Avsha Island, Turkey: climate, hotels and beaches

Hotels Avsha (Turkey)

During our family vacation, the motel owners were another detail that added to our color Dear Brother Atilla and his wife Semra, they were supportive and helpful in every way. When we enter the apartment, that pleasant smell doesn’t come out of our noses. A person’s vacation is valuable, but their preferences are just as important. We made the right choice. Besides, even the love and attention shown to ours.

Thanks to my dear brother Atilla and sister Semra I had a very good and full rest and relaxation.You took care of me and my daughter as a native child.This holiday brought you to me.First of all, my advice to those who want to come, do not hesitate, here you find peace and trust in your own home.The location is very close to the center.I highly recommend it to all who.

NERO Boutique Motel is located in Avsa Adasi, just 200 m from Avsa Beach. It offers a garden and a terrace. It offers a balcony. The air-conditioned apartments consist of 3 separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and 1 bathroom.

Featuring a restaurant and garden, Hotel Yaren is located in Marmara. The hotel has family rooms. Each room has a balcony. All rooms at Yaren Otel have air conditioning and a TV.

Bahçeli apart complex is located in the town of Marmara. The town of Erdek is 28 km away. The vacation home has 2 bedrooms, a modern TV and a kitchen. The vacation home is 1.2 km from Avsa Adasa and 44 km from Bandirma.

MAVI KOY BEACH Resort is located in the town of Marmara Adasi. Guest services include a restaurant, a seasonal outdoor pool, a bar and a garden. Services for guests at this 4-star hotel include a private beach and air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi.

More than business, especially Anne Hanim is as caring as a mother. I got a little sick while on vacation and he took care of me, I felt at home.

Location by the sea, rooms with sea view, walking distance to the beach, clean rooms, friendly staff, family service since 1972, treating every guest like family, wide variety of breakfasts, easy transportation (8 minutes walk to Ido ferry port ) This is a great hotel for those who want to spend a vacation with family or friends with nightly entertainment and plenty.

Everything was very good on our 4 day vacation. We would like to thank the respective staff and management for their interest and good food. See you later

The family runs a very friendly clean and quiet environment, oh! Yes, delicious food! Beautiful place in Marmara. Highly recommend, do yourself a favor and visit this paradise.*****

Returned from vacation today and said goodbye to Ada Art, feeling like we woke up from a nap. Since we left at the end of the season, we had the perfect 3 days with a quiet and peaceful but private beach, room + breakfast, architecture interwoven with nature, integrated with art, and of course with the help of the smiling and caring Mehmet. Bey. There is a very good chance I will go again next year.

A genuine place to feel good and recharge the city’s discharged batteries. Beautiful garden and rooms, warm hosts. This summer is my third time visiting. Not a place for people who want to stay in luxury hotels.

Usually when I visit a place, I look at its comments online. As someone with experience, I wanted to comment when I haven’t seen many comments about Ada Art. From the first moment we entered Ada Art, where we went to Ada Art with my two-day-old daughter in July, we realized what a good decision we had made. The owner, Mehmet Bey, and his wife are helpful and responsive people. Я.

Nice, France: What to see

I stayed in September 2016. The balcony room on the front was very nice with its view and finish. The first day we stayed in the back room, which was more affordable, but since it was a very small and flat room, we went to the front room, paying an extra 2 days. The only food we got was breakfast. But breakfast was good with tea and toasted bread.

This is a business we are regulars every year as all family and relatives, the staff is understanding, polite, friendly, interested, very good food, the buffet is plentiful and delicious, it is a warm and friendly place where we feel at home. our own place. What else

Hotel is medium class, but at the same time the best ( price + quality) in this region.Rooms are clean. The choice of food is ok.

When we first checked into the hotel room we liked the cleanliness of the room, hygiene was very important to us, there was no toilet paper and soap in the bathroom, we immediately asked at reception, filled the pool with sea water, children’s pool and large pool big enough, sun beds enough for that reason.For sun beds no one is fighting,I think breakfast is sufficient, but you can diversify more, especially for children, like potatoes.

