Aqaba, Jordan: beaches and attractions

Aqaba – all about the city, prices, hotels, attractions

Aqaba Jordan is located on the Red Sea coast, this city ️ is one of the main resorts of Jordan, it is where the main hotels, such as Mövenpick are located and where most tourists from all over the world go. The climate and weather are friendly, the sea softens the summer heat, and in winter keeps the temperature from dropping

Aqaba is a port city located on the Red Sea coast in Jordan. The resort attracts tourists from all over the world who want not only a change of scenery, but also to take care of their own health!

This article is a collection of the most detailed information about Aqaba: from climatic features and main attractions to souvenirs and local cuisine. We’ll also give you ideas about how best to get to the resort, where to stay, and what documents you’ll need to travel!

Aqaba is called a window to the sea for a reason. Located on the coast of the bay with the same name, the city charms by the beauty of the beaches and the purity. The flow of time here is completely different, unlike anything else! The resort is recommended to people who want to abstract from the hustle and bustle and enjoy harmony with the universe!

General Information

According to a survey of five years ago, 140 thousand people lived in Aqaba. The population growth is not significant, and so these numbers may be considered up-to-date.

The indigenous inhabitants of Aqaba are usually called Jordanians or Jordanians, depending on gender. Of course, there are many variants in the Russian way – for example, akabchanka, akabchanets.

National currency : the Jordanian dinar.

Widespread and piastres (one dinar – 100 piastres). One dinar is approximately equal to $1.5.

The official language is Arabic.

It is noteworthy that Arabic is widespread not only among the indigenous population, but also among members of national minorities, who use it as a second language.

Most of the population of Abakah is Muslim. The number of residents who converted to Christianity is about 5-6%. It is noteworthy that in Orthodox churches services are held in Greek.

The phone number of Aqaba is +962. In addition, to contact the residents of the city, you need to dial the number 3 in front of the number itself. For example, dialing a phone number for Russian residents would look like this: +962-3-XXXXXXXXX, where X is the person’s phone number. A call from a landline phone would look like this: 8-10-962-3 XXXXXXX.

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To contact the emergency services, residents of any country can dial 911 or 112.

Where is Aqaba?

Aqaba is a popular resort in Jordan. It is located in the northern part of the Gulf of Aqaba. Its climate is mild and pleasant, characterized as subtropical Mediterranean.

The nearest neighbors of Aqaba are Eilat, Hakl, Nuweiba and Dahab. From Sharm El Sheikh resort is separated only 400 kilometers or 6-8 hours by car

The mountains protect the resort from cold winds, allowing you to enjoy the warmth all year round and the absence of cold winters. You can swim in the open waters here both in winter and in summer! Even in the winter calendar months, the water temperature in the sea rarely falls below +22 degrees.

Aqaba resorts and the most important places

It is generally believed that to vacation in Aqaba come people who value peace and quiet. Here, in fact, reigns a special kind of peace. However, this does not mean that the rest here will be boring! Everyone can find the best format of pastime, including – active.

  1. The fortress of Aqaba . The history of the fortress dates back to the 14th century. Surprisingly it managed to survive to this day almost intact, although, of course, it has been through many reconstructions. The last reconstruction began back in 2014 and continues to this day. Tourists are not allowed inside yet, but maybe you’ll be lucky and the reconstruction will end during your visit!
  2. Ayla is an old city whose first mention dates back to 622.
  3. Wadi Rum Desert . Famous for its cosmic landscapes. Mountains alternate with deep sandy canyons. In many ways, the fame of the desert gained through rock climbers who took a fancy to the local peaks.
  4. Aqaba Bridge . Located in the desert above. You must visit it and take a few pictures with it in the background.
  5. King Abdullah’s Reef . A perfect place to go scuba diving. In addition, you can see dolphins, octopuses, and watch schools of fish.
  6. The Marine Science Station is another important place of the resort. It hosts fascinating lectures and seminars that focus on the underwater world. Visitors can take part in scientific activities or simply visit the souvenir shop, restaurant, which are located on the basis of this center.

Of course, all the attractions of Aqaba are not limited to this list. There really is a lot to see and do. If visiting tours does not fit into the picture of your ideal vacation, you can always enjoy a simple walk around the city, exploring its surroundings.

