9 best sights of Dzhemete – description and photos


Dzhemete is a picturesque resort village on the Black Sea coast situated between Anapa and Vityazevo, 5 km north-west of the city center. Dzhemete has the status of the suburbs of Anapa. It is permanently inhabited by about 1000 people, and during the summer tourist season at the expense of tourists local population grows several times.

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The coast from the Anapa Bay to Bugazskaya spit is considered the best place for a beach holiday, as there are wide sandy beaches. It is noteworthy that the word “Dzhemete” itself means “golden sand” or “golden placers” in Adyghe language. There are never so many people in the resort village as on the Anapa coast, so the sea throughout the holiday season remains clean. In Dzhemete there is no noise as in Anapa, and the air is much cleaner than in the city. In addition, from the airport or train station to Dzhemete is very easy to get on public transport, and it is very important for parents who came to the sea with small children.

Resort Village Dzhemete

The main advantage of the resort is that the development is stretched along the beach, and from any part of the village can quickly reach the beach. The road to the coast from the Upper Dzhemete takes no more than 10 minutes. The village has several resorts and boarding houses, but tourists are more popular mini-hotels and guest houses, where prices are more democratic.

Many fans of active recreation come to Dzhemete. For those who like diving at sea, the resort village has a dive center. Near the shore you can ride jet skis and catamarans, learn to windsurf and fly on a parachute behind a speedboat. From Dzhemete you can go yachting and fishing. The village has its own modern water park “Tiki-Tak”, dolphinarium, safari park, penguinarium and oceanarium. In addition, from Dzhemete to a handful of entertainment resort of Anapa.

Windsurfing in Dzhemete Sunset on the Black Sea in Dzhemete Shell on the beach

The history of Dzhemete

In 1828 a military fort was built to the north-west of Anapa. Dzhemetinsky garrison protected the town and was responsible for ensuring that products and goods arriving from Taman freely reached Anapa fortress. The settlement fulfilled military functions for more than half a century.

Then the chief of the Black Sea District, General D.V. Pilenko built a house near the fortifications and started growing grapes on the surrounding dunes. Thanks to him, laid the local tradition of viticulture, and in Dzhemete appeared several independent farms, which made excellent wine.

The revolution of 1917 and the Civil War that followed greatly ruined Dzhemete. When peace-time came, the remaining vineyards and wineries were nationalized. In 1922, Dzhemete was created winegrowing state farm “Dzhemete” and Anapa Zonal experimental station, which produced new varieties of grapes. Since the middle of last century, the suburb of Anapa began to develop as a resort village.

Beaches Dzhemete

The band of gorgeous, golden-sand beaches stretches across the village Dzhemete. It reaches a width of 100-130 meters. Fine quartz sand in some places has inclusions of mica and shell. From residential buildings Dzhemete beach strip separates picturesque sand dunes up to 15 meters high. Various forms of sandy hills and their vegetation create a unique landscape of the resort village. Small children, the elderly and those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, it is difficult to move on the gravel. And step on the soft sand – one pleasure!

Exit to the beach through the sand dunes Boardwalk on the beach Dzhemete

Wide beaches were formed thanks to the Kuban. Once the river flowed into the Black Sea is here and brought a lot of sand to the beach. At the end of the XVIII century the Kuban changed its course, leaving a vast expanse of sand in the area Dzhemete, Vityazevo and Kiziltashsky estuary.

On all the beaches of the resort village entrance to the sea is very flat, the sea bottom is flat and has no holes, potholes and large stones. Spring storm waves from year to year near Dzhemete three small rolls at a depth of 0.4 m, 0.7 m and 1.7 m. The sea water gets perfectly warmed up in shallow waters. In July and August its temperature can reach +27. +28 °С.

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On the coast near Dzhemete Sea breezes are pronounced. During the day they blow from the sea to land, and at night on the contrary – from land to sea. Fresh breezes perfectly aerate the coastal area, not letting the air stagnate. Thanks to them, the vacationers can better endure the heat of the day.

Central beach from the sand dunes Black Sea in Dzhemete Index on the beach Central beach Dzhemete in the high season Pier

All beaches Dzhemete have the necessary infrastructure for comfortable recreation. You can rent sun beds and umbrellas, cabins for changing clothes, showers and toilets. During the summer tourist season along the embankment are opening a lot of cafes and restaurants, so that no one goes hungry.

