Best time to go to Lyon, France

When is the best time to travel to France

France has a Mediterranean climate, and each part of the country experiences all 4 seasons. Depending on whether you’re in the south or north regions, you may expect warm or hot summer or cold or chilly winter.

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When to go to France

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When to fly to France

Best time to come to France for sightseeing If you want to avoid the crowds of tourists and enjoy pleasant warm weather, come in May and September. At this time will be crowded only in Paris. However, large lines for attractions, and attractions you will find at any time of year . Paris is less crowded only in early March and late October.

The best time for a beach holiday in France

In France the water gets warm only from June to September, at the same time on the beaches a lot of tourists . The most suitable time for a trip is the middle of September. The weather is still warm, the sun is shining, the sea has not had time to cool, and family tourists with children dispersed to their homes. You can sunbathe from April to October, but the sea in these months will be cool.

The best time to taste wine in France

To taste wine and avoid the crowds of tourists come in May and June. In September and October, there are many more travelers who want to touch the wine industry. But this time is usually good weather and you can watch the harvest.

Best time for shopping

In most European countries, and France is no exception, all major sales are held twice a year: in winter and summer. The best time for shopaholics: from mid-January to mid-February and from late June to mid-August. During the summer season there are a lot of tourists, and in winter there are more pleasant hotel prices.

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When to go to France

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Seasons in France

High tourist season (mid-June to August and mid-December to early January)

The summer months and the period of Christmas and New Year vacations in France, as well as in any other European country is the most popular time of the year for tourists. During this time in France is sunny, but very crowded. During this time the longest lines and high prices. In Paris, the high season lasts longer, and prices for hotels and accommodation go up from April to October.

In-season (April to mid-June, September and October)

If you’re not interested in Paris, the off-season is the best time to travel to France. There are fewer crowds of tourists, the weather is pleasant, and most hotels offer discounts. For Paris, the off-season is the time from late February to March and from mid-October to mid-November. During this time the French capital is quieter.

Low season (from November to March, except for the period of winter holidays)

In the low season, you’ll get a chance to see how ordinary French people really live before their cities are besieged by curious travelers. True, the weather at this time leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re heading to the north, take some warm clothes with you. But Paris is beautiful under a blanket of snow. In the south, get a mix of clothes for warm sunny days and cool nights.

Weather in regions of France

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Helpful tips

If you go during the school vacations, you’ll encounter far fewer lines at museums and near national attractions. School students vacation in July and August, 2 weeks at Christmas, 2 weeks in February, and 2 weeks in April.

Paris is almost empty in the last 2 weeks of August. Many go on vacation to the azure coast or the countryside. It’s the same situation in other cities.

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How lucky you are with the weather depends on the chosen region of the country. Despite the fact that France is a large country, almost all of France is dominated by a temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winters, except for Alsace and the Alps region. Brittany leads in terms of rainfall, which averages 200 days per year. The south of France is comfortable all year round. Rain tends to fall in spring and fall, while summer is dry. In the south, a cold, dry Mistral wind rages from time to time.

Festivals and holidays are everywhere in France. Food and wine play a major role. In the spring, when the weather gets warmer, the festivities spill out into the streets. Summer is the start of the long holiday season with beaches, campsites, and country hotels. Every village and every small town has a festival with music and food. The wine regions are most interesting to visit in the fall. In winter, ski resorts in France are especially popular . Christmas is a special magical time in France with traditional fairs and shows.

We figured out when it is better to go on vacation in France. I hope you were able to decide on the dates of your trip. Write all your questions and comments in the comments. I wish you a happy journey!

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