Excursions in Verona, Italy

Excursions in Verona

What excursions to visit on vacation in Verona and how much do they cost? 20 best excursions in Verona and surroundings with Russian speaking guides: 176 the most interesting sights and attractions, 7 reliable agencies and companies with excursions from 20 €!

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Hi everyone, my name is Anya and I continue my exciting travels around the world. On my travels, I visit the most interesting places and try out exciting activities to share with you relevant information and real impressions about them. Today, together with the TravelAsk team, I will help you choose the most-amazing excursions in Verona to make your trip unforgettable too.

Verona: things to do and see

I always put off going to Verona, preferring other more popular Italian resorts. It seemed that except for Romeo and Juliet, there was nothing to see in Verona. Well, after a visit here, I had only one thought: oh, how wrong I was! This city is just beautiful, especially in the evenings, when many tourist groups are leaving and you’re alone with it.

You can walk here endlessly, but even more interesting to do it in the company of a guide. There are plenty of options for sightseeing tours, including themed ones: the main hit is a walk through the places of Romeo and Juliet. Also popular are trips to Lake Garda and all kinds of wine and gastronomic tours. Prices for walking and short field trips are about 50-80 euros per group or 15-20 euros per person. Long day tours cost about 200 euros per group and about 30-50 euros per person, depending on the route.

Top 5 best excursions in Verona

There are not many options for excursions in Verona, but still in the short stay here to visit them all is not possible. I will tell you about the most popular and noteworthy.

Big sightseeing tour of Verona

Although Verona is first and foremost famous for the story of Romeo and Juliet, there is a lot to see outside of the context of these characters. To be honest, I was simply amazed by this city: ancient, with very atmospheric streets and monuments, not as bustling as Rome or Venice, making it possible to see its real soul and to travel through all the stages of its development through the centuries.

You can walk around it endlessly, but it is better to do it with some knowledge. That is why I strongly recommend taking a walking tour of the historic center as soon as you arrive. During it you will see all the main visiting cards of the city, get a general idea of its history, walk through the most popular tourist quarters. This will immediately make the city closer to you, and will also help you in the future to better navigate in its areas and choose for a more thorough study only the most interesting sights, rather than all of the assortment listed in tourist guidebooks. I liked best the Old Castle, the Church of St. Zeno, the Arena amphitheater, the ancient Roman gate of Borsari. Also be sure to climb one of the hills surrounding the Adige River to admire Verona from above and take impressive photos. You can choose a sightseeing tour on this page.

In the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet

Of course, you can’t do without Romeo and Juliet in Verona. The sights associated with them are usually seen on a sightseeing tour. But I liked more the thematic version, which allows you to get more into the story of this love, feel the atmosphere and set yourself in a romantic mood. For this tour, I advise you very carefully to choose a guide, as the creation of the atmosphere – it is his task.

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On the tour a lot of attention is paid to the work and the personality of Shakespeare – thanks to him Verona became one of the most popular cities in Italy. It is very interesting to hear why he put his characters there, how Dante is connected to it all (and he lived in Verona for a while), whether or not the descriptions of certain places coincide – and it is very easy to check, because not much has changed since the medieval era described here. One of the most iconic places, located on the ancient Via Mazzini, is Giulietta’s Courtyard. I advise you to come here early in the morning, while there are no tourists: then it is very realistic to imagine how Romeo stood here, hoping for the attention of his beloved. Also during the walk they show Romeo’s house, the places where they met and were buried. All in all, a very interesting and non-trivial itinerary that will suit romantics and lovers of literature.

Magnificent Lake Garda

Very close to Verona, at the foot of the Alps, is the largest Italian lake Garda. I highly recommend it to absolutely all travelers, because in my personal ranking it is definitely in the top five most beautiful in the world. First, it’s nice to just walk along the lake’s shores: the panoramas of the lake and the mountain peaks are very picturesque. You can also go on a boat ride, because from the water landscapes look even more impressive. The tour also includes a sightseeing tour of the island-city of Sirmione and the island of Garda. The former is famous for its 12th century Scaliger fortress, the 8th and 15th century temples and, of course, the huge Roman villa, over 2,000 years old and over 2 hectares in area: a must visit. The island of Garda is incredibly picturesque and rich in monuments, I was particularly struck by the palace with its luxurious terraces descending directly to the waters of the lake. Also with great pleasure I wandered here through a grove with lemons, acacias and cypresses – a real relaxation for the soul. And, of course, where to go without tasting: freshly caught fish, wines, local gastronomy give this tour a special flavor note. Country excursions are collected here.

