Best resorts in Greece

Cities and resorts in Greece, where to vacation best

Greece is an amazing country where everything breathes with history. At the same time it is a great place for a vacation. The most beautiful landscapes, tourist cities, famous Greek islands are waiting for you. It remains to decide where to go – to the capital, to the sea or to the health resorts. It is difficult to choose, because the list of popular places is huge, and even a cursory review of resorts can be confusing.

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Choosing the resort

On the world map, the country occupies the south of the Balkan Peninsula. But there is also an island Greece, where tourists are waiting for the best resorts. Five seas washes along the coast of Greece.

In the west splashes bright blue, very deep Ionian Sea. The most famous resorts are located on the islands of Corfu, Lefkas, Ithaca and Kefalonia.

Description of beaches:

  • The coastline is highly indented;
  • The coastline – the rocks, stones;
  • The coverage is mainly pebble;
  • Feedback from tourists suggest that for a family vacation to choose a closed bay with sand and a gentle way into the sea.

The Mediterranean Sea – warm, salty, washes the southern coast and the islands of Crete, Faliraki, Kalifa. The description of the resorts:

  • The tides are low;
  • The beaches are sandy and ideal for children;
  • Fishing, boat trips, diving, windsurfing are popular.

sea greek shore port ship

© Nick Karvounis / / CC BY 2.0

The Libyan Sea separates the island of Crete from the African continent. Although this is the south of Greece, which has the warmest climate, it’s not the best place to swim. Description of the beaches:

  • The cliffs come up to the water;
  • The shore is pebbly and rocky;
  • Underground springs near the sea greatly cool the water.

Beach holidays in the Cretan Sea is good, but the weather makes adjustments. Tourist reviews mention strong sea currents and abrupt weather changes.

The Aegean Sea islands have high ratings. Adherents of water sports like to rest here. Tourists come to the resort towns of Rhodes, the islands of Kos, Lesvos, Mykonos, Lefkada, Paros. Divers will love the resort of Santorini with its shipwrecks.

Let’s look at the top resorts for which the islands of Greece are so famous.

Crete beach beach umbrella shore sea sand

© Camille / Kmile / / CC BY 2.0

Ancient myths and legends come alive in southern Greece, and the islands can be traveled for a lifetime. Here are the best resorts in Greece for vacations with children. The largest is the island of Crete, the cities have divided it into 4 areas:

    – The capital of Crete, the birthplace of Hercules, one of the popular resorts on the Mediterranean Sea. Ancient city with cozy streets, green boulevards, noisy squares, where life is bustling day and night. A beautiful view opens up from the walls of the ancient fortress. Nearby is the palace of Knossos, where the fierce Minotaur sacrificed. The best beaches are awarded with a Blue Flag. There is an international airport.
  1. Rethymnon is a beautiful white and blue city, reminiscent of ancient Byzantium. Within walking distance are the Samaria Gorge, the lagoon of Balos. A resort with sandy beaches for children and secluded bays. You can get here by bus or cab from Heraklion.
  2. Chania is a resort for economy tourists, the cheapest in Crete. There is no exhausting heat, and the sea is cooler. There are not many tourists and visitors are happy with the prices in local restaurants and cheap hotel rooms. Many hotels occupy historical buildings. There is an airport.
  3. Lassithi is a city in a picturesque plateau with orchards and olive groves. There are 86 beaches along the coast, one after the other. Other places of interest are the cave of Zeus, the palace of Zakros, the church of Our Lady of Kerah with frescos and a miraculous icon (14th century).

The resorts of Crete are connected by highways, bus service and port. In order not to get lost, you will need a map with the resorts.

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rhodes coast sea green wave

© Chris Unger / / CC BY 2.0

Rhodes resorts are beloved by lovers of the fun lifestyle. Hotels in Rhodes host daily beach parties and mini-football matches during the day.

The island is the best youth resorts in Greece with a wild nightlife, concerts right on the beaches, amusement and water parks.

The most youthful of them is Faliraki. When the sun goes down the town becomes a huge open-air nightclub. But during the day there are a lot of entertainments for young people – surfing, sailing, parachuting.

There are thermal resorts in Rhodes, well suited for family vacations. One of them is Kalifa. Thermae in this area have existed since ancient times. Now they have been restored and are open to visitors. In addition to the springs, here are the most beautiful scenery, reigns silence and tranquility.

Greek resorts on the Aegean coast – Ixia and Yalissos are favorite places for masters of windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing. The wind and waves create ideal conditions for athletes.

