Harpa is the crystal symbol of Reykjavík, Iceland

Harpa (Reykjavik)


Small and cozy Reykjavik is the capital and one of the most beautiful cities in Iceland. Its main attraction are the small traditional houses with colorful roofs that shimmer in all colors, like Christmas decorations on a Christmas tree. One of the most important attractions of the city for more than 5 years is considered a concert hall and convention center “Harpa” (Harpa). Let us tell you more about it.

View of the building

General information

The building was designed by contemporary Danish artist Olafur Eliasson. Originally it was planned to place here a hotel for 400 people and a small shopping center that would include several stores and 2 restaurants. It was not possible to complete the plan due to the economic crisis of 2008-2009. However, the government of Iceland still decided to cover all the financial costs, and it is thanks to this that we can see this amazing work of art today.

The first concert in “Harp” in Reykjavik was held on May 4, 2011, and 9 days later, on May 13, there was an opening ceremony, which everyone could attend.

The main interest for many tourists is, of course, the architecture of this unusual building. From afar, the concert hall and convention center “Harpa” looks like a huge honeycomb, which in the bright sunlight play all the colors of the rainbow. Due to the high ceilings and glass walls, the area of the building visually increases and the building looks more spacious.

Curiously enough, this 5-story center accommodates four concert halls at once:

  1. “Eldborg. This is the largest of the four halls; its capacity is about 1,500 seats. The room is decorated in red and black colors, symbolizing the lava of the volcano. In addition to symphonic music concerts, ceremonies, conferences and business talks are often held in this hall.
  2. “Silfurberg” is a hall with 750 seats, named after the famous “sun stone” of the Vikings. It is believed that with its help the heroes of ancient Scandinavian fairy tales found the right way in the cloudy weather.
  3. “Nordjurljos” is a hall with a seating capacity of 450. Translated from the Icelandic language, its name means “northern lights”, which is vividly expressed in the interior and decoration of the hall.
  4. “Kaldalon” is the smallest hall “Harpy” in Reykjavik, its capacity is only 195 seats. The name of the hall, as in previous cases, was not given by chance, but in connection with the color of the walls. “Kaldalon translates to “cold lagoon” in Russian, and the hall itself is decorated in pale beige tones.
Hotel complexes giants.

Of course, the most popular among tourists are evenings of ethnic music, because in order to fully know the country, you must also get acquainted with its culture. In addition to the concert halls, Harp has souvenir shops, a beauty salon, several brand clothing stores, and a luxurious restaurant, one of the best in Reykjavik. Its main “highlight” is the platform from which you can enjoy a mesmerizing view of the historic part of the city.

The restaurant Summer café Parking

How to get there?

Finding the Harpa Concert and Convention Center in Reykjavik isn’t difficult, as this majestic building is located in the heart of the city. You can get here by bus, get off at the Harpa stop of the same name. It is worth noting that just 10 minutes walk from here is another famous sight of the capital of Iceland – the monument of Sun Voyager, which should certainly be visited during a hike.

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