Going to Les Aget in Switzerland

How to drive from Les Aget to Ligner – car navigator

Detailed route guide from Les Azet and driving directions to Linier on the map.

Online navigator: lay out the route from Les Azet to Linier by car using the map of the Switzerland for the car enthusiast guide.

Route data is provided in real time, actual maps and information 05-09-2022.

Taking the shortest route by car from Les Aget to Lignières

Best route to Linier by road from Les Azet with all the details and localities on the map, online navigator.


Full names of localities

  • Start: Les Aget, Erand, Wallis, Switzerland
  • Finish: Lignières, Orne, Basse-Normandie, France


Distances between settlements

  • By road: 768.1 km.
  • Directly: 600.8 km.

Time and costs

Travel time and fuel consumption

  • Travel time: 10 hours and 28 minutes
  • Fuel consumption: 76.8 liters.

Route: Les Aget – Lignières on the map

If you drive from Les Azègets it’ll take you about 10 hours and 28 minutes to get to Ligneur, covering a distance of 768.1 kilometers with fuel consumption of 2688.38 rubles for 76.8 liters of gasoline or diesel fuel. See the navigator and driving directions on the map below.

If you are going to travel to Ligneur by train, you will get there in 4 hours, 39 minutes, after you take the train to Les Ajets.

The fastest way to travel on the Lez-Aget-Ligneur route, of course, is by plane. You will arrive in Lignières after 1 hours, 20 minutes, flying 600.8 kilometers, the cheapest plane ticket costs from 85 euros.

  • Itinerary details
  • Weather forecast for 05-09-2022
  • Nearby airports
  • Flights on 05-09-2022
  • Quick Questions

Waypoints for navigating between Les Aget and Ligneur

All details about the route from Les Aget (Eran, Wallis, Switzerland) by road to Ligneur (Orne, Lower Normandy, France) with information about all the intermediate points, localities, distances and travel time between them.

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Plan a point-by-point route in advance with our free online navigator.

Waypoint Les Aget – Lignières. Time and distance to the next point Starting point of a route Distance since the start of the route
The starting point of your route is Les Aget Éran, Wallis, Switzerland Start!
Your destination is Ligner Orne, Basse-Normandie, France. Here we are!

Weather for today (05-09-2022) in Les Aget

Weather forecast for 05-09-2022 in Les Aget, Erant, Wallis, Switzerland

Detailed weather forecast for Lez-Ajet

Weather in Lignières, Orne, Lower Normandy, France today, 05-09-2022

Closest airports to Lignières

There are the following airports and airfields near Lignières, Orne, Lower Normandy, France:

  • Brickville-sur-Mer (Manche, Lower Normandy, France);
  • Nantes (Atlantic Loire, Loire Lands, France);
  • Lahn (Aisne, Picardy, France);
  • Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom);

Check the price and buy a ticket there

Closest airports to Les Aget

Airports and airfields near Les Aget, Eran, Wallis, Switzerland:

  • Rhône (Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, France);
  • Könitz (Bern-Mittelland, Bern, Switzerland);
  • Geneva (Switzerland);
  • La Bora (Savoie, Rhône – Alpes, France);

Check the price and buy a return ticket

General information about the flight Les Aget – Lignières

  • The flight distance between Les Aget and Lignières is: 600.8 kilometers.
  • Flight time to Lignières from Les Azet is 1 hours, 20 minutes (and by train 4 hours, 39 minutes).
  • The cheapest airfare from Les Azet to Lignières found by our users today (05-09-2022) costs 85 euros.

Cheap Flights from Les Azgets to Lignières

To get to Lignières (Orne, Lower Normandy, France) from Les Aget (Eran, Wallis, Switzerland) by air you can choose the flight that suits you and buy an inexpensive ticket.

IntMaps.ru has found for you the least expensive airfare for Les Azet – Ligneur by comparing the cost of flights to Ligneur from 68 agencies, 17 booking systems, and 728 airlines. It’s up to you to choose where to buy your tickets from Les Azet.

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Departing from Arrival location Number of transfers Flight number Airline company Price (Euro) Click & fly
Geneva (GVA) Lan (PAR) Direct AF 1743 Air France 85 € Let’s fly!
Rhone (LYS) Lan (PAR) Direct AF 7643 Air France 123 € Let’s fly!
Geneva (GVA) Lan (PAR) 1 stop SK 616 Scandinavian Airlines System 198 € Let’s fly!
Rhone (LYS) Lan (PAR) 1 stop IB 5973 Iberia Airlines 404 € Let’s fly!
Könitz (BRN) Lan (PAR) 1 stop SX 216 Starling Airlines Spain 1497 € Let’s fly!
Könitz (BRN) Lan (PAR) 2 stops SX 216 Starling Airlines Spain 1559 € Let’s fly!

