Canada’s 24 most beautiful cities

Canada’s 30 largest cities

Canada is a country that has the palm of first place in many aspects of life. For example, the Canadian coastline is the longest in the world. Canadian cities also have a unique structure and peculiarities of their own. Bilingual Canada has developed in a way that is exclusive and different from other countries, which affects its metropolitan areas and small communities.

There are more than 100 big cities in the Canadian state, where the population is more than 10 thousand. Since the country is endowed with an area of 9984 thousand km², many settlements in its territory are considerably distant from each other. In Canada, the traveler will find something of interest in each city. Urban infrastructure is better developed than in some European countries.

Canada’s largest cities

List of the largest cities in the country in terms of population.


The largest metropolis in the country was once a small fort on the land of a malarial swamp. Today, the Greater Toronto metropolitan area is home to more than 5 million people. The city’s population consists of immigrants from various countries. This million-strong city is famous for its waterfront and skyscrapers. The city has won the award for “Cleanest and Most livable Metropolis on Earth” several times. Toronto’s best views are from the high television tower, which offers a view of Lake Ontario like the palm of your hand.

Its population is 2731 thousand people.



Administrative center of Quebec. The city with French roots is famous for its museums of Fine Arts, as well as the colonial architecture of the Vieux-Montréal area. Montreal’s liberty of manners is exceptional, featuring an unvarnished cultural revolution. The splendor of the metropolis extends not only to its neighborhoods, but also goes underground. Few people know that in the center you can go down into the space below the level of the buildings, where banks, cafes and stores are also located.

The population is 1,942,000 people.



Located among the prairies in the east of the Rocky Mountains. Calgary is described as a calm and quiet place. The area is famous for its cowboy festivals, museums, and general country style. Despite the rustic atmosphere, the urban infrastructure is on a pretty high level. Calgary is based at the confluence of the two rivers Elbow and Bow, so mostly high-rise buildings are built there on the waterfront.

Population – 1235 thousand people.



Ottawa is the capital of the country. The former logging camp was transformed into the capital by the order of Queen Victoria. Since then, the city has been transformed. The administrative buildings of the center are crossed by the Rideau Canal, where navigation is open in summer and a natural ice rink forms in winter for the population. The capital is clearly divided into districts, where you can see the buildings of the 18th and 19th century, as well as modern skyscrapers with offices and stores.

The population is 934,000.



Alberta’s picturesque center consists of parks and classic tourist spots with shopping malls, restaurants and cinemas. Several open-air museums with costume shows depicting the life of early settlers are located near the city.

The population is 932,000.



The commercial and transportation hub of the Midwest bears the name of the lake of the same name. This place is famous for being the place where the most grain is grown on the continent. Another important attraction in Winnipeg is the Canadian Mint. The history of the center is closely connected with the life of the North American Indians.

The population is 705,000 people.



French-speaking city in Canada, where only 5% of the population do not speak French. The provincial parliament is also located there. The historical center of the city is included in the list of UNESCO heritage. The city area is conventionally divided by the St. Lawrence River into lower and upper parts. Quebec is built very compact, has a special and recognizable French entourage.

The population is 678 thousand people.

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The cultural center of the country is the fastest growing metropolis in the state. Vancouver has a lot to offer tourists: sailing on a small yacht, shopping in huge shopping malls, endless exhibitions and concerts, museums at every turn. The best panorama of the city opens here from the tower of Harbor Center.

In Hamilton, you can count on a population of 631,000.



Nice port town in Ontario. Since 2011, the town has been home to the main campus of McMaster University. Previously, the institution was located in Toronto. Hamilton is also famous for being home to the Christminster Orthodox Monastery. The port and educational institutions are the city’s main areas.

The population is 537,000 people.



Another port town. This place can be called the hub of industry in Atlantic Canada. Oil, fish, ships, and machinery are created and produced in Halifax. In addition to industry, Halifax is also developing culture. Universities, museums, theaters, and galleries welcome visitors every day. Intercity transportation is provided by buses and ferries. There is a large airport attached to the city, and the railroad operates.

