Best Hotels in Egypt: Pyramids Park Resort 5*

Top 10 best hotels with a view of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt

Looking through the information about the best hotels in Egypt with a view of the pyramids of Giza, be sure to read the detailed description on the site to be aware of possible changes or additions to the services provided. You should also check the prices of the trip, because the cost of the tour may be different during the low and high season.

Where to book a hotel in Kira with a view of the pyramids of Egypt

Let’s figure out where to book a hotel in Cairo on your own

If you’re flying on vacation by yourself without a travel agent, it’s easy and simple to book a hotel on popular booking sites.

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Most tourists fly tours to Egypt. After the opening of air service is much more profitable than a week to look for tickets and book a hotel yourself. It is most advantageous to search and book tours online, through the Internet. So you can compare the cost of the tour at once for all tour operators on the same date. Plus it’s convenient. You can pay online and don’t have to go anywhere.

Best hotels with a view of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt

We’ve compiled a list of the best hotels closest to the pyramids that have a great view of the Giza pyramids.

Marriott Mena House Cairo

Marriott Mena House Hotel, Cairo

The Marriott Mena House Cairo is a five star hotel overlooking the pyramids.

Located in Cairo, the Marriott Hotel overlooking the pyramids is close to the Great Pyramids of Giza. The total hotel area is 16 hectares, and the hotel itself is located among a beautiful garden. The rooms have all the amenities, including private bathrooms, air conditioning (if it’s hot outside) and an LCD TV. Also available for guests are:

  • A “daily breakfast buffet,” which is served in the restaurant’s dining room overlooking the garden. For dinner, guests can order Italian cuisine.
  • The swimming pool, which is heated if necessary, is surrounded by the hotel’s own garden. For those wishing to sunbathe there is a separate special terrace.
  • The spa, different types of massage, fitness center, sauna and steam room and many other services including concierge services and the ability to change currency or withdraw cash from the ATM.

Следует сказать, что возле Marriott Mena House, Cairo располагаются основные достопримечательности Каира, это пирамиды Гизы (700 м), а также Большой Сфинкс (1,7 км.). Попасть на экскурсию можно к обозначенным историческим памятникам, приобретя билеты в Южной (или восточной) кассе. Забронировать отель ->>>

Hayat Pyramids View Hotel

Hayat Pyramids View Hotel

Beautiful views of the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Meekeren from Hayat Pyramids View Hotel

Hayat Hotel offers beautiful views of the city and directly to the pyramids of Giza. In addition to standard amenities, the rooms have a bathroom with shower, and some have a balcony.

In the morning time for the hotel guests is breakfast with dishes that are popular on different continents. In addition, it is possible to make orders for a dietary and children’s menu. It is also possible to visit the cafe and bar, which are located on the territory of the hotel. For hotel guests near the pyramids in Egypt are available:

  • free wi-fi in the rooms;
  • terrace, where you can safely sunbathe;
  • barbecue facilities (extra charge);
  • delivery of food and a variety of drinks in the room;
  • exchange office ATM.
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It should be said that the hotel provides for the possibility of active recreation, such as playing golf or going for a ride on horseback. But this kind of entertainment is paid, including tours For example, you can go on a tour on foot or by bike through the interesting local places.

В окрестностях Hayat находится много интересных мест, например неподалеку есть музей, Мечеть -аль-Хусейна. Но самой главной достопримечательностью являются Великие пирамиды Гизы и соответственно Большой сфинкс. Располагаются они от гостиницы всего 400-500 метров, можно сказать, что находятся пирамиды через дорогу. Купить билет для их посещения можно в южной кассе. Забронировать отель ->>>

Cleopatra pyramids view

Cleopatra Pyramids View Hotel

Cleopatra pyramids view is located next to the pyramids of Giza.

The Cleopatra Hotel provides comfortable accommodations for guests. Standard amenities include:

  • an LCD TV, connected to satellite TV;
  • a refrigerator, a hair dryer and a kettle;
  • whirlpool bath;
  • bathroom (separate) with a bidet;
  • delivery of various beverages and food to the room;
  • air conditioning, in case of heat.

There are 3 restaurants on the property, most of which offer continental dishes. There is also a café bar open to the public, which offers a wide range of drinks, some of them free, but there are also those that have to be paid for separately.

