France’s best ski resorts for a winter vacation with the family

France’s best ski resorts for a winter vacation with the family

France is an amazing country. There is a place for everyone here. The French claim to have the best wine and the best food in the world. While these two claims may be disputed by other nationalities, one cannot disagree with the fact that France is undoubtedly one of the best ski resorts for families.

The ski resorts in France are diverse, starting with the lesser known ones that offer rustic charm on the tree slopes , and going all the way up to high-end resorts like Val-Torrance. These resorts are built specifically to be visited with the family. Since there are so many options available, it’s easy to get confused.

So, without further prelude, here are the famous ski resorts you can enjoy in France with your family.

1. Courchevel (for beginners).

Courchevel is a ski resort in France and is famous for its lushness and versatility. The ski station is located in the giant ski resort of Trois Valle.

In the same area there are villages, less fancy and expensive. You can find cheap accommodations here, and if you are a beginner, Moriond is probably best suited for you. Here you will be able to ski the slopes around the Altipore 1850s area. It’s also great for beginners because Altipore has small slopes that are equipped with handy elevators.

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1. Courchevel (for beginners).

If you are interested in learning how to ski with your family, there are special schools. You can find coaches who speak English as these schools are run from the UK. You will not have to worry about your children on the ropes course during lessons. Children should wear a vest with electromagnets. They will, in case of emergency, hold your children until you reach the top point where the vests unlock automatically. There’s also the Aquamotion complex, which has a luxurious spa, two pools, a surf wave and an indoor climbing wall.

2. Serre Chevalier (for amateurs)

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2. Serre Chevalier (for amateurs).

In fact, this resort includes more than a dozen villages. They are all located across the road from the ancient garrison of Brienson. All these villages are separated by a ski area with a total length of about 250 km of slopes. These slopes are complemented by 61 convenient ski elevators which are fantastic. You can imagine this place as a quiet resort of the first category in Northern France. It is smaller and less technologically advanced than Val d’Isère or Courchevel, but it is very nice and offers the best facilities.

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3. Val d’Isère (for specialists)

It’s a great place for those daredevils who are experts when it comes to skiing. Located along a remote valley that shares the great ski resort of Espace Killy. Val d’Isère offers a variety of ski slopes, which is ideal for experts . Only a few world-class resorts are known to have this variety.

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3. Val d’Isère (for experts).

For family fun, the high slopes are equipped with chairlifts . You can go to the heights on such an elevator and enjoy pedaling. After all, it will help you strengthen your family bonds.

4. Conclusion

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These ski resorts can be enjoyed on a family vacation in France . You may be a serious person, but when you and your family are in a French ski resort, you will have no problem devoting yourself to relaxing and relaxing on your skis. If you have a good tour operator, you will be offered something that can well meet your needs. You can always organize your vacation on their own, but it is better if you have a professional guide . Everyone deserves a good vacation with the family, and if you are in France, skiing is something you should not miss.

The 7 Best Ski Resorts in France

France’s ski resorts are considered some of the most modern not only in Europe, but in the world. The French Alps offer tourists magnificent scenery, and the skiing on the equipped slopes is breathtaking. It attracts fans of skiing, snowboarding, bobsleigh and other winter sports.

The 7 best ski resorts in France

All slopes are divided into categories, depending on the level of complexity. Some of them will be the most comfortable for beginners, while others will appeal to professionals. Local slopes are often held sports competitions, and there were three times the Olympics. The 200 resorts are connected to each other, so that every traveler finds the perfect option for themselves.

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Pricing policy of ski resorts in France More than two hundred ski elevators and about 600 kilometers of marked slopes await tourists in the Three Valleys region. Even a long stay at the resort does not involve repetition of routes, which impresses professional skiers. To rest at the resort Val Torrance in a 3 * hotel, tourists will have to pay about 750 euros for one week, and accommodation in a four-star hotel will cost more for two hundred euros.

The most famous French ski resort Courchevel offers accommodation in the most luxurious hotels.

Also, there are luxury restaurants and boutiques. For a week at a three-star hotel tourists spend about 700 euros, 4 * 1300 euros, and 5-star – about 2150 euros, per person.

More than 300 kilometers of modern tracks awaits travelers in the most alpine resorts of Tigny and Val D’Isere. Snow cover holds the whole season. A week of rest for one person in a 2 * hotel will cost 720 euros, and only 10 euros more expensive will be a room at a 3 * hotel. For accommodation in four-star hotel will ask about €850, and in the 5 * €1100.

The best winter resorts in France Among the most impressive resorts in France are the top 7:

The 7 best ski resorts in France

Meribel In the “heart” of the Three Valleys ski system lies this stunning resort. The excellent pistes, equipped ski elevators and recreational areas will give tourists a pleasant pastime. This resort is rightly called the “pearl” of vacation spots for skiers and snowboarders.

The original routes connect the small town of Meribel, the village of Meribel Village and Mottaret. Here are equipped with 150 kilometers of routes for recreation and skiing. For beginners there are 8 “green” routes. Those who know the basics of skiing also have blue brands. Twenty-three “red” slopes are suitable for experienced skiers, and nine slopes that are marked in black will appeal to extreme skiers.

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This fabulous place features sunny slopes where warm rays warm up skiers during the day. The resort has fifteen gondola elevators, as well as chairlifts and 14 rope tow elevators. There are 685 snow machines to keep the snow cover flat.