Population: 403 thousand people.



The manner of naming other cities after major capitals does not avoid Canadians. The most developed sport in the city is figure skating. Since the 19th century, the city has been home to the University of Western Ontario. The city is beautiful and surrounded by a dense forest. The international airport is just 10 minutes from central London.

The population is 384,000.



The city is located on the Ottawa River. Gatineau is based directly across from the Canadian capital. Only French is recognized as the official language in the city. There is a casino, open museums, and environmental exhibitions on city land. Industry in Gatineau is represented by the timber industry.

The population is 276,000 people.



Saskatoon is located in the province of Saskatchewan. The city has a sharply continental climate, where winter frosts reach 50 degrees below zero. Industries in the city are represented by uranium mining and potassium salts. Because of the severe cold in winter, the town’s name has become a nickname, and in slang means cold weather in other parts of Canada.

The population is 246,000 people.



Founded by German settlers, the town is also an industrial satellite of Toronto. Until 1916 the place was called Berlin. Then it was renamed, but the annual “Oktoberfest” was still held there. In Kitchener, in addition to industrial buildings, there are several theaters and museums.

The population is 233 thousand people.


Winsor (Windsor)

The border city is on the banks of the Detroit River. Opposite begins American territory. The city is considered the center of the country’s automotive industry. It is connected to Detroit by a bridge and a tunnel. The border crossing point in Winsor allows Canadians to enter U.S. lands under a simplified scheme.

The population is 217,000 people.



The area of the town has always been a solid prairie, but residents have planted trees and made dams, so today Regina has become a blooming oasis in the middle of the steppe. The town has a man-made Lake Wascana. The economy of Regina is based on the extraction of minerals.

The population is 215 thousand people.



The fourth largest city in Quebec. Most of the population is francophone. An important railroad route runs through the city. There are several universities, open concert venues, where various festivals are regularly held. The main tourist direction of the city is agritourism.

The population is 154 thousand people.



A young Canadian city was formed in 2001. Most of them work in the timber industry. The urban area is divided into 3 districts: Chicoutimi, La Bae, and Jonquière. Shikutimi has its own university. There are also many places for recreation for the citizens here. There are bars, galleries and shopping centers in the city.

The population is 147 thousand people.



Industry is considered the main area of development in Oshawa. The city is based on the Ontario coast. The place was once a simple transshipment point for the fur trade. Oshawa also has a General Motors automobile manufacturing plant, as well as several horse farms. Oshawa is sometimes the site of horse races.

Bojnice Castle in Slovakia

The population is 141,000.



The cultural capital of the region of Morsi. The fifth largest city in Quebec, due to its location is of strategic importance. Trois-Rivières is located on the St. Lawrence River. The densely populated area of the river is a natural link between Montreal and the other provinces. French is considered the official language here.

Its population is 126,000.


St. Catharines

The frontier town is known for the fact that half of its area is occupied by gardens and parks. The rest of the land is given for the automobile industry, offices and residential buildings. The town received its name in the 19th century after the wife of a major businessman, Catherine Hamilton. The architecture of the town is colonial.

The population is 131 thousand people.



Another jewel in Ontario is called the “Golden Horseshoe” because of the fact that Toyota and many other major industrial giants are located there. It is also home to the headquarters of these industries. The city is growing rapidly thanks to the factories and companies that are opening there. Cambridge is predicted to have a great industrial future.

The population of the city is 120 thousand people.



With the suburbs, Kingston’s population is 160,000. The city is considered an important port on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Close to this place is the archipelago of the Thousand Islands. Colonial architecture of Kingston is very beautiful. Many of its buildings are made of light limestone. The town also has strategic importance. From its port controls the entrance to the Great Lakes system, as well as an alternate route to the Atlantic Ocean.

The population is 123,000.


