Burano is a wonderful island to discover in Venice. Italy

Burano – a fabulous island not far from Venice

Burano is a fantastically beautiful little island near Venice. If you have at least 2-3 days in Venice, Burano, along with the island of Murano, is on the must-see list.

The island of Murano is on the way to Burano. Murano is a rather large island famous for Murano glass. Burano is very beautiful houses and, of course, the world famous Burano lace. Ordinary tourists go first to Murano, then to Burano to see both islands in one day.

We were not attracted to Murano glass, so we went straight to Burano. It was decided to go in the evening to return to Venice in the evening to sit with a cup of crazy expensive cappuccino in the oldest cafe on the Piazza San Marco with the sounds of an orchestra, and this decision has played into our hands. In the evening, there were almost no tourists in Burano; we began to meet locals, who immediately after the tourists left, poured into the streets.

Burano is an amazing island. We walked around it from all sides and tried to find a note of falsehood in it. The island stayed true to itself – still as cheerful, colorful and infinitely appealing.

What to do on Burano

Wander around the wonderful island, carefully choosing routes, which exactly no one walked. Or didn’t walk for at least the next hour. To get lost on Burano is not real. To pass the whole island through from quay to quay in any direction is possible in just 7-10 minutes. 2. Sit on the seafront, enjoying the view of distant Venice. This is especially great to do at sunset. 3. Visit the world-famous lace museum. If you are a fan of lace, you can get a souvenir of Burano lace from 1 euro to several thousand euros per item. The main thing is to look that there is no “Made in China” inscription. 4. Find a monument to Galuppi Baldassare (“Buranello”), the famous Italian composer who staged court opera productions in St. Petersburg for several years in the 18th century, and also at that time created a significant number of choral works for the Orthodox Church. 5. Find the most unusually painted house in the streets of Burano. Hint, this house is multi-colored. 6. Find the swans swimming in the canals of Burano. 7. Taste sweets at a family patisserie that is not hidden at all and is right on the central canal.

Burano Island Burano Island Arrival of the vaporetto Burano Island Drying laundry is the national sport of the Burano people. The laundry is sure to be bright and visible. Island laundry drying. In addition to the colorful walls of the lodges, Buranos show themselves in countless exterior details. These gnomes and flowers decorate an ordinary window. Fisherman's House The Campanile on Burano has a slope in no way inferior to the Tower of Pisa. It is scary to even be near the campanile. The doors of the buranila are usually covered with striped canopies. Protection from the heat and ... from the gaze of tourists. Judging by the map, all the canals of Burano end (or start) in the Venice Lagoon. The fantastically bright facades of the houses It's still falling. Swan on Burano They don't let out. The Venetian lion has reached here too Sunset on Burano. On the left in the distance you can see Venice.

Where to eat in Burano

A strategy for finding places to eat that usually pays off is to get a little away from the tourist streets and into neighborhoods, and then it’s up to luck. On Burano this strategy does not work, as the island is quite small. One or two rows of houses and there it is, the sea.

After walking down the main street of Burano, we found many cafes with … not very tasty smells. We have been tasting Italian cuisine for a few weeks by this point, so we trusted our sense of smell 100%. But here we met a cafe with what looked like fine ice cream. But the prices were close to cosmic. What is only a small bottle of water for 4 euros?

As a result, I found a home confectionery in which an elderly gentleman sold very, very tasty sweets by the weight and, as a result, confidently entered our top 3 best desserts of Italy with his desserts. By the way, a 1.5 liter bottle of delicious water cost only 2 euros.

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The conclusion is simple: you should have picnics on Burano right on the seafront, buying homemade sweets on the spot or bringing something with you.

How to get to Burano

Burano can only be reached by sea. With a guided tour or on a river streetcar, the vaporetto.

Vaporetto route number 12 leaves from Fondamenta Nuove station. The ticket for 60 minutes costs 7 euros. Or it will be free if you bought the “Venice Card”. If you bought your ticket ashore, be sure to bring it to the magnetic reader on the shore before boarding, otherwise the ticket will be invalid. If the green light comes on, you’re fine. It is better to buy a magnetic card for each person, as only one trip is charged, no matter how many times you bring the card to the reader.

How to write off two trips at once we never figured out – all instructions are in Italian. You can also buy a ticket on the vaporetto. The cost is the same. In this case it is desirable to have some small money with you as the steward is not a cash desk on the shore.

