5 tastiest dishes with chocolate

Chocolate Recipes

Looking for good chocolate recipes with photos? On this page, you’ll find dozens of options for what you can make with chocolate at home and how to make it best. Learn how to make chocolate dishes with our recipes and become an advanced cook! Among other things, some of the recipes will show you how to make chocolate at home, as well as what dishes you can make with chocolate.

Black Prince Cake 4.5 32

In front of you is a simple step-by-step recipe for making chocolate cream cake. Each step is illustrated with photos. This cake is suitable for any celebration. Black Prince Cake is delicious. Added:

Chocolate cake without flour 4.3 27

Cakes can be made without flour. Chocolate cake without flour – proof of that. Cook and enjoy! :) Added:

Fondant 4.5 24

Fondant is a dessert that I would recommend first of all to a dark beer, and then to coffee, tea or ice cream. It’s not difficult to make fondant – this step-by-step fondant recipe with photos will help you. Added:

American Cookies with Chocolate Chunks 4.3 23

No one can remain indifferent to this delicious pastry. The recipe for how to make American chocolate chip cookies is incredibly simple! Not only the inexperienced cook can cope with it, but also a child … more

Easy Chocolate Cake 4.3 17

With this recipe, you can make sure that a simple chocolate cake can be the most delicious. Especially since you will need the simplest products to make this cake. Added:

Chocolate Puff Cake 4.5 14

Recipe for chocolate puff cake for a birthday or any other holiday. The cake is not very difficult to make, but it turns out much tastier than the purchased. Try it – and you will definitely like it! ;) Added:

Brownie Cake 4.7 14

Brownie Cake has migrated to us from across the ocean – originally it was very popular in America, but today it is well known in our country. I will tell you how to cook Brownie Cake.

Frosting for Cake 4.7

The most widespread and widely used frosting for coating cakes, pies and buns. Today we are going to make the easiest and fastest recipe for cocoa powder cake frosting. Added:

Chocolate Buttercream Cake Frosting 4.5 12

Chocolate buttercream can be used both as a cake filling and as a decoration. It’s quite simple to make – I’m sharing the recipe with photos. Added:

Muffins in 5 minutes 4.4 11

Muffins themselves came to us from America, where they are very loved. We, on the other hand, have always had muffins. By combining the two recipes a little bit, we get these wonderful muffins in 5 minutes at home! Quick and delicious! Added:

Giant Samoa Cookies 4.6 11

Lots of heavy caramel, coconut shavings and chocolate. these are American Samoa cookies. But it takes a long time to put coconut caramel on each cookie, so we make one at a time and a very large one! Added by: Daria Vakulova on May 10, 2017

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Cocoa ice cream 4.5 10

In terms of technology, it is not difficult to make ice cream with cocoa at home, especially since the products for this can be purchased in any store. This recipe is very simple. Added:

Pear and Chocolate Pie 4.3 10

A very tender, melt-in-your-mouth pie that is definitely worth making! You just can’t stop at one bite! And the ingredients are very simple! Enjoy!

Homemade Macaroons 4.2 9

These incredible tasty macaroons are actually easier to make at home than they look! Tender and delicious pastry with different fillings will conquer you and your family and become your favorite pastry! Added by: Tanya Bozik on May 14, 2017

Chocolate Strudel 5.0 9

This recipe is just a go-to when guests are on the doorstep or the kids urgently demand dessert. That’s why I always have frozen puff pastry, chocolate and nuts in stock at home … more

Chocolate Easter Egg (workshop) 4.0 8

I’ve always wanted to make a big chocolate Kinder egg at home. Here’s a recipe that would be very appropriate for Easter. I will show you in detail how to make a chocolate egg … more

White Chocolate Brownies 4.6 8

A yummy and delicate white chocolate brownie. Even people who don’t think they have a sweet tooth will like it. It’s easy and hassle-free to make, I hope you enjoy the recipe. Added:

Chocolate-covered Marshmallow 4.5 8

This simple dessert can be made for any holiday or tea party. The beauty of homemade marshmallows is that you can make them from any berry or fruit, they will be natural and delicious! Added:

Chocolate-covered prunes candies 5.0 8

It’s not for nothing that many chocolatiers call prunes and dark chocolate “the perfect sweet couple.” The flavor combination of these two products is incredibly harmonious, and you can see for yourself! Added:

Chocolate sponge roll 4.8 8

An ornate, beautiful chocolate biscuit roll with whipped cream and mascarpone cream. Very tender and delicious! And what do you think of the wonderful decoration? All made and decorated with my own hands!

