7 best ideas for an adventure in Cuba

13 interesting things to do in Cuba

Varadero is the world’s most famous Cuban resort with the longest beach in Cuba. A wide strip of white sand stretches for 20 km along the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Coral reefs protect the beaches from severe storms and also attract divers from all countries. If you come to Varadero, be sure to visit the desert islands, buy authentic Cuban cigars and stroll through the central market. We’ve put together 13 fun things for you to do on your vacation!

Relax on Varadero’s sandy beach

If you’re in Cuba, make sure you go to one of the best sandy beaches along the coast! Varadero is a true azure oasis framed by dense jungle. The beach is 25 km long. The beaches of the resort combine the most beautiful views and a diverse underwater world. In addition, Varadero is ideal for water sports, sailing and yachting.

2. go to the Varahicacos Ecological Reserve

Varahicacos Reserve

A small nature reserve with a forest, hiking trail, lagoon, fossils, limestone caves. The highlight of Varahikakos is the centuries-old plants, for example, there is a cactus in the reserve that is over 600 years old. Varahikakos is home to exotic birds (both land and flood), reptiles (e.g. iguanas), and sharks and turtles.

3. Check out the Varadero Street Market

Varadero Street Market

For a full taste of Cuban flavor, head to the street market. Here you can find everything: souvenirs, leather goods, handmade tableware, unique antiques, cigars, chocolate and fruit.

4. Visit Hoseong Holiday Park.

A beautiful holiday park that both adults and children will enjoy. The park covers 9 hectares. There is an artificial lake with bright green water, tall trees, bridges, flowering plants. Everyone can rent a catamaran, swim in the pool, sit in a colorful restaurant, play bowling or mini golf.

5. Buy authentic Cuban cigars

Cuban cigars are famous all over the world. The first cigars in Cuba appeared in the 16th century, but until 1817 they were not available to the general public. Today, you can easily buy different types of cigars and please your loved ones with this colorful souvenir!

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6. Taste Cuban rum

Rum is part of Cuban culture. Cuban rum is considered a benchmark among analogues. The most prestigious types of rum are aged in oak barrels for decades. Depending on its ageing, the drink may have notes of tropical fruits, nuts, vanilla, caramel, coconut, cedar, or chocolate. In Cuba, you can try real rum and buy it as a souvenir for your family and friends.

7. Appreciate the handmade chocolate made from 100% Cuban cocoa

handmade chocolate

Couverture is a high quality product of natural Cuban cocoa. Its aroma includes tobacco leaves, woody notes and roasted cacao beans. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this interesting sweet!

8. Relax on the desert island of Cayo Blanco

Cayo Blanco Island

The island is 10 km by water from Varadero and can be reached by boat. Everyone can rent catamarans or relax on the deserted beach. In addition, the coast of Cayo Blanco is great for snorkeling. Guests on the island are offered an authentic Cuban lunch of fresh lobster or fish.

9. Explore Saturn’s Karst Cave

While vacationing in Varadero, be sure to see the Saturn Cave. It contains a lake that is 70 meters deep. Here you can scuba dive, see blind fish and crystalline mineral formations. Highlights are guaranteed!

10. Visit Kanimar Tourist Park

The Kanimar River flows between two hills, forming a huge green canyon. Here you can swim in fresh water or take motorboat rides. In the park you can see exotic birds, as well as the pristine nature of the Caribbean islands. The place will especially appeal to romantics who like to take colorful pictures.

11. Book a tour at the Varadero Municipal Museum

Varadero has an interesting museum that is a must visit. The building itself is small, in fact it is a beach house, made in the colonial style. Of particular value are the exhibits: old photographs, paintings and antique equipment used by the native Cubans.

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12. Swim with dolphins at the Dolphinario

Swim with dolphins at Delphinario

If you’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins, you have a great opportunity to do so in Cuba! Varadero has a large dolphinarium where everyone can attend a colorful show or get to know these amazing animals up close.

13. Shop at Plaza America.

Plaza America is considered the best shopping center in the region. Here you can find the world’s leading brands, cigar and wine stores, expensive boutiques and souvenir shops. The great thing about Plaza America is its location right on the coast, so you’ll find it easily.



BONUS ! And here’s another off the list idea for you – go to Havana and Trinidad .

Havana is now one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the world. The historical center – old Havana – was included by UNESCO in the list of the heritage of mankind, and the city itself is becoming more and more popular with tourists every year.