Stores near the beaches sell souvenirs, bathing equipment, inflatables, mattresses, towels, flippers and masks. If such equipment is needed for a short time, you should not buy it. Many hotels Dzhemete inflatable wheels and equipment for snorkeling give guests free of charge. In addition, the beaches of the resort village are places where you can rent everything you need.

At the beach, which belongs to sanatorium “Ellada”, they teach you how to windsurf. Experienced instructors from “Anapa-Surfing” work here.

In the area of mooring bridges and passages for the boats on the beaches Dzhemete in the middle of summer is crowded. This is because from the early morning from central parts of Anapa here are brought holidaymakers. On weekends Dzhemete is flooded with residents of the Taman Peninsula who come to spend time on the sandy strip by the sea. If the beach has become noisy, you should walk a little in the direction of the center of Anapa – there are fewer vacationers.

Central beach in the evening Central beach in the evening

Water park “Tiki-Tak”

The growing popularity of the resort village led to the fact that the city government of Anapa decided to place attractions and entertainment centers directly in Dzhemete. In 2008, a large water park was built on Pioneer Avenue, 38, next to the intersection with Zheleznodorozhnaya Street.

“Tiki-Tak” is considered one of the largest water entertainment centers in Russia. Its displacement exceeds 6 thousand tons. On the territory of the water park there is a spa pool with Jacuzzi of 500 m², wave pool, jumping pool, “lazy river”, children’s playground “Season of Rains”, parking lot, cafes, bars and lockers. Safety in the water park is provided by experienced instructors.

A complex of 24 water slides guarantees thrill-seekers twists and turns, the length of which exceeds 2 km. They were built by the Canadian company White Water. People come to “Tiki-tak” to try the power of waves, swim, sunbathe, take part in the entertainment programs and funny family rafting. Nearby “Tiki-Tak” every year there is a large exhibition of sand sculptures, people from all over the Black Sea coast come to see it.

The water park operates in the summer season from 10.00 to 20.00. You can get here from the city center by minibus № 114, 128 and 134. Children under 110 cm can visit “Tiki-Tak” for free.

Lazy river Children’s part of the water park Swimming pool in the “Tiki-Tak” water park

Oceanarium, Dolphinarium and Safari Park

In the south-eastern part of Dzhemete, at the intersection of Pioneer Avenue and Koltsevaya Street (Pioneer Avenue, 20A) there is a large entertainment complex, where all holidaymakers in Anapa try to come. This place is especially popular with parents with children, especially since kids under 5 years are allowed here for free.

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Part of the territory is devoted to the famous dolphinarium “Nemo”, where five times a day are spectacular performances. The artists of the show are the Black Sea dolphins, sea lion, walrus and fur seals, with whom you can be photographed at the end of the show. In addition to the show there are sessions of dolphin therapy and dolphin diving for the people with disabilities.

Nearby is the penguinarium, where live Humboldt penguins or Peruvian penguins brought to Anapa from South America. Penguinarium is open daily, seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

During the show at the dolphinarium.

To see other animals, it is worth looking into the safari park “Balu”. Created in Dzhemete island of wildlife contains white tigers, lions, leopards, brown and Himalayan bears, donkeys, deer, crocodiles, porcupines, raccoons, rhinos and other animals and exotic birds. Safari park welcomes guests seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

For lovers of sea and river fauna in Dzhemete operates Oceanarium. Large aquariums are fish from different seas, oceans, and freshwater reservoirs of the world. In the oceanarium you can see large sharks, rays, funny seahorses and animals of the Black Sea.

Entertainment and attractions

Near the water park “Tiki-Tak” there is a large complex of attractions “Sunny Island”, designed for children of different ages. There are different swings, merry-go-rounds and trampolines here. Sunny Island” offers its visitors a ride on the Ferris wheel, a race on an autodrome, a visit to the Fright Room, a test drive on a roller coaster, “Flying Elephants”, “Jumping Jeeps”, “Safari Train” and “Caterpillar” rides.