First of all, the attention and attitude of the staff was very good, thanks to all of them one by one. The food was good and varied, the pool was clean and it was nice to have sea water. The sea has a clean and clear fine sandy beach, the beach is mostly clean and trash collected, but the people who use it are dirty, unfortunately they leave. The part I saw minus, we asked the iron at the hotel, they said.

Samuy krasıvuy otel so vsem udopstvom.Otlıçnuy pıayj ryadom more ,,pıtayut kak polojenno super restoranı romantıçnuy BAR. You’ll have to leave. Mne oçen – oçen ponrovilsya.

First of all our first experience at the hotel was a city to city travel, we loved vacationing, this year we made a change and found this place on the internet and decided to find this place we never knew. , We came from Istanbul, the hotel is a family hotel, there is absolutely no alcohol in it. The availability of gated ladies was also perfect. The layout of the room was very.

Right now we were staying in the hotel, in a room on the floor overlooking the garden. The rooms are clean and very spacious with a balcony. The pool is too big, there is also a small pool for the kids and a slide. Dinner is great, really the best hotel food I have had in a long time. Buffet and lots of variety. The hotel staff is incredibly friendly, from the front desk to the waiter, they are very friendly.

We stayed in the pool room. The staff as a whole works with a smile. Their food was good. The pool is cleaned every day in the evening, but I think the bottom of the pool is usually dusty because the construction equipment working around it due to road work creates excessive dust. But it’s definitely not a situation in the hands of the hotel. The water slides are enjoyable for kids, even us adults. Tea and cookies are served.

The fortress town of Dalt Vila on the island of Ibiza, Spain

Super, cool service 3 stars super deserved, very cool sea. But in the middle of September 2021 it was cold water. The views and nature are super. The hotel has breakfast and dinner, not particularly extensive but tasty, there is wi-fi but the rooms are weak, In short, cool peninsula, cool hotel, around the village. Marble Sea super. Further by the way we did not like the beaches at all, dirty and with jellyfish, but very.

We had a little weekend vacation. It was a nice quiet vacation. I was more than pleased with the men’s slabs than I expected. The rooms are beautiful. The housekeeping was excellent. The pool was clean. The staff is smiling. Thanks to the veteran friends for their interest. They willingly do their jobs and serve with a smile on their face. Their food is a little weak. Especially the dessert is extracted from the outside, I don’t think I liked it at all.

Both the staff, cleaning and food are very good, the only thing missing is that it does not have a private pool for women, it would be much better if they could appreciate this issue . .

Avsha Island: a sunny paradise for 100,000 people surrounded by the warm sea

The island resort of Avsha is a paradise for Istanbulites and rare foreigners.

The main people who prefer to spend their holidays on this beautiful island are Istanbul residents, who appreciate quality and at the same time inexpensive vacation. Many have apartments and houses here, where they move in for the summer. At the height of the season, ie from June to September, the population of the island often exceeds 100 thousand people, while the native islanders living permanently on the island, a little more than 2 thousand. Most of them are descendants of natives of the Aegean islands and Balkan countries.

The area of the island is a little more than 20 square kilometers. The coastline of 28 km. is solid granite-sand beaches, and the hilly interior is covered with vineyards, olive groves and flower fields. Truly idyllic landscapes that bring to mind the adventures of ancient heroes.

And Vsha is an island in the Sea of Marmara, lying opposite Cape Aba. The size of the island is small, about four by eight kilometers.

It has a large number of vineyards, golden sand and crystal clear water, all of which make the place simply gorgeous. It is easy to get to this island by one of the four ferries from Istanbul.

A bit of history

People have lived on Avshe since ancient times. The first to settle here were the Greeks, who called the island by different names: Pangia, Aosia, Afisia. During the Byzantine Empire, the island served as a place of exile, here, for example, were exiled sons of Emperor Constantine V.


Turkish names also varied: Arap Adasi (“Arab island”), Türkeli and finally Avşa.

The island on the map of Turkey

Avsha is known as “the island of intelligent Turks,” there are very few foreigners, prices are low, and service is unobtrusive. So to voice the coordinates of the paradise place on the air is almost the same as giving away a military secret.

The island is located in the southwestern part of the Sea of Marmara and belongs to Balikesir province of Turkey. It is a stone’s throw away from both the Asian part (Anatolia) and the European part (Trakia) of Turkey.


