Gudauta, Abkhazia: history, hotels and attractions

Charming Gudauta: peculiarities of rest

Gudauta is a small town for a wonderful vacation. This place has been known since Soviet times, because to holiday in Abkhazia traveled with pleasure since ancient times, when abroad was a closed zone for most people. Recently, the resorts of Abkhazia are gaining popularity among the middle class and young people, families with children. This inexpensive resort, located in a beautiful place, will be a great place to rest in 2022. Gudauta is a small town for a great vacation.

General information about Gudauta

Not everyone has heard of this place, but it has an ancient history, and now it is a promising coastal resort town.

A brief historical background

Gudauta was settled in the Neolithic period. Fishermen and farmers settled on the river Kistrick. The very name of the city comes from the name of another river – Gudou. There’s a beautiful legend associated with Gudauta: allegedly a boy and a girl Uta loved each other, and were the local “Romeo and Juliet”. They ended up dying in the waters of the turbulent river, and their souls still dwell there, already united.

Since the 11th century, Gudauta was heavily populated: fortresses, temples and palaces were built. Later the territory became Russian, and then Soviet.

In the 90s, a conflict between Georgians and Abkhazians broke out on the territory. The Russian Federation recognizes the independence of Abkhazia and protects the local territory, tourism is also developing.

Gudauta on the map

Subtropical, humid climate of Gudauta contributes to a comfortable holiday – because it is a resort near the Black Sea. Winters are mild and summers are not so hot, but the temperature can reach 25 degrees Celsius. There are almost no strong winds in Gudauta. You can come to the city all year round. Holiday season here lasts from mid-May to the velvet autumn season.

The town is located on a plateau near a picturesque Black Sea bay. Citrus and fruit trees surround Gudauta adding freshness, and from afar one can see the most beautiful snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains to take great pictures.

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Security in Gudauta

Despite the fact that the city is not fully restored, Gudauta is now safe for tourists. It is worth adhering to certain rules of conduct:

  • avoid conflicts on a national, political basis;
  • Be friendly to local people;
  • to visit only equipped beaches and not to swim far into the sea;
  • it is better to drink bottled water;
  • Beware of coastal jellyfish in a particular season.

Visa to Gudauta for Russians

Presently relations between the countries are so friendly that even a foreign passport is not required – a Russian internal passport is enough. However, you need to take care of insurance and resort fee – it is better to leave this to travel agencies. You should still have all the necessary documents and copies of them, and know where to go in case of emergency.

How to get to Gudauta and travel around

The nearest airport to the city, convenient for Russians, is Adler Airport. Many well-known airlines fly here from Central and not only Russia. From the airport you can take a bus or shuttle bus to the border with Abkhazia. There you will have to cross the checkpoint on foot and on the other side take a bus or a marshrutka. The cost of transport – from 30 to 100 rubles. You can read about easier ways to get from Adler to Abkhazia here.

You can also get to Psou (border) by cab. Cab drivers will ask for 1000, but you can bargain. It is convenient to order transfer, though it will be more expensive, but you will overcome all points and points of the route with comfort.

There are trains from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Gudauta. The fare is 5000 rubles for a second-class sleeping car, but it is a long, stuffy and hot ride. However, many people like to travel by train.

There is no public transport in Gudauta itself. But there are buses and shuttle buses to other cities – near the station. So, those who want can also travel around neighborhoods: Likhny, Sukhum, Gagra, Pitsunda, New Athos, Ritza. An adequate amount for a ride in a cab will be in the range of 100 rubles.

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Cab is much more expensive: in the city – 100 rubles, in other cities – from 500 rubles.

Gudauta hotel infrastructure

After the destruction of the city, it was slowly restored, and now there is a tourist infrastructure: both boarding houses and mini-hotels. Luxury housing is practically nonexistent here, but the settlement and is aimed at travelers in the medium price range. Not bad to rent a house in the private sector: kind owner will prompt, help, and you get closer to understanding the local mentality and color.

Small hotels even with meals can cost from 1500 to 3000 per day per person. Such hotels deserve three stars. Guest houses – in the range of 1,000 rubles, and there will be a bathroom and air conditioning, and communications. Luxurious apartments will cost 7000 rubles, there is an “all inclusive” tourist base at the resort called “Gold Coast”.

If you want, the thrifty tourist can find a place to stay even within 500 rubles – Gudauta is a very economical town!

What is Gudauta like now?

We are all looking for the perfect place to rest near the sea. The city of Gudauta is quite a large administrative center with all the necessary communications. On one side is a clean and warm sea, on the other – the mountains, which shelter from the cold winds and drafts.

The embankment of the city from the height:

Tourist infrastructure is actively developing, building new hotels and hotels and rebuilding the destroyed, so you will not have any problems with accommodation. Among the proposals for housing is still dominated by the private sector, and prices are much lower than in neighboring, more popular resorts. The town is relatively small, from almost any part of it you can walk to the sea. Pleasantly perceived hospitality and friendliness of the Abkhazians, they are very warm and welcoming people. Be polite to the locals, and you will be appreciated as a cultural tourist.