Rhodes has its own international airport, and any resort is easily accessible by bus or cab.

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Celebrities and non-poor tourists also like to rest by the sea, and choose the south of Greece – the prestigious expensive resort of Mykonos. Businessmen, politicians, socialites and paparazzi come here by plane or ferry.

A wonderful panorama opens up from the sea: snow-white buildings, golden-haired churches, windmills and the best beaches in the country. The mild, dry climate allows you to enjoy luxury all year round.

The resort is famous for its loose morals and vibrant nightlife. If you want, you can rest on an all-inclusive system.

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santorini city architecture

© Henry Lim / / CC BY 2.0

The farthest south of Greece is the island of Santorini or Thira. Its calling card is the cityscape with its white houses and blue roofs. Indeed, all cities in Santorini are lined with the same color scheme.

The archipelago was formed 3500 years ago by volcanic eruptions. In memory of the ancient catastrophe left the colorful beaches. Each city on the island of Santorini is unique precisely because of the color of its beaches: black, red, golden and white as snow.

    – The capital of the island;
  • Ia – the white city of Santorini;
  • Pyrgos – a medieval village;
  • Kamari – inexpensive hotels for a budget holiday.

The hottest months are July and August (up to 37 °). You can get there by plane or by ferry.

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Popular resorts await tourists on the island of Corfu. The best month to travel is May. In spring, the island is bursting with flowers, everything around is fragrant. The heat is not yet, but you can already swim. Nature is fantastically beautiful – the turquoise Ionian Sea, underwater caves, picturesque cliffs, secluded sandy bays.

Do not know which city to go to? Take your pick:

    – Youth vacation, inexpensive hotels; and Messongi – for families and older tourists; – waves, rocks, coves;
  • Kommeno – rich and expensive;
  • Lefkimi – silence and complete relaxation.

The island has an airport, but you can swim from the mainland by ferry.

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Zakynthos hotel forest water

© Mihail Minkov / / CC BY 2.0

I call the island of Zakynthos the luxurious flower of the Mediterranean. Between the mountain ranges stretches an emerald valley and on the coast there are resorts with sandy beaches. The air is full of aromas of pine, citrus fruits and grapes.

There are Blue Caves, a nature reserve, a temple of St. Dionysius, churches and monasteries. You can get here by ferry.

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Attica, Athens

attika athens temple architecture

© Josiah Lewis / / CC BY 2.0

Southern Greece is the name of the mainland, which includes Attica and the Peloponnese. Mainland Greece is famous for its mild climate, olive groves and vineyards. Even in early spring it is a couple of degrees warmer than the coast.

When describing the resorts of Attica, they mean the region centered in Athens. If you’re arriving on the mainland, your plane is likely to land in the capital.

Athens is both the oldest city in the world with 1000 years of history and a modern metropolis. You can visit the sights familiar from school lessons: the Parthenon, the theater of Dionysus, the temples of Athens-Nica, the Erechtheion. The capital of Greece is rich in museums, galleries and theaters. There are interesting entertainment for tourists with children: a zoo, a planetarium, a museum of children’s art.

The climate is ideal for a beach holiday, the season lasts from May to October. The beaches, sandy and pebbly, are within the city limits.

The surrounding area is also in demand:

  1. resorts near Athens: Kifisia, Faliro, Voura, Glyfada;
  2. The thermal spas on the coast of Athens on the shores of Lake Vouliagmeni;
  3. The port city of Piraeus near Athens (10 km);
  4. Thebes – birthplace of Hercules, 52 km by road;
  5. Argos – an ancient city with 2,000 years of history, 96 km from Athens.

Mainland Greece is rich in ancient monuments. Small towns were once important administrative and commercial centers. In the south of the Peloponnese there is ancient Sparta. From Athens can be reached by bus in 3 hours. The closest city is Tripoli, the travel time from the center is 45 minutes.

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Loutraki is a picturesque village near Corinth Bay. It’s a great place for balneological resorts, where patients come to undergo a course of medical procedures. The largest casino in the Balkans adds variety to the rest.

Among the antique monuments there is the sanctuary of Hera. And at an altitude of 1000 m stands the convent of St. Potapia.

The distance to Athens is 84 km, there are buses.

