Cheap tours to Egypt: Hurghada in June

June tours to Egypt in June 2023 from Moscow

Egypt, Hurghada

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Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh

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Egypt, Cairo

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Egypt, El Gouna

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Egypt, Makadi

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Egypt, Dahab

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Egypt, Taba

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Tourists going on vacation to Egypt

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57% Couples

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In June 6%

in summer 7%

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Popular countries for a holiday in June

Among the most popular destinations, Egypt ranks 4th. Tourists in 6% of the cases send requests for the selection of a vacation trip to this country. Other popular destinations:

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Discounted Tours in Hurghada, Egypt (2022) from Moscow

Photos of Magic Beach Hotel

Hurghada – one of the first Egyptian resorts, hospitably took tourists to the African continent many years ago. It perfectly combines a beach holiday with sightseeing, youth clubs, bars, discos and a relaxing family vacation with children.

Hurghada is a good option for a budget holiday, and if you buy a hot tour, the costs can be reduced even 1.5-2 times. How to do it correctly in 2018-2019, we will consider in this article.

At what time to look for hot deals

Holidays in Hurghada are available all year round, and it is possible to distinguish “high” and “low” seasons. “High” season is the most comfortable months from May to November and numerous holidays: Christmas, New Year, May weekend, school vacations.

The climate in the city is dry, desert, rainfall is small, the rains are usually in the fall. The water temperature in the Red Sea rarely drops below 21 degrees, even in the winter months. January and February is the best time to find budget tours. In winter, it is convenient to go on tours – no exhausting heat and, except for the gentle sea, tourists get an unforgettable experience from the majestic pyramids of Giza, the ancient temples of Luxor and the rocky complex of Abu Simbel. A cruise on the Nile on a comfortable motor ship will also be a good addition to the trip.

The good news for our tourists was the resumption of regular flights to Egypt. Russian airline “Aeroflot” from April 11, 2018 performs flights to Cairo on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The first flight Moscow – Cairo was made by Egyptair airline on April 12, 2018. There are no direct flights to Hurghada from Moscow yet, but there is hope for their restoration soon.

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Discounted trips to Hurghada are worth looking for 7-10 days before departure. In 2-3 days there is a possibility of reducing the price even by 30-40%. The main thing is to choose a hotel beforehand, to decide on a program of rest and keep ready with the suitcases. To enter Egypt for tourism purposes Russian citizens do not need a visa, you can fly the next day if you have tickets.

How much does a last minute tour to Hurghada cost?

The price of a hot trip depends on several factors: the duration of the holiday, hotel category, food and, of course, the season. In the high season and holidays prices are higher, but often it is possible to buy a “refusal” tour or find a good discount on a particular hotel.

Most hotels in the resort have their own beaches with free umbrellas, sun loungers, bars and other services. Always check when booking whether it is included in the price, otherwise there is a risk to go to a paid beach and the extra cost will not please you.

Hurghada can be divided into 3 regions: the historical center of El Dahar with a lot of souvenir and jewelry shops, restaurants and places of entertainment. You must go there by all means: to see El Mina Mosque with 40-meter minarets, visit the Coptic Church (free entrance), wander the narrow streets and feel the Egyptian color. But it’s not worth it to live there – it’s always noisy and crowded.

The new center is Sakkala district, which has excellent beaches with all the entertainment, diving centers, bowling, billiards, discos. The area is ideal for youth and active tourists.

Cheerful young companies should pay attention to the hotel “Alf Leila Wa Leila” 4 *, which is part of the complex “1001 Nights” and looks like an oriental palace. Eight vacation days in July for two will cost 62 thousand, in mid-January from 38 thousand.

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District of New Hurghada with miles of beaches and a variety of hotels will appeal to all categories of tourists. For recreation with children is a great option: a sandy beach strip with a smooth entrance to the sea without corals and pontoons. Many hotels have their own water parks, good children’s clubs, animation, special meals for children.

Families with children will do “Jungle Aqua Park” 4 * with a large green area, excellent animation, children’s menu and water park with 35 slides. In June you can relax for a week for 66 thousand in February the cost will be less by 30-40%.

A good option “Beach Albatros Resort & Spa” 4 * on the beach, you can walk in the territory of all “Albatros”. Quality rooms, excellent food, a beautiful beach and a lot of entertainment for the kids. Ten days of vacation will cost from 70 thousand in September or from 45 thousand at the end of February.

For romantic couples suit inexpensive, but cozy hotel with its own beach “Dessole Marlin Inn Beach Resort” 4 *, located near the promenade. A weekly tour in July costs from 59 thousand, in low season the price is lower by 40-50%.

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