St. John’s

It is the second largest city on the Atlantic coast of Canada. It is the administrative center of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. In St. John’s there is a monument to the famous navigator Gaspar Cortereal. The town is named after the first European who sailed there by ship. Excluding Greenland, St. Johns is the easternmost city in North America.

Its population is 108,000 people.


Tender Bay

To form a remarkable city at the mouth of the Caministique River, two forts were combined. Unfortunately, in Canada, Tender Bay is called the “city of murders.” The crime rate here is quite high. Forestry production provides the main jobs in the town. In 1995, the city hosted the World Skiing Championships.

The population is 107,000 people.



The city’s university, Laurier University, and the Institute for Theoretical Physics make up the apex of Waterloo’s educational system. Together with the cities of Cambridge and Kitchener, the city is part of the Canadian Technology Triangle. In 2010, Waterloo hosted the International Computer Science Olympiad.

The population is 99,000 people.


Niagara Falls

A huge tourist center and “Canada’s Las Vegas” is better suited for a vacation there than other megacities and towns in the country. Niagara Falls is based next to Niagara Falls. The town offers the opportunity to indulge in nighttime entertainment, as well as to get out into nature for natural sightseeing. During the tourist season, the number of people in town doubles.

The population is 88 thousand people.



Canada’s warmest city in terms of climate is also the most British city. Victoria is named after the Queen of England. Victoria’s landmark are the double-decker red buses, just like in Britain. Up to 4 million tourists come to Victoria every year. The city has many places of interest and classic colonial architecture.

The population is 85 thousand people.



The town spreads out on the Ptikodiak River. The first largest city in the province of Westmoreland. Moncton has seen steady population growth due to births and immigrant arrivals at a rate of 6% a year. Bilingual Moncton has enshrined its right to speak and teach two languages at once at the state level. The city has a university, several small industries, trade and services.

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The population is 72,000.



Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada. Its capital is called Charlottetown. The town is named after the wife of George the Third. Shipbuilding and fishing are the industries that have boosted the city’s economy. Charlottetown is situated at the confluence of three rivers. Until 1873 the city belonged to Britain, then, according to the peace treaty it passed to Canada. The history of the administrative center does not know strong shocks. The city developed gradually, without special events or unrest.

Canada’s most beautiful cities

In recent years, travelers from all over the world have increasingly begun to visit Canada. The main reasons are two – beautiful nature and picturesque cities. People come here as singles, couples and even with children. In the cities of Canada there is something to see both adults and children. It’s no wonder that tourists from all over the world come here.

Top 10 most beautiful cities in Canada

  1. Quebec. Quebec has a city observatory, a beautiful old town, and superb panoramas. People come here for the winter fairy tale.
  2. Montreal. One of the most popular cities among tourists offers to visit a huge amusement park, walk through picturesque places, park areas and visit different museums.
  3. Ottawa. In the capital of Canada come for the Tulip Festival, visits to the National Gallery, museums and exhibitions of famous artists.
  4. Toronto. You should visit it just to see the magnificent Niagara Falls.
  5. Hamilton. The city boasts the Royal Botanical Gardens.
  6. Winnipeg. The city is often called the cultural capital of the country.
  7. Calgary. One of the most beautiful cities in the world according to many travel magazines.
  8. Edmonton. There are many festivals, holidays, tourists from all over the world are craving to visit an amusement park, to become visitors to a water park and an underwater park.
  9. Vancouver. It is considered one of the most comfortable cities in the world to live in.
  10. Victoria. It is like a city made for all admirers of England.

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Quebec – animated winter fairy tale

People tend to come to Quebec in winter to witness the February winter carnival. The city becomes a fairytale, with large wreaths of spruce branches hanging on nearly every door, lanterns everywhere, and people singing songs.

The city is also interesting for its sights, including:

  • Quebec Fortress;
  • Quebec Mural, which has an area of 420 square meters;
  • The Basilica of Our Lady of Victory.

