Beaches of Cyprus for recreation with children

The best beaches in South Cyprus for holidays with children


When it comes to Cyprus, my mind draws a picture of Bounty-style paradise – white sandy beaches and azure turquoise sea. And that’s what 99% of people think. The problem is that these fantasies are applicable only for a small part of the island, namely for two villages – Protaras and Ayia Napa. Yes, yes, not all of Cyprus is equally useful.

The best beaches in Cyprus for children

Going on a beach holiday with a child in Paphos or Larnaca, you will experience if not disappointment, then exactly bewilderment.

In Larnaca, for example, all the beaches are clay and dull, and there is an oil refinery. Paphos, though with a clear sea, but monotonously rocky. Well, and the beaches of Limassol I sincerely advise not to consider in principle.

Limassol is a tiny town, where even to live is not very cool. Imagine the territory of the Zavodsky district in Minsk. Imagine? And now put here 300 more factories than it is. That is, not 50, but 350 industrial facilities. Then nail the sea to the side, bring in clay sand, mix it with crushed stone, make a town as a municipal unit, and name it Limassol. Do you want to relax on the coast of Zavodsky district?

What is common to the beaches of South Cyprus

All beaches in South Cyprus are municipal and belong to the municipality. Entrance to them is free and free of charge. For two beds plus an umbrella you will be asked 7,5 €. If you don’t want to pay every time for “a place in the sun”, buy a normal beach umbrella in the nearest store for 12-20 €.

Take notice of the warning flags which are put up by the lifeguards for your own safety:

  • red flag – you are not allowed in the water;
  • yellow flag – you are swimming under the care of the rescuers and if the signal sounds, get out of the water immediately;
  • green flag – similar to the traffic light, swim, dive, do what you want.

The best beaches in Protaras

The best beaches of Cyprus for recreation with children are in the village of Protaras. So decided Mother Nature. So says the whole world, and we are no exception.

First, there are very soft sand on the beach, and in the water. Secondly, crystal clear azure water. Thirdly, a decent and well-mannered public, consisting mainly of families with children, there is a small proportion of young and old. The beaches are similar to each other as twin brothers, but small differences still there.

Fig Tree Beach

In the photo it does not look so impressive. Yes, and in life at the sight of unearthly “beauty” you will not collapse.

But this is the most “plush” beach in Cyprus! It has the softest sand and the warmest water (especially true for April and May, when the sea is still cold in other parts of the island). Located in the bay of Fig tree. Ideal for children of any age, even for the kids, who are still not able to walk.

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Smooth and gentle entry to the incredibly clear water. So transparent that you can make out the grains of sand at the bottom. Breakwater in this case is a natural barrier in the form of an island in front. In 2012, Fig Tree Beach was cleaned up and all lounge chairs and umbrellas were replaced.


Fig Tree Beach.

Fig Tree Beach is entrenched at number 8 in Tripadvisor’s ranking of the 25 Best Beaches in Europe, and has been a Blue Flag recipient for many years.

The Blue Flag is an annual award of international level, administered by the non-profit Foundation for Environmental Education. It is awarded to beaches and marinas that have passed control on 27 points: for compliance with water quality standards, cleanliness, safety, environmental education.


Entrance to Fig Tree Beach. They take pictures of us, they take pictures of those who take pictures of us… Everyone takes pictures of each other!

The beach has restaurants, cafes, bars, showers, foot washes, water rides and lifeguards on duty.

Coordinates on the map: 35.012347, 34.059020

Cons: Very crowded regardless of the day of the week, time, and the addition of suns and moons. Also, be prepared for topless right, topless left – embarrassing children and bringing high moral values into the world is not accepted here.

Notes: You can get to the beach by car, cab or by bus (101, 102 from Paralimni and Ayia Napa). There are three parking lots, which are almost always full.

Pernera and Sunrise Beach

Not far from Fig Tree are two more beautiful beaches – Pernera and Sunrise, of course, marked with Blue Flag. It’s easier to find unawarded ones in Cyprus.

I combined Pernera and Sunrise Beach, because one flows seamlessly into the other.


We are at Pernera Beach.

The beaches are identical to the first one: same sand, same sea, same view. Lifeguards are on duty, there are showers and toilets. The only difference, perhaps, is that the infrastructure is more developed. There are entertainments for all ages and pirate ships always loom on the horizon.


First Line Hotels at Sunrise

Konnos Bay

Konnos Bay is the most beautiful bay of Protaras. Only to appreciate the scenery you have to go down the stairs and of course back up again. You have to go here without strollers, otherwise you will be tortured.


