5 places of power to find yourself

5 recommendations for staying in places of power

Places, visiting which one experiences the state of unity and harmony with the surrounding world, where deep transformations of his psyche and consciousness are possible in the direction of gaining the True Self, his Way – Places of Power.

These are the Places of Presence, where the Spirit shines and everyone has the opportunity to experience the magic and wonder of this amazing Life “without effort”. We want to share the wisdom of behavior at Places of Power.

5 basic rules of behavior at the Places of Power

Cleansing and preparation

It is important to enter the space clean, both externally and internally. It is clean clothes, body, thoughts, or ideally the inner silence. Smoke yourself with a sprig of juniper or wormwood. Be aware of the time and the situation, don’t disturb the space.

Do not, for example, go to the Water or to the caves after sunset. Pay attention to dreams before traveling or visiting sacred places – this is not only interesting, but also useful. Study the Traditions and customs of the places you are going to.

2. We are Guests.

Wherever we go on this Earth it is important to honor the “Masters” of these places, to treat Nature and the Guardians of space with respect. Present gifts at the entrance, so when you go somewhere, have souvenirs with you, preferably they should have power and meaning and could bring benefit or at least bring joy to those whom you give them.

If you come to the Nature, make an offering to the guardians of the place. Respect the Tradition and if you do not understand something, do not judge and do not make unnecessary movements. Be sincere.

3. Enter through the “Main Gate”.

Preferably with a keeper and a guide who will help you to really feel and experience the Place, pay attention to the nuances. The guide will warn in case of inattention or misunderstanding in the space or when participating in a ritual, mystery.

Macau is a Chinese peninsula in the South China Sea

Unfortunately, often a person tries to enter through a backyard or to climb over a fence, but except for tension and a possible meeting with dead ends and barriers, receives nothing in the end.

4. Be here and now.

Be aware of what is happening to you. Leave the information, the knowledge, and observe the miracle. Observe the signs of Nature of the world around you. Allow anything – without limiting Space and Time.

If you know the methods of Meditation, they will help you to distribute your attention evenly between the inner and outer space. Be aware of the structure and, without breaking the boundaries of the situation, go beyond the usual perception. Be careful with desires, intentions, and monitor your state.

5. Give thanks and close the space behind you.

This is an important action. To finish the process correctly and in time – then everyone remains happy and, having thanked the Guardians, the Place, the Tradition, you should leave carefully. Try not to strain the situation. Don’t regret anything.

If it seems that the space hasn’t opened, you haven’t felt the Place as you have planned, or something is “wrong” – don’t get upset and don’t make conclusions beforehand. Deep situations, insights, and experiences in Places of Power often reveal themselves over time.

We are often at the limit of perception, so if you want to fully experience the Power and Spirit of places, relax. Remain attentive, in clear perception without tension in the body, senses, and consciousness. And then the miracle will happen.

3 Travels where you can dive into Places of Power and get a boost of energy

Mysterious Mexico on the Vernal Equinox

At the magical time of the vernal equinox we will set out on the author’s tour to Northern Mexico, which is inaccessible to tourists – to the places of power of the indigenous tribes of North American Indians, who still live in harmony with nature.

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You will be immersed in a true Tale of interaction with the Spirits of your Ancestors. The tale told to you by Grandfather Peyotle, a sacred plant of the Native American Power. A tale that will perhaps manifest the Magic and reveal your Path – the Path of the Heart.

A resident of Mexico.

A mystical journey into the heart of India and a yoga workshop

We will take a deep dive into Patanjali’s 8-step Yoga system, based on the practices of the Kunta and Raja Yoga Traditions. During the journey each day we will practice and develop a State of Presence and Awareness.

These will be practices of working with:

Particular attention will be paid to work with Attention and Meditation, as well as Conscious Dreaming.

As a result, in addition to feeling great and full of the energy of Life, during the tour to India you will have the opportunity to understand and receive applicable methods of how, when you return home, the practice of Meditation and Conscious Presence in the Flow of Life will fill your space with harmony and wholeness.

Meditating and self-seeking girl

Ancient Iran – “To the Roots of Tradition”

In Iran we will visit unique and ancient places, accompanied by real guides in the mysteries and mystery of this land, and not only:

  • We will visit the ancient sanctuaries of the fire worshippers;
  • We will meet real Sufis, though it is very difficult to do in modern Iran;
  • We will visit the most ancient caves of Paleolithic times, where the Legends of the Creation of the World originated.

We will go to the foot of Demavend, the majestic Volcano, about which there are many legends and poems in Iranian mythology, and visit the real Places of Power, where people have lived and honored Nature for thousands of years, and have found the Way of Beauty and the Open Heart.

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It is from here that one of the outstanding Sufi Mystics, Jalalladin Rumi, hails from Iran, whose Spirit still circles and calls.

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