Conquering majestic mountains and gorges: the top 7 popular routes for mountain trekking in Asia

Asia’s Top 10 Mountains

Asia is not only a unique culture, but also the most beautiful nature. On the territory of this part of the world neighboring seas and steppes, plains for many thousands of kilometers and the highest peaks of the world, which occupy ¾ of the land. And about the latter we will talk in our ranking.

Besides the most famous mountain in the world – Mount Everest, there are many other peaks in Central and Central Asia, which have been widely covered in movies and literature and which have taken the lives of the stranded travelers. There are relatively few mountains favored by climbers, but they become a popular platform for all sorts of records. Here is a list of the 10 highest mountains in Asia.

10. Annapurna, 8091 m.

This mountain is known from a bad point of view – it is believed that it is when climbing it the most climbers die. Thus, at one point the percentage of deaths reached a record 32%. But it was Annapurna more than half a century ago that the first ascent among all the “eight-thousanders” was made.

Its unusual name of the peak is due to Sanskrit – from this language its name means “Goddess of Fertility”. Life here is really diverse thanks to the nearby river, but long enjoy it will not be possible – changeable weather and a constantly formed avalanches spoil the mood of zazevyaschih hikers.

9. Nanga Parbat, 8125 m

Unfortunately, the mountain Nanga Parbat is also known as a killer peak: it has collected a large number of accidents that occurred while climbing it.

Interestingly, the first climber who tried to conquer the mountain, and became its first victim. Since then, the slopes of the top have killed more than 400 people.

Interestingly, the causes of deaths were not always avalanches or carelessness in mountaineering. So, 6 years ago there was a terrorist attack on the athletes’ camp, which led to the victims. At the same time, the summit has been the “protagonist” of several documentaries over the years.

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8. Manaslu, 8156 m.

Now you can climb Mount Manaslu by 10 different routes. The peak is a favorite place for setting records, the last of which was recorded most recently: an Italian mountaineer was the first woman to climb up the mountain on skis.

Manaslu has also lost many lives: travelers suffered from avalanches, as well as from their own carelessness when they fell into one of the many crevasses.

Nevertheless, a National Park has been formed at the summit, which is traversed by hikers. Such a hike would take about 2 weeks.

7. Dhaulagiri, 8167 m.

Mount Dhaulagiri is the main peak of the mountain range of the same name in the Himalayas. Interestingly, this particular mountain is characterized by relatively little glaciation, which means that it is somewhat safer to conquer than others.

In addition, at the beginning of the 19th century Dhaulagiri was considered the highest point in the world, and therefore expeditions to it were undertaken with enviable regularity. But he was not successful at once – only in the middle of the 20th century the mountain was conquered at the eighth attempt.

The unusual name can be explained by the appearance of the “white giant” – from Sanskrit Dhaulagiri translates as “White Mountain.

6. Cho Oyu, 8201 m

It is one of the favorite peaks for climbers. As of the early 2000s, it had been climbed more than 3,000 times, and that number is steadily increasing every year. Only Everest is more popular. At the same time, the number of victims does not exceed 2%, which makes the summit one of the safest in our rating.

There are 15 different routes to get to the summit, the first of which was laid more than half a century ago. Even young athletes dare to expedition – 5 years ago the record was set by a 16-year-old boy, and in 2019 his age from Australia climbed Cho Oyu.

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5. Makalu, 8462 m.

For a long time the peak Makalu remained unconquered, so it has firmly established itself as one of the most difficult mountains over 8,000 m. People knew about it since the middle of the 19 th century, but the first expedition was undertaken only a century later – climbers then failed to reach the highest point.

A year later, hikers were able to conquer the top, even calling it “mountain of happiness” – it is believed that the group was lucky with the weather, so they climbed Makalu not very difficult.

There are 15 routes to Makalu now, the most difficult of which was technically climbed by the Russian team. It cost the group of athletes several casualties, including the captain.

4. Lhotse, 8516 m.

Lhotse Mountain marks the border between China and Nepal. The travelers discovered this peak relatively recently: the first expedition took place only 60 years ago, and the middle mountain in the chain was discovered in the early 2000s. Therefore, there are still a much smaller number of routes to Lhotse than to its neighbors.

The total number of climbs is also quite modest and does not exceed 300, and the number of victims is 9 climbers. However, Lhotse is considered a beautiful peak, but difficult to climb – all because of the large number of rocky ridges, which now and then appear as soon as the athletes overcome the mark of 8,000 meters.

3. Kanchenjunga, 8,586m.

This mountain range, located both in Nepal and India, is surrounded by a special National Park. The name of the mountain is translated as “Five treasures of the great snow”: the array consists of five picturesque peaks. In literature, each of them was assigned its own treasure – grain, sacred books, weapons, salt and gold. But the travelers who climbed there more often met with death than with unexplored gifts.

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Thus, in Nepal, there is a legend that Kanchenjunga has the strongest female energy, so it “kills” all female climbers. The first woman who managed to come down from the peak alive, set this record only in 1998. However, the number of victims on the mountain is still increasing, while with the other peaks there is a trend of decreasing mortality.

2. K2, 8,612 m.

The legendary mountain Chogori , or as most people know it K2 , is considered a “wild mountain” among athletes because of the difficulty of the ascent. To climb it from China is almost impossible, so most attempts are made from the territory of Pakistan. But even there, luck is not always on the side of climbers – the mortality rate exceeds 23% and continues to grow.

Climbing K2 is considered to be technically more difficult than even Everest, so out of 280 people died more than 66. It is possible to ascend Chogori only in summer and none of the groups that had set out there in winter were able to achieve their goals.

1. Everest, 8848 m

Dzhomolungma, or Everest, is known to everyone since high school. This is the highest peak on the planet, which rises to 8848 meters above sea level. Expeditions to it are organized constantly, and this despite all the difficulties: the ascent takes at least 2 months, the athletes lose 15 kilograms during the trip.

Leaders of the countries on whose territory is located the mountain range, introduced some mandatory fees – both for the ascent itself, and for additional services for travelers. They also earn and commercial firms, providing equipment and instructors. There are so many people who want to climb Everest that there is even a separate queue for expeditions, so people sign up for Everest long before the desired date.

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