Fines for stowaways are said to be very imposing.

Vaporettos run about twice an hour. Burano is the 3rd stop, which will be in about 40 minutes. The time will fly by in no time as you are surrounded by the picturesque Venice Lagoon. You don’t have to worry as the steward will yell diligently that here it is, Burano.

We arrived in Venice at the bus station. It takes about 25-30 minutes to walk to the pier from the station. If you go there by vaporetto, it might be longer and one ticket to Burano won’t be enough (vaporetto routes #4.1, 4.2 and 5.2 to the stop Fondamenta Nuove). And you will need to buy additional tickets for 7 euros.

How does the museum of lace work

The museum is located in Piazza Gallupi. Opening hours from April 1 to October 31: from 10-00 to 18-00 (tickets sold until 17:30). Museum hours from November 1 to March 31: 10-00 to 17-00 (tickets sold until 16:30). The museum is closed on Mondays, December 25, January 1 and May 1. Tickets are 5 Euro. 3,5 Euro for children 6-14 years old, students up to 25 years old, citizens over 65 years old. If you are a citizen of Venice, you will have free admission.

How to leave Burano (a little secret)

Near Burano there is an island called Mazzorbo, which is connected to Burano by a bridge. If there is a long queue to get to Burano by vaporetto, or if you just don’t want to be in the crowd, you can get to the pier in Mazzorbo (marked on any tourist map) in less than ten minutes and take vaporetto all by yourself.

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Burano and Murano Islands: how to get there, what to see, reviews | Juicy video of Burano Island as it is

Burano Island

Hello, dear reader. Today my review is about the islands of Venice – Burano and Murano, which are a must visit when traveling to Italy.

Many tourists who come to this city on the water limit themselves to a single tour of Venice without knowing about the islands. For your outlook and a complete picture of Venice, I recommend you to visit the island of Burano (unusual bright houses) and Murano (famous glassware).

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After reading the reviews of the islands you will know how to reach them, what is the best ticket to buy and how much does it cost, what is a vaporetto and why the houses on Burano Island are so unusual in color. See photos and videos of the islands and choose which one you want to visit. Let’s go.

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Our itinerary, travel time, how much does a vaporetto ticket cost

The islands of Burano and Murano are located 7 and 10 kilometers from Venice. You can reach them in 30-40 minutes by “river streetcar” – Vaporetto (name in Italian).

Vaporetto is a small boat with a capacity from 120 to 220 people, traveling at a speed of 8 km / hour. Each vessel has its own route, operating time and stops.

Grand Canal Venice

Going to the islands of Burano and Murano would be best in the morning. And then, after returning back and having eaten a pizza, again “walk” on motor ships along the canals and neighborhoods of Venice – these are routs #1 and #2 (circular).

You can buy a ticket in the ticket machines, and on the pier at the ticket office. We bought at the machines, located to the left of the glass bridge (Bridge of the Constitution – Ponte della Costituzione) at the entrance to Venice. The bridge is located between the two railway and bus stations.

Venice. Location of ticket machines for transport

To save money is better to buy a single ticket for the whole day for all transport (including vaporetto). The price is 20 euros. It’s valid for 24 hours from the time of activation.

Video instruction “How to buy a single ticket for transport in the machine.

At each berth of the “vaporetto” there is a route number, a lighted board with the time of the next departure of the ship and a map of the route. All vaporettos run at 10-minute intervals on average.

Link to the official website of the carrier . There you will find a vaporetto schedule and download a route map.

Map of Vaporetto lines

Murano: history, accessibility, attractions

To get to the island you can get by boat route 4.1 and 4.2 . The travel time is 35 minutes.

Once on the “streetcar”, in Venice itself, we sailed for a while along the canal and admired the view of the city from the water.

View of Venice from the water

Once the ship leaves the canal into the lagoon, you immediately enjoy gorgeous views of the city from the water and you plunge into Venetian life on the water.

The traffic and life on the water in Venice is as lively as it is on land. Various boats, ships and steamboats are constantly passing by. The only thing missing is a postman to regulate traffic

Boat traffic on the lagoon of Venice

As we “drove” to Murano Island, I kept thinking: why are there crossed logs standing everywhere in the water? I guessed it must be a fairway. But! Why are there so many of them and are they placed everywhere? And to the left, and to the right, and in the distance.

