Australia, the land of contradictions.

Australia, the land of contradictions.

Few people know that the magical road, along which the brave girl Ellie walked in the fairy tale “Wizard of Oz”, was the road of Australia. The first association with Australia is kangaroos. Yes, the nature of Australia is delightful, and the animal life is mostly unique. But this Aboriginal country holds many more riches. Why Aboriginal?

Fifty thousand years ago there were more than 300,000 Aboriginal people on the mainland. Now in the country safely coexist both representatives of the modern world, and the aborigines, which civilization as if bypassed. Nowadays 1.5% of the native Australian population lives peacefully on the island. The mainland is located on the other half of the globe. In ancient times, those who lived “there, on the edge of the world,” called the antipodes.

The first Europeans to settle in Australia were the British – exiled criminals – and the first police force consisted of 12 criminals who behaved well and proved themselves to be calm, balanced and fair-minded people.

The land of contradictions - Australia: briefly about the main things

The land of contradictions – Australia: the essentials in a nutshell

The capital of Australia is Canberra, which is home to 300 thousand people. In this case, Sydney – one of the largest cities, where lives about 5 million people. Very often it is considered the capital of Sydney, but this is a misconception. The fact is that the two largest cities – Sydney and Melbourne – could not agree between themselves, who should be the capital. So it became a completely different city, which settled between Sydney and Melbourne. Canberra was purposely built as the capital on the site of a small settlement of the same name.

Australia has left-hand traffic

An amazing fact has recently become public . The fact is that the highest mountain is Mount Townsland. But because of the great respect for the discoverer Paul Edmund Strzelecki, who first stepped on the mountain, which was named Kosciuszko, it was decided to rename the mountain. Thus, Mount Kosciuszko became Townsland. And Townsland became Kosciusko. In such a simple way they managed to keep the highest point of the continent the same, and to honor the memory of the discoverer.

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Australia is famous for rabbits – for a century and a half it has been fighting with their huge number. These animals were once imported by the British, and thanks to the suitable climate of the country, their numbers now exceed several billion. Sheep farming is also common in the country – Australia has the number one sheep and wool production. Due to the fact that Australia is seriously engaged in this industry, a decision was made to preserve the livestock, after which the longest protective fence in the world was erected to keep the predatory dingoes away.

The land of contradictions - Australia: briefly about the main things

Australia has left-hand traffic

Every year in Australia, typically one person is killed by a shark bite

The continent is considered the driest on the planet. Surprisingly, it is in Australia that hot deserts, snowy mountainsides and impenetrable tropical forests co-exist. Deserts cover most of the country, so despite the fact that the mainland is the 6th largest, the population is very small – only 20 million people. Compared to the rest of the country, natives live 20 years less: women tend to live to age 60 and men to age 55. Half of the country’s teenagers, and this does not include Aborigines, use cannabis at a very young age.

The most beloved game in Australia is poker. The Australians have the highest expenses for this game, but inhabitants of continent respect and understand not only poker, but also rugby, golf, soccer and aerobics.

The Queen of Britain is considered the head of state. Coins bearing her image are in common use. On old coins she too, but a young one.

The land of contradictions - Australia: briefly about the main things

If you dig deep into the history of the origin of the continent itself, we know that it appeared even 50 million years ago. Australia is believed to have been part of the Southern Continent, which still includes Africa and South America. Over time, most of the land moved away from the continent. It became known as Australia.

Australia is the only home to prehistoric species of fauna and flora. Many of them still live there, but they don’t take root anywhere else. Among the birds, you can count the cockabarra, lira bird, rosella, and others. Of animals – the Tasmanian tiger, the Tasmanian devil and many species of kangaroo.

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It was Australia that organized the world’s first radio for people with non-traditional sexual orientation.

Australia was the third state to launch a satellite. Equally surprising is the fact that none of the cities in this country has a metro.

The land of contradictions - Australia: briefly about the main things

Australia – it’s a magical country in which there is still room for riddles and wonders, where the past and the present are inextricably linked, where all the manifestations of nature exist together, where they still adhere to the ancient customs, where they keep up with the times and actively use modern technology. Australia is a country of paradoxes, and that is its main highlight.

50 interesting facts about Australia

Facts about Australia

Australia is an amazing country full of surprises and surprises. It is not in vain called a country of contrasts, because here you can find developed megacities and endless deserts next door.

In addition to incredibly beautiful scenery in Australia, you can meet a lot of dangerous representatives of fauna. And that’s what else this country surprises!

