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Driving tours and adventures: Georgia

I’ve been nurturing a trip to Georgia for almost a year, reading, Googling, etc. I was so excited about it for a year, I screwed myself up for a year to the point that I no longer had the strength to put it off until sometime later. Departure was supposed to the beginning of August, but because of certain circumstances was postponed to the very end.

Perm – Batumi 2017

The idea to go to Georgia was born after visiting Abkhazia. Since we went to visit Beria, it would be simply inappropriate to leave Comrade Stalin unattended! ) And vacation fell on October. I used to be afraid to go abroad. Just really, really abroad. My younger years, patriotic upbringing, the war in Abkhazia and Ossetia (part of Georgia), and consequently, the attitude to us (Russians) would be understandable. I considered Azerbaijan, but my wife said her firm and categorical “no”. A different religion, different manners, dress code, and a general mentality … well, no so no. Then again, judging from the weather diary for the past few years, it was easier to get cold and rain in Baku than in Batumi (in October, of course). In general, it was decided. Passport, car (priora hatchback) checked, prepared and packed. Saturday evening, the preparations are completed, the party and hit the road from Perm to Chaikovsky, there we have an outpost for the next spurt!

Road trip across the Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Let’s start with the route. The idea to travel through the countries of the former Soviet Union was with me for a long time. The time has also come for the Caucasus countries – Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. I was in Azerbaijan seven years ago, but to visit again after such a long time would be only glad, especially as the countries are of common themes. My brother from Ukraine and his friend were the first to want to be a traveling companion. My brother used to live in Azerbaijan as a child, so he was interested to see what happened to his native city.

A road trip through the Balkans: Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia

This trip was taken in April-May 2018, I did a trip through the Balkans, partially visiting several countries in the Balkan Peninsula. After that I wanted to drive through the rest of the countries, of which there are still many, only this time I decided to go by car to be able to stop by and visit interesting places without sacrificing time and travel budget.

Scotland - the land of castles and pristine nature

From Tyumen to Georgia and Abkhazia in Summer 2019

I present you a great story about our car trip from Tyumen to the Caucasus in summer 2019! This is a story about how in 26 days we drove almost 10 thousand km on the roads of Russia, Georgia and Abkhazia. About where we were and what we saw, and what events happened to us. That’s what I want to share with you.

A tale of how to instill autotourism in the weaker half of humanity, or a family road trip to Georgia in 2019

In addition to being an ordinary motorist, I am also an ordinary motorcyclist! I am imbued, imbued with the spirit of adventurism and travel. I was able to explore new places, meet new people, spend nights in a tent, under a bush and at the seaside. In general, I felt all the buzz of the big road. Then an event happened in my life, which I was not quite ready for – I got a family!) And I became a model family man, head of the family. And with it trips to Lenta, in Leroy Merlin, in short, worries-hassles)). But I couldn’t get the Georgian Military Road out of my head for a minute.

A long motorcycle trip to Georgia

In 2019 we decided with a friend to take a long-distance trip on our alps (not the first long-distance trip), we chose between Georgia and Karelia, our south. I am from the Crimea was not already dragged, been there and on a motorcycle and by car. Russia has some kind of friction with Georgia, so we were a little worried, but decided to go. Route especially thought (as usual), noted a few points to visit, and I generally did not prepare, you can say, collected the motor at night before departure, benefit recently was a small trip to the Urals and the motor was ready in half. Iliya was thankful for the sightseeing.

Two countries between two holidays, or Journey to Georgia and Azerbaijan – 2020

Georgia is a country of which I have already written many reports on various topics. Rest by the sea, excursions through the mountains and rivers with waterfalls, castles and monasteries, of which there are a great many. No less attractive and alcoholic tours. To be in Georgia and not to taste Kindzmarauli and Khvanchkara, as well as to appreciate the cognacs of Sarajashvili and Askaneli factories… It is difficult for me, a teetotaler. I can only take words and emotions of those who have tasted… Azerbaijan is more and more interesting to us each year. It is near. Baku and the Caspian Sea, festivals and sporting events, international forums. The country lives in a quiet rhythm, mode. Even the long-lasting conflict with the neighboring country is not put in the spotlight as a part of foreign and domestic policy.

Summer Trip to Andorra

KMAO – the Caucasus – Georgia – the Crimea

Here is a report on our family road trip from Western Siberia to the Caucasus in 2019! The total mileage was almost 13000 km! In the North Caucasus, we visited the sights of Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, got to Sophia waterfalls in Arkhyz, climbed Cheget and Elbrus. And then, despite all the political intrigue, there was Georgia. There we visited many fortresses, temples, waterfalls, gorges and even visited one beautiful cave! We had a lot of delicious food and wine, swam in the Black Sea and had a great rest in general! We visited Tbilisi, Akhaltsikhe, Vardzia, Borjomi, Uplistsikhe and Batumi. On the way back we went to Crimea for a few days, where we also enjoyed the sea and the beauty. It was very interesting, and I have lots of impressions! That I want to share with you.

Turkey is not an island. And the capital is not Antalya.

The choice of destination was easy enough, because with two small children we need the sea, and the more sea, the stronger parents’ nerves. Turkey is ideally suited to this criterion.

How to go to Georgia by car: a complete guide

Is it worth to go to Georgia by car and how much it will cost? What are the sights worth visiting by car in Georgia, and where is better to stay? What tourists write about traveling by car from Russia in Georgia and how safe is it? All about personal experience of travelers to this amazing mountainous country, read on Tour-Calendar!

