Excursions from Athens, Greece: best day trips to Athens

Day Trips from Athens

Found 26 excursions from Athens for September and October 2022. Prices for day tours with a Russian speaking guide from 55 euros. See the schedule, choose your itinerary and buy tickets online.

Swim in the warm waters of Lake Vulyagmeni and learn the history of the temple of Poseidon in front of the setting sun.

We invite you to the most romantic excursion in Greece – to Cape Sounion. During our excursion we will go to the southern part of Attica.

Few Athenian tourists know about the existence of Mount Parnitha, located very close to the Greek capital.

Travel from Athens to the religious center of ancient Greece and get closer to God in the “soaring” monasteries.

This is the most popular excursion from Athens. Includes the Corinth Canal, the theater of Epidaurus, Mycenae, and the city of Nafplion.

Excursion to Delphi includes a visit to the monastery of Osios Lucas, inside which there are some elements of the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Istanbul…

An excursion to Cape Sounion includes a beautiful drive along a scenic road along the Saronic Gulf…

Tourist Reviews

The tour is excellent. It was a shame it was so quick, instead of the pottery store wasting 30 mins they would have added a visit to Nafplion for the same time, and lunch was taken up too much.

Well constructed itinerary. Interesting and beautiful places, there is something to see and admire. But not with Lea’s guide. Maybe with another guide you will get more structured and in-depth material.

The walk itself is nice, but what is the declared guide – we have not even met! In the description of the tour spoke about lunch on the ship and drinks – all not so ! Drinks are not included, and those that are there for the money is not particularly good quality, but expensive! Lunch – poor organization and in one plate dumped everything and hot and salad, promised if you want, you can still come – but quickly all rolled up and removed, and the quality of food disgusting! It is better to eat for the money somewhere on islands…

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Excellent excursion, guide Marianna was above all praise – knowledgeable, sincerely interested and very erudite. The two days format of the tour gives you the opportunity to walk in the evening in Kalambak, a small town at the foot of Meteora and feel the spirit and atmosphere of the place.

A busy program. Saw a lot of things that we definitely would not have seen without this tour. I would have liked more lively information (interesting stories, emotional stories about life, tales of the local color).

All excursions in Athens, tickets and entertainment

Excursions in Russian in Athens (Greece ) – we have 53 tours for 2022, 736 ⭐ reviews, prices from €15, visit attractions: Popular places , Acropolis, Athens Acropolis, Parthenon, Athenian Neoclassical Trilogy, Syntagma Square and Eusones, Dionysus Theater, Erechtheion

First encounter with Athens

Treasures of the Archaeological Museum

Athens: mysteries and myths

Athens for children and adults

Athens the city of eternal beauty and freedom.

Athens stories

Athens for Kids: A Journey With a Time Machine

Athens and the Athenians

The Three Cuisines of Greece: Bread, Wine & Olive.

On the hills around the Acropolis

Athens: A Journey Through the Ages

The unexplored corners of the Athenian Riviera

Acropolis with a professional guide

The Acropolis: A visit to the goddess Athena

The New Acropolis Museum

Orthodox Athens: the Legacy of the Purple Empire

The Agora, the heart of ancient Athens

The Byzantine Museum in Athens

From Athens to the islands of Aegina, Hydra and Poros

Cruise from Athens: island of Hydra, Poros, Aegina

Kalimeira, Athens

Sunset at Cape Sounion

To Delphi and Meteora for two days

About Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece as well as a European cultural center with stunning cultural sites and world-class museums. The city was named for Athena, the goddess of wisdom, made famous by the ancient temple on the Acropolis, proudly rising above the concrete jungle of modern Athens. It reached its heyday in the 5th century B.C. as a city-state, when many icons of ancient Greece were erected. It was here that democracy was born, drama flourished, and Socrates laid the foundations of Western philosophy

Where is it

Athens is located on the Greek mainland, about 500 km south of Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki. Its southern location makes the city an excellent starting point for trips to Crete and the Cyclades Islands. The capital of Greece is surrounded by the Attic plain, which in turn is bordered on three sides by mountains, the highest being Lycavitos. The area of Athens is 427 square miles.

Why Athens is worth a visit?

The main reason for visiting Athens is the fascinating cultural and historical legacy found in countless museums, amazing architecture, beautiful gardens to relax in and around, amazing beaches and sea and of course, delicious food.

What to see in Athens on excursions?

Athens is full of unique sights and places of interest, from hilltop temples to ancient market squares, you’ll find the best archaeological museums, lively shopping streets and trendy post-industrial neighborhoods, as well as chic restaurants and bars

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What are the main attractions in Athens?

The Acropolis

You simply can’t go to Athens without visiting the Acropolis. Alluring you from its rocky pedestal overlooking the city, the Acropolis is home to some of the most iconic surviving structures of ancient Greece: the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena, the Dionysus Theater and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, just to name a few. If you come for the views of the rooftops, temples, and mountains, they will stay in your memory forever

National Archaeological Museum

The huge Archaeological Museum, housed in a late 19th century building, is undoubtedly the best museum in the country with one of the best collections of ancient and classical Greek artifacts in the world. Here you can admire the bronze statue of Zeus, the mask of Agamemnon and the marble statues of Cora. After visiting, you will have an idea of the evolution of Greek art from the Mycenaean period to the classical

Dionysus Theater.

