Best time to go to Morocco

Morocco: when is the best time to go.

Morocco: When to go


Intending to go Morocco, when is the best time to go depends on the purpose of the trip. After all, in this country is developed not only resort holidays, especially attractive in late summer and early fall, but also skiing, sightseeing and other types of tourism. Read more about it on Travel247.

High season

High season

There is a demand for travel to Morocco year-round. Despite this, the state has a high season, which primarily includes the time when you can swim and sunbathe – from May to October. There is also an influx of tourists during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

In June the air in the country gets warm to an average of +24 – +28 ° C and the water – up to +21 ° C. At the resorts at this time of the sun and warm, the rain is a very rare phenomenon. In July, the thermometers rise by an average of 2-4 degrees. In the last month of summer begins the real heat – the thermometer may show +33 – +35 ° C. But the ocean also warms up to temperatures suitable for a long stay in the water.

Off-season in Morocco

Off season in Morocco

The off-season in this region includes the period from mid-autumn to March, except for the winter holidays. The air temperature during this time ranges from +13 to +18 ° C, dipping at night to +8 – +10 ° C. Of course no swimming in such conditions is out of the question, besides the water barely warms up to 17 ° C. Nevertheless, this season is perfectly combined with the organization of the excursion.

Beach period

Beach season

The holiday season in the country starts at the end of May and lasts until mid-October. During this period the thermometers often pass the mark in 30 ° C, but the water is not as warm as the air. At the beginning of this period it is about 20 ° C.

Therefore, if you want to swim in the “steaming milk”, to go to the end of summer – early fall or as close to the Mediterranean Sea, for example, in Tangier (where the water is warmer).

A feature of the Moroccan and other Atlantic coasts is that in many places there are quite big waves. Many people love it, but for the rest of us, it is recommended to choose your vacation spot carefully. There are several resorts in the country where the ocean is calm due to the available bays and reef barriers.

Velvet season

The Velvet season in Morocco

In September and early October, Morocco creates the ideal conditions for recreation:

  • The sea warms up to comfortable temperatures;
  • The heat of the day is gone;
  • The beaches are freer.

In October, the water in the ocean gradually begins to cool and by the middle of the month can have a significant invigorating effect.

Festival period

Morocco Festival season

Morocco is a Muslim country, it is characterized by more pompous celebration of religious festivals than the secular. The former are celebrated very richly and brightly. During this time you can see a variety of performances and traditional ceremonies.

The main significant dates are:

  • January 1 – the beginning of the report of the new year;
  • January 11 – celebration of independence;
  • March 3 – ascension of King Hasan II to the throne;
  • Middle of May – Muslim New Year;
  • early June – feast of the poor and children Ashura;
  • July 9 – youth day;
  • end of July – birthday of Prophet Muhammad;
  • August 20 – date of the revolution, etc.
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Morocco often hosts folk arts and crafts festivals and folklore events.

Excursion season

Holiday season

To get to know the traditions, culture and sights of the country, the best time is:

  • early spring;
  • late fall;
  • winter.

The weather at this time is very comfortable, not cold, but not hot, facilitating long walks. Precipitation may fall, but usually they are not heavy and short-lived. At this time is very convenient to travel to different regions and cities of the state.

Going on a sightseeing tour in the off-season is definitely worth a visit:

  • Marrakech. This city will allow you not only to see the sights, but also to get acquainted with the real Eastern way of life. In the center of Marrakech, on the Djemaa el-Fna Square is the largest bazaar, soaked in the scent of spices and incense. Every day there are performances of dancers, acrobats and other artists. Also a must-see is the Qutubiya Mosque, the Minara Olive Grove, and the Agdal Gardens.
  • Rabat. In this city there is an incredibly beautiful Royal Palace, as well as the structure of the mausoleum of Mohammed V.
  • Meknes. This locality is called none other than “African Versailles” because the architecture is very strong echoes of the French colonial period. Staying here one has a feeling of being in Europe.
  • Casablanca. Casablanca is a unique tourist city, which combines a seaside resort with modern infrastructure and ancient sights in the old part of the settlement.

