Fabulous vacations in the United States

Fabulous vacations in the United States

Do you want to please the kids and go back to childhood yourself? From the cinematic Universal to the country-inspired Dollywood, Tripadvisor voted these 10 amusement parks a good reason to visit the U.S.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter park opened in Orlando in 2010. Everything here is exactly like in “Potteriana.” Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry replicates the castle invented by J.K. Rowling. There’s a Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, a Gryffindor room, and even a “bailout room.”

Walk through London’s narrow streets and turn off onto Beveled Lane. Here, Mr. Ollivander’s shop will pick you out a wand, and at Darwish and Bangs, buy a full set of Quidditch gear.

The coolest slides in the park are the Dragon Challenge and the Flight of the Hippogriff. You will experience as much emotion as the characters in the movie!

Between attractions you can grab a bite to eat at the “Boar’s Head” bar – try a creamy beer and regale yourself with strawberry pie. And don’t forget to send a letter with the owl postal service! The envelope already has the Hogsmeade crest on it.

Islands of Adventures.

Get in, buckle up, and hang on! “Islands of Adventures” is a world of superheroes, wild beasts and fairy tale creatures. There are 8 themed “islands” in the park, and you will not be bored.

On Marvel Island you are welcomed by superheroes from the favorite comic books. At the ride “Incredible Hulk” you will experience all the fury and rage of Bruce Benner. On the 3D adventure simulator about Spider-Man, you can fly through the city streets on a spider web.

And Jurassic Park has the coolest water ride. So grab some extra clothes – you’ll be covered from head to toe.

For the little ones and those who don’t like stressful slides, there’s Dr. Seuss Island. Here everything is just like in the books and cartoons of the famous author: colorful characters from the “Cat in the Hat” and continuous squiggles. After all, in the world of Dr. Seuss there is not a straight line.

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove Waterpark is not about water slides and loud entertainment. It’s about an oasis of tranquility and unity with nature. Here you can feel like Robinson Crusoe on a tropical island.

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At Discovery Cove you can swim with dolphins, swim with stingrays or lie on a sandy beach. Bird aviary amazes with a variety of birds: peacocks, parrots, – more than 250 tropical species.

But the visiting card of the park – a huge reservoir with bright fish and coral reefs. At the entrance you will be given a mask, a wetsuit and a camera for underwater filming to keep all the adventures in memory.

Discovery Cove is suitable for both adults and very young children who want to feel a little divers. There are no tricks, no currents, jellyfish or sea urchins. Add to this enjoyable, safe diving and incomparable lunches in the park and you have a wonderful family weekend!

Magic Kingdom

When you see Cinderella’s pink castle, you’ll know that this is the kingdom of Walt Disney. Here the history of the United States is intertwined with Disney cartoon plots, horse-drawn carriages roam the one-story America of the early 20th century, and the spirit of the American Revolution reigns in Liberty Square.

There are 7 themed areas throughout the park, from enchanted forest to adventure to fairyland. Do not miss the most spectacular rides: the castle of horror in “colonial America”, a mountain road in the “Wild West” and a space slide from “The Future”.

However, it is not the rides that create the atmosphere, but the Disney characters: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Jack Sparrow and Mickey Mouse himself.

You can see the famous black ears everywhere from the headbands on the souvenir counters to the cookie molds. Every day there is a parade of Disney characters, and on Halloween there is a special scary show.

By the way, the park is part of the giant Disney World, but is so beloved by travelers that it won a separate spot in TripAdvisor’s rankings.

10 most beautiful states in America for your trip


It is very difficult to single out and name the most beautiful states in the United States, as each of them has its own twist, filled with natural beauty, amazing architecture, its own unique character and undeniable charm.

Still, I decided to make as subjective a top list as possible of the ten most stunning American states.

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10. Florida

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is an enticing combination of gorgeous beaches, pleasant weather and a sweet Hispanic atmosphere. But this flat peninsula in the southernmost point of the continental United States is more than its hedonistic charm.

