Damietta, Egypt: see the sights

Dumyat Resort Overview

This Egyptian resort is located on the southern side of the state, near the Mediterranean Sea in the Nile Delta. This port city was originally named Damietta. Today Dumyat is the center of the governorship of the same name. The population of the town is small, just over 70 thousand people, but in recent years has become, a noticeable increase in population. Most likely it’s due to the construction of a modern city on the west side, which has already given the name of the New Dumiyat.

Modern Dumiat.

Dumyat has its own industry – a fish cannery and dairy plant. In addition, this town has its own textile and furniture factory. Interiors, which are produced in the furniture factories of Dumyat, are exported to the U.S. and Europe. This city is a high quality furniture manufacturer in Egypt and the Middle East. The production of oriental sweets brought special fame to this city. There is also a gas processing and petrochemical complex. Due to its capacity, the complex can produce up to 1.3 million tons of methanol and more than 3.5 thousand tons of urea ammonia per year.

The new Dumyat will consist of three areas – this is the industrial area of the new port, also the area for the summer resort, its length will be about two kilometers and Long Beach, about five kilometers long. By 2020, the planned population of the new year is 270 thousand inhabitants. Further development of the port is also planned. In order to facilitate access to river navigation, an artificial canal was created that connects the waters of the Nile and the port basin. The canal is 45 km long and five meters deep.

As a city of fishing industry, Dumyat has also made a name for itself in the manufacture of fish canning products.

Also Dumyat has rail and road connections with other regions, also has a small airport.

A bit of history.

In ancient Egypt the city was called Tamiat and enjoyed great fame as a port city. Over time, in the Hellenistic period, when Alexandria was built, it lost some of its importance and respect which it regained after the Crusades.

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In the 13th century it was believed that it was from this place Dumyat could take over the whole of Egypt. It was this city that was the center for the offensive during the Crusades. With Byzantine support, the fleet of the Kingdom of Jerusalem laid siege to the port in 1169, but it was defeated under Saladin.

The Crusaders, in 1217, during the fifth crusade, also believed that this was where control of the Nile was concentrated and from this location they would easily conquer all of Egypt. After conquering Egypt, the Crusaders planned to seize Palestine and reclaim Jerusalem.

While under siege in 1219, the port was occupied by Frisian crusaders, supported by Francis of Assisi, but by 1221 the crusaders were driven out of the country, defeating them near Cairo.

In 1249 Dumyat was again the target of the seventh crusade. This campaign was led by Louis IX. Having succeeded in occupying it, Louis was unable to hold Doumiath, and Louis’ fleet was subsequently defeated.

Once Sultan Baybars decided to demolish this city and in its place build a new, more powerful and protected city with reliable and strong buildings and structures, as it was a great dream and goal of many commanders.

Attractions in Dumyat.

Not far from the port along the seashore there are picturesque resorts. Here you can get away for a while from the hustle and bustle of the city and forget about the working day. Near Dumyat you can get a great vacation at Lake Manzala. This is the best lake in Egypt for recreation. Flamingos, pelicans and other representatives of terrestrial fauna walk along the shores of this lake with innate dignity. Those who prefer acquaintance and history, then in front of them the opportunity to explore the two mosques, which, after restoration will be happy to accept guests to visit. One of them, Amr-Imm Al-Aas, is the oldest but also the most famous one in the city of Dumyat. As early as the seventh century we can hear mention of this architectural monument. In 1219 A.D., the area of the mosque was used by Gann Di Brinm as a church. After the restoration work of the mosque, only a small part of the old minaret tower remained intact. This fragment is like a reminder to all visitors of the illustrious past. The second mosque Abu el-Maati is located inside the cemetery in the old city. The construction of this mosque was during the reign of the Fatimids.

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Also not without interest will be a journey along the Nile arm of the Dumiat, otherwise known as the Damietta Arm. The modern Nile has only two navigable arms.

The next thing to look at is the El-Lisan tongue. It was built in 1938 and is a 250 meter long concrete platform. It is designed to protect the northern bank of the Nile and prevent the beach of the summer resort of Ras el-Bar from erosion at the confluence of the Nile River and the Mediterranean Sea. This place is loved by fishermen and those who are no strangers to natural beauty.

Where to relax.

Not far from Dumyat, where the Nile and the Mediterranean Sea meet, is a truly “paradise” summer resort of Ras el-Bar. Also with great pleasure you can get a comfortable holiday, visiting the nearby Mediterranean resorts of Baltim and Gamassa.


