Cancun is Mexico’s Antalya

Cancun is Mexico’s Antalya

Cancun is a major Mexican city located on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is often referred to as the “Mexican Antalya”. Because it is by far the most famous among tourists city in Mexico. The white sandy beaches and incredibly turquoise sea are among the top 10 best resorts on the planet. Each year about four million people come to Cancun, most of them, of course, Americans.

Travelers mainly settle in the resort area. Recreation on the island is comfortable and measured surrounded by beaches and large hotels with swimming pools. Any beach here is free, as they are listed as owned by the state.

Mexicans are very cheerful, often smiling, fun loving and friendly to tourists. Because of the large influx of tourists, the once small fishing village of Cancun has grown into an international tourism city. Visits to Cancun are popular with the younger generation, families with children, and diving enthusiasts alike.

Cancun - Mexican Antalya

Cancun – Mexican Antalya

Cancun is a tropical city with endless summers and occasional rain. The rainy season lasts from April to November. There is a lot of rainfall, raging winds and restless sea.

1. Choice of hotel

The most comfortable season for vacationing in Cancun lasts from December to April. Hot sunny weather, infrequent rainfall, pleasant water temperatures and no wind. Holidays on the island during the New Year holidays are especially popular, so, planning a trip during this period, you should worry about the trip as early as possible.

Most hotels are located in the tourist area of Cancun. Giant multistory buildings with beautiful gardens and swimming pools are lined up along the coast. There are also nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, and diving centers. It is best not to walk outside the tourist area for safety reasons. There are hotels of varying degrees of “star” in Mexico. You can pick up budget options or move into rooms with luxury services. Almost all hotels are serviced by an “all inclusive” system, which includes a buffet with a variety of dishes, as well as free drinks in the bars and comfortable deck chairs.

Cancun - Mexican Antalya

1. Choice of hotel

Bornholm is an island in the southwestern part of the Baltic Sea belonging to Denmark

When choosing a hotel in Cancun, you should consider that the sea is not quiet in all places. Holidays with children should choose the part of the island that faces Women’s Island. The island closes the shore from the big waves. And lovers of big waves it is better to choose the hotels in the north of the resort.

2. The two types of beaches in Cancun

The resort area of Cancun is a twenty-five-kilometer sand spit . Here the sand is amazingly snow-white and soft, like flour. And famous for its transparency, the Caribbean Sea shimmers in different shades. Conventionally, the coast of Cancun is divided into upper and lower parts. In the upper part are the beaches of Cangosta, Tortuga, Caracol, Linda. They are distinguished by a quiet sea. There are almost no waves, the sea is not deep and the descent into the water is gentle. This is an ideal place for holidays with children. Here you can have lunch in a variety of cafes, as well as scuba diving to admire the beauty of the Palankar reef.

The lower part of the beach is washed by the open ocean. The water here is rough, so the beaches are very crowded. But it is here there is an opportunity to be one-on-one with the sea. Diving enthusiasts can go to the island of Cozumel, which is located sixty kilometers from the resort, where the stunning reef, it is deservedly included in the top 5 beautiful places for diving in the world.

Cancun - Mexican Antalya

2. The two types of beaches in Cancun

3. Attractions of the island

Tourists come from all over the world just to see the sights of Cancun. From the ancient Mayan ancestors left a lot of mysterious mysteries.

To visit the wonder of the world and experience the atmosphere of Mayan life, you need to go to the ancient city-museum of Chichen Itza . It is located near Cancun. The sacred city was well preserved. There is a great pyramid Kukulkan, a temple of warriors and a fifty-meter well, which was used for sacrifices.

Cancun - Mexican Antalya

3. Attractions of the island

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Another interesting place is the fortress of Tulum, located directly on the coast and surrounded by incredibly high walls. It is best seen at dawn or late at night to avoid the crowds of travelers. Also must visit the temple of the sea and the temple of frescoes.

Cancun - Mexican Antalya

3. Attractions of the island

The next point of interest is the Isla de los Mujeres, about 10 minutes away from Cancun by boat. This name comes from the fact that it is studded with sculptures of goddesses, who were worshipped by the ancient Mayans. This island is a beautiful park where you can get away from the city noise, swim in the clearest water, visit the turtle farm, buy souvenirs and great food. This place is beloved by photographers. Because it opens up a magical view of the coast of Cancun. In the area of the island of women is also such an unusual attraction as an underwater sculpture museum. Hundreds of statues in the form of people are at the bottom of the sea. This composition was created by the talented James de Caires Taylor. It reflects the unity of man and nature, as well as environmental issues. All this splendor can be enjoyed either from a ship with a glass bottom, or scuba diving.

Cancun - Mexican Antalya

3. Attractions of the island

4. Mexican food

Mexican food has a lot of fans . Because it has an abundance of meat, legumes and hot peppers. That makes the taste of the dishes unusual and spicy. The people of Mexico love hearty food. They even prepare breakfast with meat.

When visiting Cancun, be sure to visit a local restaurant to enjoy the authentic Mexican cuisine. For a snack on the go you can buy a burrito, a flatbread stuffed with meat, beans, rice, cheese, and vegetables. In Mexico, they also love soup. Here it is a very hearty and filling dish.

Cancun - Mexican Antalya

4. Mexican food

For dessert you can choose pistachio and corn cookies . Lemonade and beer are a favorite drink in Mesquique while Mexicans sip their famous tequila in the evening. But when the festivities and fun come, it is drunk quickly, traditionally with salt and lemon.

