A walk through the town of Taormina, the little jewel of Sicily, Italy

Tour of Taormina (Italy, Sicily) – reviews

Take a tour of Taormina (Italy, Sicily)

On an independent vacation in Sicily, I must admit, I have not even dreamed, but fate has made its zigzag in my favor. Our vacation fell at the end of May – beginning of June, and my soul demanded not only “spectacle”, but.

A magical place for creative people

Brilliant, magical, sunny, serene, exquisite … What other epithets can be chosen to describe Sicily? Like an expensive jewel, it lies at the feet of Italy, framed by the sea as aquamarine, and drowning in greenery, as in emeralds. And in this jewel.

A small but very bright pearl of Sicily

I welcome you, dear friends, as well as all readers who happened to look at my page or purposefully looking for information about Taormina, about which my story will go. For the first time I learned about the city from.

A place worth seeing

To conclude my reviews about Italy I mentioned a wonderful city Taormina in Sicily. I told you about the tourist attraction – an active amphitheater, and today I will invite you just to take a walk through its streets, even though we were there long ago.

It’s a nice place!

Good day my friends! It has happened so that I have vacations again, this time I am flying to Arkhyz, and I missed snowboarding very much, I have not been skiing for about five years. I understand, not the most obvious choice among Russian ski resorts.

Best excursion

Sicily is a bright sun, warm turquoise sea, the world-famous mafia, active puffing volcanoes, annually reminding about themselves and the beautiful architecture. It’s also a “warehouse” of fashionable clothes and an island of delicious food. We decided to go to a small one.

The city is a fairy tale, the city is a dream.

Hello, dear friends. I have been going to Sicily for a long time. And for a long time, for several years. But it didn’t work out. But one thing I knew for sure, if I do, I want to live near Taormina. Especially this one.

Mauritania. African country, home to vast deserts

A corner of antiquity in the modern world

Good afternoon to all. For lovers of tourism, I want to share my impressions of staying on the island of Sicily the city of Taormina. I had the opportunity to visit there in the summer of 2018. I got there on a friendly visit on a warship, without.

Mountains, warm sea, gorgeous views, but hard to walk on mountain serpentines

Hello, I was in Taormino for about a week. Nice town with friendly and cheerful residents. Not too many tourists. There is a local large and ancient amphitheater which is a local attraction. The town has a train and bus station from where.

Taormina is the jewel of the Ionian Sea.

On our last day in Sicily, already packed and on our way, we decided to stop by another town on the east coast of the island. Taormina was on our way. This town is located between Messina.

Incredible views

The third point of our independent trip around Sicily was the town of Taormina, where we planned to have a lot of swimming and lounging on the shore. We had a great little hotel with access to the terrace right out of the room, which.

A beautiful town with gorgeous views of the sea

I recommend everyone who is vacationing in Giardini-Naxos or Letoiani to get out at least for half a day to the town on the mountain-Taormina! Despite the fact that it is small, it is insanely beautiful! Moreover, there are very frequent buses to it.

Magnificence on the mountain.

You can walk around Taormina for endless hours in any weather and at any time of year. I really liked, for example, the Basilica of St. Catherine of Alexandria (the Sicilians call it Catarina). The church was built in the 17th century in the Sicilian Baroque style.

A hyped tourist spot, expensive.

We traveled all over Italy, since we have apartments in the South, we live there quite often. We went to Sicily from the mainland by train, which was carefully loaded on the ferry for the crossing (a very unusual sight). We arrived in Taormina in the middle.

Travelling in Greece, Attica

The town next door to the volcano.

A small town, located in the eastern part of Sicily, not far from the active volcano Etna. Like many Sicilian towns that are on the coast of the Ionian Sea, Taormina is nestled on a cliff, thanks to this, the view of the sea and the mountains.


Hello, everyone!:) We went to Taormina as part of a sightseeing tour of Sicily Sicily is not Italy!)) . Like all the cities we have visited, and this one, strangely enough, was amazing. Beautiful, well maintained, artistic, aristocratic.

Such a sweet Italy to my heart.

As I have written in previous reviews, our hotel was in the picturesque town of Giardini Naxos on the coast. Our guide – Italian with the Russian name Natasha, a very professional and friendly lady advised us to visit Taormina.

Taormina for those who love Italy.

In Sicily we vacationed in a hotel near the town of Taormina. It is an ancient fortress city located in the mountains. Our hotel was on the beach, there is a bus to Taormina from the hotel several times a day for free. In advance.

