Cities to see in Mallorca, Spain

The most beautiful cities of Mallorca

Mallorca – this is one of the Balearic Islands, located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It is Spain’s largest island. Mallorca, thanks to its warm climate and wonderful landscape, is very popular among tourists preferring a beach holiday. There are a lot of bays along the coast of the island, protecting the beaches from the winds and storms. The mountains that line the coves, combined with the clearest blue waters, present a landscape of fantastic beauty. It is a paradise place that falls in love at first sight. Mallorca has belonged to the Romans, the Byzantines, survived the raids of African Muslims. Mallorca has a lot of ancient temples, palaces, masterpieces of ancient architecture. Mallorca has a lot of attention to tourism. The island has a well-developed infrastructure. Each year there comes up to 20 000 000 travelers who want to see the beauty of this fabulous land.

The most beautiful cities of Mallorca

  1. Palma de Mallorca
  2. Magaluf
  3. Manacor
  4. Alcudia
  5. Palmanova

Palma de Mallorca is the most famous resort on the island

Palma de Mallorca is the main city of the Balearic Islands region with a population of about 400,000 people. It is located in the main bay of Mallorca, Palma. In fact, its name is Palma, but it is often referred to by the word combination Palma de Mallorca. It is the largest tourist center. Travelers are attracted not only by the amazing views of the paradise island, but also by the architectural masterpieces preserved since the Middle Ages. Palma de Mallorca is the oldest city, founded in 123 BC by the Roman soldiers. Then it was conquered by the Arabs, the Spaniards, and attacked by pirates. Since the 60’s of last century, tourism has boomed here. Members of the Spanish royal family like to rest here. The main attraction of Palma de Mallorca is the Cathedral of Santa Maria. This monumental building is 109.5 meters long, the towers reach a height of 30 meters. It is built in the classic Gothic Catalan style with some Renaissance and Baroque elements (1231). Thanks to its elongated columns with sharp peaks, the gigantic structure seems to soar upwards. It was erected on the remains of a Moorish mosque. Inside the building has a luxurious interior with stained-glass windows, walls decorated with panels.

At the same time the royal palace of Almudena was built. Its base were the ruins of the Arab fortress. Now part of the palace is the summer residence of the royal family. The other part is given as a museum. The top of the structure is crowned with a statue of the Archangel Gabriel. A unique place of interest is Belver Castle. It towers over the island from a height of 112 meters. The date of construction is the beginning of the 14th century. The castle has an unusual for Gothic style round shape. Its towers are oriented to the sides of the world. It is surrounded by a ring-shaped fortress with galleries. The roofs of the castle and towers are flat. The castle grounds offer a stunning view of the island and the bay.

The Monastery of Luque, situated on the Sierra de Tramontana, is the spiritual center of the island. Its patroness is the Black Madonna, whose statue was found on the site of the monastery before it was built. There is a botanical garden, a museum and a basilica with a water spring. Among the natural attractions of interest is the Dragon Cave. Its length is more than 2 km. Tourists can observe the beautiful underground lakes, stalactites inside the cave. Underground Lake Martel is recognized as the largest on the planet. Its surface is illuminated, which looks very beautiful. Fans of the underwater world can visit the aquarium center. There is the deepest aquarium in all of Europe with 700 species of fish and sea animals. Marineland Water Park introduces tourists to the inhabitants of the sea. If you want, you can go to the show with sea lions and dolphins. Other points of interest in Palma de Mallorca include:

  • Grand Hotel;
  • Diocesan Museum;
  • Arab baths;
  • Santa Eulalia Church.
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Manacor – center of pearl production

Manacor is Mallorca’s second largest city. However, the number of its inhabitants is significantly less – only 40,000. It occupies a fairly large area – 260 sq. km. Manacor grew out of an artisan village whose residents were engaged in the production of pottery, furniture, jewelry. The main attraction is the Church of Nostra Señora dels Dolores. It is the tallest building in the city. The height of its main tower reaches 75 meters. The cathedral is located on the Plaza del Rector Ruby. The basis of the building was an Arab mosque, and the church has retained some eastern features. In the square there are stores where you can buy spices, food and souvenirs.