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Thessaloniki architecture sea view

© Dragos Gontariu / / CC BY 2.0

The north of the country is no less popular. Describing the resorts of the Greek mainland, we can not fail to mention Macedonia and its capital. Thessaloniki is the second largest city in northern Greece. People come here for sightseeing, shopping and entertainment. You can swim outside the city. The port city is not well suited for beach holidays.

But you can visit the White Tower, the tomb of Galerius, the Roman Forum, and museums. In addition to this – an amusement park, fur coat stores, cafes and taverns, nightclubs and other hangouts for young people.

Resorts and tourist towns near Thessaloniki:

  1. Katerini village, 68 km along the highway, shallow and warm sea. – Ancient home of the gods. At 20 km splashing Aegean Sea. Olympia on the map is located 100 km west of Thessaloniki.
  2. City of Larissa – the birthplace of Achilles with fountains, temples and sculptures. The city is more than 4 thousand years old. Larissa on the map is located 120 km from Thessaloniki.

If you drive another 68 km to the west, you’ll find the soaring monasteries of Meteora and resorts nearby – Kalambaka, Kastraki. Here, you can spend the night.


Greece beach beach rocks

© Andrei Kudrin / / CC BY 2.0

The peninsula on the Aegean Sea is the best place to stay for couples and parents with children. The main advantage of Halkidiki is that storms are extremely rare and the sea is very calm.

Northern Greece has a measured and unhurried rest. Wander through the ancient ruins, go to the Archaeological Museum. Nearby rises the famous Mount Athos with hermitages and monasteries. There are thermal spas on the coast, and in the mountains there are caves with traces of ancient people.

The nearest airport is located 100 km. From there you can take a bus to the desired resort.

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Resorts in Greece give you not only azure beaches and fantastic scenery. You will be transported to the distant past and touch the secrets of ancient civilizations.

The 7 best resorts in Greece

Where to have a rest in Greece

The best resorts for a holiday at sea in Greece. When to go swimming and where inexpensive? Places preferred by parents with children, elderly tourists, young people and excursion lovers.

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The largest Greek island and one of the largest islands of the Mediterranean Sea is located south of the other resorts in this country. It has mountain landscapes, sandy beaches and cozy villages. See a comparison of Crete with other popular islands for vacationing: Rhodes and Corfu.

Who is suitable for . Crete is known around the world and is very popular for holidays at sea in Greece. The resorts on the island are good for parents with children, youth groups and romantic holidays for two.

The best places. For a vacation at sea in Greece in Crete, tourists choose Elounda, Rethymno, Chania, Agios Nikolaos, Hersonissos. Read about the best resorts in Crete and the best sandy beaches.

Prices . In high season, a tour from Moscow for two costs from 48000 ₽. See how much a vacation in Crete costs.

Pros and cons . Crete is guaranteed a great beach holiday by the sea, ancient sights, medieval monuments, developed infrastructure and modern entertainment centers. In July and August there is a real heat. Take a look at the reviews of tourists about Crete.

Where to have a rest in Greece

Beach Shaitan Limania (Devil’s Harbor) in Crete. Photo: anastosKol / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license.


The northernmost of the Greek islands is famous for its lush vegetation, rocky mountains and hilly coastline.

Who is suitable . Corfu suits everyone who likes a comfortable holiday at sea in Greece. This island is not as hot as the south of the country. To Corfu with pleasure go wealthy tourists, elderly travelers and parents with children.

The best places. Tourists like Barbati, Kalami, Paleokastritsa, Dassia, Agios Gordios. Young people choose Kavos and Sidari.

Prices . Tours from Moscow for two people cost from 60,000 ₽.

Pros and cons . Corfu is known for its mild climate, excellent beaches and luxury hotels. The minus is that on the coast you can get mosquitoes. Read tourist reviews about Corfu.

Which resort should I choose in Greece?

Porto Timoni beach, Corfu. Photo: / @chriskaridis.

The island is part of the Dodecanese archipelago.

Who suits . Kos is one of the best islands to vacation at sea in Greece. Honeymooners, retirees and families with children come to the picturesque coast.

The best places. Tourists prefer Kamari, Kardamena, Psalidi, Tigaki, Marmari, Mastikhari.

Prices . Now, during the pandemic, tours for two from Moscow cost from ₽80,000. Although they used to be sold at half the price, and it was one of the most inexpensive holiday options on the Aegean Sea in Greece. Hopefully, soon the tourist traffic will increase and prices will come down again.

Pros and cons . Paradise is famous for beaches with clean sand, good ecology and beautiful natural landscapes. True, there are few attractions. See reviews of holidays on Kos.

