Cheapest countries for tourists

Cheapest countries for tourists

The eternal problem of tourists: where can you get a positive experience without spending the last savings? When traveling abroad one of the main questions is the budget. Everyone would like to spend money wisely. Which countries are the most attractive in terms of prices? The results are not as obvious as it may seem.

The rating is opened by the country bordering the United Arab Emirates. Oman is gaining popularity among tourists from around the world. Mainly because of its proximity to Abu Dhabi, where many low-cost airlines fly. Although hotel prices are not the lowest, there is cheap accommodation in 5-star resorts.

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Access to this country is not cheap, and hotels maintained at the Western level have the same prices. But, everything is offset by the cost of other services and products . Gasoline prices are among the lowest in the world, and a cup of coffee costs at least half as much as in Europe.

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One of the cheapest countries. You can choose to travel by car or bus, as part of an organized trip. Alcohol is cheap and good in Hungary . Numerous festivals and wine routes, as well as tours and tastings in the most famous vineyards and wineries. If you add a tour of Budapest to this, the perfect idea for an inexpensive vacation is ready.

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A small country in Central America . Of the disadvantages is a long flight, before which you need to get a visa. After that there will be a real opportunity to relax for only $30 a day. White beaches for diving in the Caribbean Sea, cheap food and lodging, Indian villages and nature reserves. And there’s a refreshing breeze blowing on the oceanfront.

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Sri Lanka

The island is located near India and is considered the most accessible place for tourists. Because of its attractions, as well as its rich natural beauty, this laid-back country is the perfect place for those looking for a memorable vacation in nature. Here you can find a hotel for 750 rubles per day.

Tours in Puning, China: what's worth visiting and seeing

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Sri Lanka


Argentina is located in the south of South America . Because of this it is called the “southernmost country”. In the capital of the country the nightlife is too lively, but far from the entertainment centers you can find a room for 700 rubles per day where you can relax. The meat and wine in the country are very tasty. But, the flight to Argentina itself will not be cheap.

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Abkhazia .

Beach lovers will love sunny Abkhazia, which is famous not only for its many beaches. For $ 80 per day there will be no problem for two tourists to relax, a third of this amount will go to pay for the night. The most suitable beaches for recreation are in Gudauta, Gagra and Pitsunda.

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Abkhazia .


Inexpensive trips to Greece are very popular at almost any time of year . Greece, both mainland and island, fascinates with centuries of history, magnificent monuments, cuisine and, of course, the weather, which allows you to fully enjoy the sunbathing by the sea.

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To estimate the costs to spend after landing in Malaysia, prices in Western Europe should be halved. Add to that the relatively cheap hotels and fuel (27th and 14th in the world, respectively), and the only big expense is a plane ticket. But you can find bargains here, too.

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Turkey is a country that attracts travelers, offering breathtaking itineraries, open landscapes and attractions. The country is famous for divine desserts, breathtaking balloons and gorgeous homes. This magical place of snow and spells is also surprisingly one of the cheapest countries.

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Where to vacation inexpensively: 27 ideas for any budget

Where to go on vacation inexpensively: 27 ideas for any budget


Where to rest inexpensively and interestingly? We offer you many options where you can go in 2022, both in Russia and abroad. The article contains the best locations for wild and civilized vacation, there are a lot of useful tips. Hurry up and start reading!

Holidays in Sweden - Gothenburg

Where is the cheapest vacation in Russia and abroad?

Where to rest cheaply

Summer vacation

Many people are eager to get away from the everyday hassles and go abroad, but the financial opportunity can be very modest. We offer you the best options for a budget holiday in 2022, with a flight from Moscow.

Cheapest tours in 2022:

  1. Abkhazia – the cost of the tour from 16029 rubles, for three nights for two.
  2. Turkey – the tour costs from 48 955 rubles for two people for six nights.
  3. Tunisia – the tour costs from 53 030 rubles for two people for 7 nights.
  4. Egypt – the tour costs from 72 052 rubles for two people for 2 nights.
  5. The United Arab Emirates – the tour costs from 77 622 rubles for two people, for 8 days.
  6. Armenia – the tour costs from 73 949 rubles for two people for 5 days.

This is an inexpensive holiday at the moment, below we will offer you a lot more interesting holiday options, both in Russia and abroad.

Tunisia to rest inexpensively

Tunisia is one of the budget areas for recreation

Where to have a rest cheaply in the summer in Russia: the most relevant places on the map

Where to have a cheap vacation in 2022? If you have not yet made a choice, use this map. Here you can choose for yourself the best place to rest on the territory of our country.

If the map is not displayed CLICK YEAR.

Where to Find the Cheapest Airline Tickets for your Vacation

Are you looking for the cheapest tours? Hurry up and use this form to find the right flight tickets. Enter the direction and the dates you’re interested in in the special boxes, and you’ll get the best deals available.

