Cancun – the jewel of the Yucatan, Mexico


Mexico is a country that attracts tourists from all over the world. Those who want to touch historical treasures will find monuments of disappeared Aztec and Mayan civilizations, lovers of nightlife will appreciate the fiery rhythms of tequila music of the homeland, and those who prefer to rest on the ocean, Mexico offers magnificent beaches and gentle sea. The real gem of resorts in Mexico is Cancun.

Brief information about the resort

The origins of the resort of Cancun date back to 1970, when it turned from a small and sleepy fishing village into one of the most popular resorts in the world within a short time. No small partly due to extremely convenient about 25 km long spit, which housed landscaped resort hotels, entertainment and shopping centers, discos, yacht clubs, restaurants, etc. When viewed from a bird’s-eye view, the Cancun Spit resembles the outline of the number “7”. The upper shortest part of the seven is characterized by the fact that the ocean is closed by the “Island of Women” Isla Mujeres, so the sea is calm, the waves are low and lazy. Tourists with small children love to stay in this part of the resort. The hotel area is on a narrow long spit and is separated from the rest of the city by a picturesque lagoon. From the mainland, or “downtown,” the spit is connected by two bridges, it takes just 5 minutes by car or bus to get to town. With the frequent and regular curation of buses, it is very convenient.

Vacations in Cancun

Cancun is located on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and is firmly among the top ten resorts in the world. Tourists are attracted here by the cleanest sandy beaches (second longest in the world), crystal clear turquoise-blue water of the legendary Caribbean Sea, as well as the historic ancient Indian cultural monuments.

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Great for an active seaside vacation in Cancun: sailing, scuba diving, fishing, surfing, and much more. Golfers and tennis enthusiasts will also find Cancun attractive – almost every club in the resort has the appropriate fields and equipment.

The nightlife of Cancun is also multifaceted and diverse – bars and restaurants with national and not only cuisine offer a menu to suit all tastes. Numerous discotheques are open all night long, and entertainment centers specialize not only in programs for adults, in the daytime, young spectators are happy to witness the colorful children’s shows.

Will attract and Cancun lovers of shopping – all goods, except alcohol and tobacco, are not taxed here, so buy them at the resort, including products of the world’s most famous brands, will be cheaper than elsewhere. Especially since the shopping area is located in close proximity to the hotel complexes. Walk to Karakol and Nautilus squares, where you can find about three hundred stores and stores.

However, Cancun attracts not only beach lovers, but also those who want to explore the rich cultural attractions of the region. For example, there are “Cities of the Gods” sightseeing programs. The 8-day trip under the romantic name “Cities of the Gods” includes visits to the most famous ancient cultural centers and archaeological sites of the Mayans, who once inhabited these regions. The tour begins in Mexico City, then travelers head to Pueblo, otherwise known as the “City of Angels,” then the route takes them to the port of Veracruz and the town of Villa Hermosa. Nearby, the La Venta open-air museum preserves monuments of the ancient Olmec civilization. Tourists can then take a detailed look at the monuments of Mayan culture, which stretch from Palenque to Cancun. One of the most memorable moments of the tour is visiting the ancient city of Chichen Itza, Ushmal, and Yaxchilan. The program ends in Cancun.

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In contrast to the City of the Gods program, the Empire Maya tours can be organized during the vacation in Cancun. They have a short duration (2-3 days). The tour includes a visit to the stalactite caves of the Yucatan, the ancient Mayan city of Coba, a tour of the city of Merida, which is famous for its beautiful colonial architecture. On the second day of the trip is a voyage to Chichen Itza, the most famous archaeological sites of the Maya-Toltec culture. These include an observatory, the pyramid of the Feathered Serpent Kukulcan, and a soccer field. The tour concludes with a tour to Ec-Balama.

How to get to Cancun?

The abundance of upcoming diverse adventures beckons tourists from Russia to Cancun, especially since the best time to visit Mexico are the months of our winter. To get to this far continent these days by plane is very fast and easy – many European carriers offer regular flights to Mexico with connection in Europe, USA or Cuba. And the national carriers usually make the connection exactly in the country of their stay. IBERIA offers Madrid, AIR FRANCE offers Paris, LUFTHANSA and CONDOR change flights in Frankfurt, KLM and MARTIN AIR transfer in Amsterdam.

