Chernobyl and the ghost town of Pripyat

Pripyat: a ghost town in Chernobyl

Why is Pripyat called a ghost town

As soon as you take a step on the alienated land, the tourist is sure to feel an inexplicable sense of fear, which once gave the invisible radiation to people from 1986. Traveling through the town of Pripyat you will see not only abandoned houses, infrastructure, whole pictures depicted on the houses. Something more terrifying awaits you up ahead.

Pripyat, Ukraine - a ghost town

The forest bursting into the city

Why is Pripyat called a ghost town?

Pripyat is a ghost town, that’s for sure. But it’s not abandonment or even rusted-out attractions that make it such. A carelessly abandoned boot on the floor, a frayed and yellowed pillow, a school notebook, and a tea cup on the table are eerie reminders of the life that once upon a time this place was teeming with life. Seeing such a thing, a person will definitely think that ghosts in Pripyat definitely exist.

Why Pripyat is a ghost town

Attractions in the amusement park in Pripyat

As for the ghosts in Pripyat, it is often the station workers, samosels and ordinary tourists said that they heard voices coming from far away, saw unexplainable to the human eye shadows. Of course, such a phenomenon can be explained scientifically. The imagination, under the influence of terrible stories passed through the consciousness, could visualize unreal pictures. But the fact that Pripyat has long been immersed in the sadness of tragic events is obvious.

The ghost town of Chernobyl, Pripyat

Premise of the Jupiter plant in Pripyat

Gradual disappearance.

With the first tears, with the first ruined lives, Pripyat in Ukraine was becoming a ghost town.

Do you know how many people were hospitalized immediately after the accident? 300 people were sent to the medical emergency unit of the city. Of these, 237 patients were diagnosed with radiation sickness. Among total number of hospitalized 129 people were taken by special flights to Moscow, because they were rather seriously ill.

Ghosts of Pripyat

Similar catastrophes in the world

From reliable facts provided by Academician V. Legasov since 1971, it follows that in total there have been about 150 accidents at nuclear power plants in 14 countries around the world. The accident at the American nuclear power plant in 1979 is considered to be the largest. The cause of this accident was a failed cooling system, as well as the accumulation of hydrogen, which in all likelihood could have exploded.

What to see in Ålesundn, Norway?

The accident at the nuclear power plant in the United States occurred on March 29. At that time 1.4 million liters of water contaminated by radiation were released into the Susquehanna River. It turned out that the management of the plant consciously committed a crime and emitted harmful elements.

The most frightening thing was that not a single report of radioactive contamination of water was received either by the local residents or by the authorities. Information about this was only announced in Congress 10 days later.

Pripyat: the ghosts

Tourist in Pripyat

Contaminated Zone

The ghost towns of Chernobyl and Pripyat still stand on Ukrainian soil. A release of radioactive nuclides shielded these areas from normal life.

However, what was released into the environment after the explosion was far more dangerous than what was contained in the reactor itself. After all, it was no longer just fuel, but its fission products: noble gases, cesium, iodine. The total release of these products into the atmosphere was about 50 MKi. This is about 3.5% of the total amount of radionuclides.

Ghosts in Pripyat

Radioactive moss in Pripyat buildings

Modern technical capabilities allow a person to travel to the exclusion zone, even without leaving his home. To do this, it is enough to use any service of virtual tours of the Chernobyl zone latitudes. You can also watch interesting videos on YouTube about the ghost town of Pripyat.

A lot of documentary material was filmed in these mysterious silent places. But today you can come to the Chernobyl zone in person. Just book a tour – a trip to the exclusion zone will give you unforgettable emotions.

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