On the outskirts of Manacor is the monastery of Ermita de Bonani, perched on top of a hill. Here lived the Franciscan friar Fray Junipero Serra, who became famous for organizing missions and educating people in major American cities. The structure dates back to the 17th century. Nearby is another curious structure, the Spanish estate of Els Caldereres. You can see it inside and out. Manacor is known for its pearl factory, Perlas Mallorca. The pearl industry has flourished here since the founding of the city. The factory grows artificial pearls of very high quality. Their appearance is not inferior to the real one. Tourists organized excursions, where you can watch the process of growing pearls. The store offers a variety of jewelry collections at discounted prices.

Alcudia – a variety of entertainment

Alcudia has an ancient history. The first settlements on this land existed before Christ. Subsequently, the Romans founded the city of Pollentia and began to trade in salt and olive oil. The Byzantines captured Pollentia and named it Alcudia (13th century). The construction of the fortress, which has survived to this day, dates from this time. The city then became part of the Kingdom of Aragon. The main historical site of Alcudia is the Old Town. It is an open-air museum consisting of many buildings. It is the ancient historical part of the modern city where people live. It preserved all the infrastructure with squares, stores, buildings, market. Tourists can see the remains of the fortress wall, the ruins of the houses of Pollentia and the Roman theater. At the entrance to the Old City is a gate with high towers.

Alcudia is considered one of the best resorts in Mallorca. It is well suited for family holidays. The beaches are shallow and easy-going, so are perfect for children. Alcudia occupies nearly 60 square kilometers. Its coastline stretches for many kilometers along the coast. In total, there are about 30 beaches of various types. There are secluded, noisy, equipped for fishing, boating, catamarans, jet skis. This is a solid recreation area with water parks, restaurants, yacht clubs. Here you can learn to scuba dive, windsurfing. Nearby is a golf club. Nightlife lovers won’t be bored. There are a lot of bars, restaurants with live music and dance floors. It is convenient to move around the resort area by bicycle. Moving away from the beach area, tourists get to the territory of the Albufera Natural Park. Here you can get acquainted with the local flora and fauna. The name Albufera is translated from Arabic as “lagoon”. There are many natural ponds, meadows, canals, and small lakes. The area of the park is over 1600 hectares. The reserve is famous for the fact that different migratory birds like to settle there. Ornithologists have recorded more than 300 species of birds, some of which are rare. There are hiking and biking trails for tourists. There are special viewing platforms where you can watch birds. Visit the park for free. You can take a tour with a guide, who will tell in detail about the types of birds and peculiarities of their lives. Boat rentals are available for those wishing to take a boat trip.

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Palmanova is a popular resort town

Palmanova is a very popular place among beach lovers. Together with the neighboring town of Magaluf Palmanova forms a huge tourist agglomeration. It has an excellent infrastructure, a lot of hotels, beach areas, entertainment venues. The modern town began to grow from an ordinary fishing village to a large tourist center since the early 20th century. Spanish officials saw Palmanova as a promising place for beach tourism, and it began to be built hotels and restaurants. Many Europeans prefer to spend their vacations at this resort. The beaches of Palmanova are well equipped, meet all standards of quality and safe bathing. They have the Blue Flag award, given to the best beach areas in the world. On the beaches, tourists will see the purest fine white sand, which was imported specially. The sea water is crystal clear. Those who wish can rent water equipment, take a ride on a boat or yacht.

Tourists are advised to visit an unusual place of entertainment called “House of Kathmandu”. This building has an unusual shape, in the form of an inverted house. Inside there are many themed rooms, each telling its own story. There are water parks, a zoo, and water rides on the beaches. Art lovers can visit the Globo Balear Theatre. Palmanova nightlife is diverse. Tourists have the opportunity to sit in music bars, dance at discos, go to karaoke, cabaret.