Skiing period in Morocco

Ski season

Strange as it may seem, there is skiing in Africa, too. The infrastructure of resorts of course inferior to the European, but there is a certain exotic.

Available season for snow sports, here is quite short: from late December to early March. But to guarantee a good experience you had better choose January or February.

The most popular resorts in Morocco are:

  • Oukaymeden. It is located at the top of the Atlas Mountains, just 75 km from Marrakech. It offers tourists several tracks of varying difficulty levels, the maximum length – 1000 m. At the starting points of the tourists are brought 6 rope tow elevators and chairlifts.
  • Ifran. This resort is located 20 km from the town of Ifran and is ready to offer its guests gorgeous scenery and excellent accommodation. It is small in itself – it has only 2 elevators and trails with a small degree of slope. Suitable rather for those who are just getting up on skis or want to admire the views at a comfortable pace.

Many visitors combine vacationing on the ski slopes with sightseeing trips.

Recreation during the month of Ramadan

Holidays during Ramadan

Holidays in Ramadan is not the best solution for those who do not adhere to Islam. The fact is that during this period there are a number of restrictions that may affect the stay in the country:

  • Muslims should not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. Tourists certainly do not have to follow this tradition, but it is still not recommended to do so in public places.
  • Changing the schedule of many institutions, including stores and banks.
  • There is practically no entertainment.
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The period of this holy month is calculated by a special calendar, so it has a “floating” nature. Before organizing a trip you should know the exact dates.

Climatic conditions in Morocco

Climatic conditions in Morocco

Morocco has a unique location:

  • is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea;
  • Is adjacent to the Sahara;
  • Shared by the Atlas Mountains.

All these factors influence the climatic conditions in the state. The climate of the coastal areas is characterized as subtropical and gradually turns continental, moving away from the coast.

Most parts of the country have hot and arid summers, with fairly warm winters. And in some parts of Morocco, sub-zero temperatures can last practically the entire winter.


Spring in Morocco

Spring is not the best time to vacation on the coast. The only exception is at the end of the season, when the air heats up to +23 – + 30 ° C, and the water – up to 20 ° C.

But at this time it is very pleasant to travel around the country, enjoy its nature and sights, get acquainted with the national cuisine and the skill of specialists in SPA-procedures.

At the end of April – beginning of May all nature blossoms, during this period you can watch the blossoming of orange groves.

The resort Air/water temperature (°С)
March April May
Agadir 24/17 25/17 28/18
Casablanca 20/16 22/17,5 24/19,5
Mohammedia 19/16 21/17,5 24/19,5

Summer in Morocco

Summers in the country are dry and warm (even hot). During this period, the water warms up to optimal temperatures for swimming. However, a cold current runs along the coast south of Casablanca, so it is always cooler there.

The resort Air/water temperature (°С)
June July August
Agadir 30/19 33/20 34/20,5
Casablanca 26/21 28/22 29/22,5
Mohammedia 26/21 28/22 29,5/22,5


Fall in Morocco

Early fall is a velvet season with comfortable resort temperatures. But as time passes, the water begins to cool down and quite chilly winds appear. And if September is suitable for swimming at all resorts, in October you should be cautious about the upcoming trip. At this time is best to go to the coast of Gibraltar – Tangier. In other places it can be uncomfortable, and the ocean is very stormy.

During this period, you can swim in the pools, because it is still very warm outside, and take sightseeing trips.

The resort Air/water temperature (°С)
September October November
Agadir 30/20 29/20 25/19
Casablanca 28/22 26/21 22/19
Mohammedia 27,5/22 26/21 21,5/19

Winter in Morocco

Morocco is quite cool and humid at this time of year. However, sometimes hot cyclones invade the country. Therefore, at the same period in different years may record temperatures ranging from +30 ° C to -3 ° C.

Going on a trip at this time it is necessary to choose a hotel carefully, because not all establishments have central heating.

The resort Air/water temperature (°С)
December January February
Agadir 23/18 21/17 22/16
Casablanca 20/18 19/17 18/16
Mohammedia 19,5/18 18/17 18/16

So, when you go to Morocco, you should choose the time to travel according to your purpose. So, if you want to get acquainted with the culture of the region, you can go at any time from fall to spring, but the beach lovers are better to buy a trip in July – September.

