Christmas 2021 in Brussels, Belgium: what to do, practical information and tips

Christmas 2021 in Brussels, Belgium: what to do, practical information and tips

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but also the seat of the European Parliament, making it one of the most important and multi-ethnic cities in the world . This beautiful city, full of architectural marvels, is made even more enchanting in winter by the white snow that gives its characteristic streets a fairy-tale charm. If you want to immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere, find out how to spend Christmas in Brussels .

Christmas Markets in Brussels

Christmas fairs are one of the most beautiful traditions of the city, certainly one with which the citizens are most connected.

The whole center is dedicated to winter wonderment: sparkling kiosks, huge decorated trees, an ice rink and even a big ferris wheel, concerts, events and much more await you.

The Christmas fairs Plaisirs d’Hiver and Winter Wonderland are located in the city center, between Santa Caterina Square and the Grand-Place, from the last week of November to January 6.

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Christmas Markets in Brussels

Ferris Wheel

The most popular attraction is probably the big Ferris wheel, which offers spectacular views of the whole area . The Ferris wheel at one end of St. Catherine Square costs about 7 euros per adult. It is an ideal way to admire the city. Don’t miss the experience of climbing on this attraction.

Walk or take a bus between the Christmas lights

When Brussels lights up for Christmas celebrations, it is transformed. The city takes on unprecedented shapes and colors, especially in the Grand-Place. On a panoramic bus tour you can enjoy the show and above all stop at any time, between the shopping malls or Christmas markets, and then return and continue the tour . During a walking tour of the city, you can dive into a fuller atmosphere with a guide who will tell you thousands of stories of Brussels.

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See the Son-et-lumire show at the Grand-Place

During the Christmas holidays, the 35 facades of the Grand Place in Brussels are illuminated each evening by an LED light . Lit in soft white light, the stunning heritage of UNESCO dazzles like never before in all its glory. It’s a grand light show with vivid projections and sounds. The show lasts about ten minutes and is repeated every hour (half an hour on weekends) from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm from the end of November to January 1.

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See the Son-et-lumire show at the Grand-Place

Attend a Christmas mass

If you come to Brussels just for Christmas and want to attend a Christmas Mass in an exceptional place, choose one of the most beautiful churches in the city, such as the Cathedral of Saint Michele and Saint Gudule, the Church of Saint Jacques sur Coudinberg, Notre Dame de la Chapelle, Saint Catherine, Our Lady of Finisterre, Saint Mary della Maddalena (Chapelle de la Madeleine) or Saint Nicolas church.

Traditional dishes

Brussels is one of the street food capitals of the world. Be sure to try the typical frites (French fries), often accompanied by moules (mussels). Among the desserts we should mention waffles (waffles) with whipped cream and melted chocolate or créstillons (sweet pancakes). Try these and many other specialities while strolling through the markets and sipping a classic Vin Chaud (Vin Brule) or a very sweet Chocolat Chaud (hot chocolate).

A traditional Belgian Christmas dinner usually consists of three courses with a main course of game, roast or seafood . The traditional Christmas cake is Bche de Nol (Dutch for Kerststronk), a chocolate-covered biscuit decorated in the shape of a log. Not many restaurants are open on Christmas Eve, you can find them near St. Catherine’s Square or Grand-Place, but you need to book in advance to secure a seat. Probably the best solution is to dine directly at the hotel restaurant.

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Traditional dishes

Christmas shopping

Brussels offers plenty of opportunities to shop for unique Christmas gifts and souvenirs, both among the wooden tents and chalets in the market and among the fascinating shopping galleries. Brussels’ shopping centers and galleries, from arched glass roofs to magnificent marble facades, not forgetting elaborate lights, are as beautiful as they are historic, in fact many of them were built in the 19th century . Galerie Bortier, Passage du Nord, Le Grau-du-Roi, Galerie De La Reine and Galerie De Prens are beautifully preserved and literally wonderful to walk to.

Which museums and attractions remain open?

Museums, stores, clubs, and almost all restaurants are closed from 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve and are closed throughout Christmas.

The only entertainment events open may be the ice rink at St. Catherine’s and the Christmas fairs , in addition, the decorations (live nativity scene) will be “lit” at the Grand-Place, and last year this event included a son-et-lumire show.

Most museums will resume regular work on December 26, including the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, which includes the Magritte Museum. Museum, the Muse du Fin du Sicle, and the Wirtz Museum.

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Which museums and attractions remain open?

What modes of transportation are available?

Transportation in Brussels is adapted to the vacation season . During the days from December 22 to January 2, the number of services is reduced, but remains active (the number of guaranteed trips is almost equal to the number of normal holidays, such as Sundays).

Regarding New Year’s Eve, public transport is strengthened and made free, with more rides and an extended schedule until 2 a.m., so that citizens can return home.