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Georgia is, in my opinion, an ambiguous country, but certainly curious and beautiful. Every year the interest in it among Russian tourists is growing, and this despite all sorts of obstacles. There are many reasons for this, mainly the low cost of recreation, delicious food and, of course, the incredible scenery and Georgian coloring.

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Travelling to Georgia by car is an unforgettable journey along the Georgian Military Highway, which was many times recognized as the most beautiful mountain road in the world. If you have not yet driven along it, it is definitely time. Read the article, and then hit the road!

You can get to Georgia by plane (air tickets cost from 6000-8000 rubles one way per person) or by land. One of the most popular way among tourists from Russia is by car. And on May 18, 2022 it is one of the most popular, as there is no air communication with Georgia at the moment.

But since May 18 train travel is again available – check the availability and cost of train tickets on Tutu.ru.

Can Russians enter Georgia now?

Until recently, the rules of entry into Georgia for the Russians were not so simple – to cross the land border was required to prove that the purpose of the trip to the country is work, study, medical treatment or other significant reasons.

However, since May 17, 2022, according to the order published on the Internet portal of legal information, no more any justification is needed to travel to Georgia through the land border.

Video: Georgia is open, but not to everyone. Release on May 18

A visa for a tourist trip and for visiting relatives is not needed. At entry you only need to show a valid passport. The period of stay is not longer than 1 year.

Coronavirus in Georgia today and restrictions

A certificate of complete vaccination (with any two-component vaccine) or a negative PCR test (72 hours before travel) will be required to enter Georgia.

On the third day after entry, unvaccinated citizens must have a repeat PCR test at their own expense. Children under 10 years of age do not need this test to enter Georgia and on the third day.

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No later than 48 hours before arrival everyone (excluding Georgian citizens) must fill out a special form.

In Georgia, hotels, museums are open… buses, subway and shuttle buses have resumed their work. Restaurants and cafes fully accept visitors, including those in closed rooms, not only on weekdays, but also on weekends.

Until recently, masks in Georgia had to be worn almost everywhere, now only in transport and in medical institutions.

In general, is it worth to go: the pros and cons

For most tourists a trip to Georgia by car leaves the most favorable impression, but in addition to the pluses, there are, of course, and minuses:

  • Beautiful views and picturesque nature
  • National flavor
  • Inexpensive food and accommodation

The main advantage of traveling in Georgia is incredibly beautiful scenery and national colors (Photo © Alexx Malev / flickr.com)

The main advantage of traveling to Georgia is the incredibly beautiful scenery and national colors (photo © Alexx Malev / flickr.com).

  • If you drive your own car it will take you about 4 days to get to Georgia and back.
  • There are serpentines in the mountains, so you should drive carefully, and in Georgia you can meet disgusting driving style
  • Petrol is expensive – on average a liter of 95 gasoline costs about 55 rubles
  • There may be delays at the border (up to 7-10 hours), sometimes it is much faster
  • You should not go deliberately on a beach holiday, except at the same time
  • In winter there is a risk of getting stuck in the passes
  • It is better to drive a cross-country vehicle to see all the beauties of the mountains, but many tourists drive ordinary cars as well.
  • In Stavropol Region, Kabardino-Balkaria and North Ossetia, many tourists face unconcealed extortion by traffic police.

At first glance, there are many more disadvantages, but in fact most of them can be identified in one group: the drawbacks associated with the road.

I constantly go to Georgia by car.

In general, if I am asked to give a brief answer to the question “Is it worth it to go to Georgia by car”, I answer – yes, it is definitely worth it. Beautiful views, picturesque nature, sea and mountains. And people have always been friendly! In general, Georgia is a small and compact country, it is close to everything and there are so many wonderful and beautiful places that one can’t stop staring at! For most trips will be suitable for an economy class car, so you do not need any super SUVs! In Georgia you will not be able to drive fast, because most of the roads are in the mountains, and the traffic is very chaotic. Nobody pays much attention to traffic lights, overtaking through a solid line or even two – no problem. So relax at the wheel and enjoy the views is unlikely to work. Some tourists are in the cities and even leave the car in the parking lot and use a cheap cab, somehow ))

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With their own or rented. Counting!

You can travel around Georgia by your car, having got here from Russia, as well as by rented car. But you will have to get to Georgia somehow: by train or by plane.

Which option is better? Everything is individual. If you are going for a long time, there are a few of you and your car is roomy, and also has low gasoline consumption… then of course it will be very profitable by car! If you are traveling alone for a week, it may be more sensible and convenient to rent a car in Georgia.

Here is a rough calculation for one person, for a week trip to Georgia for three people, by own car and by rented car. We will not calculate the costs of food, tours and accommodation in Georgia, as they are the same in both cases.

  • Toll road from Moscow to Rostov: 1000 rubles.
  • Car insurance: about 300 rubles (for 15 days).
  • Expenses on the way to Georgia (food and overnight stay): 4500 rubles.
  • Gasoline to Georgia and back (from Moscow): 10000 rubles.
  • Gasoline in Georgia: 5000 rubles.
  • Travel time to Georgia: 5 days round trip
  • Air tickets: 15000-20000 rubles. * 3 = 45000 roubles.
  • Travel time to Georgia: 5 hours by plane in both directions
  • Car rent per person – from 2700 rubles per day * 7 days = 19000 rubles
  • Car insurance: included
  • Gasoline in Georgia: 5000 rubles.

It is much more profitable to travel in Georgia with your car for three people, and, of course, it will be more comfortable with a rented car, because it will be much faster to get there by plane.

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