Africa: Top 6 The Most Popular Sights in Tanzania


Tanzania is a surprisingly picturesque country, which is filled with a large number of national parks. And all because this part of Africa has an incredible natural diversity, which should keep its pristine. There is an amazing opportunity for tourists to take part in various excursions, take photo safaris and view all the splendor of Tanzania. On the beaches of Zanzibar you can spend an unforgettable vacation, and to learn more about the culture of this amazing country, you can visit the tribes of the Bushmen. For the real extreme, there is an incredible opportunity to conquer Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Tourists will not be bored in Tanzania.

To fully enjoy all the beauties of this country, should follow this route:


Mount Kilimanjaro.

Despite all the picturesque places of Tanzania, this mountain is truly the main attraction of this country. This volcano is the highest point of the entire African continent. Guests of the country are offered whole hikes on this mountain. You can climb to its peaks, or you can just walk around the surrounding area and look at the beautiful, pristine nature around you. It would be a very fascinating journey.

Tanzania-Mountain Kilimanjaro.

Dar es Salaam City.Tanzania

This city plays a very important role for the whole country. Firstly, it is the largest and most developed, and secondly, it serves as the main port of Tanzania. It stands on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is a megalopolis city, in which the tourist will definitely have something to do. In the local language, its name sounds like “home of peace. The city was built on the site of a fishing village and offers tourists a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Tanzania-City of Dar es Salaam.Tanzania

The island of Zanzibar.

The most colorful and most visited island in the whole of Tanzania. It is an autonomous republic, which is located in the Indian Ocean. It has a very comfortable temperature and well-developed infrastructure, so tourists will always find something to do in these places. A large number of comfortable hotels, restaurants, and entire entertainment complexes, beautiful nature and white sand. What else do you need for a good holiday?

Tanzania-Zanzibar Island.

Anglican Church.

Stone Town serves as the capital of Zanzibar. Walking around this colorful town, you should definitely visit its main attraction. This architecturally interesting church was built back in the late 1800s. In the construction used the Arabic style with a mixture of Gothic elements. The result is very interesting. Inside the church is also very beautiful and you can see the crucifix that was dedicated to the famous explorer.

Tanzania-Anglican Church.Tanzania

House of Wonders in Stone Town.

Walking around the capital city of Zanzibar, it is worth visiting this stunning palace. It used to belong to the sultan and acted as his residence. This majestic structure was built in the late 1800s. This place got such a name because it was here that the first electricity and water pipelines were installed. To the locals it was nothing short of a miracle. Now here is a pretty good museum that every tourist can visit.

Tanzania-Miracle House in Stone Town.

Stone City.Zanzibar

This city is part of Zanzibar. This is its ancient part, which has preserved dozens of beautiful architectural monuments. This city used to be the main place of trade relations in the country. Now this city consists of a lot of narrow streets and chic colonial architecture. Also, visitors can visit several museums, a beautiful mosque, and visit several colorful markets.

Tanzania Stone Town.Zanzibar

Livingstone House.Zanzibar

David Livingstone is a very important person for Tanzania. It was he who explored the area and discovered many memorable places. On his last expedition he set out from this very house. It does not look remarkable, an ordinary three-story structure. But for the locals it is an important landmark. It used to belong to a Hindu community. Now there is a tourist center, from which the most interesting excursions are organized.

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Tanzania Livingstone House.Zanzibar

The Caves of Mangapwani.Tanzania

A great natural attraction is located on the island of Zanzibar. This cave was formed naturally and consists entirely of limestone. Here you can not only walk through the labyrinths of the underworld, but also visit a large underground lake. According to eyewitnesses, slaves were kept in these places for a long time, even after the abolition of this regime. It was these caves that were the starting point and transporting them to other Arab countries.

Tanzania-Mangapwani Caves.Tanzania

Volcano Meru.Tanzania

Since as early as 1877 this volcano has shown no signs of life. In terms of size, it is second only to Killimanjaro. Volcano stands on the mountain of the same name, which has two peaks. This massive landmark stands in the center of a very picturesque nature, which was part of the Arusha Nature Reserve. You can only enter this area as part of a guided tour or with special passes.

Tanzania-Volcano Meru.Tanzania

Ol-Doinho-Lengai Volcano, Tanzania

This active volcano is called “Mountain of God”. In all Africa there is no volcano more dangerous and more “alive”. It reaches almost three thousand meters in height and is striking in its grandeur. When this volcano erupts, its lava flows in a bright black color. That’s because it’s cold. When it solidifies, very unusual figures appear. In the park where this volcano is located, you can see several of these eruption traces.