What to see in Taormina in 1 day? Map

Taormina Arena

Taormina is not for nothing considered the pearl of Sicily, because here, as Guy de Maupassant wrote, there is everything that can seduce our eyes, mind and imagination: beautiful natural views, comfortable beaches and interesting historical sites.

Today Taormina is crowded with tourists, life here is much more expensive than in the rest of Sicily. If you want to stay in the most chic city on the island, here is a list of hotels in the historic center – enjoy the views and local culture.

It is also possible to go also to the volcano Etna, if you want you can order a private tour with a Russian speaking guide, there you will learn about its unusual features, centuries-old impact on people and the environment, hear myths and legends associated with it, write to the guide and book a tour here. You can also admire Etna by taking a train ride around, you’ll learn how to do that by reading our article.

Medici villas and gardens in Tuscany, Italy

Below we will tell you how to visit Taormina in just 1 day. You can see a large map of the city in the appendix at the end of the article or here.

The historic center of Taormina and the Corvaggio Palace

Palazzo Corvaggio

As a rule, the introduction to Taormina starts at the door of Messina (Porto di Messina). It is the gate to the city and you are in the historical center of Taormina, near Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. Here you will find the magnificent Palazzo Corvaja, once the seat of the Sicilian Parliament. The palace now houses the Museum of Arts and Folk Traditions of Sicily.

The main street of Taormina Corso Umberto, the square and the church of Santa Caterina

Sainte Caterina church

From Piazza Vittorio Emanuele begins Taormina’s main street, Corso Umberto, where there are squares, craft stores, stores, cafes and restaurants. It is along this street we will continue our walk in Taormina. On the right side of Corso Umberto you will see a small square – Piazza Santa Caterina, where you’ll find the church of the same name Chiesa di Santa Caterina, built in honor of the martyr Catherine of Alexandria. Interestingly, the church was built on the ruins of a Greek temple dedicated to Aphrodite.

Ancient theater

Ancient Theater

After seeing St. Catherine’s Church, we head towards the city’s main attraction, the Antique Theatre (Via del Teatro Greco, 1), which recalls Taormina’s ancient Greek roots. To get to the theater, turn off Corso Umberto in the direction of Via Teatro Greco. The theater was built in the 3rd century B. C. Although there are only ruins of the old building, even its remains can show you the scale of the construction – the diameter of the theater, that can seat 10 000 spectators, is 109 metres. The cost to visit the theater is 10 euros. Next to the theater there is a city park, walk through the cypress alleys, sit in the shade of an olive tree, enjoy the views, the flowers, the smells. Rested? Let’s hit the road!

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Arco Rosso Wine Bar

Arco Rosso Wine Bar

Then we will return to Via Corso Umberto. If you are hungry you can stop on the way to Arco Rosso Wine Bar (Via Naumachie 7) to cool down and have some sandwiches and other snacks. The place can’t boast a comprehensive menu, but the decent quality of the food and service makes up for this shortcoming. Another plus is the reasonable prices (which is rare for Taormina), with drinks and snacks per person costing about 7-10 euros.

April 9 Square and the churches of St. Augustine and St. Giuseppe

April 9th Square and St. Giuseppe Church

After grabbing a bite to eat, head on down Corso Umberto to Piazza IX Aprile. Here is the small Gothic church of San Agostino, now used as a library, and next door is another small church built in honor of San Giuseppe. On the square there is also the main observation deck with a great view of the bay and Etna.

Medieval quarter of Taormina

Porta di Mezzo Gate

Near April 9th you will find the Porta di Mezzo gate which leads to the Medieval Quarter of Taormina. You will immediately notice it thanks to the imposing Clock Tower (Torre dell’Orologio). You can stroll through the narrow streets of the Medieval Quarter and buy Sicilian souvenirs in the craft shops.

Taormina Cathedral

Taormina Cathedral

The next point of our walk is the Cathedral of Taormina (Duomo di Taormina), located on Piazza Duomo. The cathedral, built in the 13th century, is an interesting blend of medieval architecture and baroque elements that were added to the original structure in the 17th century.

One of Taormina’s best trattorias is Al Duomo

View from Trattoria Al Duomo

Our walk around Taormina is almost complete. We have reached the port of Catania, where the Old Town ends. Use the remaining time to explore the corners of the Old Town, nearby stores, small galleries, wine bars and pizzerias. By the way, one of Taormina’s best trattorias, Al Duomo (Vico Ebrei 11), is not far from the cathedral. You will be pleasantly surprised not only by the quality of food, but also by the tasteful ambience and view of Piazza Duomo. Try the seafood prepared with traditional Sicilian recipes and the homemade desserts. The average bill will be 20-25 euros.

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