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The beach line is quite large and wide – 4 kilometers long and about 200 meters wide. All beaches are covered with pebbles and resemble the wild. The most well-kept is considered to be the central town beach. The beach is flat, the entrance to the sea is good and comfortable for small travelers. The water here is very clear. Well that beaches are rarely crowded so that someone lies with each other “on heads”, with this clean, meet cabins for changing and a cafe. Near the beach there are trees that will help you get some shade in the hot season of the day.

In the vicinity of the resort there is another great place: the pine Mussera. This place belongs to the boarding house, and if a tourist stops there, he will get the whole level of comfort: deckchairs, umbrellas, cafes, water equipment.

Attractions in and around Gudauta

There are a lot of attractions near the city, which will allow you to relax not only physically but also spiritually, visiting new places and getting acquainted with their interesting history.

So, just 4 kilometers from Gudauta, in Lyhny, there is a medieval architectural complex, when you visit it, you can see the ruins of a palace, a bell tower and a temple, built in the Middle Ages. The paintings of the local temple are unique. And as you leave the town, you can enjoy the unique karst caves.

In Gudauta there is a museum-reserve “Abkhazia”. There one can enjoy archeology and ethnography lovers as well as learn a lot about the history of the region, including its unfortunate pages.

In the village of Musser there is a temple of Ambar. It was built in the 10th century AD and is one of the most popular sights in Abkhazia. Today it is overgrown and darkened, but this even gives it some mysterious atmosphere. In the same village is Stalin’s dacha, which will be interesting to visit for lovers of the Soviet period of history.

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In the village of Otkhara there is a beautiful natural and human monument. It is a monastery, carved in the rocks. At first, however, the building did not belong to the holy people, but to the pirates. But after that, the place became a monastery.

Many tourists visit the village of Habu. It is located in the mountains and there are beautiful waterfalls. The road itself gives wonderful views, you can smell meadows and honey all around. The waterfalls are very cold, you should not swim in them, but you can relax nearby, a little cooled by the spray.

Other popular excursions in the area are:

  • A visit to the palace of Princes Chachba-Shervashidze, which now lies in ruins and is shrouded in dark legends;
  • a tour of the Khasanata-Abaa fortress: a powerful wall, tower and frescoes attract travelers.

One day you can ride to larger cities. For example, visiting Gagra, you will see Lake Ritsa, the Castle of Prince of Oldenburg, a beautiful colonnade.

Visiting Sukhum, you can see the Abkhaz wall, a botanical garden, a nursery of monkeys. There is also a wine factory in the city. You can enjoy fine wines in the large tasting room and buy your favorite. This is also where the honey tasting takes place.

Entertainment, shopping, and cuisine in Gudauta

Nearby there are important medical facilities – sulfurated springs. Lovers of healing waters will be happy to find there a great place to improve their health. Prices to visit the springs or spas are humane, they really help many, as well as generally curative air of this resort.

Children will love to go to Turtle Lake. The population of this species is extremely reduced, but you can still find these animals on its shores, and also next to the lake – a nice comfortable beach.

Those who prefer active rest can do water sports: snorkeling, boating, fishing. It is possible to organize a jeep safari on steep mountain roads. There is a cinema, standard cafes and bars, nightclubs, nightlife – this is not a chip of the resort. For nightlife is better to go to the larger cities of Abkhazia.

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Shopping in Gudauta itself does not differ from similar activities in other small towns. While in Abkhazia, it is best to go to the market or a colorful shop. You can buy fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, cheeses (suluguni – the star of Abkhazian cheeses) for your table at the market. What can you bring as a gift for your relatives and friends and for yourself?

  • tkemali and adjika sauces;
  • feijoa jam;
  • honey;
  • herbal preparations;
  • herbal pads for sleeping;
  • spices;
  • wicker products: caskets, baskets, furniture;
  • souvenir weapons – knives, daggers (with a certificate).

In general, food souvenirs will cost about 500 rubles, and then it depends on how much and what you want to take with you as a memento of this good mountain country.

Cuisine in Gudauta will not impress you with a variety of restaurants. Most establishments are Russian or Abkhazian cuisine. Food of Abkhazians is mostly spicy and will not suit small children with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, it is easier to order something familiar to a child. Adults, on the other hand, can enjoy traditional dishes: “sharks” made of beans, kebab, khachapuri, mamaliga.

You can snack on traditional lepeshka for just 50 rubles, or boiled corn at a similar price. Grocery prices in stores, on average, do not differ from Russian, but the wine is inexpensive and well worth it to add to your dinner, and maybe bring a couple of bottles home.

Nice, developing Gudauta will not suit those who want to relax with a huge chic, to participate in constant parties. It will appeal to those who appreciate nature, tranquility, ready to get acquainted with a foreign culture, especially since it is so friendly. Families with children, intelligent couples and budget tourists – students will love it here. Come to this burgeoning resort destination in 2022!

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