Tanzania-Volcano Ol-Doinho-Lengai.Tanzania

Olduvai Gorge.Tanzania

In the northern part of the country there is another very interesting natural attraction. This gorge is part of a protected area and covers about 250 square kilometers of the country. This is a very important place for lovers of archaeological discoveries. The remains of the first people who lived a few million years ago have been found here. Some of their tools have also been found. There is a good museum with these exhibits in the gorge.

Tanzania-Olduvai Gorge.Tanzania

Serengeti National Park.Tanzania

A protected area with the oldest ecosystem and nature on the planet is on the UNESCO list of protected places. It is a fantastic opportunity to get acquainted with the oldest fauna. The park is located on the Great African Rift. It has been welcoming visitors since the early 1900s and has been expanding ever since. It is an amazing place for lovers of ecotourism and natural attractions.

Tanzania - Serengeti National Park.Tanzania

Ngorongoro Reserve.Tanzania

This amazing reserve is located in the crater of a long-destroyed volcano. It existed several million years ago. The total area of the national park is about 20 thousand hectares. The crater is located at an elevation of 3 kilometers above sea level and from its tops opens spectacular views. This area is now covered by savannahs with a large number of predators and other animals.

Tanzania-Ngorongoro Reserve.Tanzania

Ruaha National Park.Tanzania

This is a place where you can watch a large population of elephants. The reserve, which was opened in ’64 preserves a pristine and unspoiled nature that has been preserved after thousands of years. The scenery the tourist will see here is not like other parks. That is why it is so popular and attracts thousands of tourists every year. The size of the reserve is second only to one in the whole country.

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Tanzania-Ruaha National Park.Tanzania

Jozani Forest.Zanzibar

It would be an ordinary picturesque forest if not for its inhabitants, which act as its main attraction. Thousands of tourists go to these places to see the amazing colobus monkeys. This is a peculiar kind of monkeys that can not be found in any other place. They are listed in the Red Book and only in this forest can tourists see them. They are very friendly and easy to contact.

Tanzania-Jozani Forest.Zanzibar

Lake Tanganyika.Tanzania

This freshwater lake is the main source of drinking water in Tanzania. In addition, it is the longest lake on earth. Lake Baikal is 40 kilometers shorter in comparison. One of its shores belongs to Tanzania, the rest are washed by other African countries. This lake has a rather unusual composition of water, so at a depth of more than 200 meters, no living creature lives.

Tanzania-Lake Tanganyika.Tanzania

Lake Malawi.

Another large lake in Tanzania, which is home to a huge variety of fish. Its depth reaches 700 meters. Also in these places you can meet crocodiles, so you need to be careful. On the lake plying tourist boats, which ride you can admire all the colors of nature that is around. It is also a great place for fishing.

Tanzania-Lake Malawi.

Lake Natron.Tanzania

Another interesting lake is located in Tanzania. Its main feature is the color of the water. There are some microorganisms in it, which color the water in red and orange hues. It’s a fascinating sight. Especially beautiful body of water looks at sunset. Then its water can turn blood-red. Due to the fact that chemical vapors occur here, its shores are not visited by predators, so it is completely safe.

Tanzania-Lake Natron.Tanzania

Lake Manyara.Tanzania

This lake is a must stop for every tourist. Once there you can admire the huge settlement of pink flamingos. There are so many of them that from a distance the lake shore looks like a big bright pink spot. On the shores of the lake you can easily meet and other African birds and animals, such as zebra or pelican. This is a very picturesque and interesting place to visit.

Tanzania-Lake Manyara.Tanzania

Lake Victoria, Tanzania

This lake is one of the largest in the whole African continent. On its shores are many settlements, and even cities of millions. This is also where the equator is located. Lake Victoria is an important waterway for the country. Industry is developed here and all important trade relations with other countries take place. Thanks to the hydroelectric power plant which is located on this lake, entire cities are supplied with electricity.

10 Main Sights of Tanzania

10 Highlights of Tanzania

In 1964, after the merger of the two countries of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, the new state of Tanzania emerged. Here is the highest point of Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro, and in general Tanzania is a popular destination for safari lovers. Travelling here turns into an unforgettable adventure, allowing you to get acquainted with the incredibly diverse flora and fauna and pristine nature. Add to this the possibility of amazing recreation on the magnificent beaches of the Indian Ocean.