Chocolate cake without baking 4.6 7

Do you want to please yourself and your dear ones with a delicious cake, but you have no time to stand at the stove? Then pay attention to the chocolate cake without baking. Minimal effort in the preparation and maximum enjoyment. Added:

Puff pastry croissants with chocolate 4.7 7

Ever made the famous croissants? Do you think it’s complicated? Not at all! Cook fragrant, delicious croissants made of puff pastry with chocolate for breakfast and feel like a true Frenchman.

Cake on Boiling Water 4.3 7

I want to tell you a very cool way to make chocolate cake on boiling water at home. It turns out incredibly tender, very appetizing and delicious. It’s a great dessert for tea!

Nutella croissants (master class) 5.0 7

Today I want to share with you a recipe from an American site, the croissants looked really good, and I decided to do it again! And you know, it turned out very sweet, tender, just inexpressible! Added:

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Black Forest Cake 4.9 7

The combination of cherries, dark chocolate and cream is probably loved by many people. I want to offer you this quick version of a brownie that combines all of these ingredients. It’s just perfect for the holiday table! Added:

Snow Boars Candies 4.8 7

Delicious and easy-to-make homemade candies that will decorate the New Year’s table and delight you with their delicate taste and pleasant aroma. Added:

Quick Chocolate Cake 3.9 6

This cake is great for an unexpected holiday or if you just want to make yourself something delicious quickly. Either way, its taste will surprise you unexpectedly and pleasantly. Added:

Chocolate Raisin Cake 4.3 6

A yummy cupcake with a light brandy flavor will decorate the holiday table and make the tea party even more enjoyable! I recommend this recipe for chocolate cupcake with raisins for lovers of delicious homemade baked goods! Added:

Candied Raisin Cakes 4.6 6

If you’ve been thinking about surprising some of your friends or family with a gift by making it with your own hands, but haven’t figured out what it could be yet, then this recipe for candies with stuffing will help you do just that! . more

Chocolate Muffins with Custard 4.4 6

I’ll tell you today how to make chocolate muffins with custard, delicious and tender, flavorful and incredibly easy to make. I’m sure you’ll really like this recipe!

Ganache 4.8 6

Ganache is a cream based on chocolate, cream and butter and is used as a decoration for cakes, pies and other desserts. The recipe for how to make ganache is quick and easy. Added by: Marina Sofyanchuk 21.02.2017

Cheesecakes with chocolate filling 5.0 6

Do you like cheesecakes? And the chocolate? Let’s bring them together! Tender, delicious, with a crunchy crust… You take a bite and your mouth fills with liquid chocolate. Kids are sure to love this filling surprise!

Chocolate-dipped Cheesecake 4.4 6

It’s very easy to make homemade chocolates at home. The main thing is to have the right products on hand and a silicone mould, which makes them just perfect! See recipe!

Chocolate Orange Mocha Cake 5.0 6

Chocolate, coffee, and orange. A chic trio that’s practically a classic already! Try this combination as a sponge cake with light weightless chocolate sponge cake, delicate coffee cream and orange. Added:

Ant Muffin 5.0 6

An original cupcake made with the most ordinary products and a bar of chocolate. Thanks to the grated chocolate, the texture of the cupcake resembles an ant muffin, hence the name. Delight your loved ones with a delicious pastry! Added:

Bouchet Cake 3.3 5

I’m sharing a classic recipe for bouchette cake according to GOST! Who tasted the famous sponge cake Bouchet, knows how delicious they are … more

Swiss rolls stuffed with bananas and chocolate 5.0 5

Today I want to share an original and very unusual recipe for making banana and chocolate stuffed rolls. I’m sure you haven’t tried such a dessert yet. Well, try to make it! Added by: Marina Sofianchuk on March 27, 2017

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Banana Penguins 4.8 5

Banana penguins are the most fun and funny dessert for a children’s party! You can make a sweet surprise for the kids, or you can get the little eaters to get creative. Try it, it’s delicious and fun!