Одной из основных причин, почему посетителям нравится отдых в отеле Cleopatra pyramids view, помимо комфортных условий проживания, это его близкая расположенность к пирамидам Гизы и скульптуре Большого Сфинкса. При чем Сфинкс расположен всего в 80 метрах от гостиничной территории, и практически со всех номеров можно любоваться пейзажами величественными достопримечательностями. То есть стоит отель напротив пирамид в Египте. До пирамид Гизы почти 1 километр. Приобрести билет на осмотр исторических сооружений можно на входе в южной кассе. Забронировать отель ->>>


Happiness Hotel

Happiness Hotel near the pyramids of Giza

The hotel complex is located in Cairo, but it is close enough to major attractions such as the pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. For example, the hotel is only 700 meters from the Sphinx and about 1.6 kilometers from the pyramids located in Giza. For guests are provided the following services:

  • Comfortable rooms with all amenities, including air conditioning.
  • Also guests can use free internet, but only in their rooms, not on the territory of the guest complex.
  • For children there is a playground and a beautiful garden.
  • You can have lunch, dinner and breakfast at a restaurant, which is located 300 meters from the complex or cook your own food, for this there is a common kitchen. Also you can order food and drinks directly to your room.

As for entertainment, it is possible to ride a horse, but such a ride is not included in the room price, so it is paid separately. There is a picnic area, garden furniture in the shady parts of the garden and a private terrace.

Следует добавить, что гостевой комплекс Happiness находится неподалеку Большого Сфинкса и вход на территорию достопримечательностей, в том числе и пирамид Гизе доступен со стороны южных касс, где и можно приобрести билеты. Забронировать отель ->>>

Panorama Pyramids Inn

Panorama Pyramids Inn

Watch the nightly light show on the pyramids of Egypt from the terrace of the Panorama Pyramids Inn

Kibbutz Eilon in northern Israel - a great place for family vacations

Panorama Pyramids Inn is a hostel in Cairo that has its own restaurant as well as a small bar overlooking the beautiful garden. The rooms have all the necessary furniture and facilities for a comfortable stay, and the hostel has terraces where you can sunbathe. There is a breakfast for guests in the morning, which serves international dishes, but it is possible to order from a specific menu. Room service with food and beverage delivery is available if desired. For those who want to spend an active holiday, the hostel organizes:

  • excursions; it is possible to take a bicycle ride;
  • presentations about local culture;
  • live music and song performances;
  • live broadcasts of sporting events;
  • theme nights;
  • trips to the water park.

Также можно отправится на прогулку верхом на лошади, но этот вид развлечений предусматривает отдельную оплату. Кроме предлагаемой развлекательной программы непосредственно администрацией хостела, постояльцы могут отправиться к главным достопримечательностям Каира. Возле Panorama Pyramids Inn находятся Большой Сфинкс, до него всего 300 метров и великие пирамиды Гизы. К ним расстояние составляет 1,2 километра. Вход на территорию достопримечательностей расположен в стороне южных касс. Забронировать отель ->>>

Egypt pyramids inn

Egypt pyramids inn

Egypt pyramids inn is suitable for beautiful panoramic photos with the Giza pyramids as a backdrop

The Egypt pyramids inn provides guests with cozy rooms with necessary furniture, TV with satellite channels. There is free internet access. All rooms have an equipped bathroom with a whirlpool tub. For guests:

  • A buffet breakfast is provided;
  • you can order drinks and food to the room;
  • there is a restaurant and coffee bar;
  • A menu specially designed for children is possible only at extra charge.

There is a tour desk at the mini-hotel, which provides the opportunity to arrange excursions, but they are paid.

Самостоятельно постояльцы могут отправиться на ознакомление с историческими памятниками Египта. Возле мини-гостинице Egypt pyramids в 300 метрах возвышается Большой Сфинкс, а пирамиды Гизы располагаются на расстоянии 800 метров. Также можно посетить Египетский музей, площадь Тахрир, они в 12 километрах от мини-гостиницы. Забронировать отель ->>>

Pyramids Planet Hotel

Pyramids Planet Hotel

There’s nothing better than having breakfast with a view of the pyramids at the Pyramids Planet Hotel

The Pyramids Planet Hotel is a Cairo-based hotel located in the Giza area of Cairo, known for its landmarks. The Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx are located right there. From the hotel room you can enjoy a panoramic view of the historical monuments. You can also go on a tour to them, the distance to the pyramids is just over 3 kilometers (3.3 km).

There is an opportunity for guests to spend relaxation on a specially arranged terrace. You can also:

  • cook their own food, there is a common kitchen;
  • Have breakfast at the hotel;
  • Order groceries or a full meal in the room;
  • If necessary, exchange currencies;
  • use the outdoor fireplace, rest on garden furniture;
  • sunbathing on the separately located terrace.
  • Visit excursions offered by the hotel.

