Excursions from Hamburg, Germany

Day Trips from Hamburg 2022

Where you can go from Hamburg for a day. Let’s tell you where you can easily get to on your own, and where it’s easier with an organized tour.


Although Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, its main advantage is not in the number of population, but in the high density of cultural monuments, rich history and atmosphere. A visit to Hamburg means not only seeing the lively port city, but also being in touch with the times of the Hanseatic League, when merchants from all over the world came here on sailing ships with their spices, furs and textiles. Visits to the hanseatic cities in the vicinity of the city are a good way to get to know the past and present of Northern Germany.

Popular excursions in Hamburg

The most interesting tours are the routes of the locals on Tripster . It is best to start with a sightseeing tour of Hamburg (to see significant places, to outline the routes of future walks). Then go out of the city: the tour “Oityn – small town with a big history” will introduce you to the main city of Holstein Switzerland. It is easy to get there from Hamburg – the distance is less than 100 km.

Getting to know the city for the first time: Where to start

Hamburg sightseeing tour

Hamburg harbor panorama (Germany)

Tourists going to the old German city, usually waiting for a meeting with Gothic churches, town hall and monuments of prominent people. Hamburg is no exception. The city has well-preserved churches, palace-like town hall, monuments to Heine, Bismarck and other figures of culture and politics. However, Hamburg has landmarks that set it apart from other cities – the quarter of half-timbered houses and the merry Reeperbahn, where nightlife has been raging for centuries. The sightseeing program includes a stroll along the waterfront of Lake Alster, a visit to the harbor, and a tour of the Speicherstadt, once the world’s largest warehouse district. In Hamburg you can see the ships-museums, buildings of former nightclubs (where the Beatles started their career), 2,500 bridges, the oldest stock exchange in Germany.

And that’s without mentioning galleries, museums, and boutiques: Hamburg is a great place for shopping as it was 500 years ago!

The cost of a Hamburg sightseeing tour varies from 80 to 150 €. The average duration of the tour is 3 hours.

2. Boat trip on the canals

Canal tour in Hamburg

The presence of the Elbe and numerous canals makes boat tours of Hamburg popular. They allow you to see architectural monuments from a new perspective and enjoy a mini-cruise. The starting point is often the Speicherstadt, and the route allows you to see the port, the old shipyard, the new Philharmonic Hall, ship museums, the new Hafencity district and other interesting places.

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Individual walk along the canals of Hamburg with a Russian-speaking guide costs about 88 € per tour (from 1 to 10 people). For a “city” cruise without a guide on the Alster Lake and the canals you have to pay at least 15 € per person.

To save money, you can use water transport: multiple ticket for the ferry costs 7 €. You can sail the Elbe for a whole day!

3. Hamburg Kunsthalle

Kunsthalle, Hamburg

The Hamburg Kunsthalle, located next to the railway station, occupies a special place among the city’s museums. The exhibition is so extensive that it required two large buildings and an outbuilding with a total area of 13,000 m². Visitors to the Hamburg Kunsthalle can admire the works of old masters and masterpieces of the Impressionists of the 19th century – Degas, Cezanne, Manet, Renoir and Munch, which is more commonly seen in the Orsay Museum in Paris. The paintings of German Romanticists of the 19th century and the collection of engravings, which includes about 100,000 sheets, make a strong impression.

The Kunsthalle hosts exhibitions and cultural events. A standard ticket costs 14 €. The museum is open every day of the week except Monday.

Hamburg for 1-2 days

1. Lübeck

Excursions from Hamburg for 1 day: Lübeck

Lübeck was once the capital – though not of a state – of the Hanseatic League. Lübeck’s past as a capital left its mark on the city. The wealth of Lübeck’s merchants allowed them to build impressive buildings, and today the city is considered one of the most beautiful in Germany. It is not necessary to look for sights in Lübeck – the historical center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The former Hanseatic capital can be wandered around for a whole day. But even if you don’t have much time, there are still plenty of places to see:

[list style=»check»] [li]средневековыми воротами Хольстентор (в их башнях теперь городской музей);[/li] [li]Мариенкирхе — церковь, построенная в 13-14 вв., считается эталонным образцом немецкой готической архитектуры и самой высокой кирпичной церковью в мире;[/li] [li]ратушей: с 13 в. она служит местом заседания магистрата;[/li] [li]готическим кафедральным собором — самым большим храмом Балтики;[/li] [li]церковью св. Якова, славящуюся органами, настенными росписями, алтарем.[/li] [/list]

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A train from Hamburg will get you to Lübeck in about 40 minutes (ticket price €15). The bus is about half the price, but you will need to travel a bit longer, about 75 minutes.

