5 dishes of Czech cuisine

Czech Cooking

I suggest you cook one of the traditional Czech dishes served with beer and not only. The knuckle is boiled in dark beer and then baked under a spicy marinade of mustard and honey. So, check it out! Added:

Old Czech Trdelnik (Trdlo) 4.6 7

Trdelník is an old Czech delicacy, baked over an open fire in the form of an empty cylinder. It must be eaten hot! Then you’ll feel the crispy nut-cinnamon crust and the delicious crumb underneath. Added by: Daria Vakulova on January 15, 2017

Kosmatice 5.0 6

Kosmatice is a dish of Czech cuisine. These are sweet, incredibly fragrant elderflower fritters. They can also be salted and with garlic, but that’s another recipe. See how to make kosmatice! Added by:

Lienieckie Rings 5.0 6

Linecki rings are a traditional Christmas pastry in the Czech Republic. Light, crunchy, with a layer of your favorite jam! You put such a cookie on your tongue, and it melts on its own. Bake with stock, cookies last a long time! Added by: Daria Vakulova on January 10, 2017

Old Czech soup 4.5 6

Today I want to introduce you to a soup that was and is one of the most popular traditional soups of the Czech Republic. There is nothing complicated or unusual: just a very tasty and hearty peasant soup. Added by:

Chesnechka 4.7 6

I want to introduce you to Czech cuisine, namely the Czech chowder “Cesnečka”. You can find several variants of its preparation, but the essence of the stew is simple: broth, potatoes, garlic and croutons … more

Poppy and Plum Cake 5.0 6

Don’t pass up this recipe, it’s just an exceptionally tasty muffin. The poppy seed and plum filling is so juicy and beautiful when cut. And what a flavor. See the recipe for a magical cupcake!

Prague Grove Cake 4.4 5

The name of this cake combines a budget-friendly set of products with Czech cuisine. Incredibly, a water-based muffin can also be your favorite pastry! It’s delicious, fluffy and almost weightless … more

Bramboraki 4.3 5

Bramboraki are Czech potato pancakes with bacon bits and, of course, beer. Yes, yes, beer, and no wonder: many Czech dishes include beer and it’s delicious!

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Strahmber Ears 4.6 5

This Czech pastry is traditionally baked on the Feast of the Assumption of the Mother of God in honor of the rescue from the armies of the Golden Horde. I will tell you how to make “stramber ears”, according to a recipe that is almost 800 years old. Added by: Daria Vakulova on January 22, 2017

Grtskova 4.5 5

Hrtskova is a Czech legume soup that is characterized by its rich flavor and heartiness. There are even special sets for such soups on sale, in which peas, beans, lentils, etc. are mixed. Added by: Marina Sofyanchuk 11.01.2017

Bramble Salad 4.4 5.

Recently discovered an amazing Czech potato salad (from Czech brambory is a potato). It’s the easiest version of the salad, but its taste is very hard to forget! See why! Added:

Czech Plunders 5.0 5.

In Czech, plundry means pants. I’ll tell you where the name comes from below, and it is crispy, delicate puffs of puff pastry with different fillings. Today it will be “pants” with apples! Added:

Vepršová žebirka 4.5 5

This traditional Czech dish is ribs baked in a honey-mustard marinade. Incredibly flavorful and juicy dish, caloric. The cooking process is not quick, but believe me: it’s worth it! Added:

Zmunda 4.8 4

Zmunda is a kind of Czech-style dumplings. Of course, they have their own peculiarities in cooking, which make the dish very tasty and unusual. Let’s cook delicious, hearty tsmunda together. Added: Marina Sofyanchuk 11.01.2017

Utopenci (spinachka) 5.0 3

Today I’m going to tell you how to cook utopenci (spikaczka). Czech cuisine is famous for all kinds of sausages and meat products. Czechs are interesting people, and their dishes are unusual. I recommend it! . more

Kulaida 5.0 3

Kulajda is a Czech dish of mushroom soup with sour cream. How to make kulajda at home? Try my recipe for this tasty and filling soup!

Katuv shliah 4.9 3

Katuv szlach is a popular dish in the Czech Republic. It is a big potato stew with a filling of fried meat and vegetables. It is easy to prepare, and I was very pleased with the result. The juicy meat roast is gorgeous! Added:

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Mocha Ovals 5.0 3

Mocha ovals are popular Czech pastries that are served in literally every cafe. They are the perfect dessert to go with both tea and coffee. You can easily prepare mocha ovals at home as well. Added by: Marina Sofianchuk on 02/27/2017

Czechoslovak soup with minced meat 5.0 3

A very tasty and rich soup that both adults and children will enjoy eating. Our family really liked this soup, I recommend it to you too! . more

Panadelle 4.2 2

Panadel is a Czech soup with beef broth. Served with egg rolls. The soup is prepared with vegetables, but without the usual potatoes. How to cook paneudel? See for yourself!