Waterway in Venice Lagoon

I myself served in the Navy and understood what a fairway was. And only on the way back home, at dusk, when I saw the luminous lights on the poles, I was finally convinced of my conjectures (then I checked on the Internet).

It turns out that these poles in the water mark the edges of the “road”, as on land. And in the evening, the lights are lit for orientation and convenience. Signs with numbers on the poles are the speed threshold. So on the water “highway” also have their own traffic rules.

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About halfway to Murano the vaporetto passes the Venetian cemetery. It appeared on the island of San Michele in the 15th century. Later the church of San Michele in Isola was also built. In this cemetery rest our famous compatriots: Brodsky, Stravinsky and Diaghilev.

Venice Cemetery

History of Murano Island

The island of Murano was settled by the Venetian authorities in the 13th century. Glassblowers with their families and workshops were forcibly relocated to this island for fear of fire from their production.

And the most important reason for relocation was to preserve the secret of making mirrors and glass. A man caught divulging this secret was sentenced to death.

At that time, Murano glass products were highly valued throughout Europe. The greatest demand for them came in the 15th century. In every house of European nobility at the time, there was bound to be Murano glass.

For not leaving the island, the masters were given very great privileges, comparable to the aristocrats. Their children could freely enter into marriages with the nobility of Venice, and then for their children retained all the noble titles and privileges.

Walking on the island and exploring the city

Like its big sister Venice, Murano has a main water channel in the center of the city. Everything resembles Venice: the same crossing bridges, houses stretching along the entire canal, and logs driven into the water for watercraft parking.

Not once have we seen there gondolas and as it turned out later, they simply do not exist.

Murano Canal

All the buildings and the local architecture are similar to the Venetian ones, but only in miniature and without much pathos and grandeur. All buildings are low and are located next to each other.

Architecture of buildings in Murano

During our trip in February, there was a Christmas tree made of glass by local craftsmen by the clock tower. Walking along the canal promenade, one keeps coming across various stores with glassware made by local artisans. The variety and beauty of products just impresses you.

Murano Center

In each store I saw a different product. You can buy everything from trinkets to huge chandeliers and statues of glass. The assortment of stores is very diverse and designed for every customer. Everyone finds something for himself all to his taste and “pocket”.

Murano Glass Products

The largest and finest chandeliers are in the museum (which is worth looking at), and for the average shopper offers a medium-sized.

Murano Glass Chandeliers

The main attraction of the city is the Basilica of Santa Maria Donato. It was built in the 15th century in honor of St. Donatus and the beloved Virgin Mary by Italians.

Santa Maria Donato Basilica

My review of the island of Murano

I did not like the island of Murano at all. I draw conclusions simply because of my impression of it after my visit. There was nothing to admire and admire on the island, and there is nothing like that!

The city seemed to me shabby and ordinary. Many of its houses need major repairs. Walking around the city, I didn’t see the life of the local population at all.

It was as if everyone in the city had died out or gone into hiding, except for the vendors in the stores. All the people of the island – it was just tourists. Familiarized with the history of the island before the trip expected more. But it was all ordinary, empty and no historical attractions.

Maybe, of course, it’s all after Venice? Although it’s been 3 months since my trip to Italy, and still Murano doesn’t “itch” – neither in my memories of it, nor in my heart.

But about the “fabulous” island of Burano without landmarks and without ancient architecture I have very warm feelings and when I remember it I always have a smile. Read more why

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The island of Burano: how to get there, history, attractions

After familiarizing ourselves with Murano, we and like all many tourists went to the pier to sail to Burano Island.

How to get to the island of Burano

You can get to the island by “river streetcar” with one connection:

The ferry was packed to capacity with those wishing to visit the island of Burano. The travel time from the island to the island was 15-20 minutes.

Waiting for the vaporetto to the island of Burano

Even from afar, sailing up to the island and seeing the unusually bright colors of the houses begins to intrigue and excite your imagination. What’s it like inside? Are they all like that? What else is there? Etc .

The island of Burano. View from the water

And your expectations will not deceive you. Immediately upon entering the city from the pier, you are plunged into a “fairy tale atmosphere” (I would call it a cartoon).

The abundance of bright, “poisonous” colors, painted all the buildings of the town unaccustomed to your eyes and it immediately catches your eye. The first impressions are simply inexplicable: How so? Why?

