5 proven places in and around Europe, for a vacation by the sea in the fall

5 best places in Europe, which simply are created for visiting in the fall

If you want to vacation in the fall, but you do not know where to get a ticket, read the article and learn about the interesting places in Europe, which are especially good to visit this time of year.

The end of the summer season does not mean the end of interesting travels and unforgettable adventures. Perhaps this is just the beginning of the wonderful tale that awaits you this fall.

Most of your acquaintances have already served their vacations, sinking into a gray and unhurried routine. This fact makes autumn the perfect time to enjoy all the benefits of the “velvet” season.

Take advantage of this wonderful moment and take your time to explore the most charming places in Europe, which will reveal all the beauty and uniqueness of autumnal nature.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

All those who are not ready to say goodbye to summer waiting for Dubrovnik, a hospitable town located on the Adriatic Sea. This is a great place where you will be greeted with quite a warm sun, which will allow you to keep your summer closet on for some time. Warm sunbathing and swimming in the sea will not let you think of slushy autumn and winter, which is just around the corner. The smell of lemons and tangerines, majestic pines, cypresses and the abundance of exotic plants, which were once brought here from different parts of the world, make you forget the existence of cold weather. Besides, the autumn in Dubrovnik will please you with plenty of culinary festivals and musical competitions.

Budapest, Hungary

Autumn in Hungary means beautiful weather, plenty of festivals, fairs and low prices of transport tickets and local hotels. The warm days just call for a stroll through the city’s parks. Without the hustle and bustle you can visit many museums and galleries, or take a tour along the picturesque Danube.

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Needless to say, Hungary has a rich winemaking tradition. You can visit its wine cellars, taste the best wines of the new harvest and buy a couple of bottles of excellent wine.

In October you will have the opportunity to visit the festival of sausages and traditional fruit vodka (palinka). This is when the autumn festival awaits you, opening the doors of concert and exhibition halls.

In November you can look forward to the Christmas market and the local wine and cheese festivals. And on St. Martin’s Day you can treat yourself to traditional Hungarian culinary masterpieces, including foie gras.

Barcelona, Spain

The Arc de Triomphe, the Tibidabo hill, the Gothic church dedicated to Santa Maria del Pi, the Mossen Costa and Llobera Gardens, the Sagrada Familia, the Pedralbes Monastery, Casa Mila, the Grand Theater of Liceu, the Aquarium, many museums and much more. In the summer period it is almost impossible to see all of this due to the many tourists who arrive in an endless stream to gawk at the city’s sights. The beginning of Autumn brings its own changes in Barcelona, and it is the perfect time to see the sights and discover the real face of this famous city.

Piedmont (Italy)

If good food and great wines are your weakness, you simply won’t find a better place to visit than the Piedmont regions of Italy. And the autumn months are the best time of year for such a trip. Exactly in this period you will catch the most vibrant gastronomic festivals. Locals gather to show off their specialties: world-famous truffles, fine wines, chocolates, cheeses, and chestnuts. Wine producers everywhere organize festivals to celebrate the grape harvest, with obligatory tasting of their products. This is a feast for the soul!

Oslo (Norway)

To admire the change from summer to autumn, you should go to Oslo. Beautiful city parks, vast forested area Oslomarka in autumn delight the eye with a rich combination of all kinds of colors: green, red, yellow. The surrounding nature, the urban silence and measuredness will not let your mood be spoiled by the fact that a long winter lies ahead. If you want a break from the incredible abundance of vivid natural colors, you can check out the opera house, take a walk through the Viking Ship Museum, admire the Holy Trinity Church and the Cathedral of St. Olaf. And this is not all the attractions the hospitable city has to offer.

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P.S. Do not be sad if you could not rest in the summer. You will not lose anything if you plan your vacation for autumn. Rest in the “velvet” season will not disappoint you and will bring no less pleasure and impressions.

5 proven places in and around Europe, for a vacation by the sea in the fall

It is generally believed that September is almost the best month for a beach holiday. Resorts and travel agencies called the period from early September to mid-October “Indian summer” and actively advertise holidaymakers: Autumn on the beaches and the crowd and the prices are smaller and lower. But as you know, in all propositions to look for a catch, and here it lies right on the surface. In September at most European resorts begins in autumn with all that implies – the rains, winds and a general cooling. And in countries close to the equator, at this time of year the rainy season, increased danger of hurricanes and tsunamis – in general too no rest. But the chance to swim and sunbathe is still there, just choose your destination carefully and do not forget to check the weather forecast. Especially for those who are looking to extend the summer we have compiled a list of countries and regions with a climate that is ideal for a beach holiday in September-October.


