Austrian Sea of Lakes in Salzkammergut.

Austrian Sea of Lakes in Salzkammergut.

Lake Weissen See, with an area of 6.5 square kilometers, is characterized by the clearest turquoise-colored water, little coastal development and lack of roads along its entire perimeter. Its surroundings are a suitable place for family vacations.

Green Lake in Austria

Few natural attractions on the planet can boast such versatility as the amazing Green Lake in Styria, Austria: in the fall and winter, couples in love stroll along its picturesque shores, and in the summer the same banks are passionately explored by divers.

Atter See

Lake Atter See, 60 kilometers from Salzburg, is not only the largest lake in Austria (46 square kilometers), but also a famous diving center in the country. For divers in its crystal clear waters 26 species of fish pose at once.

Werther See

Werther See is the largest lake of Carinthia and one of the main tourist attractions in Austria in the summer. There are a lot of beaches surrounded by 20 square kilometers of crystal clear water that gets up to +27 ° C, so you can go here with children.

Wolfgang See

Wolfgang See is a mountainous lake in the midst of the gentle, forested slopes of the Salzkammergut. The Kaiser Franz-Josef I steamboat stylized for old times, as well as the modern boat “Wolfgang-Amadeus” ply the lake. Many tourists who come on a tour of St. Wolfgang take a boat trip.

Klopainer See

Klopein – a cozy little town on the north shore of the lake, an ideal place for a relaxing holiday with family and children. Here the flat shore with a gentle descent into the water, equipped with children’s “coves” and special playgrounds for babies.

Millstätter See

Millstätter See, the second largest lake in Carinthia, is known for its unique microclimate with the maximum number of sunny days per year. It is also one of the deepest, but this does not prevent it from getting quite warm during the summer months.

Mond See

Another of Salzburg’s lakefront treasures is Mond See, a calm lake 10 km long and up to two miles wide. During the summer months, its water heats up to +26ºC. There are only two major resorts here – Mondsee and St. Lorenz, thanks to which the waters of the lake are literally nothing muddy.

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Lake Neusiedler See

The largest lake of natural origin is Lake Neusiedlersee. This is the fourth largest body of water in Europe and is situated in Burgenland. Its southern end belongs to Hungary. The lake itself is saltmarsh and is protected by UNESCO.

Lake Sameranger

A small mountain lake, Sámeranger does not boast a huge size compared to its neighbors. But the main secret of this cold alpine body of water is something else – the completely clear water, which has made the lake a “diver’s paradise”.

Ossiacher See

Ossiacher See is the third largest lake in the heart of Carinthia. Its water is of drinking quality and warms up to +26°C in the summer. Ossiacher See is one of the most fishy lakes in Carinthia and is therefore particularly popular with amateur anglers.

Most of Austria is covered by the Alps, so it’s easy to see why the country of the “Vienna Waltz” is famous for the world’s best ski resorts, attracting so many tourists that the income generated in the high season is the main source of income for the whole state. However, beyond that, Austria is also a beautiful lake. The magnificent scenery, historical sites, good service, different types of water activities and great opportunities for family vacations – a small list of advantages of this lake region.

Many centuries ago instead of the picturesque Austrian valleys and hills here were huge glaciers, which over time, melting, changed the topography and formed the clearest of lakes.

Lakes of Salzkammergut

Lake Atterse (photo)

The Austrian region of Salzkammergut is a popular vacation spot for tourists from all over the world. It is home to the largest Alpine lake, the Attersee. Stretched from south to north in a picturesque mountain valley it covers 46 square kilometers. Being surrounded by mountain peaks, it has a special mild microclimate, equally pleasant for recreation in summer and winter.

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The mild summer attracts fans of fishing, camping and hiking. On the south side of the lake are the alpine peaks, and on the north side are the gentler foothills. For hiking, the Schaffberg and Höllengebirge mountains are the best. The clear and clear water in the Attersee is ideal for swimming, and the deserted shores are home to a wide variety of fish. The lake in the valley is open to the winds and creates ideal conditions for windsurfing and sailing. Walking on a small boat with all the amenities will be a lot of fun. From the water there is a beautiful view of the valley.

If you prefer a holiday in the great outdoors you can choose to stay in campsites, or in the holiday villages of Nusdorf am Attersee, Weireg am Attersee or Seewalchen am Attersee.

Coordinates: 47.90305600,13.55361100

Halstädter See.

Lake Halstädter See (photo)

Halstädter See is one of the twenty most beautiful lakes in Austria. This beautiful place is especially attractive to tourists who are involved in diving.

The lake is located in the Salzkammergut region. It is a resort with centuries of tourist tradition, and its fame it owes not only a beautiful landscape, but also many balneological spas, and a unique climate.

The surface of Halstädter See is about 8.55 square kilometers, its maximum depth is 125 meters.

There are more than three hundred lakes in Austria, and in the Salzkammergut region – about seventy. However, Halstädter See, located in a picturesque ski resort, will not disappoint tourists who decide to spend their vacation there.

Coordinates: 47.58393700,13.65943900

Wolfgang See Lake

Lake Wolfgang See in Salzkammergut (photo)

If you decide to spend your vacation in picturesque and unforgettable places somewhere in Europe, then you should definitely go to Austria, specifically to Lake Wolfgang See.