Colorful paint of houses on Burano Island

All of my photos of the island are not subjected to any photoshop processing. All colors and bright colors of the houses are natural and “pristine”. The firm guarantees

Houses on Burano Island

Well, here’s a picture right out of some fairy tale book. See these extraordinary houses at the end of the article

Burano Island

The history and legends of Burano island

Human settlement of the island began in the 7th century. People fled the regular raids of savage barbarians on the islands of the lagoon, and subsequently stayed there to live. The population grew and the island was abundantly built up with new houses.

Most of the men were engaged in fishing. And the women on the shore weaved nets and mended them. The island is famous for the masters of lacemaking. The beginning of large-scale lace production is considered to be the 16th century.

The legend says: the wives of fishermen, to decorate their homes, wove all sorts of household utensils from threads. Gradually women learned to weave beautiful lace cloth and everything else.

So appeared and originated on the island of its art of weaving lace, which then made the island famous throughout Europe. And nowadays all the stores and stalls offer you amazingly beautiful shawls, plaids, capes and shawls of local lace production.

On the island there is a museum of Burana lace. Admission there is a fee and costs 5 euros. My spouse also bought a scarf there and with great pleasure wears it now.

Museum of Burano lace

Where did the multicolored houses come from?

Legend has it that the wives painted each of their houses in the city with a specific and unique color. And they did it purposefully and for a reason. It was a delicate feminine calculation.

When the husband returned home from fishing after a long time at sea, he should first relax in the tavern – “become a man” and “get away from the rocking.

His wife would draw a stripe of the color of her house on his forehead before he went out. After a drunken fisherman in a tavern, his drinking companions brought the “humanized earthling” to his home, guided by the color of the forehead strip :)

When I learned about this legend, I laughed about it for a long time. And even now, 3 months after I was on this “fun” island, when I look at the photos of these houses, a smile does not leave my face. As I imagine such a “fisherman – Indian” with a mark on his forehead in the inn, it makes me laugh It was a funny town, it seemed at that time.

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Burano Island attraction

The town itself is very small, you can walk around it in 35 minutes. The population is only about 3 thousand.

On the island the main attraction is a falling tower, built in the 15th century, with a deviation of 1.75 meters from the vertical. This tower is visible from all sides as you sail up to or away from the island.

The tower of San Martino is on the main square, Galuppi. Its slope is very well visible from the water. It is certainly not as well-publicized as the famous Tower of Pisa. But it is also worthy of attention and respect for its age. In Italy there are a lot of such “falling” towers.


Everyday Burano

Life on the island runs its course. As elsewhere in small towns in Italy, ropes are stretched in the yards and the laundry is dried on them at all times of the year.

Courtyards of Burano

Here is such an original solution for decorating my house I saw on one of the houses. Now to repaint your house in a different color, you must have permission from the city administration.

The city requires its citizens to constantly update the colors of their homes – when the paint is burned out or has lost its original bright color.

Saints on a balcony in Burano

My review of Isla Burano

I really liked the island of Burano. Walking through the streets of the city, all the time it seems that in these colorful houses, behind the wall, some cartoon character lives and is about to come out of it.

Burano reminded me of Disneyland in Paris. There also everything is decorated in bright colors (but not so acidic) and everywhere, at every step, you meet smiling and happy faces. Leaving the island you have a very pleasant and warm feeling for this city ❤.

My video review of the island of Burano. This is not an island, it’s like Disneyland Look and see for yourself!

We returned “home” already at sunset with warm memories of the beautiful islands of Burano and Murano. How beautiful it is there!

Burano Island


In conclusion: if you come to Venice, be sure to go to Burano and Murano islands. See with your own eyes at “Disneyled on water”. After all – it’s all Venice! Without being there you will not feel all the life of the local population of these islands, going every day to work in Venice. In St. Petersburg you get to work by subway for about 1 hour, and here you get to Venice by boat .

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What is great about Tripster is that you do not have to pay 100% for the tour at once, but you make an advance payment of 15% – 25% (they will calculate it for you) and the rest is just for the guide in the bus or car.

Thank you for reading to the end. I hope you enjoyed my article. Subscribe to my new articles and stories. Write in the comments what you would like to know more and your questions. Have a good mood and health to all.

If you like traveling and you are interested in other cities and countries of our vast planet, you can read some of them in my column about independent travel – “Travel on a budget. And also I recommend to visit my YouTube channel, where all our travels are posted.

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