In Lübeck you can book a sightseeing tour by meeting the guide on site. It saves time if you travel from Hamburg for just one day.

2. Travemunde Resort

Day trips from Hamburg: Travemunde

Sandy beaches, 16th century stone buildings, Art Nouveau villas, ferries in the harbour, 31-metre high lighthouse, casino and many restaurants: these are the Travemünde. For 200 years it has had a reputation as one of the most fashionable resorts in Germany. The list of celebrities who have lived or holidayed here is impressive – from Gogol to Thomas Mann. And no wonder: Travemunde combines the leisurely pace of a fishing village at the beginning of its history with the well-groomed beauty of a fashionable health resort. Travemunde visitors explore the historic quarter with the preserved St. Lorenzo church and old houses, walk along the promenade and see the 16th century lighthouse turned into a museum and the 4-masted sailing ship, the Passat, which plied the oceans from 1911 to 1953.

If you walk along the coast to the west, you can find yourself in Brodtener Steilufer. The area consists of a “wild” beach and green hills.

Although Travemünde is considered part of Lübeck, the distance between them is 15 km. Therefore, the excursion from Hamburg to Travemünde is better organized with a transfer in Lübeck. There you can either take a bus (30 min. and 3 €), or take a cab (20 min., 60-70 €).

3. City of Bremen

Excursions from Hamburg: Memorial to the Musicians of Bremen

Excursions from Hamburg: Modern Musicians

Excursions from Hamburg: City Park Bremen

Excursions from Hamburg: Sightseeing tour of Bremen

Sightseeing Tours in Hamburg: Cathedral of Bremen

Excursions from Hamburg: Sightseeing tour of Bremen

Just hearing the name of the city reminds you of the adventures of a merry band of musicians. There is a monument to the musicians of Bremen near the town hall, but that’s not the only reason to go there from Hamburg. For 1200 years Bremen has acquired a considerable amount of architectural masterpieces, and its Market Square is reputed to be one of the most beautiful in Western Europe. Excursions to Bremen include, in addition to the Town Hall, a visit to St. Peter’s Cathedral, the statue of Roland, a visit to the district Snor. Its narrow streets have not changed since the Middle Ages: once it was inhabited by sailors and craftsmen, and today the elegant houses house cafes, art galleries, souvenir shops.

Schöttcherstraße is not large, and the famous Böttcherstraße – another iconic place in Bremen – is even smaller: the length of this street does not exceed 100 m. Böttcherstraße has seven houses, and each of them is a pearl of medieval architecture.

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There is nothing easier than to arrange a tour from Hamburg to Bremen. The choice is between the train (55 min, 25-30 €) or the bus (95 min, 6-10 €).

4. City of Kiel

City of Kiel, Germany

Although Kiel was founded in the 13th century, there are not many old buildings: during World War II, heavy bombing destroyed much of the center. Among the surviving and restored architectural monuments: St. Nicholas Church (famous for its wooden interiors), City Hall, the Opera House and Kiel Castle. But people go to Kiel not just for them, but to admire the waterfront, sunbathe on the beaches, shop on Holstenstraße, see the many ships – from ferries to submarines. Inextricably linked to the navy, the town is a mecca for sailors and sailing enthusiasts, with one of the most famous sailing festivals in the world, Kiel Week.

After seeing the ships, you can visit one of the museums – the maritime, zoological, arts and crafts. Or visit the botanical garden with its magnificent collection of cacti.

You can do it all in one day (and we only consider day trips from Hamburg) with the help of a guide. The tour “Kiel – Birthplace of Sprat, Quantum Physics, and the Russian Tsar” lasts two hours and includes a detailed tour of the Old Town.

It is worth going from Hamburg to Kiel if only because the train leaves every half hour and the travel time is 1 hour and 20 minutes (ticket price €24 per person). Bus takes a little longer – 95-115 minutes, but also costs less (from 7 €).