What to see on Mallorca? Top 21 sights

The islands of the Balearic archipelago bask in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The largest of them, Mallorca, is full of pleasant surprises. In a relatively small area, there are luxurious beaches, mountain peaks, fertile plains and cozy bays. In high season, the island is very crowded, the high level of service and prices are quite consistent with each other. But it is necessary to move away from the coast and immediately opens up a completely different island. Tourists meet ancient caves, ancient monasteries, castles and parks of amazing beauty. So what to see on Mallorca a tourist?

What to see on Mallorca?

1. Palma Cathedral

This medieval architectural landmark of Mallorca is called a treasure of the Mediterranean. It is located almost by the sea, on a hill and visible from anywhere in the capital. The Gothic window, the rose, deserves special admiration. It is considered the largest stained-glass window in the world. The inner rooms of the temple are full of air and light, which pours out of the many windows that surround all the walls. Believers come to the cathedral to worship the Ark of the Holy Cross, connoisseurs of organ music come to listen to the sound of a magnificent instrument, and admirers of painting enthusiastically view priceless paintings, frescoes and stained-glass windows.

2. Dragon Caves

The creations of nature in Mallorca are unique and another proof is the succession of underground halls. Fabulous figures emerge from the walls, skillfully illuminated garlands of stalactites create a sense of unearthly scenery. One is tempted to believe that this place in ancient times was inhabited by a fire-breathing lizard, jealously guarding its treasures. A deck of vampires has a whimsical refraction of light, and the Cyclops observation deck gives you the feeling of floating above the surface. The underground lakes are so transparent that you can’t tell how deep they are. And in the huge hall in the wrong light of lit candles you can hear classical music played by harpsichord, violin and cello. It is a must-see place in Mallorca.

3. Belver Castle

Every tourist will be interested to see Belver Castle in Mallorca. The original circular layout made the castle almost impregnable. Rugged walls give away the appearance of the building of a seasoned warrior. The fortress defended the city from the sea, threatening aggressors with powerful cannons from afar. Its strategic position was advantageous due to the fortress’ favorable location. The towers are oriented strictly to the cardinal points, they are surrounded by a high fortress wall, and the pine forest stretches all around. The castle was built in just 10 years at the beginning of the XIV century. In the XVII century after the modernization of it a platform for cannons and a moat filled with water.

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4. Cape Formentor

Whoever has reached the highest point of the Formentor headland on Mallorca can feel like a bird with the splendor of land and sea at his feet. Access is only possible by car, because public transport is not available. At 11 km from the beach stands the lighthouse, it began its service in 1863. At first it was fueled with olive oil, later paraffin and petrol were tried. Now it is equipped with solar panels. At the viewing platforms are always crowded, everyone wants to see the sea amazing blue color, which happens only in fantasy movies and in the paintings of marinists. This is a place in Mallorca, which is really worth seeing.

5. Almudaina Palace

For several centuries, the Almudaina Palace served as the residence of the kings. A magnificent example of Moorish culture, the palace is considered one of the oldest structures in Spain. The complex, consisting of a palace and a cathedral opposite, looks majestic in the center of Mallorca. Half of the building is the halls of the National Museum. The powerful façade is reinforced by 4 towers, with the figure of the Archangel Gabriel atop one of them, the patron saint of the city. Throne Room contains many ancient artifacts, interesting chapel of St. Anne with sculptures of mythical animals. The Royal Garden captures the hearts with beauty and proportionality.

6. Valldemosa

Not far from the capital of the island, in 17 km there is a small charming village. Hidden in a picturesque valley between the hills, it resembles a watercolor. Valldemossa captivates with its quietness and serenity, the neat houses decorated with front gardens. Small restaurants and souvenir stores unobtrusively invite tourists to visit. Of particular interest is the monastery of the XIV century, it at different times has visited many famous composers and poets. Chopin and George Sand drew inspiration under its quiet vaults. It is a beautiful place in Mallorca and impossible not to visit.