Palladian Villas: refined luxury

Italian villas are a separate art form and a brand of sorts, because at the mention of this word combination a perfect picture comes to mind of a graceful white-washed residence surrounded by beautiful nature. There is an excursion with departure from Verona, which can bring all these pictures to life – an excellent option for a relaxed, informative and aesthetically pleasing trip, which will suit fans of beautiful architecture, art and country atmosphere.

The tour goes through interesting places in the Veneto region and is dedicated to a tour of the villas of the legendary Andrea Palladio. This architect wrote the famous treatise “Four Books on Architecture”, which had a great influence on the architecture of Russia in the 17-18 centuries. The guide spoke very interestingly not only about Palladio’s works, but about the Renaissance and Renaissance eras in general: to study all its features, so to speak, on the ground, is much more entertaining than from books and textbooks.

Most of the villas are not too far from Verona, some a little further, but within the Veneto region. It is rare to see all of his creations during one tour, but the programs usually include the villas of La Rotonda, Godi, and Pisani, and it is also possible to see the villas of Sarego and Poiana.

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Valpolicella: wine and vineyards

To visit Italy and not visit a real winery at least once is a true tourist crime. In Verona, probably every third tour optionally includes a tasting of local wine or gastronomy – more on that a little later. However, I suggest you don’t mix these experiences and dedicate a full day to learning about the wine history of the region. The best way to do this is to go to the magnificent Valpolicella Valley. It’s incredibly beautiful in its own right, and even on the way to the winery you’ll have real fun admiring the hilly landscapes, pretty villages and vineyards that are over 2,500 years old.

At the winery you can watch the process of wine production and storage, see the colorful cellars and get to know the real winemakers, for whom it is not just a job, but a family business. Of wine varieties, I particularly recommend you try the dry Amarone della Valpolicella, which is one of the ten best wines in Italy. Soave and Custoza wines, some of the most famous in the Veneto region, also have memorable flavors. Usually during the tasting you are also offered to try the local cheeses, which taste just fine. I also liked that on the way one stops at several village supermarkets where wine, cheeses and other delicacies can be bought at much nicer prices than in Verona.

If you’re in Verona with kids

The main attractions for children are not in Verona itself, but near Lake Garda. First is Gardaland: a very high quality amusement park with many themed areas. Second is Altomincio water park, which is more like a huge tourist village. If you do not want to go far away, in Verona you can visit the car museum with the legendary cars of the 20th century. There are also some excursions that will be of interest to children. You can see them here.

Unusual excursions in Verona

Of the unusual excursions in Verona, I would like to recommend another version of the gastro-eno tour: that is, dedicated to wine tasting and local gastronomy. If I have already told you in detail about the wines, I have a few more words about the delicacies. I strongly advise to go on such a tour with a guide. The fact that, returning from Italy, many people complain that the local pasta and pizza they were very disappointed. And the thing is that they try them in restaurants near the attractions or those that have a high rating in social networks. The guide will show you small, family-run places where locals go: trust me, you won’t find these tastes anywhere else. You can also take a tour of the surrounding farms to buy cheese and other delicacies first hand. Another interesting option is to attend a master class on how to make, for example, jelato or the same pizza. You can find gastronomic excursions here, and a selection of all the unusual excursions here.

If you want to see the city in the evening

Walking around Verona in the evening is a pleasure. It’s getting cooler and the visiting tourist groups are heading back, so the streets are much freer. So you can wander around all the same places you did during the day. The main recommendations are the Roman theater and St. Peter’s Castle: here, by the way, there is a restaurant with a panoramic platform, and even without it, the views are great. If you’re looking for places to sit, I suggest the restaurants and cafes at Bra and Erbe Square, which are open late.