Questions and answers about Les Aget – Liège Lignières

How do I get to Lignières from Les Aget?

For a detailed route map, see the map: driving directions to Lignières from Les Aget.

See the route details tab for a detailed description of the route from Les Azet to Lignières.

How long does it take to drive from Les Azet to Lignières by car?

The approximate driving time to Linières from Les Azet is 10 hours, 28 minutes.

Please note that the time is calculated without taking into account stops, traffic jams, rest, sleep and other stops.

What’s the weather like in Lignières today?

You can see a detailed weather forecast for Linier today in the “05-09-2022 Weather Forecast” tab.

You can find more details about the weather on 05-09-2022 in Les Aget in the same tab.

How much fuel (AI-95 gasoline) will I use on the Les Azet – Ligneur route by car?

Driving on the route you’ve chosen, the approximate fuel consumption (gasoline AI-95) is 76.8 liters. (based on fuel consumption of 10 liters per 100 km).

Approximate fuel cost – 2688.38 rubles (from the calculation 35 rubles per liter of gasoline).

You can use the fuel consumption calculator to calculate the fuel costs for your trip from Les Aget to Ligneur.

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Going to Les Aget in Switzerland

This country is very popular with those who love to travel. After all, it is beautiful at any time of the year, both in summer and winter. Especially tourists love to go sightseeing tours to skiing.

Those who love history and ancient culture, as well as old cultural monuments will also like it here.

You will love Les Azetes, which is near Valais. It is located not far from the Rhone River, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea near Marseille. And it starts near the city of Valais. This village appeared a long time ago, back in 1190 and the settlers were engaged in agriculture. But now it has long been abandoned and basically all the locals work in the tourism business. At the moment there are about four hundred inhabitants. Tourists are welcome guests here. Most travelers come in winter.

Going to Les Aget in Switzerland - Photo 2

Going to Les Aget in Switzerland

Not far from this small village is the ski resort of Verbier . And all the pistes near this village are in the area for skiing, called the Four Valleys. Once in this village, you can go skiing as much as you like, because the total length of the slopes is about four hundred kilometers.

Often there are those who love the quietness and tranquility of the village, people who escape from the noisy and popular youth ski resorts.

Thanks to the fact that there are modern ski elevators for fans of skiing, you can visit the pistes of resorts such as Verbier, Nenda, Veyson and Thion. But the slopes, which are near the village are not so safe, there are impressive heights.

Let's go to Sales in Switzerland - Photo 3

Going to Les Aget in Switzerland

So be careful . Nevertheless, you will be able to find a piste that will suit your level of training, even if you are a beginner in this business. There are pistes not only for skiers, but also for snowboarders.

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Sometimes there are problems with snow cover on the slopes, but they are solved by the fact that there is special equipment that creates artificial snow everywhere.

We guarantee that here you can have a very good rest and body and soul. After all, in this regard Switzerland has a very well-developed infrastructure. Although it is a small village, but still not inferior in its comfort, because there are many hotels, which will give you all the conditions for a great vacation with the whole family.

It has everything you need: souvenir stores, restaurants and cafes, grocery stores and rent the necessary equipment. If you get tired of skiing it’s no problem as there is a shooting gallery, sauna, swimming pool and horses that you can ride out into the nature.

Going to Les Aget in Switzerland - Photo 4

Going to Les Aget in Switzerland

You can also visit Les Azet during the warm season . You will be able to play tennis and golf, and ride bicycles through the mountains and valleys.

This place also produces a very tasty cheese, which is famous throughout the country. And there is not just one kind, but many different kinds of cheese. Every year there is a Cheese Festival where all tourists are given a taste of different varieties. That’s when you can try the kinds of cheese that aren’t even on the market!

If you decide to visit this place during the New Year celebrations, you will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the small village. You can visit folk festivals, listen to concerts from folk song groups and even take part in winter fun.

Very nice and very solemn celebrate Christmas here. This country, like most other countries in Europe, pays great attention to this holiday. And every year it is indescribably beautiful and very fun, both for adults travelers, and very young.

Have a nice rest and bright impressions!

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Going to Les Aget in Switzerland - Photo 5

Going to Les Aget in Switzerland

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