Dzhemete has no night clubs and discos and for this kind of entertainment you have to go to Anapa or to a nearby resort village Vityazevo. On the central promenade “Paralia” in Vityazevo there is a large outdoor area “Zhar”, where discos, performances of show business stars and fiery foam parties are held.

Sunny Island” amusement park

Park “Dobrodea”

In the center of Dzhemete, on a low Boykova Mountain since 2003 opened an ethnographic park “Dobrodeya” (Sandy Street, 28). Guests of the resort village can get acquainted with the traditions of the Cossacks and Russian folk folklore. Visitors are shown a spacious Cossack farmstead, treated to Kuban dishes and given rides on horses. In “Dobrodey” there is a fair, where craftsmen – potters, blacksmiths and skinners – work, and also the folklore group “Shumai” performs. The youngest in the ethnographic park welcomes fairy tale “Berendeyevo kingdom” with funny animators.

Dzhemete for recovery and treatment

Anapa coast is considered one of the best balneological resorts in the country. Subtropical continental climate, warm sea and ionized sea air let everyone who came to Dzhemete improve their health and gain strength.

Boarding house in Dzhemete

The resort village has several health resorts that work all year round. Of course, most of the resorts come here in the summer, but a lot of holidaymakers is in Dzhemete and in the off-season. This is not surprising, because in spring and autumn in the air contains the most sea salts, as well as phytoncides secreted by pine trees.

Local resorts help patients with problems of the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, nervous system, diseases of the skin and subcutaneous fat, gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system. Healing climate Dzhemete helps cure gynecological and urological diseases. Illnesses recede after sea bathing, sun baths, mud bathing courses and drinking sulfurated water “Matsesta Anapa.

In addition to sanatoriums, recreational programs in Dzhemete offer pensions and resorts. Many tourists stay in the private sector and to solve their problems, using therapeutic base resorts – consulting with doctors, go to the procedures and massage.


Resting in Dzhemete, many go to Anapa on their own to see the sights of the famous resort. In the city, it is interesting to visit the museum of local history, the archaeological museum-reserve “Gorgippia” and the art gallery “White Square”. It is pleasant to stroll along the picturesque Anapa embankment and look at the tunnel aquarium “Bathyscaph”.

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From Dzhemete take bus tours to African show and knights tournament in Sukko, Utrish dolphinarium, cultural and tourist complex “Russia”, the wine factory in Sauk Dere, in Taman, Novorossiysk, located in Temryuk region lotus valley, as well as dolmens and waterfalls on the mountain river Zhane.

Anapa’s seafront with exhibits of the museum-reserve Gorgippia


Most of the tourists who come to Dzhemete choose accommodation in the private sector. Rest in guest houses, mini-hotels and private apartments is not only cheaper – vacationers can choose comfortable housing and pick up any option for their needs. There is another plus. If accommodation in Anapa private sector is concentrated in the center and outskirts of the city, in Dzhemete it is on the beach or at a small distance from the sea.

Very good value for money in guest houses for 10-20 rooms. They are oriented on the reception of parents with children, so in addition to traditional amenities – air conditioner, refrigerator and television, offer extra service. Courtyards are usually equipped with playgrounds for children and have small pools.

Hotel in Dzhemete Berries and fruits on the market Vegetables and herbs on the market

In addition, almost everywhere in Dzhemete owners are ready to provide full board for residents. This is convenient for those who want to devote the entire vacation to rest, without wasting time and energy on standing at the stove. For tourists who want to save money, the guest houses have kitchens, where there is everything you need to cook your own food.

You can buy necessary products at Dzhemetinsky market and in stores of the resort village. In summertime fresh fruits and vegetables are sold from cars in the aisles along Pioneer Avenue.

Those who come to the Black Sea coast by their own cars like to stop at auto-camping “Golubye Yeli” (Pioneersky Prospekt, 21). This is one of the most picturesque places in Dzhemete. Parking lot and tent camp are located in the shade of tall trees. There is a dining room with three meals a day, where guests can enjoy delicious dishes of traditional Kuban cuisine.


The main means of transport around Anapa and its suburbs are cabs and buses. In Dzhemete they run on Pioneer Avenue. The route cab No. 114 runs from Vityazevo (farm Sandy) through Dzhemete, Anapa’s Central and Southern Markets to micro district 3B. You may also take it or minibus № 128 to Anapa bus station and port.