Transport: It is recommended to travel by bus or metro. Useful Passes and Cards: A great way to save on travel is to buy a Brussels Card, which includes unlimited transportation, free admission to 30 museums, and other discounts at attractions and restaurants.

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The climate in Brussels at Christmas

The weather is snowy, with a range of lows as low as 2°C and highs around 6°C. December is the wettest month in Brussels, so expect frequent rain and do not forget your umbrella, shoes and waterproof coat. Snowfall is less common (on average it snows for 4-6 days in December).

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The climate in Brussels at Christmas

A stroll through Christmas in Brussels

Today I’m going to tell you about the Christmas fairytale in Brussels that we found ourselves in. We stayed in the capital of Europe for 2 nights. We left our suitcases in our apartment and went to conquer the fairs in the main square of the Grand place.

On all sides people were munching on waffles and other sweets. Children happily gobble up the goodies in their mouths.

Restaurants decorate their facades with Christmas trees and bright LED lights.

Let’s take a look at a few of the stands, and find out what they are selling. Belgian chocolate: milk, white, dark. It’s not cheap.

A booth with Christmas glass balls.

And these are colorful silicone baking molds and metal cookie molds.

Around the square we arranged brightly colored building lights. And not just any illumination, but a color-music one. Every 15-30 minutes they turned on the Christmas carols and the houses shimmer in different colors.

An indispensable attribute of Christmas – the Nativity Scene. It was also placed on the main square.

Misha is happy, but very cold. The weather is pretty nasty. Now it’s snowing and now it’s raining. The temperature is about zero.

But let’s not talk about the bad, it’s better to look at this beauty.

The next morning we woke up in a Christmas fairy tale. The windows were misted over and frozen. The silhouette of City Hall peeked through them. So wintery!

If you’re interested, here’s the page of the apartment where we’re staying. It’s right in the center. Paid €171 for two nights.

Istanbul Grand Bazaar

I looked out the window, and there’s snow. People were shrieking like sparrows from the cold.

There’s a little peeing girl hiding in the next block. I’ll just leave it here.

Walked to Cafe Le Perroquet. No, I wasn’t drinking coffee. We’re in Belgium! Got a mug of Kwak beer and a delicious Al Capone pita. Although this beer is considered a pop, but it’s really tasty and full-bodied, after the pacifiers from Spain.

Out and about, that’s the way to go. We stopped by the Waffle Factory. We ordered a Brussels Square Waffle with dark chocolate for €4 and a plain Liege Waffle for €2.50. The second one tasted better. The Brussels currency was poured into the waffle iron while it was cooking. For the Liege we used a thick dough in the shape of a ball. We placed the ball in the waffle iron and crushed it.

Very close by is the statue of the legendary peeing boy. We should have checked in to see him.

Back to the festival closer to the central square. A whole tent of homemade glowing balls. They look original and tempting.

In the next booth they sell toys in the form of pyramids.

Note the street lighting in the form of table lamps. So cute.

The department with the cut-out cards. Very fine work.

Who wants candles? Lots of candles in the shape of buds.

There’s a lot of snacks at the fair. Mostly inedible fast food.

But how beautifully decorated! It’s beautiful.

The usual pittas and tortillas.

The vendor decided to stand out from the crowd by erecting a yurt instead of a tent.

A house with Vietnamese snacks.

People are hanging about the streets in a festive mood.

A section with some traditional products.

Very cute wooden houses and little people.

Chorizo, we need more chorizo! Sausages are sold by the meter.

A Russian grandfather makes matryoshkas. Where is Putin’s matryoshka? Not in order!

Where to stay in Istanbul? Turkey.

Gold and shiny composition.

Colorful flowers again. This time scented candles.

Buddy, buy my cookies.

Just different New Year’s Eve stuff.

Lena and chocolates. I can’t get enough, but, man, it’s not cheap.

The dark side of Brussels.

Let’s go to the dark side of the city. Let’s walk through the dark alleys.

Santa Claus invites us to drink Belgian beer!

Delirium Cafe

We went to a well-publicized Delirium bar in Brussels, which was really bumming. Dirty tables, shabby walls, and trash underfoot.


Bummer in the Hall.

Tons of beer in the bar.

Traffic on the ground floor

BUT! a really great selection of beers. About 40 varieties on tap and thousands in bottles. I tried an Oud Beersel lambic, either I don’t understand them, or I got a bad one. It’s a fruity, fruity brew. Then I polished it with Floris White wheat, there are even good hops! That was all, I did not have enough health for more.

Where we stayed in Brussels

I wanted to find a hotel near the main station and closer to the center. Hotel options for €50-90 did not impress me much. Small cramped rooms with no view. So AirBnB helped me out with this apartment for €172 for 2 nights:

Winter Tale


Working morning.

A normal bed.

Great view.

Cramped toilet.


A normal apartment in the middle of nowhere with a view of the town hall. A little shabby, but clean.

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