Walks on equipped trails, hang-gliding, cable car rides, bowling alley, skating rink and swimming pool, as well as sports stores and many cozy catering establishments, all this awaits guests of Meribel resort.

The 7 best ski resorts in France

Tignes This tourist resort is equipped with comfortable elevators and cozy hotels for travelers. It is open all year round and welcomes outdoor enthusiasts to ski or snowboard in winter and enjoy the beautiful scenery at any time of year.

In addition to snowboarding and alpine skiing, it offers sports such as telemark or squall riding. There is snow on the tops of the mountains all year round. There are three hundred kilometers of modern slopes and a hundred high-speed ski elevators (including a funicular with a sitting cabin). This resort is visited by both beginners and professional athletes. It often hosts competitions.

The 7 best ski resorts in France

Val Thorens This resort is considered the most democratic in France. You can easily get here from many cities by plane or train. Diverse recreation includes relaxing and winter sports. Most hotels here have access to ski elevators. The chairlift is capable of carrying 150 people at a time. For the convenience of skiers and snowboarders, the slopes are equipped with avalanche protection systems. Snow cannons and other snowmaking systems provide excellent coverage throughout the season, which begins in November and ends in May.

The local snowboard parks offer ski jumps, quarter-pipes, half-pipes, and other competition venues. There are thirty-one elevators and sixty-six marked slopes in Val-Torance, a total length of 140 kilometers. The relief slopes, the difficult slopes or the flat area at the foot of the mountain for beginners – all this will appeal to athletes of any level.

There is a skiing school for adults and children. There is also an aqua club (with a pool and a sauna), tennis courts, squash and volleyball areas, a climbing wall, a rollerdrome, gyms, and even a paragliding club. Specially for children there are mini clubs and Fun Park, where there is a pool filled with balloons, slides for kids, trampolines and inflatable palace. Among other things, there are many cafes, restaurants, bars, discos and nightclubs.

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The 7 best ski resorts in France

This mountain valley offers tourists an unforgettable experience. There is a fourteen-kilometer natural glacier and a twenty-kilometer ski slope. The snow planking stays here from December till May. There are forty-seven ski elevators and seventy-eight tracks with a total length of 140 kilometers that will conquer any skier or snowboarder.

In addition to skiing or boarding, you can go snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or take a dog sled ride on top of the ice. Tourists are also offered hang-glider and helicopter flights. Among other things, there is a bowling alley, ice rink, swimming pool, dance floors, bars and restaurants where you can have fun.

The 7 best ski resorts in France


Beautiful famous resort is considered one of the most presentable French regions. This elite vacation spot is notable for its developed infrastructure, amazing natural riches, and a large number of chic restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues with a view of the peak of the famous Mont Blanc Mountain.

Here you can skate and go bowling, squash or tennis. A large selection of trails for beginners, as well as extreme routes are enjoyed by snowboarders and skiers. There are sixty-two elevators, and the length of multilevel slopes is one hundred and fifty kilometers.

The 7 best ski resorts in France

Les Arcs This popular resort is located in the province of Savoy. Several villages connected to each other are located on different levels. A large number of elevators (fifty-four in total), professional equipment and tracks with a total length of 420 kilometers, impress tourists. There are slopes of all levels. Sportsmen can go skiing here from December till the end of April.

Professionals can go cross-country skiing on the slopes. All the slopes are illuminated at night. Cross-country skiers will love the slopes. The snowboard park amazes with the number of jumps and tricks, as well as half-pipe and boarder-cross track. There are schools for beginner skiers and children.

Other activities include an ice cave or a museum, hang gliding, horseback riding, dog sledding, paintball, and relaxing in the sauna, pool or solarium.

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The 7 best ski resorts in France

Megeve The “heart” of the Alps at the foot of Mont Blanc can be seen in this fashionable resort. This place is very prestigious, so hotel rooms are booked in advance. A huge number of various entertainments, as well as an unforgettable skiing or snowboarding awaits tourists here. The length of the tracks for skiing is 440 kilometers. A multi-faceted vacation will appeal to lovers of luxury. Answers to frequently asked questions from readers What are the winter temperatures in French ski resorts?

The Alpine mountains are famous for beautiful weather all year round. Pleasant temperatures are kept here even in winter. For the whole season the temperatures are as follows:

November and March: 0 to -2 C; December and February: -2 to -4 C; January: -5 to -7 C (very rarely -10 C); April: +2 to +4 C.

What resorts are better to visit with children?

Everyone, who prefers a family vacation, should go to the resorts that have children’s ski schools, mini-clubs, kindergartens and amusement parks. Such options would include resorts such as:

Les Arcs; La Plagne; Avoriaz; Val Thorens; and Samoen.

Which resorts are characterized by the presence of thermal springs?

Among the French mountain resorts, which will allow you to combine skiing and SPA-rest, stand out such:

Breed Le Ben. A large urban SPA-center offers everyone to relax and revitalize the body immediately after skiing. Megève. Nearby the resort there is a thermal park Saint Gervais le Ban. Tourists can improve their health thanks to local hot mineral springs.

An outstanding experience of the charming mountains and the French way of life awaits tourists here. It is worth going here for the thrills and wonderful emotions from contemplation of the scenery to get the most amazing ski tour.

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