Расположение гостиницы предоставляет возможность побывать в Египетском музее и на площади Тахрир. И самыми главными из достопримечательностей из-за, которых люди приезжают в отель Pyramids Planet это Большой Сфинкс и пирамиды Гизы. Это отель с видом на пирамиды в Египте, которые можно не только увидите из окна или террасы, а и сходить на экскурсию, поскольку располагаются достопримечательности очень близко. Купить билет к пирамидам можно в южной кассе. Забронировать отель ->>>

Pyramids Hills Inn

Pyramids Hills Inn

Tourists admire sunsets and sunrises over the pyramids of Giza on the terrace of the Pyramids Hills Inn

The lava lakes of the world

The Pyramids Hills Inn provides guests with all the comforts of home. For example, there is air conditioning, television, private bathroom, kettle and coffee maker. It is also possible to use;

  • free Internet;
  • order in-room food and beverages, such as breakfast;
  • exchange money, if required.

There is also a terrace for guests to relax and sunbathe. In addition, there is an opportunity to go on biking and hiking tours or horseback riding.

In terms of food, then the hotel has a coffee shop, snack bar, you can order special dietary and children’s menu. It should be said that fruit, as well as cookies and chocolates are paid separately. It should be added that Internet is available only within the hotel and it’s free to use.

Бронирование номеров в отеле Pyramids Hills Inn связано не только из-за возможности приятно провести время, а и посетить главные достопримечательности Каира, это Большой Сфинкс и пирамиды Гизы. Располагаются они в пределах 1 километра и пройти на их территорию можно, приобретя билеты в южной кассе. Забронировать отель ->>>

Giza Pyramids View Inn

Giza Pyramids View Inn

Panoramic view from the window of the Giza Pyramids View Inn

Giza Pyramids View Inn is a bed and breakfast hotel. Guests can take advantage of all services, such as for visitors are available:

  • common lounge;
  • bar;
  • free Internet;
  • A communal kitchen where you can prepare your own meals;
  • a la carte or continental breakfast;
  • ATM and currency exchange;
  • possibility of ordering a dietary and children’s menu;
  • order of food and beverages directly to the room;
  • delivery of food (for a fee).

You can also visit the on-site coffee shop, spend time relaxing in the shady corners of the hotel and on the special terrace, and sunbathing, in the designated area.

Для любителей активного отдыха предусмотрены некоторые виды экскурсий пешком или на велосипеде. Есть возможность посетить презентации, касающиеся местной культуры. Но самой главной причиной, по которой люди приезжают для отдыха в отель Giza Pyramids View Inn, это близкое его расположение к пирамидам Гизы (900 метров) и к Большому Сфинксу, до него 400 метров. Для посещения следует приобрести билеты, продаются они в южной кассе. Также в округе есть много других достопримечательностей. Считается что этот отель в Египте ближе всего к пирамидам. Забронировать отель ->>>

Elite Pyramids Boutique Hotel

Elite Pyramids Boutique Hotel

Elite Pyramids Boutique Hotel near the Pyramids of Egypt

The Elite Pyramids is a boutique hotel with its own bar and restaurant. It has a terrace and a shared lounge. In addition, the hotel offers comfortable rooms with all the amenities you need. The guests can use:

  • refrigerator;
  • TV with satellite channels;
  • Internet (free);
  • delivery of food and beverages to the room;
  • currency exchange point;
  • air conditioning;
  • heating, if the reservation was made in the cold season; a separate bathroom with shower.

The hotel offers guests a daily breakfast, which includes continental dishes. You can also go to the bar and snack bar, and there are specially designed terraces for sunbathing and relaxing in the shade.

Поселение в бутик-отель Elite Pyramids в большинстве случаев планируется из-за возможности, как можно ближе находится к главным достопримечательностям Каира. От отеля до пирамиды Гизы всего 600 метров, а до Большого Сфинкса 1,1 километр. Приобрести билет на их посещение можно при входе у южных касс. Забронировать отель ->>>

All hotels with a view of the pyramids in Cairo on the map

It is easy to choose hotels by map. You can immediately see their location and understand how suitable the hotel is for you.

Picturesque Costa Rica.

To determine what the best hotels in Egypt overlooking the pyramids of Giza, you must certainly be familiar with the description of the information on the website and reviews of tourists who vacationed in them. As for the price of tours, their relevance must be clarified directly at the time of booking. Still keep in mind that in the high and low season ticket price can be substantially different.

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo

For Russian citizens a visa is obtained on arrival. The cost of 25 dollars per passport. When visiting Sharm El Sheikh, the visa is free, provided that do not leave the region, as the stamp is put “Sinai Only”.

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo 4*

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo 4*

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo Giza

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo Giza

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo Egypt

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo Egypt

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo Giza Egypt

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo Giza Egypt

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo 4* Giza

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo 4* Giza

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo 4* Egypt

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo 4* Egypt

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo 4* Giza Egypt

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo 4* Giza Egypt

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo photo

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo photo

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo Giza photo

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo Giza photo

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo Egypt photo

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo Egypt photo

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo Giza Egypt photo

Hotel tours


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Kids Infrastructure

Important and Useful Information

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Official hotel website

Hotel Description

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo, Giza, Egypt

Pyramids Park Resort Cairo 4* is a luxurious hotel located 17 km from Cairo International Airport. The ancient pyramids in the city of Giza are 3 km away, local museums and the center are 10 minutes away.