Konnos Bay

This was the very first beach in Cyprus that we saw, swam and sunbathed. Naturally, that squeaked with delight, as here cool, shallow, you can not fear for the kids and not to walk with them every second by the hand. True, we did not know that Protaras is as shallow as it is beautiful and there is no need to climb.

Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres.

Coordinates on the map: 34.984403, 34.070725

Notes: The sand in the bay is white and the water is emerald. When leaving the beach, don’t forget to visit Cape Kavo Greco! The infrastructure is underdeveloped: there are lifeguards, a couple of cafes. Despite this, there are always a lot of people here.

How to get there? By car, by cab or by 101, 102 buses from Ayia Napa and Paralimni.

The beaches of Paralimni

The beaches of Paralimni, of which there are three (Trinity and two wild ones, near Famagusta) are almost identical to Protaras beaches. But they are small, without infrastructure (not even toilets) and half-empty. So, you have to go here for privacy, but only on weekdays and only if you live/holiday here. On weekends, the Cypriots come here (a lot of Cypriots).

The best beaches in Cyprus: Ayia Napa

In Ayia Napa I will single out just two beaches. I do not include the famous Nissi Beach. All because the God-given wealth, a great place Nissi, was spoiled by people. There are cigarette butts in the snow-white sand, where young people, unburdened by morality and drunk from the night, are frolic.

Makronissos Beach

In our rating it is the best beach of Napa, but in the Tripadvisor rating it was not. But the polluted Nissi is on the 18th position of the European top.


Magnificent Makronissos

The sand on Makronissos is exactly the same as on Fig Tree, soft and enveloping, almost white. The bottom is shallow and the water is emerald. Due to the fact that the beach is at a distance from the village, there are no crowds like at any other beach in Ayia Napa.


Notes: There is a large free parking next to the beach.

Maistralli Beach

Another beach on the outskirts of Ayia Napa, but from the other side, where you can relax without the wild crowds. The beach got its name Maistralli because of a restaurant above it. On google maps it is called Glyki Nero Beach.


Maistralli Beach

Everything is the same as on the other beaches of Napa, only cleaner and freer. There is a restaurant on the hill, where you can have a nice and cheap lunch, while admiring the sea.

Notes: The only nedikogo beach, where we had no problems with parking at all. What’s more, our car was the only one outside the restaurant!

Do you have any favorite secret lagoons on the island? Don’t be greedy, share it with us. Perhaps the selection of the Best Beaches of Cyprus is missing exactly your option. Add the blog to your bookmarks. Sign up for updates. Always yours, team!

Top 5 beaches in Cyprus for holidays with children

We hope that in summer Cyprus will open its borders for Russians, because this island is perfect for holidays with children. Here it is easy to find a hotel that is suitable for families. Only we believe that it is also important to consider what part of the country it is located and what beach is nearby. After all, little travelers will want to spend a lot of time there.

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By experience, we found out which beaches in Cyprus are suitable for holidays with children. We hope this information will be useful to you.

Makronissos Beach

This free beach is the calling card of Ayia Napa. It has snow-white sand on the shore and clear water in the sea. The beach has all the conditions for a good time: thanks to the care of the clean water and the increased attention to safety it was awarded with the “Blue Flag”.

The beach can be divided into two zones: east and west. The first is more suitable for recreation with children, because there is a very comfortable entrance to the sea. All kinds of amenities are at your service: cabins for changing clothes, showers, toilets, drinking water fountains.

Tips for Makronissos beach:

  • You can bring your own beach mat and spread out with it on the beach, or you can rent a lounge chair – the cost is about 2.5 euros. On the receipt you will find the password for the wireless Internet. If you want to relax with maximum comfort, you can buy admission to the area, where there are sun beds and cushions. The ticket price (19 euros) includes fruit and a bottle of water.
  • If you want a snack, there is a bar next to the beach with sandwiches and cocktails. If you want a more substantial meal, order a full meal in a restaurant.
  • Remember that you can not only lie on the beach, but also have fun. Various kinds of entertainment are offered here: banana or catamaran rides, parachute flights behind the boat, and boat rentals. Children are guaranteed to love it.
  • On the beach you can instill in your child a love of history. To do this is very simple: just walk to the excavation site of ancient tombs – it is located near the beach. Entrance is free.

You can take buses 101 and 102 or rent a car to get to the beach.

Fig Tree Bay Beach

This place is recognized as one of the most beautiful on the island. The sandy beach is located in the heart of Protaras, an ideal city for holidays with children. The unconventional name of the beach comes from the fig tree grove, which has been growing here since the 17th century.

Popularity of the beach consists of three components: picturesque, well-maintained and absolutely free entrance. Due to increased attention to safety and creating a comfortable environment Fig Tree Bay has been awarded the “Blue Flag” and for several years consistently ranks among the best beaches in the world.