Shuttle buses start at 7:00 and end at 22:00. Conveniently, the interval between them is small – from 4 to 10 minutes. Bus stops at any place, if the driver sees a potential passenger with raised hand. However, it is better to get on them at stops.

Vacationers in Dzhemete are not recommended to take a private cab in the streets, as cab drivers ask an unreasonably high price for their services. If you must take a cab, you’d better book a car in advance by telephone or via the Internet.

Many people travel around Dzhemete and its surroundings by bicycle. You can rent adults’ and children’s bikes, quad bikes, and segways in the resort village.

How to get there

Anapa airport is located north of Dzhemete, for Vityazevo. Railway station of the resort town is even closer, just 1.5 km from the sea, near the Upper Dzhemete. Some tourists come to the coast by train, and some arrive by plane. In any case, the way to the resort village by shuttle bus or bus takes only 5-10 minutes.

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A small, cozy village Dzhemete is located near Anapa, just a few kilometers from the famous Russian resort. Unlike crowded and noisy “neighbor” Dzhemete – an oasis of peace, tranquility and bliss. In Adygeyan the name of the village means “golden placers”, and this is fully confirmed by the magnificent beaches with lemon, saffron and snow-white sand.

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The sea near the shore is shallow, perfectly warmed up, and fresh breezes create a comfortable atmosphere, even in the hot summer months. In addition to lazy sea relaxation in a truly heavenly environment tourists are attracted to Dzhemete attractions, which the village has a lot.

Water park “Tiki-Tak”

Tiki-Tak Water Park

Water park “Tiki-Tak”.

“Tiki-Tak” is one of the largest and largest water parks in the former Soviet Union. The water amusement complex is famous for its multitude of attractions with a displacement of over 6,000 tons. You can go here with the whole family – and lose track of time in entertainment.

There are 24 slides of different height, length and “virility”, 6 different-sized pools with diving towers and Jacuzzi, “lazy river”, spacious dance floor for foam parties. Kids under 110 cm in height visit the water park for free, for them is equipped with a special playground “A season of rains. And you can eat in the cafe or bar on the territory of the complex.

Nearby the water park is annually held an exhibition of sand sculptures, which quirky “exhibits” come to admire all the nearby coastal neighborhoods.

Address: Tiki-Tak Water Park, Pioneer Avenue, Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Dolphinarium “Nemo

Nemo Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium “Nemo”.

Dolphinarium “Nemo” – a modern entertainment complex, the construction of which used innovative technology, creating a comfortable, close to the natural environment for sea animals. Each day in the dolphinarium there are 5 performances, “artists” sing, dance, hit the ball accurately in the ring.

The “troupe” consists of Black Sea dolphins, walruses, sea lions and seals. At the end of the show you can swim with the cute animals and take great memorable pictures.

Ramps and elevators are provided in “Nemo” for comfortable visits to the dolphinarium for people with disabilities. Kids up to five years old visit the performances absolutely free of charge. Next door to the dolphinarium there is a penguinarium where you can observe the company of Peruvian penguins that were brought to the Black Sea coast from South America.

Address: Nemo Dolphinarium, Pioneers Avenue, Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Sunny Island” amusement park

Sunny Island

Sunny Island” amusement complex.

A wonderful place in Dzhemete for magical pastime of children and adults – amusement park “Solnechny Ostrov”. The park has all known and possible attractions: a Ferris wheel and jump cars, different merry-go-rounds and swings, trampolines and roller coasters, pools with balls and fountains, rooms of horror and laughter. You can also drive an electric car or ride a lively pony, visit the upside down house and watch a movie in the 7D-cinema, race balls in bowling and take part in funny competitions.

The territory of the park is well-maintained, with green areas lined with paths and benches for recreation. You can treat yourself to one of 10 sorts of this popular delicacy in the local cafe, whose main ‘dish’ is ice cream.

Address: Sunny Island, Pioneer Avenue, Anapa, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Ethnographic Park “Dobrodea

Ethnographic park “Dobrodea”.