Photo 01

Sunset on Avsah Island

How to get here

The easiest way to get here is by sea bus, which takes not more than 3 hours from Yenikapı or Bostanji marina in Istanbul. You can buy a ticket directly at the pier or on the official website of the company, which has an English-language version: www.ido.com.tr.

Alternatively, you can also get to Avşa by ferry from the large island of Marmara, located 15 kilometers away, which is connected by ferry service not only to Istanbul but also to the cities of Erdek and Tekirdag. From Istanbul Airport to the island is about 140 kilometers, which is not too far. Almost twice as close (79 km) is the Çorlu airport on the European coast of the Sea of Marmara near Tekirdag, but this logistical option is not very convenient.

The island of Avsha: A sunny paradise for 100,000 people, surrounded by the warm sea.

Avsha Island Harbor


The three main features of the local beaches are: wind-protected, clean and relatively sparsely populated. Due to the compactness of the island, most of them are easily accessible from the hotel on foot or by bike. Well if the beach is relatively far, it is 10, at most – 15 minutes from the pier by cab.

The coast and seabed of Avsa’s beaches: sand

Ladies Beach

The island of Avsha: A sunny paradise for 100,000 people, surrounded by the warm sea.

Ladies Beach on the island of Avsa

There is even a special beach near the village of Yigitler, which is called “ladies’ beach”. Conservative women who adhere to traditional Muslim views prefer to swim here.


The island of Avsha: A sunny paradise for 100,000 people, surrounded by the warm sea.

Altynkum Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is called Altynkum (translates to “golden sand”). The sand there is actually a golden color, and the turquoise water is pierced through the sun. The sea is shallow, so Altynkum prefer families with children and people who can not swim.


Beyazsaray Hotel Beach

Beyazsaray beach

Those who prefer a quieter surrounding can walk in 10 minutes to Beyazsaray, another ‘faraway’ beach, whose name translates as ‘white palace’. The sand here is indeed white and the cliffs down to the sea really make you feel that you are within the walls of an exotic palace.


Asmaly beach is recommended to those wishing to sunbathe in company. It is located in the most densely populated part of the island, near the pier, where the ferries arrive. You’ll find most hotels, cafes and restaurants there.

The island of Avsha: A sunny paradise for 100,000 people, surrounded by the warm sea.

Asmalı Beach

However, you can eat at any of the main (and there are 13!) beaches of the island. All of them have sunbeds, parasols and deck chairs.

Avsha is an ideal place for lovers of secluded holidays. They can be advised to travel by bike, motorcycle or ATV. If you reach the southwestern tip of the island and turn south from there or turn north from its northwestern edge, you can discover beautiful little coves and sheltered among the rocks sandy beaches, where almost never people.

Entertainment and attractions

There are practically no historical sights on Avsha, unless you count the ruins of the 17th-century monastery of St. George, which was once famous for a library with ancient manuscript texts. It’s easy to find the place, which is located near the sea, near Beyazsaray hotel.

Wandering in the ringing silence among the stones and thinking about eternal things is of course great. But the monuments of antiquity end there. But modernity offers a choice of entertainment – from walking through the picturesque surroundings to admiring the sea sunset in one of the cozy cafes, of which there are countless on the local waterfront.

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The island is all about romance. Just look at the names – Dreams Street, Tea Party Square or My Family’s Manor and so on in the same vein.

But it would be a mistake to think that Avsha is only for lovers of quiet rest. The nightlife here is literally in full swing: bars, clubs, and discos with live music and karaoke. There is also a local amusement park and numerous sites with free fitness equipment for all comers.

Avesha is also famous for its vineyards, and the local winery produces wine, which every guest must try.


Afyet olsun! Everyone who has ever been to Turkey, knows this expression, which translates as “pleasant appetite”. It’s just about the island of Avsah. Even the most demanding lover of good food, once on Avshe, hardly a whole season will be enough to visit all its restaurants. Because the food here is so delicious that even the smallest and plain-looking establishment cannot be left without sitting with consideration.

A local peculiarity is the absence of chain catering. All the restaurants offer only local products of exceptional freshness.

Fish and seafood are the island’s specialty. Fish restaurants can be found almost at every step. Each has its own specialty, but each menu invariably features mussels in batter and fried calamari.

