Bogmalo Beach

Goa. Bogmalo Beach reviews. Wonderful place 10 minutes from Dabolim

Bogmalo (GOA) is a small beach in the Central GOA, very close to the airport Dabolim. We went there purely “for the record” – the beach was on the way from Ashevem to Benaulim. The reviews on the internet did not give an objective account of Bogmalo, in general, being that the beach is so bad and there is nothing to do there. In fact it was better, much better.

The drive from Ashwem took about 2 hours, including the traditional traffic jam on the bridge in Panaji and minor motorcycle repairs. A pleasant bonus on the way through the sweltering central part of the GOA was the cool freshly squeezed juices and ripe watermelons at some unreal cheap rates. Along the way, we admired the Indian cities and the water and land beauties.

Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo beach is located on the same cape as Dabolim airport, but a little south, in a small quiet village. For some reason we liked it immediately, unlike Arambol. And what is it like? Here’s what: not crowded picturesque bay, curved horseshoe, light, soft sand, coconut trees, clean sea, smooth entry into the water and a sufficient depth, even at high tide. There is not much accommodation. The main thing is expensive, 4 – star hotel Bogmallo Beach Resort on the beach – rooms overlooking the beach from about 9000 rupees. In addition to it, there are three cheaper gestas directly on the beach. Two of them – with balconies overlooking the cafe with constant background music (cost 3500). The third is Leon Hide Out – quiet and nice, with more pleasant prices. Yes, there is also a bungalow of Bogmallo Beach Resort – costing at the time, something like 5,500 rupees.Away from the shore, in the northern part of the bay, worthy of attention hotel Coconut Creek Resort, but again, not of the category of cheap.

Walking here and there, of course, stopped at the hotel Bogmallo. The price was reduced to 5000 rupees without breakfast – still expensive. We decided to stay in Leon Hide Out gesta at a bargain price of 1800 rupees. For more information about lodging in Bogmallo and other places in GOA on our itinerary, please read HERE

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The first thing we did after we unpacked was go for a swim. The people on the beach were mostly Hindus, there were almost no white tourists. There were not many people at all, those who were there were mainly swimming near the hotel. On the right, more picturesque part of the beach Bogmalo – almost no one. There were no waves in this part of the bay – a great place to swim to our advantage. Still, in May, a beach without waves in GOA, not so often found. The food and souvenirs are relatively good. On the coast there are a couple of cafes and shops with clothes, drinks, some snacks and even jewelry. But it’s not very convenient to go to Bogmalo without your transport, you have to go to Dabolim (5-7 minutes) to buy more essential products – fruit, milk, etc. There is a small, cheap market and a couple of “supermarkets”. After swimming and sunbathing to our hearts’ content, we decided to visit a neighboring town with an intriguing name Vasco da Gama. It turned out to be an ordinary Indian town, but at the same time not fussy. Apparently, white tourists come here infrequently, the locals looked at us with interest, many welcomed, but no one came to anything. It was getting late. Driving through the streets of Vasco da Gama, with a quick glance, we stopped for a snack at the local fast food. This is where the famous Indian “tasty and inexpensive” is, the prices are a mere pittance, even at the current exchange rate. As usual in such places, we caused a stir, got attention and were welcome guests to be fed in a tasty way. We liked the food very much (we went there again the next day). One of the dishes we even tried to prepare at home. If you want to know what happened, you can read it here. We returned to Bogmalo at sunset and found a crowd on the beach – as part of the summer beach festival, a beach soccer tournament was held. We watched with great pleasure. During the match we were gifted by some visiting Hindus from Mumbai. Their gift was a nice wreath – a trifle, but a real pleasure! That same evening we went to the massage parlor we had seen earlier in the day. Prices for massages – somewhat higher than the average GOA, there was no bargaining. But … as it turned out the massage is worth it! It was a paradox, but it was one of the best massages that I was lucky enough to get in different parts of India, and I had a lot of them.

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The next morning started with a jog. But I didn’t get to run all over the beach. Young Indians, swimming at the hotel, at the sight of me jumped out of the water for their phones. A photo shoot was not part of my plan, so I had to limit myself to jogging on the right side of the beach, where only a young mother with kids was bathing at the time.

And in general in the morning as well as in the afternoon there were not many people – only one sportsman – a soccer player, running along the shore with his ball, and walking couples and singles. In the evening the situation changes – the Indians come to the beach to admire the sunset over the sea and just to party, however, as elsewhere.

