City of Torshavn in the Faroe Islands

Meet Torshavn!

We visited the capital city of the Faroe Islands on the first day of our trip. It was three glorious days in all. Below is a brief timeline of an exotic European trip. If you haven’t seen the notes, be sure to check it out, I hope you enjoy it.

Now on to more details on Torshavn, which is the largest city in the Faroe Islands by size and population. It is located on the southeast coast of the island of Streimoi at an altitude of 27 meters above sea level. On the right is the capital’s coat of arms.

Lucky to see the local metropolis from an airplane window.

Coming down from the sky to the ground. This is the road that leads to the city. It looks like it meets the ocean. I love that kind of view, and I also love it when the roads go into the clouds and look like waves, or are serpentine.

As we approached the capital, we immediately pulled over to the side of the road as we could see the whole of Torshavn from the nearest hill. In the foreground is one of the country’s symbols, the Faroese sheep.

View to the left. In 1974 the neighboring villages of Hoivik and Vitanes became part of the city.

And this is a fragment of the right side of Torshavn.

Torshvotl stadium, capacity 7000 spectators. Since 1999 it is the home arena of the Faroe Islands national soccer team. The biggest victory here was against Greenland 6-0 and once the team defeated the Aland Islands 7-1.

At the stadium, in duels against the Faroese players in recent years played the strongest teams in Europe – teams of France (three times), Germany and Italy (twice). The Russian national team also played here once (in 2001).

In the middle of the frame you can see the “Western Church of Torshavn”. The height of the Lutheran building, built in 1975 – 40.5 meters. So far it is the tallest building on the Faroe Islands.

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One last look down on the central part of the capital and head even lower, over there to the white and red lighthouse, standing on a hill near the ocean.

The lighthouse is on the grounds of the historic fortress of Skansin, built in 1580 by Magnus Heinason to protect the city from enemy attacks.

Locals call Skansin “The most peaceful fortress in the world.

View from the fortress. On the left (where the blue house is) starts Tinganes, a small peninsula on which the Faroe Islands’ tugeting (parliament) is located.

The peninsula divides the city’s harbor into two parts – the residential Vestaravag and the commercial Eystaravag.

Along with Tinwald on the Isle of Man and Tingvellir in Iceland, Tinganes is one of the oldest places of parliamentary assembly.

The first mention of an alting on the island of Streymoy is found in the Saga of the Faroese, and although Tinganes is not explicitly named, the assembly mentioned, which took place in 979, most probably took place there already.

According to one version, this place was sacred to the pagans, which may be indicated by the origin of the name “Torshavn” from Thor. Originally the gatherings here had religious overtones.

Incidentally, Tórshavn literally means “Thor’s harbor” in honor of Thor, god of thunder and lightning.

If in 1584 in Torshavn lived 101 inhabitants, today the population of the city is almost 18 thousand people.

After the fortress, our tour group decided to walk between the colorful Faroese houses.

There are no fairy tale characters or Vikings returning from hiking back to their homes to their blond wives and children in the frame.

But there are vivid details in the exterior of the house.

From afar I thought they were our matryoshka dolls.

It’s a nice neighborhood. Carpenters and those who build wooden summer houses and cottages, I think, will especially like it.

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Curious that in our yards grannies take out food to feed dogs and cats, and here we saw how the locals feed the seagulls. The man threw the bag on the rocks and immediately walked away, apparently afraid to get his shirt dirty:)

The houses with grass roofs give the country and the capital in particular a special charm.

Moreover, natural green insulation grows not only on private houses, but also on many public institutions.

We also enjoyed a walk through the small harbor built in 1927.

It is located between the houses where we just walked and Skansin Fortress.

During World War II, the harbor was used as a location for the Danish kingdom’s naval forces.

Unfortunately, almost all the houses in the historic part of the capital were restored after a fire in 1673. Only the ancient foundations and two surviving buildings remain: the Munkastovan monastery and the royal warehouse of Leighubun.

Most of the houses are still used as dwellings, others have become commercial sites and museums.

Torshavn’s Cathedral was first erected in 1788; it was reconstructed in 1865 and has been the seat of the local bishop since 1990.

Getting to know the Faroese capital, we encountered several monuments and unusual sculptures along the way. Each in its own way understood the author’s intent. And there are many such sculptures, hanging sideways and even upside down.

We recognized this naked child at once, we saw the composition in the Faroese edition of “Eagle and Tails”.

Two unknown men. Probably a symbol of European tolerance.

Here, another thing, a classic, nice to watch.

The bench is nice. First you are Denis Vladimirovich, then in a second you jump on the bench and it’s Deniska already. He is the creative and technical inspirer of the Faroese voyage.

There are stores in the city, but don’t count on grand shopping.

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You can see how a Faroese license plate (flag and letters FO) looks on the photo. I see Ippolit Vorobyaninov found a couple of mother-in-law’s diamonds after all, if he opened a store far from his motherland:)

On the whole, Torshavn is a nice and cozy town. We had an extremely busy schedule, and therefore not everything could be visited and seen here.

I would recommend you to spend at least half a day in the capital. Go to museums, sit in cafes, wander the fairy-tale streets with green roofs, admire the toy harbor….

The main thing is to be lucky with the weather, it can be capricious here. July-August is the best time for a Faroese trip.

This is not the last album on Torshavn, I’ll write another one later with a detailed historical description. This one was about the first sightseeing experience.

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