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Canada is rich in natural resources and one of the largest countries in the world, located in North America. A very popular immigration destination among foreigners from the former Soviet Union, especially Ukraine. The population of Canada in 2022 is 38.8 million people, with at least 20% coming from other countries. Overall, only 32% of locals consider themselves ethnic Canadians.

The Canadian government is very interested in attracting foreigners who can benefit the local economy and quickly adapt to Canadian society. The country has a good job market, quality medicine, a modern education system, beautiful nature, low crime rate, high wages and optimal conditions for comfortable living. Below, we highlight the best cities for immigration and living in Canada in 2022.





The best city to live in Canada in 2022 is Vancouver. Moreover, according to authoritative publications – Intelligence Unit, Mercer and Monocle, this Canadian metropolis is one of the ten best cities to live in the world. The settlement is located in the western part of the country near the U.S. border. The number of residents is about 630 thousand people. It is a beautiful city with a mild climate, vast bodies of water and snow-capped mountains.



The capital of Canada, Ottawa regularly ranks the highest in cleanliness, landscaping and overall quality of life. It is a picturesque city with stunning architecture and a huge number of walking, running and cycling paths. One of Ottawa’s main attractions is the Rideau Canal, which in the warmer months is filled with numerous boats, and in the colder seasons turns into an endless ice rink. It is a very safe place to live.



In third place on the list of best cities to live in Canada is Burlington, located on the western shore of Lake Ontario. The city offers an excellent quality of life and good income prospects. Crime and unemployment rates are low here. The population is about 190,000 people. A great place for qualified foreign professionals to get a work visa to Canada and move to this city with their families permanently.



Toronto is the capital of Ontario and the largest city in the country with a population of about 2.7 million people. It is a chic metropolis with a favorable climate, excellent infrastructure and wide economic opportunities. Up to 40% of all Canadian companies have offices or headquarters here. This is why working in Toronto attracts tens of thousands of migrant workers from all over the world. Almost half of local residents are foreigners.



Calgary, a representative of the province of Alberta, closes the top five best cities to live in Canada. The center of the oil industry and a favorite place of Canadian cowboys. It is the third most populous city in the country, with about 1.2 million people. It is a highly diverse metropolis, combining skyscrapers and broad farmland. An abundance of parks and playgrounds make Calgary an ideal place to raise children.

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Finally, we note that according to the official March 20 UN report, the World Happiness Report, Canada is one of the top 10 happiest countries in the world. In addition, it regularly ranks among the safest countries in the world.

Canada’s best cities to live in

For many years in a row Canada has topped the rankings of the best countries to immigrate to. Here you can feel the spirit of France and Britain, a lot of jobs, a high level of safety and excellent environment. Every major city has plenty of wooded areas, historic buildings, and Canadians are friendly, progressive people. Anyone who decides to move here will be comfortable, because in Canada, one in five is himself an immigrant. That’s why specialists from all fields and all countries come here.

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Top 10 best cities to live in Canada

  1. Ottawa. Canada’s most appealing city.
  2. Gatineau. Picturesque and popular with immigrants.
  3. Waterloo. Small town with affordable housing.
  4. Brossard. A city full of cultural and commercial life.
  5. Delta. Largest municipality in Vancouver County.
  6. Saanich. One of the best in terms of transportation development.
  7. Burlington. One of the safest in the country.
  8. St. Albert. Family friendly and developing.
  9. Regina. The commercial and cultural capital of Saskatchewan.
  10. Calgary. The most popular city with immigrants.

And two cities outside the competition that also have a lot of popularity:

  • Guelph. One of the best cities to find work.
  • Edmonton. This locality offers plenty of opportunities to get a good education.

Ottawa is an eco-friendly metropolis.

Almost 1 million people live in Ottawa. The city is adjacent to Gatineau and is characterized by cleanliness and a large number of parks. Despite its large scale, Ottawa is arranged in such a way that it feels like you are in a small city designed for family life. There are more than 150 days of sunshine a year, but even summers are cool. In winter, the temperature can drop as low as -30°C.

Ottawa has a lot of immigrants, most of them from Asia. Chinese people can be found literally every step of the way. Thanks to LINK, it’s easy and seamless for newcomers to immerse themselves in social life. That’s why Ottawa consistently makes the list of best cities to live in. It is also awarded gold as a metropolis with an increased level of comfort. Health care is high and crime, on the other hand, is low. Earnings are above average and can be 90,000 Canadian dollars in a year. Housing is quite expensive for this reason, although decently cheaper than in Vancouver or Toronto.