7. Monastery of Luc

According to the legend, the Monastery of Luc was founded in the Sierra de Tramuntana on the site of the discovery of the statue of Mary. They tried to move it to the temple, but it always ended up in the same place. There, in the XIII century, the first stone of the future temple complex was laid. It includes a chapel, church, monastery, botanical garden, museum, library and gallery. The monastery has become a place of pilgrimage and a starting point for the routes of mountain climbers and hikers.

8. Castle Capdepera.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of the mysterious Middle Ages and feel the whiff of centuries, then be sure to visit the Castle of Capdepera in Mallorca. It resembles a castle town, where the feudal lord was the absolute authority for the inhabitants and had the right to punish and pardon. Gradually the inhabitants became crowded behind the fortress walls, they began to settle on the slopes of the hill, forming a town. In 1983 the fortress was restored and acquired museum status.

9. Spanish Village in Mallorca

Those who dream to embrace the immensity and see all of Spain in one day must visit this open-air museum on Mallorca. Reduced copies of famous palaces, chapels, cathedrals and castles of Spain gathered on an area of just over 6 thousand meters. In the 60s of the XX century on the project by Fernando Chuec Goitia a whole museum town was built. The most interesting places of cities in Spain were reproduced with high fidelity, next to the ancient street of Seville you can see the square of Granada, Myrtle’s courtyard of Alhambra neighbors with the house of El Greco. The museum is not yet well known and there are not many visitors, which allows you to examine the exhibits in detail in peace.

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10. The Arta Cave

Mallorca consists mostly of limestone rocks, so it is no wonder that it is pervaded by caves. There are more than 200 of them. The Arta Cave is open for guided tours. A sense of unreality arises from the first steps. Fanciful layers and overlaps on the walls form paintings, figures, and sometimes even sculptural groups of natural origin. The halls inside the cave are named Paradise, Hell, Purgatory, Theater, and the Hall of Diamonds. The main attraction of the Column Hall is the Queen of Columns, a stalagmite that reaches 40 meters in height. Intertwining paths lead from hall to hall, surprising and admiring the craftsmanship and imagination of nature.

11. Ames Caves

Many discoveries have been made by accident. Such was the case this time. The year 1905 brought an unexpected surprise to speleologist Don Pedro Caldentein, when in his search for onyx he found unexplored cave systems. The caves were named after unusual stalactites. Instead of the classic flat columns of driftwood, the researchers saw bizarre curved shapes, similar to hooks. Enterprising guides are sure to tell a few entertaining stories, leading tourists through artfully lit caves to a natural movie screen, which serves as one of the walls. Here they show documentaries about the history of the island, hold exhibitions and concerts. A very interesting place to visit during your trip to Mallorca.

12. Alfabi Gardens

An amazing contrast meets the traveler when he gets to the place of Buñola in Mallorca. Against the dark, almost devoid of vegetation mountains, the lush greenery of the gardens spreads out. Olive, orange and lemon trees grow on the area of 120 hectares since the XIII century. There is a place for almonds, jasmine, palm trees and tropical flowers. Everywhere the water gurgles, supplying moisture and giving coolness. It runs in small streams, ripples lazily in tiny ponds, and shimmers merrily in the sun in the jets of fountains. There are hidden secret buttons in the Alley of Water and a slight movement activates 24 fountains. The museum complex includes greenhouses and a spacious house whose architecture is dominated by a complete mix of styles.

13. Train to Soller

A great opportunity to take a sightseeing walk and see the beautiful natural sights of Mallorca is provided for those who are unable to endure long walks on foot. The historic train will whisk you from Palma to Soller. On the way, the panoramas of beautiful landscapes unhurriedly unfold, the train dives into the tunnels and takes its passengers to the other side of the Sierra de Alfabía mountain. The journey lasts about an hour, and after 40 minutes the train leisurely departs for the return journey. The train has been on the route for 116 years. At first it carried freight, now it carries tourists.

