El Alamein, Egypt: Beaches, Hotels & Activities

El Alamein, Egypt: Beaches, Hotels & Activities

Not yet very well known to Russian tourists, but very actively developing Egyptian resort of El Alamein is located on the Mediterranean coast. The mild climate, clean beaches and azure waters every year increase the flow of tourists wishing to relax in this region. By the way, thanks to the snow-white sand lining the coast, this resort is often called the “Egyptian Maldives”.

1. How to get there

There is no direct flight connection between the Russian regions and the resort of El Alamein. Domestic tourists to get to the resort, you must first arrive in Cairo or Alexandria . The first option is more convenient because there are regular flights between Egyptian and Russian capitals, and three airlines fly several times a week. Further way is on the ground: from the airport to the resort can be reached by cab, bus or train, though the latter runs only in high season, from May to September.

El Alamein, Egypt: beaches, hotels and entertainment - Photo 2

1. How to get there

2. Climate

In contrast to the resorts on the Red Sea coast, where during the day in the summer months tourists are baked by the unbearable heat, the climate in El Alamein – the Mediterranean. Its features are moderately hot, with an average daytime temperature of +30 ° C, summer and mild winter. The tourist season begins in May and ends in November.

3. Beaches .

Local beaches with velvety white sand and turquoise water are the main attraction of the region. Looking at photos from the resort, you may be surprised that they were taken in Egypt, not in the Dominican Republic or the Maldives. In fact, the whole coast of the resort is one big beach, which stretches for many kilometers and has both equipped and wild areas.

Central beach. This is a very picturesque beach, located in the center of the resort area. Despite the fact that at the entrance to the water there are often stones, which slightly clouds the rest of the bathers, there are almost always a lot of people here. The beach has all the necessary infrastructure, there are sunbeds, umbrellas and volleyball nets.

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Beaches, Hotels, and Recreation in El Alamein, Egypt - Photo 3

3. Beaches .

Marina El Alamein. This area is located in a cozy lagoon, and there are a lot of expensive premium hotels. The beach here stretches for 11 kilometers, and its feature is the presence of a channel dividing the shoreline into two parts. The water in the channel is slightly warmer than in other parts of the coast and is always quiet. Near the beach are the ruins of an ancient port town.

Beaches, Hotel and Recreation in El Alamein, Egypt - Photo 4

3. Beaches .

Sidi Abdel Rahman. A touristic area close to the regional center, famous for its clean and well-maintained beaches with a clear and always quiet, thanks to the protecting the coast from the vagaries of the sea reef, the water.

Cleopatra Beach. According to a local legend, the famous queen chose this beach for her holiday. The legend raises some doubts: there are much better conditions for beach recreation on the territory of the resort. The steep shore and the narrow strip of beach do not contribute to the fact that this place has become popular among bathers. Perhaps the only people of interest here are the divers, for whom such conditions are only to their advantage. However, if you have free time for the sake of a beautiful legend, the beach is still worth a visit.

Al Garam Beach. This beach is located quite far from the main tourist areas and there are usually not many people here. This is a great place for a romantic vacation, not without reason the popular name of the beach – “beach of lovers”. Here you can fully enjoy the unity with the magnificent local nature. However, the infrastructure is there, and quite good: umbrellas, deckchairs and drinks in the coastal cafe harmoniously complement the appearance of Al-Gharam.

Photos 5: El Alamein, Egypt: Beaches, Hotels, and Amusement

3. Beaches .

4. hotels

Later, in comparison with other resorts in Egypt, the development of the destination as a tourist center has provided El Alamein an additional advantage: almost all hotels here are new. Located in modern buildings, they offer spacious, clean and bright rooms, many of which overlook the beautiful sea coast. Availability of the hotel’s own landscaped area is a regular occurrence here.

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As a rule, hotel territories have swimming pools for adults and children, equipped sunbathing areas, as well as sports fields, restaurants and cafes. There is an active but unobtrusive animation, for the youngest guests there are rooms and playgrounds in the open air. At the reception there are often points for booking excursions, transport and equipment. There are saunas and fitness centers.

Such a developed hotel infrastructure partially compensates for the lack of entertainment in the city. In fact, each hotel is an autonomous mini-polis, which has everything for a comfortable stay.

Photos 6 - El Alamein, Egypt: Beaches, Hotels, and Recreation

4. hotels

5. What to do

Outside of the hotel you will not find anything to do in the city. As already mentioned, there are no entertainment facilities in El Alamein. However, active tourists will certainly find something to do.

Diving is one of the main activities at the resort. Although the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea is not as colorful as the corals of the Red Sea, fans of scuba diving can find here a lot of interesting things. In particular, very close to the coast of the resort on the seabed you can find a lot of sunken vessels, some of which plunged into the abyss during the famous Battle of El Alamein, which became one of the most important turning points in deciding the outcome of World War II.

Incidentally, one of the city’s few landmarks is associated with this battle – the War Museum, complete with a memorial complex built on the burial site of the soldiers of the Allied armies who fell in the battle. You can also book a boat trip right at the hotel, rent a quad bike or book an excursion to Cairo and Alexandria, where there’s no shortage of attractions. In general, the emphasis of the resort is on a leisurely beach vacation, for which many tourists from different countries come here.

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