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Ottawa is rich in job openings – between 5,000 and 10,000 vacancies can occur each year. Doctors, teachers, teachers and tourist guides are in demand. The metropolis attracts many IT professionals. Here you can get a good education in a prestigious institution of higher education. Carleton University prepares specialists in engineering in the most effective programs in North America.

The public transport system is developed, there are many bicycle paths, the total length of which is 170 km. Skiing, kayaking, and yoga classes are popular among the local population. The townspeople always lead a rich cultural life.

Gatineau – a European town

Gatineau is located in the province of Quebec, which is characterized by picturesque nature. There are a lot of lakes and waterfalls, so residents of the town tend to go on holiday at the weekend close to nature. Many speak French, the total population does not exceed 300 thousand people.

Most immigrants move to Gatineau from Africa and China. Gatineau is often seen as a suburb of Ottawa, as they are actually neighbors. Life here is cheaper, and this applies not only to housing, but also to kindergartens. A very important plus for immigrants is the opportunity to work remotely and receive income from abroad, which will not be subject to tax and other fees.

Waterloo is attractive and promising.

With low unemployment and affordable housing, many people seek permanent residency in Waterloo. Most are Germans, who have settled in so well that they even host their famous Oktoberfest every year. The overall percentage of immigrants is 25% of the population. Most come for their education. Many choose creative professions, which is due to the presence of a university with appropriate elective classes.

Waterloo’s weather conditions are as comfortable as possible for everyone. Winters are fairly warm (down to -10°C) and the summer months are not hot (up to +25°C).

Brossard – a city for successful people

Brossard is popular because of the wide range of career opportunities. Unemployment is low and housing is affordable, causing a large influx of immigrants. They make up more than 35% of the population.

Brossard has become a commercial center and proudly holds the title of one of Canada’s most developed cities. Despite the bustling business life, people don’t forget about outdoor activities, skateboarding and biking. Roller skating is popular. French is the official language in Brossard. Knowledge of Chinese, Spanish and Arabic is in demand here. Brossard also attracts good courses to help you adapt and find a job. As a starting point for life in Canada, it’s a perfect fit.

The Delta – a life in solitude

The Delta is surrounded by mountains and neighbors the Fraser River. Parks are plentiful in the city, and facilities for hiking and biking are plentiful. Winters in Delta are short and mild. Only 100,000 people live here, with an annual income level about 30% higher than the national average. The proximity to other cities, literally 10 minutes away, creates additional opportunities.

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Delta is great for business development and career building. The population tries to focus on agriculture, so the city grows high-quality rural products. Tourism, transport logistics, and energy are developed here. There is a very large port. The main disadvantage for immigration is the high cost of real estate. On average, a house will cost 400 thousand Canadian dollars.

Saanich – a city for students.

Located on Vancouver Island, Saanich attracts students from all over the world. With a population of just over 100 thousand people the city is capable of surprising with its dynamism. That’s because artists, entrepreneurs and scientists come here. It is in Saanich that the Astrophysical Observatory is located. Anyone who wants to work in transportation logistics and find a city with inexpensive housing should go to Saanich. There is a chance to get a job with a large company – BC Transit. Transportation system of the city is very developed, so the first time you can easily do without a car. There are bike lanes everywhere, and combined with the beautiful natural scenery, cycling will be a dream come true.

However, there is the other side of the coin: Saanich is small, it is not easy to find housing at a reasonable price here, because it often turns out to be occupied, and earnings are quite modest.

Burlington is one of the safest places in Canada

Burlington has topped the list of safest cities in Canada four times in a row. It is located near a lake, and Toronto is only 50 km away, making it quite attractive for a permanent residence. Ontario, which includes Burlington, has an immigrant population of about 30%. Natural attractions like the Niagara Cliff beckon outdoor enthusiasts. Rainfall is high in the summer and fairly cold and dry in the winter.

The comfortable living conditions influence the cost of housing, which is in the price range from 500 to 600 thousand Canadian dollars. However, there are always more expensive options. But it’s much harder to afford cheaper ones. Most of the population is employed in manufacturing.

St. Albert – a family and prosperous

Many families choose St. Albert to move thanks to the magazines that put it at the top of the ranking of the best family cities. With a population of only 70,000, everything here indicates a high level of urbanization. And the unemployment rate does not exceed 4% with very high wages. Average earnings allow you to rent a good house and save to buy real estate.