It’s home to mysterious wetlands, spectacular coral reefs, and the largest subtropical wilderness in the country (the Everglades). It’s a true paradise for adventurers and nature lovers. Add the glitz and glamour of Miami, the magic of Walt Disney World in Orlando and the Spanish colonial architecture of St. Augustine, and you have one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the United States.

9. Oregon

From the lush green forests to the gorgeous rugged coastlines, you’ll be struck by Oregon’s natural splendor. Located in an ancient volcanic crater and surrounded by craggy cliffs, the crystal-clear, breathtakingly blue Crater Lake is undoubtedly one of the state’s most impressive sights. You’ll also be amazed by the stunning rock formations of Smith Rock State Park, the fabulous Toketi Falls, or mighty Mount Hood with its year-round snow-capped peaks and glaciers, picturesque alpine lakes, and stunning wildflower trails.

Geographically speaking, Oregon is indeed a land of striking contrasts and delightful landscapes. Take, for example, cool, creative Portland, where elaborate boutiques and trendy eateries juxtapose friendly craft breweries and serene gardens; or quaint, historic Jacksonville, with its well-preserved brick and wood buildings and charming old-world atmosphere.

8. Michigan

Idyllic islands, charismatic towns and plenty of outdoor adventures await visitors in Michigan, a striking Midwestern state surrounded by the Great Lakes. Take a journey through time on Victorian-flavored Mackinaw Island, where car traffic is banned but walks on the colorful sandstone cliffs of Pictured Rocks National Lake; or head to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore for lush forests, pristine beaches, the blue waters of the Caribbean and high sandy cliffs.

The Great Lakes State is also known for its automotive history, and you can best see that in Detroit, a city in the midst of the Cultural Revolution, with beautiful historic architecture, world-class museums and a revitalized food and art scene. On the other hand, Traverse City and Ann Arbor offer a taste of small-town America, while Holland and Frankenmuth (also known as Michigan’s Little Bavaria) look like they are straight out of Europe.

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7. Colorado

Home to some of America’s most popular ski resorts, bustling big cities, small historic towns and wildlife preserves, it’s no surprise that Colorado is on our top list of the most beautiful American states. Not many places in the world can rival such scenic natural beauty and biodiversity. Between the heights of the magnificent Rocky Mountains and the deep canyons carved into the banks of the Colorado River, there is an amazing world to explore.

For most, Colorado conjures up images of snow-capped peaks and epic skiing, but there are also sparkling lakes, spectacular mountain roads and high sand dunes. And frankly, it’s hard to decide which is more impressive: the quaint rock formations of the Garden of the Gods, the charming ghost towns dotted with photogenic old wooden buildings, or Aspen, where beauty is absolutely everything around, from the majestic natural scenery, to the many urban attractions.

6. Hawaii

Ranked 50th in the United States of America, Hawaii stands out for its distinctive culture, exceptional flora and fauna, and stunning landscapes that encompass everything from smoking volcanoes to deep emerald valleys to paradise colorful beaches. It’s the most exotic state in the U.S. and the only one made up entirely of islands, and its unique natural treasures and geological wonders are carefully protected by state and national parks.

You’ll find the planet’s largest volcano, Mauna Loa, in Hawaii Volcano National Park, some of the most spectacular sunrises on Earth in Haleakala National Park on Maui, and the black sand beaches and freshwater caves shrouded in legend in Waianapanapa. In addition, Pu’uhonua-o-Honaunau National Historical Park teems with ancient cultural sites, Hanauma Bay boasts one of the best scuba diving sites in the world, and Waimea Canyon on Kauai is a true geological wonder.

5. Arizona

Painted deserts, majestic canyons, and more than 325 days of sunshine a year – no wonder Arizona is one of the most visited states in the country. Immerse yourself in the heart of the American Southwest as this kaleidoscope of Native American cultures and spectacular scenery is filled with unforgettable experiences. Here you can marvel at the Grand Canyon and Painted Desert, tap into the spiritual energy of the red rocks of Sedona, take a trip down historic Highway 66, gaze at the stars in Flagstaff or get a taste of the Old West in quaint towns like Jerome or Bisbee.

