5 things to do in Rostock, Germany

Trip to Rostock, tips for the tourist – what to do and what not to do in Rostock

Molenfeuer Rostock // Warnemünde

1. it is recommended for travelers to exchange currency at home, as this service is not widespread in Rostock. You can exchange money only at specialized points, which are at the airport or train station. The exchange rate will not be the most favorable.

2. In many large supermarkets and shopping centers you can pay by cashless payment, most of the cards of international standard are accepted. It’s worth considering that the attitude to bills larger than 50 euros from local sellers is very wary, in small stores they just can not take.

The streets are kept in an exemplary cleanliness, tourists should be especially careful and throw garbage only in the specially designated trash cans. For violation of public order there are large monetary fines.

Economical tourists are better to go shopping in one of the major supermarkets. In this case the prices will be much more attractive than in the market or in a small grocery store. The only disadvantage of supermarkets are long lines.

5. The height of the tourist season is from May to September, at which time the most favorable weather prevails, and rain falls infrequently. Travelers who plan a busy sightseeing program, it is best to go on vacation in this period. Copyright www.orangesmile.com

6. Tourists who can’t get enough of the local attractions and entertainment venues should take a trip to Hamburg. The train departs from the local train station several times a day with a travel time of only two hours. You can also easily get to Berlin, in which case the travel time is a little over three hours.

7. Inexpensive cafes and budget restaurants are worth looking for in major shopping malls. There are also several attractive restaurants with democratic prices near the railway station, and the most expensive gastronomic facilities are located on the Kröpeliner Strasse.

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Rostock has upscale hotels, each with its own attractive features. Not far from the harbor and pedestrian streets is the prestigious Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock, for customers to … Open

8. The mains voltage is 220V and all hotels are equipped with standard European sockets. Before the trip it is necessary to check all electrical appliances that you plan to take with you for compatibility, adapters and adapters are better to be stocked in advance.

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Germany: travel tips

3.Tourists should not visit the districts of East Berlin – Hellersdorf, Marzane, Köpenick, Lichtenberg in the evening. In these areas you may encounter violence, especially racial violence. 4.In the southwest of the country ticks are common, so hikers in the woods should be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis before traveling to Germany. 5.Nazism is a hot topic in German society, even jokes about it are punishable by administrative penalties, and for using Nazi symbols in Germany can go to jail. As a tip to waiters it is customary to leave 7-10% of the cost of the check. If the check does not exceed 5 euros usually 1 euro is left for a tip. … Open

Rent in Rostock

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