St. Albert is one of the most comfortable places to live an active life. Almost everyone here plays sports. Several months a year there is a large fair where you can buy farm products. There is a high level of health care due to the presence of a large number of qualified doctors.

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In winter, the temperature does not fall below -10 ° C. In summer it is cold – up to +20°C. Most of the time the sun shines. The educational programs of the institutions can be divided into three categories:

  • in-depth study of French;
  • promotion of physical culture;
  • study of digital technologies.

More than 2 thousand companies are ready to consider profiles of specialists who have higher education from one of the local institutions. Almost every door is open to technology professionals.

Regina is an excellent city in South Saskatchewan

In winter, Regina is quite cold – temperatures can drop to -15°C. Summers are cool – no higher than 20°C. However, that’s where the city’s main disadvantages end.

With a population of almost 200 thousand people almost everyone here knows English. The commercial sector is developed thanks to big giants like Viterra and Exxon Mobil. Regina is considered a cultural city, but housing prices here are an order of magnitude lower, there is affordable medicine, low sales tax. The city is adjacent to larger population centers, which can be reached in literally 20 minutes. Ideal for permanent residence. It is clean, lots of trees and all the conditions for regular sports.

Guelph – the best city in Canada to find a job

This is the opinion of many economists living in Toronto, which is located just 90 km from the city. Guelph is home to about 150,000 people, but it is already considered one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Many Britons come here, there are people from Japan, Latin America and China.

Winters are quite cold, with a lot of precipitation in the summer. The average winter temperature ranges from -7 to -12 ° C, and in summer the thermometer does not rise above +20 ° C. So Guelph could be called a city for those who love cooler climates. It’s cheaper for Toronto companies to open new branches here, which explains the strong economic growth. Housing is still on the low end of the cost scale.

Edmonton – the industrial capital of Canada

Edmonton carried this title in the middle of the last century. Now the economy of the city has managed to diversify, so in addition to businesses engaged in oil and gas production, there are financial companies, as well as an institute engaged in nanotechnology research and IT studios. Edmonton’s appeal lies in its investment interest. Economically, the city is very promising to live in.

The population is about 1 million people, most of whom are middle-aged.

The transportation system is well developed and includes an international airport, an express tramway network that is constantly evolving and already has more than 20 stations. From Edmonton, it is easy to get to Toronto or Vancouver by passenger train.

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The climate can be characterized as moderate with lots of precipitation during the early summer months. Edmonton does not get cold in the winter, but it does not get hot in the summer either. Temperatures are rarely higher than +25°C.

Calgary is developed and cozy.

Calgary used to be dominated by the oil industry. Most companies were focused on the oil and gas sector. Now the business services sector, including consulting, has grown considerably. Nevertheless, Calgary is still considered one of the major oil capitals of the country. Large companies, including Shell, British Petroleum, TransCanada, and others are gathered here. Unemployment is low and does not exceed 2%, there is a rapid development in the field of communications. Many construction projects are underway.

Even beginners in the service industry are in a good position because employers give good bonuses. Building a career in Calgary is not just convenient, but very profitable. This policy is due to the long shortage of service personnel in the hotel complexes and cafeterias.

Education plays a very important role for immigrants when moving. Calgary has over 200 schools where classes are taught in English, and large public institutions.

Calgary has over 14,000 students who come here for vocational and polytechnic education.

Calgary has a well-developed transportation system. The city has a network of railroads linking it to other communities. Expressways help get from one part to another quickly. Public transportation also keeps up with the general level of development. There is a large network of bus routes and an express tramway. There are all conditions for cycling. The total length of paths exceeds 600 km.

High level of health care is another reason for the great popularity of Calgary as an option for permanent residence. There are 3 hospitals providing emergency care. Additionally, there is a pediatric hospital. One of the best cancer centers is also located in the metropolitan area. Separately, there is a cardiovascular institute. There are consulting clinics, working around the clock. There are hundreds of polyclinics and dental clinics. Many of the research at the University of Calgary Medical Centre is focused on cancer, diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, and genetic problems.

Calgary has its own problem, which has to do with the difficulty of infrastructure development. The housing boom is so big that municipalities can’t keep up with the development of transportation infrastructure. This is especially hard on people who live in outlying areas, where most of the population is Indian.

There is also an Indian reservation near Calgary, whose residents oppose the development of new housing developments. Otherwise, Calgary remains the most desirable city for immigrants from various countries.

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