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The state boasts 22 national parks and monuments, most of which won’t leave you indifferent. If you want geological treasures and stunning scenery, don’t miss the photogenic Antelope Canyon, the surreal Chiricahua National Monument, the spectacular Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, or the legendary Monument Valley on the Utah border.

4. Utah.

Inspiring, distinctive, and utterly gorgeous, Utah is certainly a state of rugged natural beauty and endless outdoor adventures. Skiers from all over the world are drawn to the Wasatch Range for its top-notch ski resorts, while everyone else comes to see its breathtaking geology and otherworldly sights in the Mighty Five National Parks.

The magnificent rock formations of the Arches and Canyonlands, the tall red cliffs of Zion, or the gorgeous colors of the Bryce sunset prove that Utah is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. The state is also home to ancient rock art, spectacular dinosaur fossils, Mormon heritage sites, charming mountain towns and fine art galleries.

3. Alaska.

Grandiose snow-capped mountains, spectacular fjords, aquamarine glaciers and pristine, unspoiled wilderness that stretches to infinity – Alaska is unlike anything else in the United States. The beauty of the 49th state lies in the sumptuous splendor of its terrain, which includes lush rainforests, volcanic valleys, vast Arctic tundra, and North America’s highest peak (Mount McKinley).

Its 33,904-mile coastline-a spectacular combination of jagged sea cliffs, tidal-water glaciers, and barren, windswept islands-longer than the coastlines of all the other states combined, while its rugged and sparsely populated interior is filled with wildlife, solitude, and fabulous northern lights.

To experience America’s largest and most northerly state in all its beauty and grandeur, start at the amazing Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, a frozen wonderland of icy fjord sculptures, rich marine life, and colossal glaciers plummeting into the ocean. Likewise, Denali National Park and Preserve and Kenai Fjords National Park abound with unforgettable scenery and unique adventures.

2. Montana

A land of vast open prairies, magnificent mountains, picturesque ranch towns and big blue skies, Montana is undoubtedly one of America’s most beautiful states. Expect to be captivated by the dramatic canyons and gushing geysers of Yellowstone, the stunning limestone caves of Lewis and Clark State Park, or the mysterious sounds of the Ringing Rocks.

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But the crown jewel of Big Sky Country is the magnificent one million-acre Glacier National Park, where crystal-clear emerald lakes glisten in the shadow of mighty snow-capped peaks, wildflowers bloom in valleys carved out of glaciers, and much more.

More than 700 miles of hiking trails weave through for visitors, from wild alpine meadows to evergreen forests, gushing streams and freshwater waterfalls. And then there’s urban Montana, with its bright, flamboyant Missoula and inspiring Helena architecture, or Big Sky Resort in the Rocky Mountains, which boasts the largest ski area in America.

1. California

Because it’s insanely diverse, charming and has everything from sun-drenched surf beaches and charming towns to picturesque vineyards, craggy mountains, tall redwood forests and dramatic deserts, California is at the top of our list. The spectacular scenery changes from south to north, and the towns and cities range from quaint to fanciful to downright fabulous.

Besides, no other place evokes the same sense of travel passion as this state. If your dreams of California involve driving along the Big Sur coast, surfing in Malibu, watching the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge, hiking in Yosemite National Park or wine tasting in Sonoma, you’re in for a real treat.

Natural gems like the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mojave Desert, Sequoia National Park or magical Mount Shasta make the most populous state a wonderland for adventurers, and unique places like Disneyland and Hollywood add stunning diversity. With its beautifully laid-back attitude, divine Mediterranean climate and distinctive colorful culture, California is undoubtedly one of the best states to visit.

To capture its true spirit, immerse yourself in the coffee scene in hipster San Francisco, admire mid-century modernist architecture in Palm Springs, take in the sophisticated European charm of Santa Barbara and go vintage shopping in Joshua Tree, an oasis of cool in the middle of the desert. Oh, and don’t forget sunny, beautiful Los Angeles, with its vibrant, eclectic neighborhoods, cutting-edge culture, stellar restaurants and gorgeous stretches of golden sand.

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