Quebec has several museums, one of the most popular being the National Museum of Fine Arts, where you can see works by Maurice Cullen and very interesting installations by Jean-Pierre Morin. Quebec City hosts a summer music festival that attracts hundreds of thousands of fans of rock, hip-hop, folk, and other musical genres. And if you’re in town in the summer, it’s definitely worth a visit to the city’s national holiday, held on June 24. Join in for John the Baptist Day, fireworks displays, and colorful parades for everyone to enjoy.

Montreal – a Kaleidoscope of Entertainment

Montreal offers something for everyone, young and old. If you’re in the mood for all-out fun, head straight to La Ronde, an amusement park of enormous proportions. If you like to admire blooming gardens, you can go to the Olympic Park with its botanical garden. Anyone interested in natural history will love the Biodome. This indoor facility contains models of different climatic and natural zones of our world. It fully demonstrates the diversity of the Earth’s natural conditions. In the evening, the Biodome is illuminated, turning its botanical garden into a fairytale forest. Large sculptures of green branches, beautiful flowers, trees – a beautiful romantic setting.

For spectacle lovers, Montreal holds a festival of fireworks. That is why people from all over the continent come here in the summer. The cultural program of Montreal can include visits to museums, and there is a special museum of dolls for children, so they will not be bored either.

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Ottawa – City of a Million Tulips

In the first week of May, Ottawa hosts the Tulip Festival, for which it even organizes a special ball. More than five million flowers take part in this celebration. Some of them are displayed in a flotilla moving on the water canal. Canada Day is celebrated in July and the Ice Sculpture Festival in February. Ottawa’s beauty is hidden in its parks, which offer stunning scenery: the water canal, trees and views of old buildings (the Laurier Avenue Bridge). Anyone who wants to see nature should go to Dutchis Hole Park or Andrew Haydon Park.

By the way, you can see a lot of wild birds in Andrew Haydon Park. It’s always peaceful and you can relax by the bodies of water. Finally, if you like Chinese flavor, go to Chinatown. And the most unusual building of the Canadian capital, according to many tourists, is the Hindu temple, located in the Gloucester district, which used to be a separate city.

Toronto – the beauty of Niagara Falls

If you find yourself in Toronto, a visit to Niagara Falls is a must. However, that’s not the only thing that makes the city noteworthy. There are art galleries, the Royal Museum, which is the largest historical museum in Canada and one of the largest in North America. Lovers of mysticism are recommended to take a look at Casa Loma, a neo-Gothic castle built in the early twentieth century.

This castle has an interesting history and its interior is the epitome of understated classicism. For a time Casa Loma served as a hotel, but now it is just a museum, which is regularly visited by tourists with pleasure. Of course, it is also worth seeing the zoo. There are many animals and there are even big cute pandas. And the world’s tallest TV tower offers a great view.

Hamilton – Towards a Safari

People come to Hamilton with their whole families to see the lush parks, go on safari and see the city’s 18th-century buildings.

Hamilton is truly unique with its safari park. It is located in Flamborough, which is accessible directly from the city. The safari park has over a thousand animals that you can watch in their natural habitat. You are given a guide and a car, and you begin your journey. The local parks offer a wonderful view of the cityscape. Small yachts float on the water canals – it’s a very romantic city. Here you can visit the Museum of Military Heritage, the Royal Botanical Gardens. Development of the city began in the 19th century, so a century later Hamilton can delight you with such beautiful buildings as the Great House of Canada, Dandarn Castle and the King’s Cathedral.

Winnipeg – concerts, ballet and orchestras

If you want a full cultural program, Winnipeg offers the Royal Ballet and the Canadian Symphony Orchestra. Tourists find St. Boniface Catholic Cathedral, the park along the river, and Riding Mountain National Park northwest of Winnipeg quite remarkable.

Wild animals such as bison, wolves, bears, and elk can be seen here. Winnipeg attracts tourists wishing to have as active a vacation as possible, because it is here that the longest ice rink in the world is located.