1. Serengeti National Park , Hotels near you

In 1951 the vast territory of northern Tanzania was established in the reserve that became Serengeti National Park, which means “endless plains” in Maasai language. The name very accurately reflects the essence of this land, located on a high plateau with heights from 914 to 1,829 meters above sea level.

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa, located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It has vast regions of amazing p.

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The Serengeti is approximately equal in area to Northern Ireland, it is among the largest nature reserves in the world. This famous park has 35 species of mammals, over 500 species of birds, with many species found nowhere else in Africa.

One of the most spectacular phenomena of the Serengeti is the 800km annual migration of ungulates in May during the dry season in search of water and food. The sight of countless herds of animals moving through the savanna and the ground shaking with the clatter of millions of hooves is simply unforgettable. In March, zebras and antelopes leave their deserted pastures and head west across the Grumati River. In May and June, the direction of migration changes to the north. By August, the herds are in Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve and in October they return to the Serengeti, but by a different route east of the summer route. In February, the Serengeti becomes a huge maternity hospital, where thousands of foals and calves are born every day.

2. Ngorongoro Nature Reserve, Hotels near you

This Tanzanian wildlife refuge is located between the two national parks, the Serengeti and Lake Manyara. It is often called the wonder of the world because of the stunning natural beauty and diversity of local fauna.

Millions of years ago a huge caldera was formed here (diameter 20 km, area 260 sq km), when the base of the volcano crater collapsed, unable to bear its own weight. The caldera floor was gradually overgrown with dense vegetation which attracted animals and later humans. A large part of the Olduvai gorge became part of the reserve. The bottom of the caldera is at a decent height and, it would seem, it should be dry and cool here. But its elevated 610 meters above the bottom obstruct the drainage of water and air movement, so it is constantly hot and humid in the crater. In this peculiar greenhouse without a roof, grass grows so fast that even huge herds of ungulates have no time to eat it. With such a density of herbivores, Ngorongoro also attracts predators, which are the most numerous in Africa.

The reserve’s ecosystems are diverse: mountains, active volcanoes, forests, hilly plains, Olduvai gorges, lakes and dunes. It is home to 115 species of mammals and over 550 species of birds.

3. Mount Kilimanjaro , Hotels near Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is located in northeastern Tanzania in the national park of the same name. The highest peak of Africa is a dormant volcano with three cones – Mawenzi, Kibo and Shira. The Mawenzi cone is the oldest and has a height of 5,892 meters, while Kibo is the youngest and highest.

Although Kilimanjaro is located at a latitude of only 3 degrees, but it is so high that the crater of Kibo is covered with ice all year round. Hence the name “Kilimanjaro,” which means “sparkling mountain” in Swahili.

Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding peak in the world and it has the most high-altitude climatic zones, which alternate with each other as you ascend. Therefore, all climbers have to take the most diverse equipment here.

Tanzania’s nature is unmatched in its beauty, lushness and diversity. The landscapes here were shaped by very different processes, so .

4. Zanzibar , Hotels Nearby

Zanzibar is now a coral island, which may once have been part of Africa, but is now a real gem in the middle of the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Tourists are attracted by the fabulous beaches with white sand, gently swaying from the ocean breeze of coconut palms, thickets of tropical forest, picturesque hills. Also, colorful coral reefs surrounding the island attract divers. Fauna and flora are very diverse. Near the lighthouse Ras Nungwi in the sands lay eggs two species of turtles.

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Many locals use another name for the island of Zanzibar – Ugunja, in addition, Zanzibar is also called the archipelago, which also includes the island of Pemba.

From the coast of Ugunja around the beginning of spring and early fall you can watch migrating humpback whales. The bottlenose dolphins love to come here and you can swim with them in the ocean under the supervision of lifeguards.

5. Lake Manyara, Hotels near Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara National Park is a tropical oasis located in the Rift Valley. You can check out this beautiful place on a trip to the Serengeti National Park or the Ngorongoro Crater. This lake originated over 2 million years ago, when the Great Rift Valley was forming and its lowlands were flooded with water.

The lake is shallow, the water is very salty and alkaline, which does not prevent a huge flock of flamingos, attracted to the lake abundance of algae and crustaceans. The surrounding area is overgrown with acacia trees, which attract giraffes, blue monkeys and baboons. Elephants are also plentiful here, though poachers have greatly reduced their population since the 1970s, when J. Douglas-Hamilton’s camp was located here. Douglas-Hamilton, who wrote the classic book “Among the Elephants.