Irish Coffee Ice Cream 4.0 5

Irish Coffee Ice Cream is a dessert perfect for parties, girls’ get-togethers and the festive table. The rich flavor of coffee and cream is enhanced by the bitterness of dark chocolate and whiskey … more

Chocolate Ring 4.8 5

Here’s an original recipe for how to make a chocolate ring with Nutella and banana. A really tasty dessert that will especially appeal to children who have a sweet tooth. Prepare and you! Added by: Marina Sofyanchuk on May 03, 2017

8 chocolate desserts that you can make in minutes

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In the frantic rhythm of modern life, there is often not enough time for various masterpiece recipes. Especially when it comes to sweets, baked goods and other goodies. Here are eight amazing chocolate recipes that you can make in minutes.

1. Cupcake in a Cup

Chocolate cake.  Photo: segodnya.ua.

The simplest dish that comes to mind when we talk about chocolate is, of course, the cupcake, which is made quickly, easily and brings a lot of fun to both adults and children.

– Flour – 75 g; – Coffee – 1 tsp; – Cocoa – 50 g; – Milk – 50 ml; – Egg – 1 pc; – Sugar – to taste; – Baking powder – a teaspoon tip; – Vegetable oil – 25 g; – Vanilla – to taste.

Cake in a cup.  Photo: lifecrust.com.

– Sift the flour into a separate container, mix with coffee, cocoa and baking powder; – Add the sugar; – Beat the egg, pour the milk and sprinkle with vanilla; – Stir until homogeneous mass; – Butter the mugs to the top; – Fill them with the mixture (can be half, can be completely); – Send at maximum power in the microwave for 1.5 minutes; – Serve with ice cream.

2. Fondue .

Fondue.  Photo: vsenavse.ru.

What to surprise guests at a party or birthday party? Certainly with the original fondue, which allows them to enjoy pieces of fruit assortment in a fragrant, delicate ensemble with chocolate.

– Chocolate (black) – 210 gr; – Cream (low-fat) – 110 ml; – Fruits – at choice.

Chocolate fondue.  Photo: erasmusu.com.

– Melt chocolate bars by any convenient way until homogeneous; – Pour in cream; – Stir until homogeneous; – Pour into small portions; – Serve with chopped fresh fruit.

3. Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake.  Photo: zira.uz.

And, of course, you can’t do without the chocolate cake, for the preparation of which you’ll need not so many ingredients and time, and the result will surpass all expectations!

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– Sugar – 120 g; – Brown sugar – 120 g; – Flour – 140 g; – Cocoa – 120 g; – Milk – 110 ml; – Vanilla – to taste; – Water – 140 ml; – Baking powder – 1 tsp; – Salt – a spoonful; – Margarine – 55 g; – Egg – 1 pc.

Chocolate cake.  Photo: bulochka.ru.

– Pour the flour, the usual sugar and salt and the baking powder into a bowl; – Pour half of the cocoa powder; – Melt the margarine and pour it in, stirring; – Pour the milk, stirring it with the egg and the vanilla; – Stir, then pour into a container for baking in the microwave; – Combine the rest of the cocoa with the brown sugar, stir; – Sprinkle the dough on top; – Heat the water a little on the fire, then pour on top of the dough in small portions, letting it soak; – Send for five to seven minutes in the microwave at maximum power; – Serve with ice cream.

4. Potato

Potato cake.  zira.uz.

And this cake is well known to anyone who at least once ran into a candy store to enjoy them in their distant childhood. Now it can easily be repeated at home, without spending a lot of time and effort.