Colorful historical and ethnographic park “Dobrodeya” which is located almost in the center of Dzhemete on Boikova mountain was opened relatively recently in 2003. Curious tourists can learn the traditions and customs of the local population. Visitors are certainly treated to traditional Kuban delicacies.

Those wishing can ride horses or listen to a concert of a folklore group. There is a special program for kids – the fairy-tale show “Berendeyevo Tsarstvo”, where animators play out a colorful historical performance.

There is a fair in the territory of “Dobrodei”, where you can buy original souvenirs made by local craftsmen as a memento of your visit to the park.

Address: Dobrodeya Ethnographic Park, Kutok, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.




Oceanarium in Dzhemete – a great opportunity to take a unique “walk” on the bottom of the world ocean, get acquainted with the life of the underwater world, to observe its inhabitants. Numerous aquariums inhabit different kinds of fish from the oceans, seas and freshwater sources of the planet, including rare, exotic, marked in the Red Book. Sharks, rays, piranhas, skates feel comfortable and the environment is as close to natural as possible.

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Sound and visual background gives colorful and mysterious expositions, and you can get a lot of interesting information about the inhabitants of the underwater world, their habits and habits from the stories of the guides.

Address: Oceanarium, Pioneers Avenue, Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Central Beach

Central beach

Central beach.

The central beach in Dzhemete is comfortable and picturesque – wide, almost 150 m long coastal strip with soft and warm sand and beautiful dunes, here and there overgrown with bushes, clean and warm sea, shells, occasionally carried by the waves to the shore. It is important that it is quiet, peaceful and relatively sparsely populated, even in high season.

On the beach you can rent not only a deck chair and an umbrella, but also various devices for water amusement: “banana”, “whirlpool”, “pill”, catamaran, scooter and even a yacht. You can play with the ball on the volleyball or soccer fields. And thrill-seekers choose the air ride – the flight over the sea under the canopy of parachute, hooked by a long rope to the boat.

GPS coordinates: 44.922361734458114, 37.31551117125894.

White Beach

White beach

White beach.

The most beautiful and in its own unique beach Dzhemete – White. The name is not accidental, the wide beach is covered with fine sand of literally snow-white color. And this is one of the cleanest beaches on the Black Sea coast. The water here is clean and transparent due to the peculiarities of the location of the beach – Bely is not “covered” by the bay, but is part of the sea.

Thanks to the same location, the coastal zone is inhabited by many representatives of marine fauna, perfectly visible in the clear water. Unfortunately, there is no snorkeling equipment rental on the beach. To admire the fish, crabs, starfish and seahorses, it is better to take care of personal flippers and mask. White beach is quite well-equipped, there are sun beds and awnings, a lot of entertainments on land and in sea, cafes and snack bars.

Address: White Beach, Dzhemetinsky proezd, Anapa, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Beach Dzhemete

Dzhemete Beach

Beach Dzhemete.

One of the most comfortable and convenient beaches for families with small children is the beach Dzhemete. The coast here is soft, sandy, with picturesque dunes, the entrance to the sea is flat, a few tens of meters quite shallow, because of this, and the water gets warm quickly. During calm, windless weather in the clear water you can see packs of fish, sometimes swim with dolphins.

The beach is equipped with sun beds and awnings, there are cabins for changing clothes and shower rooms. There is a volleyball court for adults and a special playground for kids. There are also organized entertainments, every day animators offer interesting beach programs. You can have a snack in one of the coastal cafes.

Address: Beach Dzhemete, Uralsky Drive, Anapa, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Chemburskoe Lake

Chemburskoe Lake

Lake Chemburskoe.

Lake Chemburskoe is a natural attraction, a unique healing spring, so amazing place in Dzhemete, that you must see it. And not only to see, but also to relax and improve your health.

The lake is small, its area is about 1.5 m, the greatest depth does not reach even two meters. In addition, in summer the lake becomes shallow, sometimes it dries up completely. But this makes it possible to get to its healing mud

There is a “talking” legend related to Cemburka, as the locals call the lake. In ancient times, the city was conquered by enemies and destroyed all its defenders. But while the conquerors were celebrating their victory, one of the dead soldiers, left in the mud of the lake, came to life, and his wounds healed before his eyes. The brave fighter carried all his comrades to the lake. The revived and healed retainer drove the enemies away.

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