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Weather and the seasons in Morocco

The weather in Morocco

Undecided when it is better to go to Morocco? Check the weather review by month. What the water and air temperature at sea resorts. Traveler’s reviews of vacations.

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When it’s best to vacation in Morocco

The beach season in Morocco lasts from April to October, when the water in the Atlantic Ocean is warm enough for swimming. The low season begins in November and ends in March. Many tourists come to Morocco to celebrate Christmas and New Year. In the cold season, sightseeing tourism, thalassotherapy and ski holidays in the Atlas Mountains are popular.

Weather in Morocco by month


Water and air temperature. In the middle of winter on the coast, the air temperature during the day +15. +18 ° C, and at night +7. +11°С. In the mainland it is a few degrees cooler. Sea is cool +16. +17 ° C, so tourists swim only in heated pools.

Weather conditions. Morocco has a desert climate, and the sun is always enough. There are 3 rainy days in January with only 44 mm of rainfall. Boat trips are usually not done because the ocean is choppy in winter.

Tourist reviews. In the low season in Morocco, it is better to rest for lovers of sights. Tourists like to walk around Casablanca and Marrakech, admire the buildings of Ait Benhaddou and go on excursions to the desert.

When to go on holiday in Morocco

The Great Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca is the largest mosque in Morocco and one of the largest in the world (Photo: / @fabiosbruun)


Water and air temperature. In February, the air temperature is +16. +21°C and sea water +16°C.

Weather conditions. The mild winter weather is ideal for quiet vacations by the sea and excursions. The amount of rainfall is less than in January – 33 mm. The proximity of the desert at nights cools down to +7. +12°С. You should take warm clothes and shoes!

Tourist feedback. In February, the ski season in Morocco continues. Holidaymakers speak well of the winter resort Ucaymeden, located in the High Atlas Mountains, 70 km from Marrakech.

Water and air temperature. In early spring it gets warmer. The air temperature is +19. +22 ° C during the day and +12. +14 ° C at night. Sea water is still cool +16. +17°С.

Weather conditions. In March there are 20 cloudless days. The nature is actively awakening. Rains are rare – the amount of precipitation does not exceed 45 mm.

Tourist feedback. Vacationers like the fact that there is not yet an influx of tourists. Visit Fes, go to the Nomadic Festival, watch the camel races and exciting Tuareg dances.

Weather in Morocco by Month

The work of tanners in the Dabbarrin bazaar in Fez (Photo: / @ibaxez)

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Water and air temperatures. In April, the thermometer rises to +20. +23°С. Water warms up to +18 ° C. It is still cool, but lovers of swimming are already swimming in the sea.

Weather conditions. Two-thirds of the month in Morocco, there are clear, cloudless days. Fruiting trees are in full bloom, while leaves are blossoming and green grass is emerging. Rainfall is not much.

Traveller reviews. Mid-Spring in Morocco – the transition from low to high season. The first half of the month is more suitable for sightseeing tourism, and the second – for beach holidays. According to feedback from tourists, with children in Morocco is better to rest later – in June or July, when the water in the Atlantic Ocean warms up to comfortable temperatures.

Water and air temperature. In late spring, Morocco is warm. The air temperature is +23 . +27 ° C. In Marrakech, the thermometer reaches up to +30 ° C. The sea water temperature is +19. +20°С.

Weather conditions. In May the orange orchards bloom. The daylight hours rise to 14 hours. Many sunny days – 24 and little rainfall – 16 mm.

Tourist reviews. High season in Morocco is coming into its rights. The number of tourists in Agadir, Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and El Jadida is growing every day, and tours are becoming more expensive. Tourists advise to visit the May Rose Festival in the town of El Kelaa M’Gouna.

Water temperature and air temperature by month

Taghazout beach in Agadir (Photo: / @louishansel)

Water and air temperature. Morocco’s beach season is in full swing in early summer. The air temperature is +24. +28°C and sea water +21. +22°С.

Weather conditions. At sea resorts is sunny and warm, and in the desert areas is hot. In a month there are no more than 7 cloudy days and no rain at all.

