Germany Holidays

Tours to Germany from Moscow 2022

We’ve selected several current holiday offers and prices for Germany. We’ve separated them by types of holidays and hotels in Germany to make it easier for you to decide. If you have any questions about rest in Germany, call our offices and our consultants will help you!

Germany Holidays

Germany is a wonderful country with a rich history and unique traditions. From year to year it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. They come to learn about the local culture and cuisine, to see medieval castles and fortresses, to rest at the best resorts with impeccable service. Tours to Germany with a flight from Moscow are especially popular with Russian tourists who want to see with their own eyes one of the most famous European countries. You can book a trip online. A network of travel agencies “1001 Tours” offers affordable prices and the most current offers. Holidays in Germany are suitable for those who prefer romance in European cities and wants to join the famous German cuisine.

Types of holidays

Germany cannot boast of attractive beaches. Coast of the country is washed by the Baltic and North Seas, and the temperature of their water is not suitable for comfortable bathing. So the tours to Germany are taken by those who choose alternative holidays.

Weekend tours. A great solution for tourists who want to save on travel, but want to join the unique culture of this country. The cost of such a trip will be much lower, and you’ll have time to see the most outstanding attractions of major cities. Buy a weekend tour to Germany for two is a great way to spend a weekend in a romantic setting. In addition, this trip is suitable for those who want to reset, diluting the routine of working days with vivid impressions. We will help you in finding the perfect option!

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Excursion tours. Germany boasts a rich history. The country is rich in museums and unique architectural monuments. Cologne Cathedral, the amazing beauty Neuschwanstein Castle, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and the remains of the Berlin Wall is a small list of sights worth visiting when in Germany. Some guides speak excellent Russian, so even if you do not speak German, you can learn about the impressive history of this country.

New Year’s tours. Ideal option for those who want to touch the real winter fairy tale. European cities during the Christmas vacations turn into the illustration from the Christmas card, and Germany was no exception. Snow-covered streets, bright illuminations, numerous fairs and cheerful music will not leave tourists indifferent.


To the north, the country is washed by two seas (the North Sea and the Baltic Sea). Bathing season here is very short: more or less comfortable water temperature holds from mid-July to August. The rest of the time the sea is too cold, so tourists often choose alternative holidays and stay in hotels, where there are indoor pools with heated water. In the south Germany reaches the sky – an expression figurative, but with a grain of truth. It is here that the Alpine highlands are spread. Some of the mountain peaks break the clouds.


Despite the fairly compact location, Germany can surprise with different climatic zones. On most of the territory established a temperate continental climate with warm winters and comfortable summers. The average annual temperature reaches +15-20 degrees. The eastern lands with their continental climate are subject to temperature fluctuations. Winters are cold and summers are hot, and the change of seasons is particularly pronounced here. In the north winters are mild, summers are cool.

Germany has a population of over 80 million people. And although German is considered the official language, different regions have their own dialects. Sometimes they are so different that the inhabitants of the north and south can barely understand each other. And the diversity of the languages is also due to the many migrants. Most German youth, however, speak English quite well, so you can find a common language with the staff of hotels, restaurants and banks.

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Germany is part of the Schengen area, so to enter the country it is easiest to get the appropriate document. However, even if you do not have a Schengen, you can contact the nearest German consulate. Russian citizens are not subject to stringent conditions for obtaining a tourist visa, so you are likely to get it without too much delay.


Germany is a member country of the European Union, so German marks are no longer in circulation. At present the euro is the currency of payment. You can exchange money at any bank, ATM or exchange office. In addition, plastic cards are accepted almost everywhere. Cash may be required only in the provinces or small souvenir shops.

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