not simple hygienic, but magical, of course – allowing to remain always young and beautiful. It was along this path, along which tourists now pass every day, that the goddess of love met Adonis. Not a god, but a mere mortal, a shepherd and a hunter, who was, however, as handsome as a god. Soon Aphrodite’s bathing place became the site of their romantic encounters.

Where clear water oozes from the rocks

Indeed, the best place for a rendezvous is hard to find! Judge for yourself: the site is a shallow stone bowl, surrounded on all sides by climbing plants. A large fig tree looms over this spacious pool, hidden from all sides, its branches enveloping the pool and creating a whimsical play of light and shadow on the water.

Nature's bathtub with clear water

Right from the middle of the rock, gentle streams flow, forming a water curtain that hides the grotto from prying eyes and breaking the well-known saying “Water grinds stone”. Because water does not leave even the slightest trace of its presence on the rock, it oozes out of nowhere, not forming a hole, not a hole, not the smallest groove. There is nothing like it in nature, not only in Cyprus, but anywhere in general.

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The people of Cyprus say that the water flows for hundreds of years, and at any time of the year – both in winter and in summer – have the same temperature of about 36-37 degrees. That’s when you start believing in the miraculous properties of this magical place, because usually water in mountain streams and waterfalls is very cold, almost icy! Indeed, when you dip your palms into the pool, the water seems surprisingly comfortable and warm.

What is important to know when visiting the Baths of Aphrodite

As mentioned above, the amazing place is located on the territory of the reserve of the Republic of Cyprus, protected by the state. Entrance to the territory is free, limited only by the fence and always open gate. From the platform where the tour buses and cars stop, on a small stone path you have to walk about 200 meters and you will see this wonderful protected area. Nearby is a sign that prohibits bathing in the spring. The staff of the reserve oversees it. But to wash, of course, you can. Take your time, sit on a rock and enjoy the charm of this wonderful place.

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Bathing area

Even in the intense heat in the vicinity of the grotto is very comfortable microclimate. And wash with clean water from a natural bath after the heat – a real pleasure, just feel a second birth. Next, the road from the mysterious place will take you to the botanical garden under the open sky. Here you can see many different exotic trees, with signs on which are written their names in Greek and English. The last thing to do is to walk up the path of Aphrodite and Adonis and enjoy the stunning views.

Aphrodite path

The trail is sometimes flat and somewhere quite steep, with cut steps and unexpected turns. H2o patience and endurance of the tourist will be rewarded – the higher you manage to get up, the greater beauty you can see – the whole island almost from the height of the bird’s flight! By the way, in the distance you can see the beach, very similar to the bay from a distance, it seems: this is the place of its birth, the same rock. But no, optical deception: Cypriot residents will confirm with a smile that the bay of Aphrodite is far away from here and in a completely different direction.

Many sections of the trail have gentle platforms with huge boulders, and the best photos against the background of endless sea expanses are obtained here. The first section of the trail is accessible even to children of preschool age, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of walking the path of the goddess of love, if you come on a tour with kids. By the way, the excursion to the baths of Aphrodite will be especially enjoyable in the middle of the holiday, when you and the kids are fed up with the beach.

Aphrodite and Adonis Bathing Place

On the way back, after climbing the mountains, want to eat. At one and a half kilometers from the baths, on the coast, there is a picturesque fishing village Latchi. It is a very picturesque place that has preserved the spirit of antiquity, the real Cyprus, “without admixtures. Along the road there are a lot of taverns where you can taste not only the freshest fish and seafood, but also all the dishes of the national Cypriot cuisine. And what wine! Bad wine in Cyprus in general is difficult to find, almost impossible. In contrast to the same Turkey.

Prices are quite democratic, and the owners are friendly and helpful. The villagers have tried to preserve the Mediterranean flavor of the area, and the impression that you have been transported by time machine many centuries ago. It is an incredible experience!

Bathers and waterfall

How to get there?

By Car

There is an excellent paved road that leads to the baths. If you prefer to reach the site by car, follow the sign “Baths of Aphrodite”. GPS coordinates: 35° 03′ 23″N 32° 20′ 37.5″E.

The advantages of such a trip for lovers are obvious – your romantic date in the habitat of the goddess of love no one will interfere, and the memories of it will remain for a long time. You can even arrange a small exciting show. Come down from the opposite paths of Aphrodite and Adonis, meet and follow to the mysterious meeting place – feel the heroes of ancient Greek myths! This is the birth of a new, powerful and magnetic phase of your relationship.

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Excursion to the Baths of Aphrodite

With a guided tour

There are plenty of options for traveling with a tour from any city in Cyprus – you can choose a route along the coast of the peninsula and visit many other sights on the way to the bathing place of Aphrodite. Our advice – choose excursions not in tour firms at the hotel, but in private small shops, of which there are many around.

This will allow you to save money, because the locals are quite loyal and are happy to make good discounts. It is best to choose a private tour for 5-10 people by minibus – Cypriots who speak Russian will take into account all the individual wishes and tell a lot of interesting things, which you will not hear from the usual tour guides. This is especially convenient for families with children. In addition, the hosts of such minitourmasters good discounts in local pubs – and dinner in a tavern with good wine will cost almost for nothing.

However, you can not see the birthplace of the goddess and her famous bath in one tour: these are two completely different tourist routes. However, you can and should combine a visit to the Bath of Aphrodite with another paradise place which Cyprus is rich in – the Blue Lagoon. Look at the map: the wild beach of Blue Lagoon is very close. But you can get there either by off-road vehicle (not “city”, but real, like UAZ or Landrover, experiencing feelings of “second birth” when overcoming obstacles), or by sea, on a yacht. The second option, of course, is preferable.

Boat trip

On a yacht

If you want to get all the pleasures of Acamas, a nature reserve of the Republic of Cyprus, at once, go to the Baths of Aphrodite by boat. Sail all the way to Latchi village and from there the place is within arm’s reach. You can enjoy the gorgeous views of the coast and, most importantly, you can swim in the emerald waters of the Blue Lagoon on the way. It is a unique place with amazing bright blue water and pure white sand. Such a wonderful wild beach is nowhere else in Cyprus, and its visit will be a nice “bonus” to the walk.

However, whichever of these options you prefer, pleasure and vivid impressions are guaranteed! So it’s not only the famous rock and the Aphrodite’s Cove that’s worth seeing, Cyprus is also rich in other sights that are worth seeing.

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