– Chocolate chip cookies – 320g; – Condensed milk – 150ml; – Butter – 110g; – Cocoa – 75g.

From childhood.  Photo: edimdoma.ru.

– Knead the cookies by hand or with a blender until they are small crumbs; – Mix all the remaining ingredients to form a soft and thick mass; – Roll the mass into balls or long sticks; – Sprinkle with the crumbs of cookies; – Serve.

5. No-bake cake

Chocolate cake without baking.  Photo:

It is not necessary to bake anything at all, when you have chocolate at home, because you can prepare a delicious cake for a sweet tooth for a holiday or just for tea without the oven, obtaining an original, delicate and airy dish.

– Cookies – 350g; – Cocoa – 100g; – Powder – 80g; – Cream cheese – 240g; – Butter – 140g; – Chocolate – 210g; – Cream – 90g.

Impossible to resist.  Photo: pinterest.com.

– The butter is heated until liquid; – Crush the cookies in any convenient way; – Combine it with the butter, add the cocoa; – Stir well so that the mixture is homogeneous; – Send the resulting mixture to the mold, crush with a spoon or a glass; – Put in a cold place for an hour or two; – Put the cheese in a bowl, add the powder; – Beat with a mixer until homogeneous; – Melt the chocolate, letting it stand for a few minutes, then add it to the cheese; – Stir and beat on medium power of the mixer; – Whip the cream with a mixer in another container until foamy; – Add to the chocolate mixture, stirring with a spoon; – Pour the resulting mixture on the cake, gently smoothing; – Send to cool for five to six hours.

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6. Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies.  Photo: tvcook.ru.

When baking is boring, but there is some chocolate and nuts left at home, you can try making homemade and hearty cookies that are begging to be taken to school or work with you.

– Cashews (or other nuts) – 250 g; – Dates – 140 g; – Chocolate – 100 g; – Oatmeal – 25 g; – Salt – optional.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Photo: zira.uz.

– The nuts are to be crushed with a blender to finely shred; – Combine them with dates and oatmeal flakes; – Stir until the mass is homogeneous; – Grate chocolate on a fine grater, mix with salt; – Add to the mass; – With wet hands form any convenient shape of cookies; – Allow to stand and serve to the table.

7. Brownies

Brownies.  Photo: google.com.ua.

A classic brownie is a great solution for sweet lovers who love all chocolate, as well as for those who have guests coming over and want to pamper them with unusual and light tasty things for tea.

– Butter – 150 gr; – Cocoa – 3 tbsp; – Sugar – 150 gr; – Eggs – 2 pieces; – Vanilla – to taste; – Flour – 120 gr.

Delicious chocolate dessert.  Photo: gastronom.ru.

– Add the sugar, cocoa and vanilla, mix thoroughly until homogeneous; – Beat the mixture with a whisk, introducing gently one egg at a time; – Gradually add the flour, without stopping to stir; – Bring the mixture until thick and homogeneous; – Line the form with parchment and pour the dough on it; – Send in the oven for twenty minutes or in the microwave at maximum power until ready.

8. Fudge .

Fudge.  Photo: vkusnyierecepty.net.

And if your housemates have always liked toffee candies or store-bought chocolate bars – then adopt this simple recipe, which will help you prepare an easy and very appetizing deliciousness.

– The contents of this recipe are: – Creamed condensed milk – 400 ml; – Butter – 100 gr; – Nutella or chocolate paste – 200 gr; – Chocolate chips – 250 gr; – Salt and vanilla – to taste.

Chocolate dessert.  Photo: patee.ru.

– Pour the pasta, the condensed milk and most of the butter into a bowl; – Add the crumbled chips; – Send to a water bath, stirring with a spoon, until the mixture is homogeneous; – Cover the baking tray with parchment or grease with the remaining butter; – Pour the mixture on it; – Sprinkle with salt and leave to cool in a cold place; – When the chocolate mixture has set, take it out of the fridge; – Separate the chocolate from the parchment with a spatula or a hot knife; – Cut it and serve.

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