Where you can get by on vacation for 300-500 roubles a day

Where is the best place to rest cheaper? The idea of a trip where you can spend no more than 500 rubles per day – looks attractive. But finding such locations is not easy.

Picturesque Costa Rica.

We have done for you the hardest part – we have found the most tempting options, all you have to do is to choose the route that seems more attractive.

Cheap vacation options:

  1. Rent a room in the village of Novomikhailovka Tuapse district and swim in the Black Sea.
  2. Stay in a tent in a special camping located between Dzhubga and Lermontovo in the Krasnodar region.
  3. To book a cottage at the camping site in the village of Dolzhanskaya on the Sea of Azov. You can swim in the warm sea in June, near the town of Yeisk with all the necessary infrastructure.
  4. Also you can pitch your tent in the Laspi Bay that is 40 kilometers away from Sevastopol.
  5. To reserve a lodge in the camping “Zakutok” in the Areda tract of the Altai region.

Where to go to the sea in Russia inexpensively you will learn next. To save money on vacation, you need to go much earlier than other tourists do. When the demand is small and the offers are not expensive.

For example, on the Black Sea in the Crimea, in early June it is cool, so the main stream of tourists goes here no earlier than the beginning of July. So the prices start going up around June 15th.

Where to have a rest with a budget to 700 rubles a day

If you have not decided where you can relax in the summer inexpensively, we offer you a few proven ideas. Choosing our proposed options you will not have to spend more than 700 rubles per day per person.

Where to rest inexpensively Yaroslavl

Excursion in Yaroslavl.

Budget vacation options:

  • a trip to Murom, here you can stay in a guest house on Oktyabrskaya;
  • Journey to Yaroslavl, with a stop in the hostel “Golden Ring” and long walks on the original city;
  • a visit to Kronstadt, it is especially easy to get here from St. Petersburg, and you can stay in the Oranienbaum apartments;
  • a trip to Kostroma to get acquainted with the original culture of the merchant class and a stop at the Voskresensky hotel;
  • exploring Ples in the Ivanovo region, which lies on the bank of the Volga, here you can stay in the guest house “Family Leisure”.
Canada is a unique country with many amazing things

All these points are very interesting with their cultural and excursion program. But, this does not mean that, going there in the summer, you will be left without swimming. There are rivers and lakes near the cities, in which the bathing season opens in mid-June.

Book an inexpensive ready-made vacation tour now

Are you looking for where to vacation in Russia inexpensively? We suggest you book a budget tours in Russia or abroad through this service. You must enter a minimum of data in the form and the system will select for you the best option for a holiday at a given price range.

Where can I rest inexpensively with a budget to 1000 rubles a day

Are you thinking where to rest inexpensively in the summer of Russia? We offer you options for budget destinations. Taking advantage of our proposals, you will pay no more than 1000 rubles for a night. It can be a hotel with a minimal set of services (Soviet style), hotels with 2 stars, hostels and private houses.

Where to rest inexpensively Arkhipo-Osipovka

View of Arkhipo-Osipovka.

Rest with payment in 1000 rubles per night:

  1. Taganrog – the city lies on the Azov Sea, which is already ready for bathing. You can stay in the guest house “Aquarelle”.
  2. Arkhipo-Osipovka – the settlement is located near the Black Sea. There are plenty of private accommodation options here. You can stay in the guest house “Rodnoj Prichal”, just a kilometer from the sea.
  3. Krasnodar – a modern city in which it is so pleasant to relax in the summer. Numerous parks, shopping and entertainment centers contribute to that. If you want, you can always get to the seaside. Stay for a night on a budget you can in the hostel “Telegraph”.
  4. Sol-Iletsk – here you can swim in the lakes with a rich mineral composition, eat the most delicious watermelons. You can stay at the park-hotel “Na Orskaya”.
  5. Baikal – you can swim in the clearest lake, go fishing and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can stay in Irkutsk in the guesthouse “Sibirsky”.
  6. Astrakhan is the southernmost city in Russia, lying in the lower reaches of the Volga. You can stay at the hotel “Korona”.
  7. Rostov-on-Don – swim in the Don River, eat fresh mulberries, apricots and cherries, and visit Sholokhov’s homeland. Stay at the Valiano Hotel.
Unusual hotels in Germany and Sweden

Below we look at the cheapest trips to the sea in the Krasnodar region.

The cheapest resorts in the Krasnodar region to rest on the sea: Top 5 choices

Where to rest cheaply in the Krasnodar region? This resort is known to everyone for its gentle Black sea and sandy and pebbly coastline. Rest here can be organized for every taste, in a fashionable hotel with a swimming pool and all-inclusive meals, or in a private home near the sea.

If you have not decided where to rest inexpensively in the summer of 2022, read our review.

Divnomorskoye .

Where to rest inexpensively Divnomorskoye

Village Divnomorskoye – view from the sea

Youth resort village with beautiful landscapes and beaches, safely sheltered by rocks.

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