Some European carriers and without exception all local airlines fly to Cancun airport, located 15km from the city, to pick up tourists arriving in Mexico City.

When is the best time to go?

Cancun has a near-perfect climate. 365 days a year, the gentle subtropical sun shines here, warming the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the magnificent white sand beaches. So tourists will be comfortable here all year round, but the best time to visit Cancun are considered the months of Russian winter – from November to April, because this time most comfortable temperature of air and water: both about 30 degrees.

Tours in Cancun

Our company will offer you tours to Cancun, combining visits to this resort with other cities in Mexico. For example, starting your trip in Mexico City, you can continue your acquaintance with this fabulous country in one of the most romantic places – Acapulco, then go to Cancun, and from there to Puerto Vallarta, and end your trip in the Riviera Maya. This tour program is likely to refer to the beach vacation. Lovers of the same archaeological sites better suit the tour excursion tour “City of the Gods” or “Empire of the Maya. Usually tours to Cancun and Mexico, including a trip to different cities and resorts, have a duration of 7 to 14 days. As part of a cruise and combined tours may also travel to neighboring countries: Jamaica, USA, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Dominican Republic.

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Features of vacations in Cancun

First of all, a vacation in Cancun is a vacation on the shores of a remarkably clear and warm Caribbean Sea on the white sand of one of the longest beaches in the world. Beaches in Cancun – a federal property, so any tourist is entitled to free use of any of them, which can not be said about the relevant equipment belonging to different hotels. The cost of the tour includes only the use of inventory of his hotel, for all the other need to pay extra. As noted, the upper part of the spit of Cancun is most suitable for couples with small children, the sea is always quiet, but most of the beaches of Cancun are open to the ocean waves completely. This part of the beaches loved by fans of surfing and other sports: sailing, snorkeling, diving, etc.

A special feature of vacations in Cancun is a rare opportunity to ride on a submersible motorcycle “Submarine Bob” off the coast of the coral reef, where at a depth of about 10m you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the seabed.

Sightseeing and sightseeing tours

One of the most popular tours in Cancun is a tour to the Isla de la Femme, named for the abundance of female figures made of clay, discovered by the Spaniards when they discovered the island. During a tour of the island, tourists can admire the coral reefs.

Another popular excursion is a visit to the town of Tulum, 130 km from the city. Here are the ruins of the vanished civilization of the Maya. The most prominent structure of this settlement is El Castillo, the only and therefore unique coastal fortification of pre-Columbian America. In addition to its protective functions, the fortress also served as a lighthouse.

Xcaret served as a port for the Maya for many centuries. Now it is a natural and archaeological park, the excursion to which will be equally informative and interesting for both adults and children. There is a botanical garden of native vegetation and a zoo, as well as a variety of water attractions. Tourists can ride horses, go to the dolphinarium, etc.

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The ancient city of Chichen Itza attracts not only its picturesque ruins, but also an organized costume show of pirates. The show includes a boat ride on the lagoon Nichupte, tasting exotic drinks and specially prepared lobster, as well as an evening on a Spanish galleon “Captain Cook” in the company of pirates of the Caribbean, accompanied by a search for hidden treasures and winning “ancient” doubloons in an unusual casino. By the way, this is the only casino in the area of Cancun – gambling is prohibited here, so the night atmosphere of the city is quite quiet.

For lovers of diving in coral reefs is a tour of the “Love Island” Cozumel. Extraordinarily transparent coastal waters of different shades: from dark blue, almost purple, to light blue, allow you to admire the thickets of bizarre algae and a variety of exotic tropical fish. Those who have never been scuba diving will be offered a ride on a boat with a transparent bottom or snorkeling. Fauna of the sea is extremely diverse, you will not meet only the whales, to observe which have to go to Los Cabanos.

It has already been mentioned that gambling and dubious institutions in Cancun are prohibited. Young people therefore prefer to rest in the town of Playa del Carmen, the extravaganza of life which does not stop 24 hours a day.

For all its beauty, Cancun is more of an American type city: with high hotel towers and a small surrounding area. This arrangement is not typical of all resorts in Mexico. For example, in the nearby Riviera Maya, the hotel buildings are all palm-tall and located in extensive scenic parks.

To summarize the review of Cancun, the resort is equally good for beach and activity holidays and family trips. Also, beach tours can be combined with sightseeing programs that bring a nice variety and give the opportunity to enjoy new vacation experiences for the whole year!

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