5. City of Schwerin

City of Schwerin, Germany

If you want to see the romantic city, located on 10 lakes, you should visit the 900-year-old Schwerin. Once the capital of the independent Duchy of Schwerin, it is famous for the castle – the residence of Duke Frederick Franz II built in the mid-19th century. But there are plenty of other sights worth seeing: the cathedral, which was built a century and a half ago – from 1260 to 1416, the two churches – Schoelf and Paul, the town hall, the Mecklenburg State Theatre and the Castle Bridge. The reflections of the majestic buildings in the mirror-like surface of the lakes add to the beauty of the city. And also plenty of parks, the most famous of which is the famous all over Germany Castle Park. Among the museums in Schwerin, the most interesting is the State Art Museum: its Flemish and Dutch paintings include paintings by Rubens and Bruegel the Elder.

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The 93 km separating Schwerin from Hamburg is easy to travel by train: in just 1.5 hours you will be there (ticket price from 20 €). A bus trip will cost 6 €, but there are far fewer buses. An individual tour from Hamburg lasting 6 hours with transfer will cost from 140 €.

Where to stay in Hamburg 2022

To see all the interesting things around Hamburg, choose a hotel close to the train station (German Hamburg Hauptbahnhof , English Humburg Central Station). This railway station is a transport hub of the first category according to the German classification. This means that the station is so large that you can go anywhere in the country. There are a lot of hotels nearby, there is a choice of relatively inexpensive and high quality.

Stay! Hotel Boardinghouse

Kreuzweg 12, St. Georg, Hamburg

Stay! Hotel Boardinghouse in Hamburg

Standard double room

The apartment hotel is just 300 metres from Central Station. You can walk to the shopping street Mönkebergstrasse in 15 minutes. The rooms are newly renovated and have everything you need, including Wi-Fi. The windows are soundproofed – no street noise! German-style breakfasts are varied; there is a restaurant and onsite parking.

Hamburg sightseeing tours

We found 30 excursions in Hamburg in Russian with the current schedule for September and October 2022. Prices for fascinating walks with a guide from 58 euros. Choose your route, read the description and book tours in Germany online.

On a three-hour car tour of Hamburg, you’ll experience all of Hamburg’s major attractions.

Physicist Heinrich Hertz, composer Felix Mendelssohn, banker and philanthropist Salomon Heine, cruise founder Albert Ballin…

Excursion through the Hamburg area, which its resident, the famous German musician Jan Dielei, described as follows.

You will be taken on a walk through Lübeck, where we will immerse ourselves in the history of the medieval city and explore its unusual architecture.

A fascinating tour of the ancient European city, which is only half an hour by train from Hamburg, awaits you.

A car tour is the best way to get the most complete picture of the city, to see the diversity of its districts…

In the nature park Lauenburg Lakes not far from Hamburg, two small, picturesque cities live a peaceful life: Mölln and Ratzeburg.

As part of the tour you will not only visit the beautiful Ahrensburg Castle, see the partially preserved elements of the decoration of the local church…

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The tour will show you the main cities and attractions of the Altes Land region, which is located along the Elbe River to the south of Hamburg.

On this tour you will experience authentic, authentic Northern Germany, smelling of salty sea air, living far away from the noise of the city, quiet and cozy…

The free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and is visited by tourists from all over the world.

Together with our driver you can see the most interesting and beautiful places of Hamburg, as well as learn the history of some of them.

The free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and is visited by tourists from all over the world.

Tourist reviews of popular excursions

Despite the wealth of information on the web with maps of itineraries, reviews, for me the best thing is invariably live communication. A nice coincidence that we are as our guide from Odessa! Thank you Ekaterina for the fascinating walk! Visiting Hamburg for the second time opened up unexpectedly beautiful places. We got all the necessary recommendations from our guide and a pleasant experience! Dankeschön!

If we could give it an A plus, we would. Having a lot of experience traveling with the tripster, we can say that this was the friendliest, fun, warmest and most interesting tour in our memory. Thanks, Dima! We recommend it to everybody.

Beautiful excursion through the center of the city. The time flew by without a hitch. Irina showed and told a lot of interesting details and stories. Definitely recommend!

Wonderful tour with an intelligent, professional, erudite guide, which ended with a tasting of Hamburg beer and snacks, was a huge pleasure! Thanks to Yuri, we fell in love with the city and will definitely be back!

Irina very interestingly showed and conveyed the difference between the old and ancient Hamburg and the modern urban life of the metropolis, we were very pleased with the tour!

I booked it for my colleagues. I booked it for my colleagues and they liked it very much. When I will be in Hamburg, be sure to repeat it for himself) Thank you!

We aggregate Russian-speaking tours of tour operators, travel agencies and private guides in Hamburg. We compare similar tour programs by reviews, rating, cost and recommend the best of the suggestions.

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