The complex has 470 rooms, 33 of which are duplex suites. Each suite has a furnished balcony, satellite TV, telephone, safe and a marble bathroom with a deep soaking tub. The hotel has 4 luxurious restaurants, two cafes, two bars and 6 banquet halls with total capacity of up to 600 people. Meals in restaurants are cooked à la carte. The guests are offered dishes of international cuisine, grill, barbecue, children’s and dietary menu, Italian culinary delights. A nice bonus is the “breakfast in the room” service.

We also have a gym, mini soccer, tennis courts, jogging track, wi-fi internet in rooms and public areas, a posh outdoor pool of 1750 square meters. Loungers and umbrellas by the pool are free. Holidays at Pyramids Park Resort Cairo will be an interesting adventure due to the abundance of entertainment, delicious and varied cuisine, fun animation and live music in the evenings.

Rating by reviews

Reviews about Pyramids Park Resort Cairo 4 stars, Giza, Egypt

Hotel: Pyramids Park Resort Cairo, Giza, Egypt, written by Maxim Date of publication: 2021-08-26 Review text: We had a good holiday, the hotel is quite beautiful, without any frills, and the lobby, in my opinion, was decorated with marble floors and very nice looking. We had a room with a king size bed and we were happy that we were offered a room with a good orthopedic mattress as I have problems with my back, so it was very important which mattress I have to sleep on and any bed will not work, only an orthopedic one. So with the sleeping and positioning there was no problem. We constantly swam in the pool, had fun with the animators, my wife constantly attended local events in the evening, which even had live music, while I went to the room, watched TV and dozed off. The hotel had no problems with the internet, in my opinion, wi-fi was catching everywhere. I was always in touch without losing sight of friends who were always asking how we rested there. We had a good rest, had a swim, had fun, saw fishes in the Red Sea, picked up local sweets for souvenirs on the way.

Where to go for a few days in Norway

Author Name: Daniel Date of publication: 2021-08-26 Hotel: Pyramids Park Resort Cairo , Giza, Egypt Review text: The huge pool caught my wife’s attention when we were still choosing which hotel in Egypt we wanted to go to. The local pool is a masterpiece, it is just gigantic in size, and next to it are massive palm trees with shaggy green branches. The pool is such an unusual shape, very original, in the middle as if the island and there are also deck chairs, you can sunbathe. We stayed in the room where we were staying and our room was very comfortable. The room that we checked in was comfortable and very comfortable, it was decorated in light yellow and gold color complemented by brown shades, looked beautiful and harmonious, quite interesting. The area of the hotel is spacious, with a lot of greenery and neatly trimmed bushes. The cuisine was varied, we liked the local dishes, grill and barbecue, my wife chose more of a diet menu as she has gastritis. Every time in the evening was the standard animation, disco. Before departure, went to a chic souvenir shop, which is located on the complex, chose souvenirs in memory of the rest. My wife on vacation had a headache, so the hotel even had a pharmacy, so the problems with the acquisition of pharmacology, we have not had. Rest normal, all clean, neat and accessible, and most importantly was fun.

Author Name: Athanasius Date of publication: 2021-08-26 Hotel: Pyramids Park Resort Cairo , Giza , Egypt Text of the review: I went away from civilization and chose this hotel because it is located outside the city. I originally did not want any noisy excursions, any travel. Just peace, food, sleep in a comfortable bed with orthopedic mattress. I chose a standard room, because I did not need more, and I did not want to overpay. I spent the whole vacation swimming in the pool, watching TV, and even managed to work, although I came on vacation. Well, that here wi-fi catch everywhere, I had to use the Internet to receive and send letters, correspond with business partners, quickly solve the situation at work. The food was on an average level, I like something more western, here basically the local Egyptian cuisine which is specific enough, but I tried to choose from the dietary menu not to damage the stomach, adhered to rather sparing ration. After lying down in the room, bathed in the pool, walked around the huge area, which was very beautiful, especially in the evening. The vast area of the hotel is decorated in Bedouin style. There are many buildings on the territory, all at an equal distance from each other, and do not clutter the view from the rooms. In the bathroom was always the necessary toiletries, but the room stock could already be a little refreshed. Although it was fine as it was. We had unlimited tea and coffee, excellent fresh pastries, lots of fruit and vegetables, every kind of preserves. I liked a variety of cereals, fried sausages and sausages were not bad. We had a nice stay at our hotel, not a 5 star hotel, but a 4 star hotel. I have nothing to complain about, but I can praise the staff, they do a great job, they know what they do, they are polite and quick to serve guests.

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