Denmark’s 5 Most Beautiful Places

Denmark’s 5 Most Beautiful Places

The 15th-century Kronborg Castle served as Shakespeare’s inspiration for Hamlet, and it’s located here. The rest of the city is also charming, and the medieval quarter with more than 600 years of history is a fantastic place to hike. There are some beautiful historic buildings like the Karmeliterklostret (Carmelite monastery) and Sankt Maria Kirke (St. Mary’s church), as well as quaint narrow streets and colorful wooden buildings with boutiques, cozy cafes and charming Danish restaurants.

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle itself is a UNESCO site, and the views from its towers are truly breathtaking, as are its restored Renaissance halls, ballroom and knight’s hall. Next to the castle in the reconstructed area of the former shipyard is the amazing Maritime Museum and Cultural Courtyard, designed by renowned contemporary architects. Another museum worth visiting is the Danmarks Tekniske Museum, a collection of everything industrial and mechanical housed in an atmospheric 1960s iron foundry. This ancient town is a must-visit for anyone interested in the medieval history, architecture and maritime life that has attracted so many people to Denmark’s shores over the centuries.

Hornbeck Beach

The trendy seaside resort town of Hornbæk attracts flocks of luxury Copenhageners to its beautiful shores every summer. The old-style Badehoteller (the Danish version of Bed and Breakfast) is juxtaposed with cool and quirky boutiques and colorful street food trucks in Det Fedtede Hjorne. Sit at communal tables, mingle, eat and soak up the atmosphere.


Of course, the main attraction is still the amazing sandy beach, which stretches for three blissful kilometers and is the perfect spot for sunbathing, surfing, sailing and swimming. There are also beautiful bike paths around the twisted trees of the old Plantation Museum and Sculpture Park, which is a unique collection of works by sculptor Rudolf Tegner. For an unforgettable beach vacation and a break from city life, Hornbeck is perfect.

Where can I rest in March?

Grenen Spit

At Groenen, Denmark’s northernmost point, you can watch a unique natural phenomenon, namely the “meeting” of the two seas. Here the Skagerrak meets the Kattegat and the dramatic clash of waves can be seen with the naked eye. The Groenen is a spit of sand and gravel, landed and transported over the millennia by strong currents.


This is a rare example of an ever-changing landscape, as the large expanse of beach at the beginning of Grenin is constantly “moving,” creating frequent appearances of lagoons. They are very popular with families (and wading birds), but because of the strong underwater currents, swimming is strictly prohibited. It’s a wildlife paradise, and you can actually see more bird species here than anywhere else on the island, especially in spring – even birds of prey are present at this time. There are also several sights nearby, namely the grave of Holger Drahmann (the poet died in 1908), as well as the Skagen Bunker Museum and the famous “Den Tilsandede Kirke”.

City of Roskilde

Only half an hour from Copenhagen is the ancient Viking city of Roskilde and its impressive St. Luke’s Cathedral. In addition to the cathedral, there is an amazing Viking Ship Museum, where you can see rare surviving examples of Viking ships and learn all about the history of seafaring from ancient times to the Middle Ages. Another great activity is to take a dinner cruise on an authentic replica of a Viking ship sailing from Roskilde Havn and Fjord. The beautiful baroque palaces of Ledreborg and the Royal Mansion are also a delight for architecture lovers. Just stroll through the cobblestone streets and large square of the old town and you’ll be transported back in time and amazed at the wealth of culture and history.

Roskilde Festival

Every year since 1971, Roskille has hosted one of the largest music festivals in Northern Europe, featuring hundreds of notable performers including Bruce Springsteen, Eminem and The Rolling Stones.

Let's talk about UNESCO World Heritage

Knudhule Beach

Knudhoe Lake in Skanderborg is one of Denmark’s cleanest lakes. Situated among beautiful forests and unspoiled countryside, the lake is a picturesque place to swim in the cold clear waters. The best place for swimming and boating is Knudhule beach, where protective wooden piers provide an ideal starting point and create a safe barrier for families with children. While in the area, it is worth exploring nearby attractions such as Himmelbjergeth or “Heavenly Mountain”, which rises 147 meters above the beautiful landscape and is a great place for a picnic. Also nearby are the winding banks of Denmark’s longest river, Guden, and the Eyer Baunehoe Memorial Tower, which sits on the highest natural point in the country.

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