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Features of the city and the most interesting facts about it

The first settlements on the site of modern Aqaba existed 5500 years ago. Even during the reign of King Solomon, there was a navy here. At the time of the spread of Islam, in order to facilitate the path of pilgrims to Mecca, a passage was cut through the rocks of Aqaba. In 1841 the city was in the possession of Egypt, and only after the establishment of Israel as a separate state, Aqaba began to develop as an independent port.

Recreation at the resorts of Jordan is notable for its affordability. If you compare Aqaba with the same Eilat, the rest here is very economical. It all depends on the tourist. If you, for example, prefer to rest in the style of luxury and want to rent a room in the most expensive resort hotel, eating only delicacies, then yes – it will be expensive. But if you don’t see a problem to stay in a budget hotel, eat from the buffet and not throw money away, then the vacation will be quite economical!

The cultural component of this place is very diverse and original. At first, traveling to a city with an Islamic religion, you treat with a certain degree of apprehension, but then you fall in love completely and irrevocably. The hospitality of the inhabitants of Jordan is felt everywhere! Do not be surprised if you just go to the store and the seller will offer you a cup of tea or coffee. Refusal is perceived quite adequately! The locals love making gifts, so if you find in a package from the souvenir shop some extra items, you can take them as a sympathy and a sign of attention to your person!

Islam prevails here. Pork is strictly forbidden. You can’t even buy bacon chips. With alcohol a little freer, but you should remember that the locals are extremely negative to tourists who appear in public places while intoxicated. Also do not appear on the street in short skirts and excessively revealing attire – this applies to the fair sex. On the territory of the hotel can move at will, on the street – no.

Climatic features of Aqaba

As mentioned above, the climate in Aqaba is characterized as tropical Mediterranean. The city is always warm and even in winter, when in Russia and the CIS countries reign frost and snow, here you can swim in the sea and enjoy sunbathing!

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If you can not stand the heat, then the best time to travel may be from November to February-March. And don’t worry about the rain – it never rains. The maximum number of overcast days is 5 and they usually fall in January.

The sunniest month is June. For the horizon line, it goes for 9 hours, that is, you can sunbathe for 13 hours a day. Ideal month for a holiday going to Aqaba for the sun and a beautiful flat tan.

Aqaba Weather by Month

  • January: air +16.9, water +21.9;
  • February: air +19,9, water +21,4;
  • March: air +24,0, water +21,4;
  • April: air +28.1, water +22.1;
  • May: air +32.5, water +23.7;
  • June: air +35.2, water +25.5;
  • July: air +36.6, water +27.9;
  • August: air +36.5, water +27.9;
  • September: air +34.0, water +27.0;
  • October: air +29.1 water +25.7;
  • November: air +23.2 water +24.5;
  • December: air +18,4 water +23,0.

Holidays in Aqaba: things to do

Aqaba is a city that offers tourists a wide variety of things to do! Here you can actively rest, enjoying the beauty of the underwater world and the conquest of the mountain peaks, or you can relax and unwind in complete isolation from the hustle and bustle!

The most popular place for diving is the resort complex Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba. You can consider this place as a hotel accommodation, or you can visit the resort as a guest, to sit back and relax on its territory. There is a dive center with experienced instructors ready to teach and show you everything. A nice plus for family travelers is the availability of a children’s play center.

Of course, Movenpick is not the only place for diving. There are quite a large number of locations with a rich underwater world. Snorkeling – snorkeling – can also be a worthy alternative.

The Wadi Rum Desert is a must-see. Here, too, recreation can be very different – from leisurely walks with a guide to extreme races on quad bikes, rock climbing and much more! Only you decide how to organize your leisure time. Excursions here are available for both adult travelers and those planning a vacation with children.

In order to get acquainted with the local culture and buy souvenirs, we recommend visiting the local markets and bazaars, characterized by a special color!

Holidays and most important Aqaba events

  • January 1 – New Year Celebrations;
  • January 30 – Birthday of King Abdallah II;
  • May 1 – Labor Day;
  • May 25 – Independence Day;
  • November 14 – Birthday of King Hussein;
  • December 25 – Christmas
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Traditional Cuisine

Gastronomic tourism in Jordan is not very developed. However, the cuisine here surprises with a wide variety of dishes. It is almost impossible to stay hungry!