Because of such a rich history, for which Egypt is so famous, this state is considered the most revered country for tourism. Most believe that it is the most attractive tourist area, not only on the African continent, but also in the whole world. For Egypt, tourism is the main source of income. That is why, for the development of this industry, the state provides all possible assistance. In this regard, there is a constant modernization of resort areas and construction of new ones. On the streets of cities can always meet representatives of the tourist police. Their task is to help arriving tourists.

Egypt is the territory of a large monument of architecture, which brought together different eras and civilizations – this is ancient Egyptian, Christian (Coptic), medieval Arabic.

Here in Egypt, before the eyes of everyone open their secrets and the ancient Egyptian necropolises and temples of the pharaohs, tell us about their secrets and the monuments of the Middle Ages.

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Along the coast of the Red and Mediterranean Sea meets its guests equipped with numerous resorts. Here every tourist will find the opportunity to rest on their own taste.

What else makes tourism and vacations in Egypt attractive? It is the possible communication with the locals. They can always put the newcomer in a bind because of their manner of haggling and imposing their services.

“Gateway to the Orient.”

After learning about the history of Dumyat, you can get acquainted with the main city of Egypt – Cairo, it is also called the “Gate of the East”. It got this name for the feeling that the tourist gets at the moment when it crosses the border of the present to the past. Cairo is the center of achievements that have accumulated over six thousand years of Egyptian history.

It welcomes visitors day and night on its territory with a true oriental hospitality. And just as before, a few thousand years ago, the majestic waters of the Nile quietly and calmly wash over the city. The waters of this river hold many ancient secrets. Along its banks are preserved to this day historical monuments, which to this day, capture the imagination of tourists. It will also be an unforgettable journey along this majestic river. Even English aristocrats more than a hundred years ago mastered this route. Much attention was paid directly to the ancient architecture, its history, ancient culture. In addition, the program included secular entertainment. Today cruise …on the Nile River… cruise in a five-star floating hotel with its own pools, restaurants, bars and discotheques. Dinner parties are also included.


Dumyat ( Damyatta ) (Arabic: مدينة دمياط, medīnat dimyāt ) is a port city in Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea in the Nile Delta, about 200 km north of Cairo. Administrative center of the Governorate of Dumyat. It is linked to the Nile by a canal, about 15 km from the Mediterranean Sea. Its coordinates are 31.416667 , 31.816667. 31°49′E / 31.416667°N. 31.816667° E. (G) . The city has a population of 71,429 inhabitants (1999) (provinces – about 1 million people). Annual population growth is 2.09%. To the west of Dumyat, the construction of the modern city of New Dumyat continues.

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Dumyat is famous throughout Egypt for the production of oriental sweets. In addition, the furniture industry, fish canning industry, dairy industry, the production of fabrics and textiles are developed. The transshipment of freight containers in the port of Doumyat.


The city was known as Tamiat in ancient Egypt, but lost its importance in the Hellenistic period after the construction of Alexandria.

Dumyat regained importance in the twelfth century and the thirteenth century during the Crusader period. In 1169 the fleet of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, with the support of Byzantium, laid siege to the port, but was defeated by Saladin.

During preparations for the 5th Crusade in 1217, it was decided that Dumyat would be at the center of the offensive. Control of Doumiath meant control of the Nile, the crusaders hoped that from there they could take Egypt. From Egypt they hoped to attack Palestine and retake Jerusalem. The port was besieged and occupied by the Frisian crusaders in 1219 with the help of Francis of Assisi, but by 1221 the crusaders were defeated near Cairo and driven out of the country.

Doumiat was also the target of the seventh crusade led by Louis IX. His fleet sailed there in 1249 and quickly occupied the fortress, but did not hand over the city to the nominal king of Jerusalem, to whom Doumiath had been promised in the 5th Crusade. Nevertheless, Ludovic was also defeated and his troops eventually surrendered the city.

Because of its importance to the Crusaders, the Mamluk Sultan Baybars destroyed the city and rebuilt it with stronger defenses a few kilometers from the river.

Wikimedia Foundation . 2010 .


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Melik Kamil, Melik-Moazzam, Melik-Eshref – M. Kamil (Meledin by the Crusaders), M. Moazzam Sherefoddin (Koradin by the Crusaders) and M. Eshref children of Melik Adil (see). During his lifetime his father divided the state between his sons: Kamil reigned in Egypt, Moazzam in Damascus, Eshref in Mesopotamia and….

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