5 things to do in Cambrils, Spain

5 things to do in Cambrils, Spain

Cambrils is an old port city on the Costa Dorada, a few kilometers from Tarragona. In the last twenty years, this quiet Catalan municipality has transformed into a very popular tourist destination because of its mild climate and beaches, which, although limited to an area of about 7 kilometers, never cease to amaze visitors with their beauty. The rich past of the city is still visible in the historic center through Roman ruins, medieval churches and Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-Gothic buildings.

You also can not miss the small port, where you can enjoy the delicious local cuisine and admire the magnificent views of the sea. Cambrils is especially suitable for families and, in addition to the beautiful beaches, offers modern entertainment, such as the Universal Studios theme park. For those who like to relax, we recommend Parc Sam, a charming botanical garden that was designed by Gaudi himself. Beautiful Cambrils, located just 25 minutes from Reus airport, will surprise you with a mass of things to see and do.

1. Start the day at the marina in Cambrils

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1. Start the day at the Cambrils marina

Cambrils Marina is the best place to experience the atmosphere of this seaside town. It is also the starting point for the promenade and the bike path, which runs along the Paseo de les Palmeres and leads to a square with bars and ice-cream parlours, where you can sit and admire the harbour and the moored boats. Continuing along the road that follows the pier, you can reach El Faro Rojo, the iconic red tower that serves as a mini lighthouse for the marina.

2. Beaches to suit all tastes

The coastline of Cambrils, at first glance, may seem like one long strip of sand, but it is actually divided into nine different beaches. The one closest to the Cambrils marina is the most famous, also because it is the easiest to reach from the city center. But continuing eastwards, along the Avenida de la Diputación , you will gradually come across all the other sandy beaches, just as beautiful and well maintained.

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2. Beaches for every taste

Among the most famous are Playa de Vilafortuni and Playa Cap de Sant Pere , dominated by two famous hotels. If you are not going to the beach for sunbathing but rather for water sports, Playa de l’Esquirol is for you. Playa del Cavet is a bit more urbanized and Playa de la Riera, next to the port, is smaller but still very beautiful.

3. do not miss PortAventura World

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3. don’t miss PortAventura World

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To the northeast of Cambrils, just 15 minutes away , is Tarragona’s largest theme park. Opened in the 1990s PortAventura was declared the first European theme park by Universal Studios, because at that time the park belonged to the brand. Even today it is a suitable place for fun for the whole family thanks to the many live shows and more than 40 different attractions. If you are a fan of strong emotions, do not miss the Furius Baco, a roller coaster in the park that reaches speeds of up to 135 km/h. Another popular attraction is Dragon Khan with its eight loops that can reach speeds of up to 110 km/h.

4. Try the calçotada

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4. Try the calçotada

The region of Tarragona is famous for calçot, a type of sweet onion, to which is also dedicated a traditional ritual, the calçotada, which usually takes place from November to April: piles of calçot are fried together with various pieces of meat and eaten by dipping them in romesco sauce, a spicy sauce based on tomatoes, peppers and almonds. If you are planning to visit Cambrils when Calçotada is not yet organized, you can still enjoy the specialties of traditional Spanish cuisine in one of the city’s two star restaurants. Can Bosch is famous for its spicy grilled octopus served with mashed chickpeas, kimchi sauce and caliente. El Rincon de Diego offers its guests traditional Spanish dishes and more modern offerings.

5. Explore the historic center of Cambrils

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5. Explore the historic center of Cambrils

After enjoying the beauty of the coast, walk about a kilometer inland and discover the historic center of Cambrils, where there are many well-preserved historic buildings. Among them are several coastal watchtowers, such as the Hermita de la Mare de Deu del Cami, built in the 14th century, or the Torre del Port, a few steps from the marina, which now houses a museum. Also in the historic center, do not miss the Church of Santa Maria , which combines Baroque, Renaissance and Neo-Gothic styles.

16 Surprising Sights in Cambrils in Spain Worth Seeing

Cambrils sights in Spain

Cambrils in Spain is famous for its historic buildings, cheeses and wine. The main and most common attraction is the red lighthouse, which is depicted on all the brochures of the resort. This town will suit those who do not like hustle and bustle. There are many memorable places that are worthy of a visit. But some of them are popular among tourists and locals. They are scattered in different areas of the city.