The best resorts in Greece

The beach on Kos. Photo: samchills /


The summer resort island is the southernmost of the islands of the Ionian archipelago.

Who suits . Zakynthos reeks of rosemary and the smell of pine trees. Here the youth and connoisseurs of ecological tourism have a rest. The clearest sea water and rugged coastline have turned the island into a mecca for fans of scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports. Learn more about holidays in Zakynthos.

Best places. For a vacation at sea in Greece, tourists choose the resorts of Laganas, Tsivili, Alikes, Kalamaki, Vasilikos, Argassi.

Prices . In the past, tours for two from Moscow cost from 50,000 ₽, but during the pandemic, the cost of tours jumped by half! We are waiting for the restoration of normal prices.

Pluses and minuses . People come to Zakynthos for a relaxing vacation, picturesque bays and azure sea. There are some historical and architectural sights, but much less than on Crete or Rhodes.

Holidays at sea in Greece

Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach), Zakynthos. Photo: / @lloydaleveque.

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The trident peninsula, which lies in the north of the country, is home to several popular resorts and the world-famous Christian center of Saint Athos.

Who Suits . The resorts of Halkidiki are versatile. They appeal to beach lovers, sightseeing tourists, parents with children and young people. If you’re planning a family vacation, check out the 10 best hotels for vacations with kids.

The best places. Developed infrastructure on Sithonia and Kassandra. The beaches of Agios Ioannis, Agios Nikolas, Kriaritsi, Lagomandra, Porto Carras and others are good.

Prices . Tours from Moscow for two people cost from 52000 ₽.

Pros and cons . Halkidiki in Greece guarantees a pleasant vacation at sea, excellent hotels and interesting excursions. Among the main disadvantages are the long transfers from Thessaloniki and little entertainment for young people. Read tourists’ reviews of the resort.

Prices for your holiday at sea in Greece

Vourvourou beach in Sithonia. Photo: vverve /


The most famous tourist center in the south of the country lies on the shore of the Corinthian Gulf of the Ionian Sea.

Who is suitable for . If you haven’t decided where to vacation in Greece, choose Loutraki! The spa resort satisfies all needs. It is liked by families with children, elderly tourists and those who want to combine vacation by the sea in Greece with treatment. See reviews of Loutraki.

Prices . Tours from Moscow for two people cost from 72000 ₽.

Pros and cons . Loutraki is loved for its proximity to Athens, healing radon water, clean sea and good pebble beaches. The main drawback of the resort – for children’s entertainment you have to go to Corinth and Thessaloniki.

Where to rest on the sea in Greece

A view of the city. Photo: / Natalia Semenova.


The largest island of the Dodecanese archipelago lies 25 miles off the coast of Turkey.

Who is suitable for . Rhodes is a great option for a vacation at sea in Greece. Parents with children, older tourists and connoisseurs of excursions like the island. On the west coast excellent conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Learn more about holidays in Rhodes.

Best places. Sandy beaches in Faliraki and Kalifa, pebbly or sandy-pebbly beaches in Ixia, Ialysos and Lindos. See the best beaches in Rhodes.

Prices . Tours for two from Moscow cost from ₽48,000. In 2022, this is the most budget-friendly option for a vacation at sea in Greece!

Pros and cons . Coastal breezes constantly blow on the island, so the summer heat is easier to bear. Rhodes attracts with a beautiful sea and a quiet rest. The disadvantages are few sandy beaches and forests.

Prices for seaside holidays in Greece

Tsambika beach in Rhodes. Photo: Amaniero /

Map of resorts in Greece

Where to have an inexpensive vacation in Greece in 2022

The most expensive holiday is on Mykonos and Corfu. Lower prices for a vacation at sea in Greece – in coastal towns and villages that are located near airports. In 2022 there are inexpensive tours to Rhodes, Crete and Halkidiki.

Where to have a rest in Greece

Greece is not only a great vacation at sea, but a lot of interesting ancient places. Fans of pilgrimage tours like Halkidiki . There is Holy Mount Athos and the ancient temples. In Halkidiki it is convenient to go to the famous monastery of Meteora.

Holidays at sea in Crete will allow you to see a lot of historical and natural places in Greece: the palaces of Knossos and Phaistos, the Labyrinth of Minotaur, the picturesque caves and the largest gorge of Samaria in Europe. The island has an ancient town Gortina, medieval fortresses and monasteries.