Bogmalo Hotels

Vasco da Gama. Baina Beach

The second day of our stay there we devoted to walking to other beaches in the vicinity of Bogmalo. But of the two planned we visited only one – Baina, the central beach of Vasco da Gama. We didn’t get to the second one – it was incredibly hot, and the road there passed along the long, “aramatic” garbage dump. But Baina beach unexpectedly pleasantly surprised us – clean, almost deserted and with the indispensable lifeguard. Maybe because it was the time of siesta… On the shore – many traces of beach festival, probably, the previous evening there was some fun. Near the entrance to the beach freshly squeezed cane juice – 10 rupees for 200 grams glass. Cheapest meet only in Mumbai – 10 rupees for 0.5 liters.And quite near an ice cream shop with air conditioning inside, where we took a breath escaping the anomalous heat, enjoyed a thick mango cocktail and ice cream kulfi – Indian variety of spices. We wanted to stay one more day in Bogmalo, but it didn’t work out. We arranged our lodging for 2 days, and it turned out that the hostess had already promised our room to the visiting relatives from the neighboring state. She offered us another – more modest, but we decided – it did not work out, and the next morning we went to Benaulim, as it turned out, acted wisely – it is unlikely that in one day before flying to Mumbai we had time to redo everything planned. As you probably already knew, a brief review of the beach Bogmalo (GOA) – we liked it. We didn’t even expect such a surprise in the heart of this state. It may well be more crowded and noisy on weekends – the airport is close by, just 10 minutes away and a lot of rich Indians fly in from Mumbai and Delhi to enjoy the sea. But the place was quiet and beautiful during our visit, that’s how we remembered it.

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Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo beach is located in a small cove near the resort village of the same name. For the rest there is available about a kilometer of curved along the bay sandy beach. The beach is up to 80 meters wide, further the beach is crowded with palm trees. The sand is light and soft, the sea is clean, the entrance to the water is smooth and the depth is sufficient even at low tide. The place is famous for bright sunsets and silence: there are no noisy parties, rarely held festivals. In addition, Bogmalo is the first beach south of Dabolim airport.

The sea off the coast of Bogmalo is mostly calm, but waves can rise. The local lifeguards are vigilant for the safety of holidaymakers, and they loudly warn anyone who wants to catch a wave or swim far from the shore. In the afternoon the cows come to the shore and peacefully complement the landscape.

Bogmalo Beach

People on the beach as a rule not a lot. Of the holidaymakers, mostly Hindus, foreigners are few. In the right, the most beautiful part of the beach Bogmalo – almost nobody. On the beach there are a few cafes and stalls with clothes, drinks, snacks and jewelry.

Best time to visit

Holidays in Bogmalo are recommended from December to February. During this time, vacationers will not be bothered by rainfall, and the weather will be mostly warm and sunny. From June to September, in the so-called low season, the sea is rough – there are often waves that bring garbage to the shore. At other times, the beach is clean and pleasant to find.

Bogmalo Beach

Entertainment and recreation

Bogmalo Beach has a diving school, there are enough interesting and safe places to explore the underwater world. It will be most interesting to snorkel near the nearby islands, it is full of sea creatures – stingrays, dolphins, tropical fish lurking among corals, and other amazing inhabitants of the Arabian Sea. There are even a few shipwrecks that will be interesting to explore. Boat excursions are also available from the beach to the smaller islands for dolphin watching.

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Fans of fishing can rent all the necessary equipment from local fishermen, and with them go to sea.

Bogmalo attracts tourists with its combination of a wide range of services and the incredible natural beauty of the west coast of India. In the local stores you can buy almost everything from seashell jewelry to fashionable clothes.

Bogmalo Beach

There are all the amenities for a classic beach vacation on the sand: there are sheks (eateries) that provide their customers with sun loungers and umbrellas for the day. In the local establishments you can order not only Indian cuisine, but also European. Solitude and enjoy nature in silence is best at the right end of the beach. It is much quieter here than the central part, but there are no cafes, sheks and other entertainment.

The closest attraction to the beach is the Aviation Museum, which features several model airplanes, a helicopter and a collection of weapons. Another popular place is the Dudhsagar waterfall. Its height is more than 600 meters. Due to the high popularity, excursions are regularly organized to the waterfall.

Cafes and restaurants

On the beach Bogmalo a lot of cafes, bars and restaurants, each of which can try the best local cuisine, and, of course, seafood caught by locals near local coasts. Those who don’t like Indian cuisine will find European dishes on the menu. On the northernmost part of the beach is the popular restaurant “Joets”, and if you walk to the southern edge, there is another good restaurant – “Full Moon and A la Cart”.

Bogmalo Beach

Hotels near Bogmallo Beach

There are 3-4* hotels built in the Bogmallo Beach area, there are inexpensive gestas with rooms and apartments, as well as large villas.

One of the most popular accommodation options in Bogmallo is Bogmallo Beach Resort 4*.

Bogmalo Beach

How to get to Bogmallo Beach in Goa

The beach is convenient primarily for those who do not want to get far from the airport. The distance to Bogmallo Beach from Bogmallo Airport is about 4.5 km by car or 2.5 km on foot. The bus stop is located immediately at the exit of the airport. The interval of transport is every 15 minutes. At the airport there are stands of official carriers (Prepaid Taxi Counter) with a fixed fee. You can also use the shuttle service.

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It’s a short drive from the nearby beaches of Bimbela and Hansa; you can rent a scooter and explore the Goan coast.

To get from Panaji is a long way – nearly 28 km by buses in the direction of Dabolim, with the change of planes. The same distance from Margao, the second largest city in Goa and the main transfer center for most of the beach and tourist routes in the region.

Parking near the beach is free.

Find and book a transfer to Bogmalo from KiwiTaxi:

Road from the international airport to Bogmalo Beach – Google Maps

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