Tourist reviews. In June you can get a nice tan, go sailing and scuba diving. Don’t miss the three-day Cherry Festival in Sefrou and the Festival of Sacred Music and Culture in Fez.

Water and air temperature. In midsummer the daytime temperature is +26. +30°С. Sea water is very comfortable +22. 23°С. In Rabat and Tangier the sea is even warmer +24. +25°С.

Weather conditions. Sunny weather is good for beach activities, sea walks, water sports and excursions. In Marrakech and the desert it is hot – up to +37 ° C. It never rains.

Tourist reviews. July is the best time to vacation in Morocco with young children. The sea is well heated for bathing, no strong heat during the day, and at night it is warm +20. +22°С. The child will feel comfortable!

When to go on holidays in Morocco

Asila, Morocco (Photo: / @coopery)


Water and air temperature. It gets hot in Morocco in August. The air temperature rises to +29. +33 ° C and sea water temperatures reach +24. +25°С. Perfect conditions for long swims!

Weather conditions. The sun rarely hides behind the clouds. It does not rain. Vacationers spend a lot of time by the sea during the day, hiding from the scorching rays in the shady parks and hotels, and in the evenings go for a walk.

Tourist reviews. August is the month when most tourists come to Morocco. Dry sultry weather is enjoyed by all who can tolerate high temperatures well. Swimming in the sea is pleasant, but excursions to Fez and Marrakech are unlikely to be comfortable. It is so hot in the continental part of the country that it is easy to get heat stroke.

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Water and Air Temperatures. In September, the weather in Moroccan resorts is warm +26. +28°С. The temperature in Fez and Marrakech is +29. +30°С. The water is warm up to +22. +24°С. The sea in Tangier is warmer than +25°C.

Weather conditions. The beginning of autumn in North Africa is almost no different from summer. Strong winds are still ahead, so there are no storms.

Tourist feedback. In September, it is best to rest in Morocco. The beach season becomes more pleasant. Vacationers like the fact that there is no strong heat, you can swim, sunbathe, walk through the streets of ancient cities, go on excursions and boat trips.

When to go on holiday in Morocco

Taghazout beach in Agadir (Photo: / @louishansel)


Water and air temperature. The air temperature drops to +22. +24°C and sea water to +21. +22°С.

Weather conditions. In mid-autumn the weather is warm and moderately dry. The slight rains occur in the northern regions of the country, the amount of precipitation does not exceed 65 mm. If in September it is comfortable to swim and sunbathe at any seaside resort, in October a good holiday is not guaranteed everywhere. The warmest – on the shores of the Strait of Gibraltar in Tangier. According to tourists, a good holiday in Agadir. In Casablanca and Rabat, the sea water temperature no longer exceeds +20 ° C.

Tourist reviews. The velvet season in Morocco continues. From the middle of the month on the coast begins strong winds, so beach lovers are replaced by surfers.


Water and air temperature. In November, the air and water temperatures are the same +17. +19°С.

Weather conditions. Daylight hours are reduced to 10 hours. The number of sunny days decreases and there are more rainy ones. Windy weather pleases fans of windsurfing and kitesurfing. From the sea walks will have to give up.

Tourist reviews. Bathing season in Morocco is behind, and tourists switch to excursions and recreation. Many enjoy the hydromassage, algae therapy and other procedures offered in the thalassotherapy centers in the hotels of Casablanca, Fez and Agadir.

Morocco holiday season

Taghazout is a quiet resort in Morocco. Tourists say it is quiet and peaceful at night (Photo: / @louishansel)


Water and air temperature. December is already cool by African standards. The air temperature is +16. +19°C and sea water +16. +17°С. Marrakech and Agadir are a little warmer.

Weather conditions. At night, the thermometer goes down to +8. At night the thermometer goes down to +8-10 ° C and the weather gets cooler on the coast. Warm jackets are a must! The heaviest rainfall is in Tangier – 130 mm.

What tourists say. In December, people come to Morocco not for a beach holiday. Tourists enjoy traveling around the country, get acquainted with the culture of the locals and try the delicious dishes of traditional Maghreb cuisine.

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