Tanzania is a wonderful and favorable place for different kinds of recreation. Here you can spend a quiet family vacation, and from the heart to have fun.

Lake Manyara is home to about 350 species of birds, a very diverse fauna, among the largest inhabitants of which we can mention the famous tree lions, hippos, rhinos, buffalo, leopards, hyenas, gnu antelope.

6. Mafia Island, hotels near Mafia Island

40 kilometers off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean is a small island called Mafia, covering an area of 435 square kilometers. It is home to about 50,000 people. Despite the frightening name, there is no organized crime here. The Swahili word “mahali pa afia” simply means “healing land”. There is another version of the origin of the name of the island from the Arabic word “morfieh”, meaning “archipelago”. The island of Mafia is actually surrounded by a group of smaller islands.

Now this island has become very popular with tourists, who come here every year to enjoy the whitest sand, coconut palms, clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. It is no coincidence that a world famous marine reserve is established on the island with the adjacent water area.

7. Tarangire National Park, hotels near it

This national park is located on the eastern shore of Lake Manyara in the northeast of Tanzania, 120 km far from Arusha. The picturesque savannah with acacias and baobabs is named after the Tarangire River crossing it from north to south.

The scenery and vegetation here is unique to Tanzania with Indian date palms and bushes growing amongst the tall grasses. Three quarters of the park is accessible to travelers here, while the remaining areas remain wild and without any roads.

The park is divided into 7 areas in 4 zones according to the distribution of the inhabitants in them. If you cross the Engelhard Bridge in the center of the park, you can take an ornithological safari there, watching marabou storks and pelicans. Elephants, buffalo, zebras, hippos and canna antelope also inhabit the center of the park.

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8. Pemba Island, nearby hotels

About 50 kilometers north of Zanzibar Island is the island of Pemba. Arab traders in the past called it “The Green Island” because of the many spices that were the object of their trade.

Pemba has a smaller population than Zanzibar, is friendly and still respects traditional beliefs. They often use traditional medicine, and are engaged in agriculture: the cultivation of spices, pulses and rice. There are more than 3 million clove trees on the island, as well as coconut palms and mangoes.

Divers and snorkelers like to come to Pemba because the coastal waters are teeming with life. The eastern coast is particularly interesting, with more coral reefs and incredibly clear water that allows the diver to see rays, barracudas, morays, large crustaceans, octopuses, and schools of fish in great detail.

9. Jozani Forest, Hotels Nearby

On the island of Zanzibar most of the land is taken up either for agricultural plantations or residential development, there is only one piece where Jozani National Park is located. On 44 square kilometers, which is 3% of the entire island of Zanzibar, there is tropical jungle. More than 12,000 tourists come here every year.

The locals call this national park the forest of red monkeys, because it is home to a rare species of primates – red colobus monkeys. These monkeys are quite playful, not aggressive and willing to pose for photographs. Unfortunately, according to zoologists’ calculations, their numbers are extremely low, with no more than 2,000-3,000 individuals remaining in the population.

The flora of Jozani forest is extremely diverse: carnation trees, vines, ferns, rattan palms, raffia palms, Mahagoni trees with red wood, huge ficuses. In the part of the national park facing the Gulf Coast, mangroves dominate. To allow tourists to easily walk through the wilds of the latter, wooden planking has been laid through them.

Tanzania has a peaceful life and hospitable people, so this vibrant African country promises many incredible discoveries for travelers.

10. Ruaha National Park, Hotels near you

This national park appeared in 1964, and by now it has become one of the most visited nature reserves in Tanzania. In terms of area Ruaha Park is second only to the famous Serengeti. It inherited its name from the large Ruaha River, which winds its way along its eastern borders among the mountain gorges. The Ruaha flows into the Rufiji River and is home to many crocodiles and hippos.

In this park, nature protects its secrets better than in other national parks in the country. It has always been very difficult to access, which has helped this land remain almost unchanged over the centuries and unaffected by any human influence.

Here is the largest refuge for elephants, covering an area of 10 300 sq. km. Birds are abundant, with no fewer than 370 species, some of which are found nowhere else. Twice a year Ruaha is literally flooded with clouds of migratory birds from Europe and Asia in March-April and October-November. Here they join the local feathered birds: rhinoceroses, kingfishers, white herons, nectar-billed egrets, and plovers.

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