Trinidad is the first city built in Cuba in 1514. Today, Trinidad is a colorful place where you can see the real Cuba: colorful two-story houses, old cars, paved streets, and the indigenous local population.

Want more vacation ideas for Cuba? Where to stay, what to bring, what to do? Read our travel guide!

10 ideas for things to do in Cuba

Every year about 100 thousand Russians visit Cuba. The best time to visit the island of freedom is from December to April when there are no hurricanes and storms and suffocating hot summer is still a long time away. True, there is a “but”: winter is the high season, during which prices for hotels and rental housing.

In Cuba, there will be no time for boredom. Here are 10 must-do’s, which every traveler should remember.

1. Sunbathing on the beach

Good beaches are located 20 minutes from Old Havana. Five beaches stretch from west to east for 8 km: Tarará, El Mégano, Santa María del Mar, Boca Ciega and Guanabo. While sunbathing, you can sip from a straw of rum poured in a coconut. All beaches are owned by municipalities and, therefore, you can relax there for free, including no charge for the use of sunbeds and umbrellas.

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2. To get to know the local cuisine

Cuban cuisine was influenced by Spanish, African and Creole cooking. The main ingredients of the dishes are pork, chicken, seafood, black beans, rice, sweet potatoes, cassava, fruits, vegetables, and various seasonings. One of the most popular national dishes is Creole Ahiaco, pork with vegetables and spices. Lobster with lemon and crocodile and turtle meat dishes are also worth tasting. National drinks are Cuban rum and cocktails based on it, the most famous of which are daiquiri, Cuba Libre and mojito. Milk is sold unpasteurized, so it is better not to drink it raw.

3. tasting the chocolate

Havana has a museum of chocolate (Museo del Chocolate). Museum is a strong word, but a few artifacts, telling about the history of Cuban chocolate, are available in a museum. This place is more like a place where you can treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate, so thick that a spoon stands in it, and watch the process of making sweets. Do not forget to buy chocolate truffles for the road.

4. Take a stroll through Old Havana

La Habana Vieja is a real time machine. Here you can see buildings from almost every era and style. Most notable among them is El Templete, the oldest neoclassical building in the city. The most crowded place is Plaza de Armas. This is Havana’s first square and the site of the city’s founding. The Old Town also has the Covento de Santa Clara, a beautiful Baroque building. But the most enjoyable part is simply walking the streets, enjoying the flavor of Havana’s daily life. You can take a walking tour or hire a horse-drawn carriage.

5. Visit a cigar factory

Cuba produces the best tobacco in the world. Every year Cuban cigars attract millions of tourists from all over the world. You can book a tour at the Partagás factory in Havana. Cigars can be bought only in official stores, in other places they sell fake.

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6. Driving around Havana by car

Besides rum and cigars another symbol of Cuba are classic cars – Chevrolet and Cadillac. The best place to catch a breeze is the Malecon, a road that winds along the ocean past colonial-style buildings and . Along the way, you’ll meet loving couples, fishermen, and dogs (Cubans’ favorite animals). You can rent a car through the Gran Car company, which works with all the hotels.

7. Have fun at Tropicana Cabaret

This place, formerly owned by the mafia, is now run by government agencies. Admission costs about $60. For ordinary Cubans it is expensive, so mostly foreign tourists go to the club. Tropicana is decorated in the old style, here you can feel the spirit of traditional Cuba. Of the XXI century reminds only the stage equipment.

8. Catch the rhythm of the rumba

Authentic Cuban rumba is a mix of music and dance characterized by incendiary African and Spanish rhythms. In Havana, you can admire this spectacle at clubs such as Callejón de Hammel, Clave y Guagancó and Sábado de La Rumba.

9. To honor the memory of Che Guevara

Che Guevara, who was killed during the guerrilla campaign in Bolivia, rests in a specially built mausoleum in , where he won a decisive battle for the Cuban revolution. It has become a mecca for the revolutionary’s admirers. The mausoleum also has a museum with some of the commander’s personal effects.

10. Go visit Hemingway

Finca Vigía is the farm where the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway lived from 1939 to 1960. The house with a large plot is located in the town about 15 km from Havana. It was here that Hemingway wrote most of his novel For Whom the Bell Tolls and the novel The Old Man and the Sea.

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