Lake Wolfgang See, like a precious pearl in a shell, is hidden among the Austrian Alps just a few dozen kilometers from the city of Salzburg. This mountain lake, surrounded by gentle slopes, is located more than 500 meters above sea level. Its water is as clear as rock crystal and as clear as a teardrop. The Wolfgangsee is a great place to relax. Here you can swim, sail, fish, hike through the picturesque surroundings, and in the evening admire the immovable water surface, in which so beautifully reflected the sunset over the horizon.

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There are a number of cozy spa towns with interesting histories along the lake shore. For example, in St. Wolfgang there is an old Gothic church, whose main attraction is the old Germanic altar. And today the local monks of the Order of St. Benedict amaze guests of the city with original souvenirs made from soap. The small town of St. Hilgen is known for the fact that the mother of the great Austrian composer W.A. Mozart was born here. The ancient baroque cathedrals and the observation platform at the height of more than 1,500 meters, from which one can admire the majestic Alps, leave no guest of St. Hilgen unhappy.

Coordinates: 47.75277800,13.39722200

Lake Traunsee

Lake Traunsee in Salzkammergut (photo)

The alpine mountain lake of Lake Traunsee is located in the Salzkammergut region. It stretches from north to south and is sandwiched between mountain ranges. On its northern shore is the town of Gmunden, but there are also three other towns here – Ebensee, Altmünster and Traunkirchen. All of them are resort towns, and steamboats and pleasure boats run between them. The lake is the deepest in Austria, its depth – 171 meters. On the east side of the lake is surrounded by rocky mountain ranges, on the west side the mountains are covered with more vegetation, there are meadows and dense forests.

In the summer, the lake becomes an unusually popular recreation area. Sailing, boating, water skiing, diving, and snorkeling are all done here. There is a marathon road around the lake where races are held. The lake is only 75 kilometers from Salzburg, so you can come here and take a break from the busy cultural program.

Coordinates: 47.91565200,13.79877900

Offen Lake

Lake Offen (photo)

Offen is a mountain lake at the foot of the Dead Mountains, which rise in Upper Austria in the resort area of Salzkammergut. The lake has a maximum length and width of about 900 meters and a maximum depth of 38 meters. In summer the water temperature reaches a value of about 22 degrees. The lake has natural pebble beaches.

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On the area adjacent to the lake are the former hunting lodge of Emperor Franz Joseph I, a restaurant and snack bar. Also on the lake is an excellent fishing industry.

Coordinates: 47.76113000,13.83185000

Langbassee Lakes

Lakes Langbassee (photo)

The Langbassee are two mountainous lakes (Upper Langbassee and Lower Langbassee), which are located in Upper Austria at Salzkammergut. The lakes are situated in a valley that stretches between a massif of mountains.

It offers tourists a crystal clear drinking water, unique mountain scenery, paved hiking trails, former hunting lodge of Emperor Franz Joseph, hotel and restaurant on the lake.

In summer, you can swim in the lakes. The average water temperature at this time reaches 22 degrees.

Coordinates: 47.81259000,13.77233300

Forderrer Lakes Gosau

Lakes Forderer Gosau (photo)

The Fordererer Gosau Lakes is one of the most famous natural attractions of Salzkammergut, Upper Austria. The upper lake belongs to the glacial period and is fed by underground springs. It is very popular because of the crystal clear medicinal water. In 1910 there was built platinum, the height of which reaches 12 meters. It is still active today. In the upper lake Gosau rainbow trout, perch and pike are found, so you can often see fishing boats here.

The central lake of Gosau is the shallowest, as it fills up only during snowmelt or after heavy rains. In dry periods, it disappears altogether. Central Gosau is not particularly popular because its water is turbid and of no value. The lower Gosau lake was formed by a forest stream, which flowed through a system of caves. It is refilled only at high tide or during spring snowmelt. When it overflows, the water drains into the central lake. These places are famous for their wonderful landscapes and variety of vegetation.

Coordinates: 47.52917000,13.50746500

Lake Mondse.

Lake Mondsee (photo)

In the south of the Salzkammergut mountain resort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies the small Lake Mondse. Its area is only 14.2 km&sup2 and almost every part of it is actively used. Mondse is a popular vacation spot. On its shores is the spa town of the same name and several small villages, which in the summer season are bustling with life.

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The waters in Mondze are unusually clear and they have a huge amount of fish. In summer, the water temperature reaches 26 ° C. The lake has a curved shape, stretching from north to south. The western shore is more flat than the eastern. And in the southwest is the “Dragon Wall”, a 600-meter cliff, breaking right at the water.

For vacationers on the coast of Mondsee works Wasserschizentrum water-skiing center, beach complex Alpenseebad Mondsee with water slides, descents, diving towers and more. Here you can find activities for all tastes: quiet fishing, boating or water skiing, beach volleyball, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, for fans of ballooning are arranged hot-air balloon flights. But there are also more relaxed activities: squash, archery, tennis, which can do and seniors. For fans of extreme relaxation are offered various hiking and biking trails.

Coordinates: 47.84959900,13.35138600

Salzkammergut attractions

Freibadeanlage Litzlberg park

Freibadeanlage Litzlberg Park, Salzkammergut, Austria

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