Photo: Turkey

Russian tourists love Turkey for the long holiday season, comfortable sandy beaches and excellent service. If the Aegean Sea in September is already quite cool, on the Mediterranean Sea warm weather persists until November. The perfect month for a holiday in September on the eastern part of the Turkish Mediterranean coast, from Kemer to Alanya, the daytime air temperature is 28-35 ° C, the water temperature is 25-28 ° C.

2. Cyprus .

Photo: Cyprus

This island has a classic Mediterranean climate with distinct seasons. Summer is from May till mid-September. Towards the end of the first month of autumn it rains rarely, but the humidity drops and the scorching heat of summer is replaced by the comfortable temperature of 25-28°C.

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Photo: Spain

The only resort in continental Spain, where by mid-September is still a stable beach weather – Costa Blanca. In October holiday prices in Malaga, Marbella and nearby cities are going down, and the water temperature is still quite acceptable for swimming – about 23 ° C. The air during the day warms up to a comfortable 25-26 ° C, but at night is quite cool – 18-20 ° C.

4. Canary Islands

Photo: Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, belonging to Spain, are actually a lot closer to Africa than Europe. The beach season here lasts all year round, some decline in tourist activity is observed only in winter, so don’t expect a decrease in prices in autumn.

5. Island of Madeira

Photo: Madeira Island

The Portuguese island of Madeira is located in the Atlantic Ocean 450 kilometers north of the Canary Islands, so it’s a little cooler than the Canaries. September is still nice for swimming, but in October the water temperature drops to 22°C and below, but the air during the day still warms up to 25-27°C.

6. Tunisia

Photo: Tunisia

In hot Tunisia the high season lasts until almost the end of September, but October is considered the off-season. In mid-autumn the weather is still quite comfortable – 25-27 ° C, and the water temperature along the coast of Tunisia in theory is still suitable for swimming, but sometimes there is a fairly strong wind. Rainfall in the mainland resorts of Tunisia is usually not very heavy, but on the island of Djerba the rains in October are quite common.

7. United Arab Emirates

Photo: United Arab Emirates

But in the Emirates, October is the peak of the beach season. The daytime average temperature is 35°C, which is already very good compared to September 38-40°C, and the water in the sea warms up to 25°C. November is more or less the velvet season in the UAE, although the daytime temperatures are still quite hot – 28-30°C, but in the evenings it rarely gets less than 20°C, and the water temperature stays around 22-24°C. In winter the weather in the Emirates is perfect, but the sea is usually quite cold.

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8. Jordan

Photo: Jordan

While September is still hot in Jordan, October is a perfect month for combining a beach holiday with sightseeing tours around the country. The water temperature in the Red Sea in October is about 27°C and in the Dead Sea even higher, about 31°C. During the day in Jordan in October it is very warm, about 30°C, but at night in the center of the country, in the Petra and Amman area it can be quite cool.

9. Israel

Photo: Israel

The weather allows you to vacation in Israel in the fall on all three seas – the Red, Dead and Mediterranean. On the Mediterranean coast of Israel, autumn comes only in late October – November, in September in Tel Aviv, Haifa and other coastal cities is still very hot, the average daytime temperature is usually above 30 ° C. On the Red and Dead Seas can vacation all year round, and the lowest season in these places is just in summer – too hot.

10. Bali Island

Photo: Bali

There are not many places in Asia where you can rest comfortably in the fall. In Thailand, in the south and center of Vietnam and the Philippines, the rainy season recedes closer to November, and in early and mid-autumn there is still a high probability of tornadoes and hurricanes, and tropical downpours will not improve the overall experience of the holiday. Bali is quite another matter – the wet season in late October is just beginning. The temperature in September and October during the daytime is 28-30°C, the water temperature is 27-28°C. The only thing that can overshadow the autumn holiday in Bali is the strong waves, however, they subside here only in the middle of the rainy season.

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