If you are going on a trip, you should try the following dishes:

  • Mansaf – lamb cooked in a yogurt sauce;
  • Kebab – meat cooked on open fire;
  • Tabouleh – a salad of millet with greens and tomatoes. Ideal for vegetarians;
  • McLuba – meat with vegetables and a thick, rich broth;
  • Falafel – fried chickpea puree balls;
  • Mamaul – cookies made from dates.

The large selection of restaurants is another plus of the resorts. There are actually plenty of places to visit to relax and enjoy delicious local (and beyond) cuisine. The following locations are the most popular among travelers:

  • Red Sea Grill
  • Casalingo
  • Arabic Moon Restaurant
  • Buffalo Wings & Rings
  • Fish In
  • Kubba Levantin Restaurant

The price policy is very diverse. You can visit some elite institution and enjoy the fish and meat dishes or you can go to a local bistro where the average bill comes out at about $ 5-7 per person including drinks. There are places for every taste, so every traveler can find the best option for himself!

Interesting fact: You can buy all kinds of alcohol in Aqaba, but finding a dish with pork is a real challenge. An Islamic country after all.

Where best to stay

Aqaba is a city that offers tourists and travelers a wide choice of accommodations. Here you can stay in a premium hotel or inexpensive hostel.

If you want to fully relax and enjoy the charms of the resort and its high-class service, it is recommended to opt for hotels and inns. The city can also offer its guests luxury resorts, such as the same “Mövenpick”.

In Aqaba quite a large number of small guest houses and hostels, which are characterized by affordable prices for accommodation. You can rent a room for literally 1500 rubles per day. Hostel will cost even cheaper.

The choice of an appropriate place to stay should be based solely on your preferences and financial capabilities!

How to get to Aqaba

Tourists planning to travel to resorts in Jordan do not require a visa, but only if you plan to stay in the country for no more than 1 month. The visa is issued upon arrival at the airport and is absolutely free (as long as you stay in the country for no more than 48 hours).

The most convenient way to get to Aqaba is by air. From Moscow you need to take a flight arriving at King Hussein Airport. Direct flights, unfortunately, are rare. As a rule, most planes involve a connection in Istanbul.

  1. The fastest flight to Aqaba from the Russian capital takes 11 hours and 40 minutes (including two connections). Ticket prices range from 15 to 30 thousand rubles, depending on the date and the selected airline;
  2. The fastest flight from Yekaterinburg takes 15 hours, including 3 connections. Prices start from 27 thousand rubles one way;
  3. From St. Petersburg to Aqaba takes 13 hours. One must change planes in Antalya and Amman;
  4. It takes 17 hours to fly from Kazan to Aqaba, with 3 connections. Flight prices start at 30 thousand one way;
  5. As for Vladivostok, here the flight will take about 23 hours. You will need to make three changes – in Sheremetyevo (Moscow), Vienna and Amman.
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Some tourists prefer to travel by car. The road from Moscow takes about 2 days (4 thousand kilometers).

What to bring from a vacation

Memories alone are not limited to this, of course. You can confine yourself to the standard set in the form of magnets and bells, but it’s better to bring something that really likes and will be associated with your time in Aqaba.

So, you can bring the following things as a souvenir from the resort:
  • Jewelry in oriental style;
  • Leather goods;
  • Cosmetics with the addition of medicinal mud;
  • Oils;
  • Clothes and carpets;
  • Ceramics or Nebatean glassware;

You can also bring traditional local sweets, tea or coffee from the trip.


Aqaba is a unique resort that leaves no one indifferent. Despite its tranquility, it leaves truly indelible memories that will delight you for a long time to come! The advantages of the city are the following:

  • A wide range of entertainment;
  • Stunningly beautiful sea;
  • Warm climate;
  • The unique nature;
  • Hospitable locals.
The disadvantages are hard to find. If you’re really picky, then:
  • Inability to find pork shish kebab (for the lover);
  • Long flights from Russia;
  • Severe heat in the summer.
As for things to do in Aqaba, their list looks like this:
  • Go scuba diving or snorkeling;
  • Have a coffee with a vendor from a local shop;
  • Visit the market;
  • Take a walk in the desert.

To all travelers who are still just planning a trip, we highly recommend watching a video from travelers just like you and me, all on the case! It will allow you to fully appreciate the merits of the resort, to discover it from a new side!

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