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If you want to go out of town

Another entertaining out-of-town itinerary that I haven’t told you about is a tour of the medieval town of Iseo and the lake of the same name, one of the most beautiful of the Salpine regions in Italy, for which it is not very original, but accurately called the “Pearl” of the region.

The town of Iseo itself is small, but its historical center is quite colorful. Of attractions – the church of late antiquity and the house-castle of the Capuchin monks. On the city waterfront you can take a boat to the nearby island: it is famous because of the many legends surrounding it – I will not tell you what, otherwise the tour will be not so interesting. There is just a beautiful inspiring coastline, atmospheric restaurants, and vivid features of everyday life of local residents: the guide will tell you about their occupation and means of transport.

But still the main goal of the trip – Lake Iseo. It really is just wonderful, especially surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, vineyards, olive groves and orchards. There is also a lot of interesting facts about the lake: it is associated with the legendary Dzhokonda. Along the way, the guide will tell you about other features of these places, such as mysterious petroglyphs. On the way back, I highly recommend stopping for a tasting in the wine zone Franchacorta and taste the beautiful sparkling wine, which is considered a competitor to the products of the French Champagne.

If the weather is bad in Verona

When the weather is bad, I advise you to devote time to yourself and relax in the thermae. Not far from Verona is the thermal spa of Sirmione – I’ve already told you about it in the section on the tour of Lake Garda. So, there are not only historical sites, but also thermal springs. They are brought to many local hotels and spas, for example, I recommend you visit the Catullo Thermae. Here you can swim in the thermal pools or take mud baths, hydrokinesotherapy, massages or spa treatments. It is not only pleasant, but also useful: thermal waters help in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin, endocrine and respiratory systems.

Another interesting option for leisure – shopping. And go to it can not go alone, and with a stylist. This option is especially suitable for those who want to leave a large sum of money in Italian stores. An experienced guide to local boutiques and discounters will help you save a lot of money, which will fully cover the cost of his services. If you want such shopping tours can be arranged in any other cities in the country. Well, if you want cultural activities, go to the Archaeological Museum or the Gallery of Modern Art Forti.

Choosing tours correctly: tips and tricks

I want to share my observations from the trip to Verona. I hope they will help you to organize your leisure time more comfortably.

  • Excursions in Verona are offered near all popular tourist sites, there are also Russian-speaking options. In general, the prices and quality are acceptable, but the final impression will depend on the particular guide.
  • Near the train station is an information center, where you can get maps of the city, find out about upcoming events or choose a tour. I prefer to buy tours with the help of TravelAsk booking service, on this page. It has offers from several private guides and companies at once, so you can compare prices and save money.
  • If you plan to see as much as you can in a short time, I advise you to buy a VeronaCard for 2 days. It gives you free admission to many museums, including Juliet’s House, and you can also use it to get around for free. For 24 hours the card is cheaper, but it is unlikely you’ll have time to see all the museums it includes, so the benefits are not so obvious.
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Verona is a great option for those who want to see the ancient, but not as bustling Italy that tourists discover in Rome or Venice. Beautiful nature, delicious cuisine, rich history – everything you need for a great trip.

Verona tours

We found 34 excursions in Verona in Russian with the current schedule for September and October 2022. Prices for fascinating walks with a guide from 20 euros. Choose a route, read descriptions and book tours in Italy online.

Explore the sights and see the city through the eyes of Italians on a non-boring sightseeing walk.

Strolling through the ancient squares and streets of the city, you will understand why Verona is often called “Little Rome”.

During the tour you will travel through the centuries and find yourself in the most unusual places in Verona: you will walk along the oldest street in Europe…

Verona is famous for its wines and annually hosts the largest international wine fair Vinitaly.

Visit a world of idyllic landscapes, fascinating legends, architectural monuments and sparkling wines.

Once upon a time, two powerful families, the Montagues and the Capulets, feuded and this gave the world a tragic love story…

We invite visitors to walk along the route from Piazza del Trava, the heart of ancient Verona, to the most romantic…

We will walk through the streets of Verona, reflect on the existence of love and remember Shakespeare’s characters.

The churches of Verona are beautiful and certainly worth a visit along with Juliet’s House and the ancient Roman Arena.