If you have chosen Corfu, you can see ancient cathedrals, the fortress of Angelokastro, the palace of Achilleion and the cliffs of Peroulades. Visit the island’s capital and see the architectural sights of Corfu.

Where is the warmer sea in Greece?

Rhodes Fortress. Photo: PublicDomainPictures /

Rhodes has many ancient and medieval buildings – the Acropolis, the Old Town, the Rhodes Fortress, one of the oldest cities in the country – Kamiros, the Mandraki Harbor, the Grandmasters’ Palace and the Tsambika Monastery. Excursions to the Valley of Butterflies, Rodini Landscape Park and the Valley of Seven Springs are popular among the resorts.

On the birthplace of Hippocrates, Kos island, see the 4th century BC archaeological monument Asclepeion, the ancient Agora, the fortress of the Johnites and the Venetian fortress of Antimachia.

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During your vacation in Zakynthos, visit the Blue Caves, the temples of Dionysios and St. Nicholas Mola, the Monastery of Our Lady of Anathonitria, the Monastery of the Transfiguration and the stone park of Askos.

From Loutraki go to St. Potapios Monastery, Lake Vouliagmeni and the sanctuary of Hera in Perahora.

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Holidays at sea in Greece

Blue Caves on Zakynthos. Photo: / @maxvdo.

Where to go on vacation with kids in Greece

Places where it is best to vacation with children in Greece, there are both on the islands and on the mainland. Parents with babies stay in Corfu, Peloponnesus, the resorts of Sithonia and Kassandra in Halkidiki. There are excellent beaches and hotels with children’s infrastructure.

For a holiday at sea in Greece with a child of school age, we recommend resorts in Crete and Rhodes. Go on excursions with children, to water parks and amusement centers.

Holidays by the sea in Greece

Balos beach in Crete. Photo: stefanlanghp1 /

The best resorts in Greece for young people

Where is the best place to rest in Greece for lovers of noisy discos and parties? Young people like the Cretan resorts of Malia, Hersonissos, Chania, Agia Marina and Platanias.

There are entertainment centers and bars in Mykonos. The youth are attracted by the resorts of Vouliagmeni and Glyfada, which are located near Athens, and the place Kalithea in Halkidiki.

Fans of diving and snorkeling know the best places to relax in Greece at sea. They willingly come to the resorts of Rhodes, the west coast of Crete, the islands of Thassos, Samos and Lesvos. Fans of windsurfing and kitesurfing choose Crete, Rhodes, Karpathos, Kos, Mykonos, Paros, Lefkada, Naxos and Ios.

Where to rest on the sea in Greece

Windsurfers on the beach in Kos. Photo: samchills /

Resorts in Greece for the elderly

Where is the best place to vacation in Greece for the elderly? Older travelers love small resort towns by the sea that have comfortable beaches, restaurants, cafes and parks.

Resorts where you can have a good vacation in Greece in 2022 are on the mainland and the islands. These are Thessaloniki, Peloponnesus and the Cretan town of Rethymno. Older tourists like the spa resort of Loutraki. It is located 80 km from Athens and is known for its healing radon springs. In these places will please those who value silence, beautiful nature, and a quiet holiday.

For a leisurely vacation by the sea in Greece, Corfu is a nice place to visit. In the past only wealthy tourists came here, but now the island has enough budget hotels and apartments.

Best places for seaside vacations in Greece

Quiet hotel Corfu Maris in Corfu. Photo: / Corfu Maris.

When to go on vacation at sea in Greece

The country’s seaside resorts lie in the Mediterranean subtropical zone. Although the tourist season starts in April, the sea is still cool. By late spring, the temperature rises to a comfortable +20 … +22 ° C.

Where to vacation in Greece in May? Those who come to the sea with children, stay at the resorts of Crete or Rhodes. The sea is warmer there.

In June at the Greek resorts a lot of tourists gather, and in July and August the beaches are really crowded. At the height of the summer season the temperature rises above +33 … +35 ° C. The sea is very warm +25 … +27 ° C. Strong heat does not withstand everyone, so parents with children and older tourists are planning a vacation at sea in Greece in spring, early summer or autumn.

If you have not decided where to vacation in Greece in September, choose any favorite destination. The velvet season is beautiful everywhere! In autumn there is no heat. The heated sea cools down slowly. In September, the water is warm +24 ° C. The bathing season does not end until late October.

Where to go for seaside holidays in Greece

Santorini. Photo: @chollz /

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