Calgary – a city among mountains and forests

First of all it is better to go to the zoo. It is called the best in the whole country. All thanks to the mountains and forests surrounding Calgary. Here is one of the best zoos in the country.

And if you want to see something even more exotic, go to the annual rodeo, held in mid-July (Calgary Stampede). There you can try your hand at taming mustangs, cowboys, and spectacular parades. You can see the city from a height of 90 meters by climbing the Calgary Tower.

Edmonton – City of Festivals

Edmonton has plenty to do for the seasoned traveller. At the Royal Alberta Museum you’ll find unique sculptures and works by contemporary Canadian artists. There are also exhibits to help you learn more about Aboriginal and local culture. The Museum of Science lets you learn about current advances, cutting-edge projects, scientists’ plans and lectures as well as watch unique scientific films in an IMAX cinema. The many exhibits are complemented by a planetarium. The Muttart Gonzervatory, a botanical garden located in the Saskatchewan River Valley, is quite a sight to behold. Each pyramid contains a different climatic zone, demonstrating a particular time of year.

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And if you’re interested in Canada’s indigenous peoples, go to Fort Edmonton Park. Costumed skits are regularly staged there to show the viewer the peculiarities of Indigenous life. And if you have time, you can go to Elk Island, Canada’s national park with lots of interesting animals and opportunities for skiing and canoeing.

The main attraction is the Edmonds festivals. Every year there are more than 30 parades. The Fringe Festival alone includes nearly a thousand performances, and the Art and Design Festival brings together hundreds of sculptors and artists. A music festival dedicated to folk will be a gift for the music lover, and Edmonton also hosts a festival of taste where you can sample food from various restaurants in the city.

Vancouver is amazingly beautiful.

The combination of mountains, forest and modern urban landscape makes a really nice impression. Vancouver is home to the World of Science Centre, which includes a museum that has plenty of activities for both adults and children. In the museum, you can do really amazing things. For example, make a square soap bubble and look inside a huge camera.

Capilano Park is home to forests that are over a hundred years old. There is also a canyon of the same name with a long suspension bridge. The enchanting views of the waterfalls are memorable, and there’s a beautiful waterfront in Stanley Park. Continue your contemplation of nature better at the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Park, and then you can go to the vibrant Chinatown located in Gastown. Vancouver truly surprises everyone who comes to this city. It combines modern cityscapes with numerous skyscrapers, a beautiful waterfront, the private sector with cozy cottages, forests and mountains. Vancouver’s municipalities try to assemble a kaleidoscope of beautiful places in the city, so it has Canada’s largest Chinatown and a beautiful Japanese garden.

Victoria – Garden City

Victoria is rightly considered to be the city closest to Britain. Just about every resident is proud of this fact. There are many pubs, restaurants with British cuisine, buildings built in the British style and cafeterias like the Five-o-Clock. The Butchart Gardens are the main attraction in the city. They are really huge and are located on the territory of a limestone quarry. The gardens are famous throughout Canada, they are home to very rare plants, the paths are decorated with statues, fountains, ponds and flowerbeds. With the onset of summer comes the time of festivals, during which colorful fireworks and musical processions are staged.

In winter, the gardens are also worth a visit – the bright lights create a pleasant and spectacular illumination. Victoria’s Inner Harbour is a special place. Artists, acrobats and musicians come here in the summer. You can see bagpipers, gymnasts, jugglers and other entertainers. Such an extravaganza is not to be found anywhere else in the world. Awe and awe is aroused by the parliament building, illuminated by a thousand bright lights. Those who are crazy about miniaturism should take a look at the large exhibition of micro-landscapes. On it you can see tiny bakeries, furnished to the smallest detail, the smallest and working sawmill, micro factories.

Canada is amazing if only because nature is of paramount importance to people here. Indeed, Canadians are among the greatest admirers of nature in the world. Their cities are a clear proof of that. Even in the off-season, any tourist can see that each member of our top Canadian cities is incredibly beautiful. You can compile your own list, which will surely include other wonderful cities of this country.

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