The color of the water on the beach can reach a blue or blue-green hue. Near the shoreline there is a stony island, which serves as a natural breakwater. Therefore, the water here is calm: it’s safe to swim even for kids.

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Entertainments on the beach:

  • Teenagers will be able to ride boats, jet skis, catamarans. Two stations, which offer a wide range of services for active recreation, are on the edges of the beach: other vacationers will not feel uncomfortable.
  • Children from 8 years old will do snorkeling – that’s what snorkeling is called. At the edge of the coast there is a small reef, and in the northern part of the bay – underwater caves, which can be explored with special interest. However, it is best for adults to dive into the caves.
  • No one will go hungry on the beach. There are many restaurants and cafes nearby. Adults can order a glass of Cypriot wine in them, and children can enjoy a delicious milkshake.

Getting to the beach is easy. If you are staying at the resort itself, you can walk or bike to it. If further away, there are several parking lots set up near Fig Tree Bay – it’s easy to get by car. From Ayia Napa, you can take the 101 city bus. The ticket price is 1.5 Euros.

Dasoudi Beach

The beach is located in Limassol. It is recognized as one of the best in the city. Dasoudi features volcanic sand with a grayish hue. It heats up very quickly in the sun, so the beach is equipped with a boardwalk. The entrance to the water is gentle, which is especially convenient for young tourists. The administration of the beach has taken care of erecting artificial mounds that break the strong waves: kids can splash in the shallow water.

Another feature of the beach is a large park of eucalyptus trees. The air is saturated with pleasant aromas.

Features of the infrastructure of Dasudi:

  • The area to the east is suitable for young people and families. For the volleyball fans there are two big playgrounds. Nearby is a 50-meter swimming pool with eight lanes. It is sometimes used for competitions: the pool is equipped with a professional system to maintain the correct water temperature and timing. and nearby are placed spectator stands.
  • Next to the sports fields there is a playground with slides and swings. Nearby there is a pavilion where kids can have fun on the slot machines and attractions.
  • You can explore the resort coast with the whole family. To do this, go to a rental shop and rent some bikes: be sure there are models for adults as well as for the little ones.
  • There are refreshment points in Dasoudi. If you want a bite to eat without wasting time, head to the bar. If you want to eat something hearty, the café is waiting for you.

To reach Dasudi is simple. Vacationers in Limassol walk or drive.

Mackenzie Beach

This beach is located in Larnaca, the most inexpensive resort in Cyprus. The entrance to the sea is gentle: you have to walk about 50 meters until it is deep.

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The sand here is grayish because of its volcanic origin. Mackenzie is also marked by “Blue Flag” for safety and purity. Volcanic sand is said to be healthy and beneficial to your health.

The beach is located away from the main streets, so it can be chosen for a relaxing and measured vacation for the whole family.

  • Throughout the day on the beach work lifeguards. You can be sure of the safety of your child.
  • If you get tired of lying on a deck chair, you should go to the center of water amusement and rent a catamaran or a jet ski, or maybe ride a banana.
  • Children can play in the playgrounds with paid machines.
  • Not far from the beach is the airport. Here’s a free attraction: you can lie quietly on the beach and watch big planes fly over you.

Mackenzie is remote from the center of Larnaca. You can walk to it in 30-40 minutes. You can also get to the beach by car: there is a paid parking lot nearby, its cost is 2.5 euros per day. You can also get to the place by bus number 425.

Finikoudes Beach

This is Larnaca’s central beach. The length of the area is half a kilometer, the width of the sandy strip reaches 100 meters.

It is shallow here, so the water warms up quickly. This contributes to the early beginning of the beach season. Particularly brave holidaymakers who want to boast of excellent health can swim here in the middle of March. The water reaches a comfortable temperature in early May.

The water is clear, the entrance to the sea is gradual and without stones. The beach is ideal for families with children.

  • Entrance to the beach is free.
  • At Finikudes there are showers with fresh water and taps for washing your feet.
  • You can not worry about the safety of children, as the beach has an observation point with lifeguards.
  • There are water activities on the beach: catamarans, jet skis, bungees and bananas.
  • Finikudes is located in the center of the city, so near it there are cafes, taverns, restaurants, as well as branches of major food chains: KFC and McDonald’s.
  • Once on the beach, you can walk along the promenade. There is a beautiful alley of date palms. A photo in front of such a landscape will decorate any Instagram.

Getting to Finikudes is easy – it is located in the heart of the resort. You can do it on foot or by car. Not far from the location is a public transport stop.

We chose these beaches for family vacations, because they are distinguished by increased attention to safety, comfortable descent into the sea and interesting infrastructure. We are sure that a trip to Cyprus will become for young tourists one of the most wonderful memories of childhood.

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