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  1. The Australian continent was already inhabited by humans before the British arrived, and the first aborigines appeared 50 thousand years ago.
  2. The country is the sixth largest by area (7 million km) and occupies an entire continent.
  3. The country has more than 10 thousand beaches to choose from. It turns out that for almost 30 years you can come to a new beach every day!
  4. In Australia there are about 200 thousand species of animals, with a greater number of them – endemics, that is, those who live only in a limited area and are no longer found elsewhere on the planet.
  5. In 1977, the famous and only ABBA concert tour in Australia took place.
  6. The territory of this continent is 91% vegetation.
  7. Australia exports camels to Saudi Arabia.
  8. Near the mainland is the largest sand island in the world – Fraser. Its area is 1,840 square kilometers of sand dunes.
  9. More than 80% of the population lives in the coastal zone, not more than 100 km from the water.
  10. Australia uses a special dialect of English called strine. Altogether more than 300 languages are spoken on the mainland, and 45 of them are indigenous languages.
  1. In this country Burger King fast food restaurants are called Hungry Jack’s. This was because a small coffee shop had already registered that name in Australia.
  2. In 1967, the Prime Minister of Australia went to the beach and never came back. Two years after taking office, Harold Holt was declared missing. This gave rise to many conspiracy theories.
  3. Australia is 193rd (out of 195!) on the list of countries in terms of population density. There are 2.8 people per square kilometer. By comparison, Monaco has 18,000 people per square kilometer.
  4. Australia’s Highway 1 is the longest national highway network in the world. Its total length is approximately 14.5 thousand kilometers.
  5. In Victoria, only licensed electricians are allowed to change light bulbs.
  6. The capital of Australia is the city of Canberra, which in 1913 was built specifically for this purpose. This decision was made after the largest cities in the country, Melbourne and Sydney, arranged a real competition for the right to be considered the capital.
  7. Wireless Internet was given to the world by an Australian scientific agency. The discovery was made in 1998 and to this day the Australians intend to sue any company that uses Wi-fi without a license.
  8. The top 10 deadliest snakes in the world live only in Australia. Moreover, there are 20 Australian snakes in the ranking of the 25 most poisonous snakes of the entire planet!
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  1. The famous Burning Mountain near Sydney got its name because of the smoldering embers in an underground layer of sandstone. Curiously enough, the burning coals haven’t stopped for 6,000 years.
  2. Despite the fact that Australia is teeming with all kinds of spiders, the last time a man died from the bite of this arthropod in 1981.
  3. Before the British settlers arrived in Australia, there were more than 10 million koalas. Now there are about 43,000 in the wild.
  4. The story about the origin of the kangaroo’s name is unconfirmed, simply put, a myth. Scientists do not exclude the possibility that James Cook could really ask the natives, as the name of this animal. According to the legend, they did not understand his speech and answered him in their own dialect “I don’t understand”, which means “kangaroo”.
  5. One of Australia’s rivers is called the Never Never River.
  6. There is a pink-colored salt lake called Hillier in Western Australia, and scientists have never determined what the cause of this phenomenon is. The main theory is that a special kind of algae gives the pink color, although tests have not confirmed this fact.
  7. In 1859, only 24 rabbits were imported into Australia. Within a decade their population had grown to 2 million.
  8. More than 80% of Australians are into gambling. 20% of all slot machines in the world are located here.
  9. Every year the Australian plate moves northward by about 7 centimeters.
  10. The very first Australian police detachment was formed from exemplary convicts in 1788.
  11. In the small town of Coober Pedy, known as the opal capital of the world, people live underground. Such an unusual way of life they had to choose because of sandstorms and constant heat.
  12. Almost half of Australians (12 million) live in three cities: Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
  1. Australia Day is celebrated on 26 January as the First Fleet of the British Empire sailed ashore to found the colony in 1788.
  2. Australia is very fond of television cooking shows. Once an election television debate was rescheduled because of the finale of MasterChef.
  3. The famous uggs were invented in Australia.
  4. Australia is called the sports capital of the world for a reason, because 70% of its residents participate in sporting events at least once a week.
  5. Surprisingly, in spite of the popularization of sports and healthy eating 63% of Australians are still overweight.
  6. Australia is 32 times the size of Great Britain and almost equal to the United States.
  7. Australia has twice the population of kangaroos. There are 24 million people on the continent and more than 57 million kangaroos!
  8. The longest fence in the world is in Australia. It stretches for 8.5 thousand kilometers. The fence separates the part of Australia from the part where Dingo dogs live.
  9. The only albino whale in the world lives, of course, off the coast of Australia. He was first seen as a baby whale in 1991 and immediately got the name – Migalu. Now the whole world is watching the white whale.
  10. Australia is the second country in the world, which gave the right to vote to women. This happened in 1902.
  1. The richest woman in Australia is Gina Rinehart, whose fortune is estimated at 28 billion dollars.
  2. Kangaroos and emus are national symbols of Australia because they have an interesting feature – they cannot “walk backwards”. Like Australia, they only move forward!
  3. There are 19 Australian sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Among them are the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, Kakadu National Park and the Sydney Opera House.
  4. The concept of the Sydney Opera House was designed by Dane Jorn Utzon, who was inspired by an orange slice. The construction of the theater dragged on for 14 years along with the assumed four.
  5. Australia is the only continent without an active volcano.
  6. The Great Barrier Reef is recognized as the world’s largest living structure. It consists of 2,900 coral reefs and more than 900 islets made up of coral polyps, tiny microorganisms
  7. A female kangaroo carries her baby for only 27-40 days, and at birth the kangaroo cub is only a couple of centimeters long.
  8. Melbourne is home to the largest Greek community after Athens.
  9. Australia has strict environmental controls – it is forbidden to even bring in soil on the soles of your shoes. Particularly scrutiny is given when entering the unique territory of Tasmania, even from the continent.
  10. Failure to vote and refusal to participate in the census is punishable by a fine of 20 and 110 Australian dollars respectively.
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Australia is a land of contrasts and unique things that can only be found here. This amazing continent beckons tourists from all over the world because of its amazing atmosphere!

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