Verona’s historic center was founded by the ancient Roman priestly college of augurs. These ancient magician-scientists laid out the city by the flight of birds.

Verona is not only beautiful by day, drenched in sunshine, but also in the evening twilight, when offices end and stores close.

Walking with a guide through the streets and squares of the center – the medieval “Borgo Maggiore”, hidden from the eyes of tourists and unfamiliar, even to locals…

In the center of Verona all the palaces, squares, streets and churches without exception keep many mysterious stories and legends.

Attractions of Verona and its suburbs

Juliet’s House

The tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet sung by Shakespeare is familiar to everyone. In front of the house where, according to legend, lived Juliet Capulet, there are always many tourists. The house, built in the XIII century, belonged to the Cappello family, which became the prototype of the Capuletti clan. At the beginning of the XX century the dilapidated building was bought by the Verona City Hall to create the Giulietta’s house-museum.

Arena di Verona

In the central square of Verona there is an ancient theater, which will soon celebrate its 2000th anniversary. The Arena di Verona is one of the largest amphitheaters in Italy. It was built for gladiatorial duels and circus performances. In the arena of the amphitheater were also executed unwanted citizens of the city, held bullfights and tournaments.

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Juliet’s Tomb

Under the altar of the former Capuchin church in Verona is a medieval sarcophagus. Legend has it that it is in it that the young Juliet was buried. The legend began in the 16th century, when a novel mentioned the tomb of Shakespeare’s maiden. A few centuries later, interest in the tomb was sparked by the French writer de Stahl, who described the sarcophagus in her novel.

Castelvecchio Castle and Museum

The ancient medieval castle of Castelvecchio houses one of the most interesting museums in Italy. The castle was built in the XIII century on the site of a fortress built a few centuries earlier. Castelvecchio was built for the family of the ruler of Verona, for many years it was a residential mansion. When in the 20s of last century the municipality of Verona had the idea of creating a museum of medieval painting, Castelvecchio was chosen.

Giusti palace and garden

To the east of Verona there is a surprisingly beautiful garden, immersed in the greenery of cypress and laurel trees. It is laid out around an old 16th century villa at the foot of a mountain. The palace and garden once belonged to Prince Agostinio Giusti. In the design of the palace and park ensemble participated in its owner.

The ancient Roman theater

On a hillside in Verona, an ancient Roman theater was built in the first century. The Teatro Romano had an impressive size, but it was often flooded by the waters of the nearby river. In the medieval period, the theater was completely hidden under the city’s buildings.

Tourist reviews of popular excursions

We were shown Verona by Irina, a wonderful and in love with the city guide! We spent unforgettable hours in this wonderful city! We had a great memory, photos made by Irina herself. We can only recommend her!

Emotional, expressive, beautiful Anna is a real Italian by temperament For 2 hours she took us to the main places. Verona! Taught us to distinguish the architecture of the 1st, 12th-13th and 16th centuries, now we will never confuse them! She introduced us to the local wines and fishes :) Thanks a lot to her x

We enjoyed the tour very much, Inessa is easy and pleasant to talk to, a knowledgeable tour guide. We were with two sons (7 and 11 years old). I would also like to mention that Inessa actively involved the children, and they were happy to ask questions and actively participated. Everyone enjoyed the walk through the city, thank you very much!

Anna is a very professional guide, with excellent knowledge of the material and a great sense of humor. We were pleasantly surprised by our acquaintance and would love to continue our walks with Anna. Our young daughters (age 14) enjoyed interacting with Anna. Anna, thank you!

Art the walk around Verona, was informative and easy . Despite the heat, the guide’s deep knowledge, captivated and immersed in the history of this magnificent city. Thanks a lot to Nonna. We will definitely come back here again. Thank you.

It was an unforgettable trip to the beautiful wine region. If you want to penetrate into the mysteries of wine making and in particular the magical Amarone, choose this trip with Anna. A wonderful storyteller, in love with the region, will reveal all the secrets of life in the Valpolicello region! We will return again for a trip to Soave and Lake Garda.

We aggregate Russian-speaking tours of tour operators, travel agencies and private guides in Verona. We compare similar excursion programs by reviews, rating, cost and recommend the best of proposals.

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