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Souvenirs from Mexico include sombreros in bright colors, capes of serape wool, hand-woven baskets and colorful hammocks. You can also buy cheap silver jewelry.

Cancun is a resort that is becoming a coveted dream for travelers. Sandy soft beaches, clear water, surfing, fishing, spa treatments – a whole bouquet of pleasures in one place.

Probably the best time to vacation in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

Having tried all the standard beach tourist routes – Turkey, Egypt, the Black Sea coast – my girlfriend and I decided that it’s time to open up new horizons. A mutual friend advised us to visit Mexico, a country of eternal summer, exotic cuisine and stunning views.

We chose Cancun. It is often referred to as Mexican Antalya, and this comparison to the familiar Turkish resort cheered us up a bit. Because at first it was uneasy. Think about it: Mexico! The other side of the world! Lost somewhere between the United States, Cuba, and the Atlantic.

The airfare was impressive – let’s be honest, this solo trip is not for the budget travelers – and so was the flight. Seventeen hours, including a two-hour layover in Frankfurt.

By the way, if you choose where to change planes, we recommend Frankfurt: it is the largest airport in Europe, where all flights between the European-Asian half of the world and the U.S. take place.

Where to stay

Where to stay in Cancun

We booked our hotel by ourselves with the site Bucking. Our choice fell on the Armonia. After buying expensive tickets we wanted to save some money on accommodation, and it turned out to be an ideal option with an adequate balance of price and quality.

What we got in these apartments:

  • A pool and hot tub that was nice to relax in in the evenings after spending hours in the sun;
  • free wi-fi;
  • an in-house currency exchange where it was possible to exchange American dollars for Mexican pesos at an adequate rate of interest;
  • air conditioning (you have no idea how important it is in such a hot country!);
  • all the standard services like in-room microwave and refrigerator, washing and ironing facilities, hair dryer, etc.;
  • shuttle service to and from the airport.
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In principle, this is just one of the options: you can find much cheaper and much more expensive. Luxury hotels and cozy guest houses are scattered in a dense ridge along the coast.

What to see in Cancun

What to see in Cancun

Cancun is the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The water here is clean and clear, and the sand is as white as powdered sugar, so a beach vacation was a must on our Mexican vacation. Fortunately, we were here for almost two weeks, so we had time to understand: Cancun – it’s not just beaches.

Mexico is the land of the Mayans, a huge historical and cultural stratum, which is worth to get acquainted with. And in general, there is a lot of entertainment, attractions, and of course, the incredible local cuisine!

First of all, which is a must to visit and see for yourself:

    is two hundred kilometers from Cancun, but it’s worth getting there: the famous (and giant!) pyramid of Kukulcana, temples, a stadium, a sacred well and even a Mayan observatory are located here;
  • The port fortress of Tulum, also outside the city, also belongs to the Mayan civilization;
  • Women’s Island – not far from Cancun, just 15 minutes by boat, and all studded with statues of female goddesses that the Mayans worshipped, an amazing sight;
  • Museum of Underwater Sculptures, there are two ways to see it: from the ship with a transparent bottom (there are such in Cancun, they just pass excursions), or by diving, my girlfriend and I chose the first option, but if we come back – we will also try to dive;
  • Mayan Museum in Cancun;
  • Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve: highly recommended, for a very low price and 10 hours of organized group excursions you can see manatees, turtles, crocodiles, mangroves and swamps;
  • The ruins of Del Rey;
  • Museum of the National Institute of Anthropology in Cancun;
  • Aquarium-Dolphinarium;
  • Cancun theater with national Mexican and Spanish shows;
  • Traditional bullfighting may seem cruel to some, but it’s part of the national culture and I think it’s worth seeing at least once.
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In fact, this is only a small part of the places to visit in and around Cancun. In addition to various historical and cultural sites, ancient cities and ruin fortresses, there are many modern attractions, a vibrant nightlife, many bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants, massage parlors, saunas and so on. My girlfriend and I were interested in Mayan history and culture – that’s what we spent most of our time on. By the way, there are a lot of activities for children, and therefore a lot of vacationers are families with little ones.

Mexican cuisine

Mexican food in Cancun

Mexican cuisine is one of the spiciest in the world. I can’t say that I’m a fan of pungent flavors, but Mexico won me over: everything here is really delicious!

What I would definitely recommend to try out of the food in Cancun:

  • burritos, probably one of the most common Mexican dishes in the world;
  • quesadilla;
  • soup salole, very hearty, very spicy, with an unusual flavor and a sea of spices;
  • corn and pistachio cookies;
  • local tequila.

Useful tips for tourists visiting Cancun:

  • I advise to go in November or April, for me this is the best season to vacation in Cancun, because at other times it is either too hot or too many tourists, not in vain Cancun is considered the most visited resort in the world.
  • From our trip my friend and I brought back an ocean of Mexican coloring: sombreros, woven baskets, colorful light shirts, silver jewelry, tequila from agave, I think the souvenirs are just necessary to make the experience stay with you longer.
  • Take a good camera: you will have to shoot a lot, the views here, and indeed just amazing, your Instagram will explode from the number of new photos and admiring subscribers.
  • Do not be afraid to go beyond the standard tourist excursions, do not be afraid to try the local cuisine, it’s all very interesting, delicious, exciting.
  • It’s very difficult without English. You can try it on your fingers, but it’s better to have a translator handy.

We liked Cancun very much. And even if it requires a certain expense – the experience is worth it!

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