14. Palma Aquarium

41,000 m² are allocated for the Palma de Mallorca Aquarium and Nature Park. It has for many years deservedly been on the list of the best aquariums in the world for the diversity of inhabitants and the originality of the interior design. Children and adults alike are fascinated by the huge tanks holding 5 million liters of seawater. The exposition is divided into nine thematic sections. Behind the glass, the mysterious life of the sea depths unfolds, flocks of bright tropical fish frolic. Corals leisurely build their bizarre colonies, stingrays and octopuses swim by. Watching the sea creatures will long be remembered by visitors to the aquarium.

15. Plaza Mayor in Palma

The rectangular square is framed on all sides by low buildings. In the Middle Ages this place belonged to the ancient monastery of St. Philip Neri. Until the beginning of the 19th century it was the seat of the Inquisition. Only 10 years after the demolition of the sinister building, the planning of the square began. Now it is crowded, with artists constantly painting bespoke portraits, souvenir shops and jewelry stores offering the famous pearls of Mallorca.

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16. Mondrago Nature Park

The southern part of Mallorca is a nature reserve. The protected areas extend over 785 hectares. The ravines and beautiful coastal areas are cut by numerous streams and the soil is overgrown with reeds. A little farther away are masses of stone oak, with lianas and orchids hanging intricately along the trunks. Birds, including osprey, white herons, partridges, coots, and wild ducks come to winter. There are hiking and biking trails through the park, and there’s a diving equipment rental on the beach.

17. Kathmandu Park.

The next place to visit in Mallorca is Kathmandu Park. Of the park’s 10 bright and spectacular rides, the inverted house is the most popular. There you can not only wander and believe that “the world has gone crazy”, but also to take part in the search for hidden objects, to solve riddles and charades, to unravel the passages of the mazes. Rascals will be impressed by a 16-meter high climbing wall with quite tricky elements. Fans of water rides will be pleased by the numerous slides, tunnels and springboards. Among interactive attractions the park offers a 4D simulator, 5D cinema, a number of video games. One of the best places for fun in Moorish.

18. Sierra de Tramuntana

The Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range covers 30% of the island. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tradition of farming, carefully preserved by the peasants, still exists today. Olive groves are cultivated on unique stone terraces. The houses of coal miners, rooms for storage and storage of snow have been preserved. Excursions to the mountain slopes leave unforgettable impressions. You can choose a one-day itinerary or devote 5-6 days to sightseeing.

19. The Monastery of San Salvador

Not far from Felanich is the “sacred mountain” of Mallorca, San Salvador. This is what the locals call it. At the very top is a monastery built by Catholic hermit monks in the XIV century. A 35-meter column with a statue of Christ was added in 1934 and has a truly powerful energy, blessing those who enter. Nearby stands a 14-meter high cross. Inside the temple, donations are rewarded with real performances of music and light, just drop a coin in the offering box. The observation decks offer stunning views, on a clear day you can see Ibiza and the Cabrera Archipelago Park.

20. Galatzo Park Reserve.

This is one of the best places in Mallorca for holidays with children. The abundance of greenery, mountain lakes and numerous waterfalls turn a walk into a trek through uncharted jungle. You can swim in the waterfalls, which adds to the excitement of the walk, especially on a hot day. Instructors are happy to guide wishing to walk on suspension bridges, organize the ride on a rope and passing obstacle courses. Interesting little zoo, which is home to domestic and wild animals. In the sky over the park unfolds a show of birds of prey, where eagles and falcons soar high in all their glory.

21. La Granja Manor

The last thing you should see in Mallorca is the La Granja Estate. As early as the 10th century this landmark was famous for its powerful mills and healing spring water. In the 15th century, it acquired the status of a private house where more than 100 people lived and worked, weaving lace, embroidery, spinning, cheese and wine production. Nowadays, craft shows, musical performances and dance festivals are held here. The restaurant offers national dishes and it is possible to have a picnic on the equipped terrace. A visit to La Granja Manor is the perfect excuse to get up close and personal with the rustic life and traditions of Mallorca.

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