What sights to see in Cambrils (Spain) by yourself

Almost all attractions in Cabrils are possible to see on their own, without buying a tour. Thus, it is recommended to follow the following routes:

  1. Red Lighthouse – Fisherman’s Park – Monument to fishermen’s wives – Port Tower.
  2. Church of St. Mary – Church of the Virgin Mary – Church and the Farm – Church of Iglesia.
  3. Pinares Park – PortAventura – Museum of the History of the City – Emerald Museum.
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If you have only two days at your disposal it is recommended to visit the beach and 3-4 major attractions. These include the red lighthouse, the PortAventura theme park in Salou, the Church and the Farm. It is recommended to start with the beaches, as most tourists tend to stay in hotels located on the shoreline.

The coast of Cambrils stretches for nine kilometers - tourists have the opportunity to relax on nine fine-sand beaches

Cambrils coastline stretches for nine kilometers – tourists have the opportunity to relax on nine fine-sand beaches

Cambrils is the gastronomic capital of the entire Costa Dorada. Popular dishes usually contain seafood, such as marescada and paella. Also popular here are pastries of all kinds.

In Cambrils you can find many restaurants with good food.

In Cambrils you can find many restaurants with delicious food

Heading towards the center is worth visiting a few sights on the first day. In the opposite direction, heading back to the hotel is worth paying attention to other notable places. On the second day it is recommended to visit places distant from the city.

With children should visit the best park in Europe - Port Averture.

The best park in Europe, Port Auverture, is a must-see for kids.

In addition to the sights, the town is famous for cheeses of different varieties, honey and homemade wines. Especially worth visiting the resort in the fall or early February. It is during these months in Cabrils are festivals of cooking, where it is recommended to try the local dishes.

Cabrils is a common resort with a pleasant climate and a variety of views. It is recommended to visit it during the beach season, as well as at other times. The town is full of tourists all year round and in the off-season there are usually colorful themed festivals. If you have time, you can visit other notable places in Spain, such as the resort towns of Ibiza or Cartagena.

Church of Santa Maria Vilafortuni

The creation of the church began in the 15th century and was completed at the end of the 18th century. The temple has not been touched since the end of construction and has an original appearance. In the temple itself, tourists worship the relics of Saint Placido. During the season there are quite a lot of tourists here, thanks to the fact that the church vividly reflects the history of the city.

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Shrine of Our Lady del Cami

The walls of the chapel were built with stones brought here especially by fishermen from Barcelona, namely the Montjuïc Quarry

The locals love the Church of Our Lady of Cami and every year, on September 8, they celebrate her feast in their front yards

The Church of the Virgin Mary is a church that was founded in the 12th century. The building is in the Gothic and Baroque styles. In the 17th century, the chapel of the church was reconstructed. But most of it has remained in its original form. The church has decorated halls, and the chapel, although reconstructed, does not differ in style from the main building.

Museum of the City’s History

Cambrils History Museum is one of the very few places where you can learn a lot of interesting things about the city

The town’s history museum is divided into several parts. It tells how the city developed since its foundation. There is also a mill that was built according to old blueprints. One part of the museum is devoted to agriculture. A wine cellar is used for its exhibits. The museum is dedicated to the cultivation and further use of olives and the creation of wine.

Park Sama

Park Sama is a unique ensemble. It was designed by Joseph Font Sere in the 19th century. The owner of the park was Salvador Saama. The man came from Cuba and decided to create a corner in the style of Latin America. In the park you can see the colonial palace and take a walk in the tropical and Mediterranean gardens. There is also a pond within the green space.

Mas d’en Bosque church and hamlet

The construction of this facility was completed in the 16th century. The temple was decorated in the Renaissance style. Also before this construction, there were other churches on the same site, but they were destroyed by pirates. Not far from the temple is the city cemetery. It is located near the Royal Route. There is also a farmstead near the church. Previously this was a popular inn where travelers stayed for a break while on the road.