The chefs at Rõhtym, one of the island’s most famous fish restaurants, who work “until the last customer”, show you what kind of culinary art can be created from freshly caught fish every day.

If you want to spend time in a cozy company or celebrate a family celebration with great taste, you are welcome to “Asparagh Manastyr”. The restaurant is located in a quiet and secluded place. Just 15 minutes away from the bustling pier – and you are in the real Turkish village, laid right in the garden at the table. Turks are acknowledged connoisseurs of good food, so just read the reviews of guests on the Internet and you will want to be here as soon as possible.


Hotels on the island, mostly small, but clean and very comfortable – regardless of the number of stars. By the way, the stardom of island hotels is very relative, so do not count on merchant gold in the rooms. But everything else, including service in several languages, is at a very decent level.

5 Star Hotels

The Avsha Belgin, a five-star hotel within walking distance of the marina, has a kids’ club and barbecue area and the Bahar Hotel has the biggest water park on Avsha, as well as a fitness club, a Hamam and a discotheque.

4 Star Hotels

The four-star “Chinar” is more modest. It is situated on the hillside, 1 km from the 15th century Fatih Kami Mosque and 3 km from the Mavikoy Yacht Club. The pier, where the ferries come from Istanbul, is a 9-minute walk away. Children under 6 stay free with adults. There is a restaurant and a library.

In addition to the cleanliness of the rooms and lounge and the excellent breakfasts, the four-star Beyazsaray has a powerful competitive advantage: It is located practically on the sandy beach. A restaurant with a view of the sea – what else does one need for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city?

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3 Star Hotels

It must be said that the three-star hotels on Avshe are not in any way worse. For example, in Yaren, which is located in the village Yigitler, there is a beautiful garden with everything you need for barbecues and shashlicks, as well as bike rentals.

Or hotel “Ayanya”, located in the magnificent bay Cinar. It is a complex of bungalows for 2, 3 and 4 people with its own beach. The local restaurant is famous for its fish cuisine, which you can appreciate right on the beach.

View and choose a hotel on the map:

Apartments and lodging for independent travelers

There is another option: rent an apartment or even a house with a garden. Prices are relatively low, about 20-25 dollars per person when renting an apartment for a short period. If you rent for a long time, you can ask the hosts for a discount.

It is better to look for an accommodation in advance and through reliable sites like Airbnb. First of all it is more reliable, and secondly the service gives a discount for everyone who is going on a trip for the first time. You just need to follow a few simple recommendations:

  • before booking contact the owners and personally clarify all the details;
  • be sure to read the reviews about the apartment or house left by other guests;
  • Examine the accommodation carefully when checking in, and take photos of anything that does not match the description in the ad.

Weather on Avsha

The climate on the islands of the Marmara Sea and the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is very different. Here there is not such a debilitating heat in the summer, but also winters are much cooler. The real heat comes here from the beginning of May, from about the 20th the water in the sea warms up to 22 degrees and you can safely start the bathing season.

Officially, the swimming season on the Sea of Marmara is shorter than on the Aegean, somewhere from mid-June to early September.

The island of Avsha: A sunny paradise for 100,000 people, surrounded by the warm sea.

The nights are still cool at this time, so it’s best to bring warm clothes. After June 15 it’s really summer on Avsha, but because of the low humidity the heat is easily tolerated. The water in the sea is warm – up to 25 degrees in June and 28 degrees in August.

The season on the beaches of Avsha ends by early October. The best month is September, when the air is a little cooler (24-28 degrees during the day), and the water in the sea is still warm (25-26 degrees).

The best time for a holiday is the period from mid-June to mid-September.

Shopping and markets

On the island there are virtually no stores that sell high-quality brand clothing. They sell mostly things and items that tourists may need on vacation. But there is a great variety of souvenir shops, where you can find a thousand and one different kinds of souvenirs and jewelry.

Food is also sold in the shops and the only large bazaar on the island, which is once a week on Tuesdays. On this day, local farmers and visitors from all over the region sell fruit, vegetables, cheese and other products. The inhabitants of Avsha sell olive oil and wines, the backbone of the local economy in addition to tourism.

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