Grand Cayman – the largest of the Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman Island

Grand Cayman or Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands and is shaped like a huge claw. The area of the island is 197 square kilometers. In its southwestern part is the port capital, and Cayman’s largest city, Georgetown. The northwestern part of the territory is adorned by the picturesque lagoon of North Sound. One of the best beaches in the world, Seven Mile Beach, stretches along the west coast. The interior of the island is full of marshes and dense mango trees.

Grand Cayman consists of five counties:

1. West Bay; 2. George Town; 3. Bodden Town; 4. North Side; 5. East End.

The population of Grand Cayman is 52,100 people. Most of the population is concentrated on the west coast and in the capital.

In 2004, the island was hit by Tropical Storm Ivan, which lasted two days. Grand Cayman was subjected to total damage. The island’s structures were 80% destroyed.

The most favorable time to stay was December-April. Clear weather, minimal precipitation, warm water in the sea off the coast.

Also accepted almost everywhere $ U.S.. Currency exchange for tourists will not be difficult. Payment with credit cards is possible in almost every hotel, restaurant, store. However, in some small establishments it is impossible to use credit cards. The situation is gradually changing for the better and the monetary circulation of the island is improving.

Hotels on the island are quite expensive. In the hotel 5 * a day rate of about $ 300, in the hotel 4 * – respectively from $ 200, in 2-3 * – $ 200. During the period April-December, the fee for accommodation may increase by 50%, the rest of the months the cost decreases by 20-35%.

There are a large number of restaurants on the island, but any of them can be expensive. This also applies to “fast-food” restaurants.

Haunted castles of the world

The island pleases tourists with a great variety of Duty free stores and a wide range of goods: from jewelry to beach accessories, from sophisticated appliances to Cuban cigars.

The licensed bus service begins at 6 a.m. They are easily recognized by their blue license plates. The buses run nine routes. Each route, depending on the destination, is marked with a specific number;

Hotels on the island do not provide transportation for guests, so you should take a cab. The fare is fixed and goes to any part of the island. Cab stands are located near each hotel, as well as in Georgetown near the port area;

Car Rental

Car rentals are available to persons 21 years of age or older, subject to obtaining a temporary driver’s license from a police station or rental agency. The island is left-hand drive and seat belt use is mandatory.

Grand Cayman

Perhaps the most famous and popular attraction of Grand Cayman, is the so-called “Stingray City” (Stingray City) . Sometimes it is also called Stingray Cove. It is located in a bay in the north central part of the island.

Stingray City

Here, in the warm, shallow waters, guides have been feeding stingrays for years to bring curious tourists here. Hundreds of stingrays swim and snorkel with them and, of course, feed them right from their hands as soon as they hear the noise of the boat engines.

Also while on the island tourists usually visit the National Museum of the Cayman Islands and the Maritime Treasure Museum, as well as

Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Gardens in Grand Cayman

Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Gardens and Cemetery Beach.

Grand Cayman cemetery beach

Owen Roberts International Airport. Owen Roberts International Airport is 2.5 km. from Georgetown and has one terminal and one runway. There are no direct flights from Moscow yet.

Georgetown attracts a large number of cruise ships that stop at anchor near the port and transport tourists ashore in small passenger boats.

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