This site is a national heritage of Spain. It is located on the territory of the temple of the Virgin Cami. It was built in the 14th century. The main task of the construction was to protect the area of the coast and the Royal Road. The interesting thing is that the whole tower has not been changed since its construction. It is an authentic construction, without the intervention of modern man. The tower has an exhibition devoted to the Middle Ages.

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Falling boats, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, swings, bobbleheads, dances and songs delight children and adults alike.

This large amusement park is located 8 km from Cabrils, in Sallow. It has a variety of attractions. The interesting thing is that tourists can ride the new rides as well as the old ones. At every big holiday, the whole park is decorated according to the theme. For example, on Halloween, it is in orange and blue color, pumpkins are everywhere, holiday paraphernalia is sold and all the staff is dressed up in costumes. The park is definitely worth a visit, and not just once, because you can’t see the entire park in a day.

The Roman settlement of Llosa

A very ancient settlement of Llosa was formed in the 1st century BC. The inhabitants left this area in the 6th century. Excavations have revealed that the Romans formed a very large settlement here. Tourists have the opportunity to explore the ruins on their own, and to study the layout of the colony. From some of the ruined parts you can easily guess the outline and purpose of the buildings.

Pinares Park

There is a paved square in one of the areas that serves as a venue for all kinds of events

The largest park in the city is Pinaret. It occupies 4.5 hectares and is divided into 4 zones. The cobblestone square is equipped with stands for spectators. Here you can also quietly enjoy the nature in cozy pavilions and learn the structure of a solar panel. In the laboratory carry out various experiments for agriculture. In the area of the forest park hold picnics. There are playgrounds for children and a road that helps children learn the traffic rules.

Emerald Museum.

Now the exhibition shows both nuggets and processed stones, as well as jewelry made of them

Visitors are given the unique opportunity to buy untreated nuggets in their natural state

A popular museum among tourists displays emerald nuggets and the jewelry made from them. Here you can learn about how the precious stones came to Spain and their extraction. Other precious metals are also on display.

Escornalbow Castle

It is located on top of a hill and includes several structures that are surrounded by a stone wall

This building is a ruin from an ancient monastery and castle founded in the 15th century. The owner of the castle tried to turn the historic building into a private residence. Now there are guided tours and quests in the building. Everyone can take part in funny games.

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Fisherman’s Park

The inhabitants of the city have been involved in fishing since its founding. There is even a park dedicated to fishermen. Park del Pescadro is located a short distance from the port and beaches. It is a favorite place for vacationers. Here you can often find leisurely strolling tourists. The park sprawls over an area of about 5000 square meters. In the center of the park, plants characteristic of the tropics sprout, and in its southern part, Mediterranean plants. At the pond sprout eucalyptus. In the park there are playgrounds for children and a theater where concerts and other events are held.

Vilafortuni Castle

This historical monument was built in the 12th century and belongs to the list of cultural treasures at the national level.

It is a military fortress built for defense in the 12th century. This building is considered a national heritage of Spain. The castle was built in the Renaissance style which was typical at that time. In the 19th century the castle was the head of the feudal part that was isolated. At the moment the building just decorates the town and fits in perfectly with the rest of the landscape.

Port Tower

The watchtower was built in the 17th century. It was created to protect the city from pirates. In the tower there are exhibitions on maritime and historical themes. Among the exhibits are various items for sailors, as well as items that were found during excavations.

Monument to fishermen’s wives

This monument was erected here as a tribute to the wives of fishermen waiting for their husbands on shore, and contributing to the overall family business

In the heart of the city is the most popular monument, which was erected in honor of the wives of sailors. It represents statues of two women who are busy restoring a damaged fishermen’s net. While the men of the family were at sea, the work was placed on their shoulders. It was also their responsibility to mend the nets that were torn during the voyage.

Red Lighthouse

The red lighthouse in Cambrils is a small navigational structure that points the way for ships entering the local port

The red lighthouse is considered the most recognizable landmark of Cabrils. All the advertising brochures of this resort are decorated with this very lighthouse. It is located in the port and is a landmark for various ships arriving in town. It offers a picturesque view. The sunset looks especially spectacular against the background of this landmark.

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