On the southern slopes of the Acropolis hill, the Theater of Dionysus staged original productions of tragedies by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides and comedies by Aristophanes. This stone hall, built in the 4th century BC, could seat 17,000 spectators and its ruins are still an atmospheric ancient monument of the Greek capital

Ancient Agora

The Ancient Agora, now a pile of monuments and ruins, was during the heyday of Athens the center of city life, a place of commerce and the political and cultural center of the city. Courts, temples, and government offices were located in this area, where ordinary Athenians and merchants mingled with officials, politicians, and philosophers. Today the site is dominated by the 5th century BC Hephaistion (Temple of Hephaestus), one of Greece’s best-preserved ancient temples. The fascinating Ancient Agora Museum contains an eccentric array of everyday artifacts found in the area

Temple of Zeus the Olympic

Dedicated to Zeus, it was one of the largest temples in the ancient world. Construction work began in the 6th century BC but was not completed until about 640 years later, in the 2nd century AD under the Roman Emperor Hadrian. An earthquake damaged it during the medieval period and much of the stone was subsequently used in the construction of other buildings. Today 16 of the original 104 marble columns still stand

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The Parthenon is the symbol of Greece and the most famous and important structure of the ancient Greek world. It was built at the height of the Athenian heyday under the leadership of Pericles, the most famous ancient Greek general, and was dedicated to the goddess Athena, after whom Athens itself was named. It’s an architectural marvel, and you’re sure to marvel at the perfectly aligned marble columns and the wonderfully still visible details

What’s a tourist to do in Athens?

Athens is where to go to enjoy classic ancient sights, soak up the sun on the Athenian Riviera, go snorkeling, take day trips to nearby archaeological sites, attend cooking classes on Mediterranean cuisine, or sightsee on a bicycle tour

What to do in Athens on tours and on your own?

Climb to the top of Lycabetus

Take the cable car to the top of Mount Lycabetus for a spectacular view of the city. If you wish, you can climb another 300 meters up the slopes covered with pine forests. You will have the chance to see the Acropolis and the coast of Piraeus from a rocky limestone peak. Be sure to take selfies against the backdrop of Mount Pentelicus

Admire the Panathinaikos Stadium

Built for the 1896 Olympics, Panathinaikos Stadium is a reconstruction of the 330 BC version. Made of marble, it has stood the test of time and is one of the most popular places to visit in Athens. The stadium was used for some events during the 2004 Olympics, with a view of the Acropolis from the top

Visit the Temple of the Erechtheion

Back at the Acropolis, you will find another archaeological gem. Made of marble, the ancient Greek temple of the Erechtheion was used as a church, palace and home for the harem of a Turkish general. Today, the highlight is the exquisitely carved porch of the Virgin, which seems to carry the weight of the building on its shoulders

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Take a walk around Syntagma Square

Bordered by five-star hotels and the Old Royal Palace, Syntagma Square is in the heart of modern Athens. Come here to admire the regal parliament building and see the changing of the guard – just like in London, but in a different form. If you like people-watching, sit down in one of the cafes and get comfortable for an amazing day

Admire the Temple of Poseidon

The Temple of Poseidon, on the southern tip of the Attica Peninsula, is one of the most iconic landmarks near Athens. The temple is impressive, but the views of the Aegean Sea are even better. Come here at sunset for a dip in romance, and see if you can find the graffiti column of the famous poet Lord Byron

Take a day trip to the island of Aegina

You’ll find the blessed island of Aegina in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, just a short drive from Athens. Aegina, teeming with attractive neoclassical buildings, fabulous seafronts and ancient sights, should be high on your list of day trips. The majestic Temple of Athena Aphaea should be a gem.

What to make your vacation memorable?

Athens offers a unique blend of history, culture, gastronomy and nightlife. It is perhaps the only place in the world where so many historical monuments, like the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus the Olympic, can be found right next to bustling shopping streets and charming bars and restaurants. To make sure you don’t miss the most important sights, we recommend taking a tour where local guides can tell you about the most iconic points of the city. You can choose a suitable one in our catalog

Latest reviews “Athens Tours”

Marianne is a great storyteller and guide. Very nice to talk to, punctual and erudite. Since we were on a tight schedule, she went out of her way to accommodate us and slightly changed the program of the tour so that we had time to get back to the hotel before we left. The story of the Acropolis, urban legends and the secrets of Athens were enjoyed by our whole family. If we will be in Athens again, we will definitely ask Marianne for a new tour.

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We really enjoyed the tour with Alexander. Informative, a lot of interesting material. Deep knowledge and erudition, intelligence and sensitivity. Special thanks for the individual approach to our group.

Hello everyone! We were on a tour in May 2022. This is our first visit to Greece at all. The tour was full of information and impressions of what we saw. Many thanks to Anna for her professionalism and responsiveness! We recommend the guide for your visits to Athens!

We were very pleased with the tour. Informative and intense. In terms of organization, everything was also flawless. Olga, thank you.

Thank you Elena for the excellent sightseeing tour! For the parade Athens and for the interesting corners that are hidden from the eyes of tourists. Everything went perfectly!

The tour was interesting and informative, taking into account the 11 year old child with me, the guide took breaks. We went up to the Acropolis, went down into the old town, walked through the narrow streets, where we would not go as tourists. Marianne took us to the center, where we asked for directions. Thank you for the tour.

It was a great tour. The guide was Efthimios – very enthusiastic and organized, tried to tell and show as much as possible. The first two hours were walking around the Acropolis, and the second two hours by bus through the main sights of Athens in a great minibus, with air conditioning, which was a real salvation in the heat. Was in Athens for the first time, for the first time the tour was perfect!

I liked the tour with Marianna, very informative, a lot of interesting material, covers many sights, as from the Acropolis a good view of other memorable places of Athens. I recommend it! By the way, Marianne is a very good photographer, the photo in the attachment and many others were taken by her

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