Beer knuckle in Czech style 4.5 1

This recipe makes a very tasty, soft and fragrant knuckle. You can serve it at the festive table, the guests will appreciate the dish for sure. Added: Julia M. 08.01.2020

Beer soup in bread 4.9 1

If you suddenly get to the Czech Republic, I advise you to order beer soup in bread in a local restaurant – it’s incredibly delicious! And while we’re not in the Czech Republic, I suggest a similar recipe for making soup at home! Added:

Appetizer in Prague 4.3 1

Nourishing, appetizing, very original appetizer I would like to offer you a note. Do you like to try something new from different cuisines of the world? Then be sure to repeat this uncomplicated recipe at home. Added:

Czech Goulash 3.9

A recipe for cooking goulash. A traditional Hungarian dish in the Czech style … more

Bohemian Beer Chops 3.8

Recipe for cooking Bohemian Beer Beef Chops. This dish is prepared with light beer. Added by:

Prague Salad 4.3

A recipe for a very easy, enjoyable and healthy salad with chicken, cheese and yogurt. . more

Czech style tomatoes 3.7

Bohemian-style tomatoes are a snack made with tomatoes and onions that you can stuff in jars for the winter. The tomatoes taste tangy, sour-sweet and very flavorful. Added:

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Shank (holonka) in dark beer 3.8

Recipe for cooking knuckle (holonka) in dark beer. Very popular and well-known dish in the Czech Republic. Added by:

Cinnamon Zavivantsy 4.1

A simple recipe for zavivantsy buns with cinnamon – to your attention. However, in addition to cinnamon, you can add raisins, nuts, poppy seeds. It is very tasty and a lot!

Red bean salad 3.6

A salad with red beans is perfect for those notorious occasions when you have guests over unexpectedly. In no time, it’s nutritious and very tasty.

Czech roll 4.7

The most delicious biscuit roll in the world is definitely a Czech roll. I present a Czech roll recipe that definitely deserves your attention. Added:

Czech Dumplings 5.0

A traditional recipe for making Czech dumplings from yeast dough. Boiled in water, no filling, in the shape of a loaf. Added by:

Pražský Meat 4.7

If you’re not embarrassed by the smell of garlic, this delicious, juicy dish is perfect for a romantic dinner. As you can guess from the name, Meat in Prague goes well with a glass of good beer … more

Carp in beer 4.8

As you know, Czechs are famous for their beer. As it turned out, this was reflected in the cuisine. Decided to try the Czech classic recipe for cooking carp in beer. Added:

Meat in Beer Czech 4.3

Real Czech cuisine with its unforgettable flavors: beer, meat, cabbage, and all this splendor in one dish. A great choice for true Czech lovers. Added:

Belly Cake 4.6

I bring to your attention a rather simple recipe for “Bellybutton” cake. With its rather inexpressive name, it looks amazing on the table, and the taste is really amazing … more

Meat Czech 4.7

If you are tired of the monotonous dishes, I suggest you to cook meat Bohemian style. It is incredibly delicious “envelopes” with stuffing that will win your heart. Added by:

Czech Garlic Soup 3.8

Anyone who’s been to the Czech Republic has probably tried the legendary Czech garlic soup. Who has not tried – do not despair, I will tell you how to make it at home. It’s very simple … more

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Czech Carp 3.8

Who has been to the Czech Republic, knows how popular are the dishes with carp there. Today I will tell you how to cook carp Bohemian style – a traditional Czech dish… more

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About Czech Cuisine

Czech food is varied, but always – very hearty. It is usually cooked meat in different ways (often pork), sausages and liver pâté, fish dishes (often carp), juicy vegetable salads. And, of course, incredibly delicious local beer with a typical strength of about 3 degrees. Czech cuisine is really very tasty and original, but often untrained eater Czech dishes seem too fat and heavy, because they usually contain more meat than vegetables, and they are cooked in butter or fat. And when you consider the enormous portions that are usually served here…

As in most Eastern European countries, in Czech Republic it is customary to start a meal with soup. Czech soups are extremely varied: it may be beef soup with pasta and meatballs, potato soup, pea soup, cabbage soup, mushroom soup or fish soup. Soups vary in consistency – from almost transparent broths to thick soups puree. Onion and garlic soups are considered specialties. It is customary to serve bread or croutons with the soups.

However, if one had to use one word to answer the question “what do Czechs eat,” that word would be “meat. Almost all Czech traditional hot dishes are made of meat, most often pork. Meat is pan fried, baked in ovens and stoves, stewed, boiled, smoked and processed into sausages and frankfurters. Perhaps the most popular everyday dish in the average Czech family is pork with dumplings and sauerkraut. Very favorite are pork ear with cabbage, pickled pork knee, meat dish in cream sauce, pork pieces in sour cream, and goulash.

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The Czech Republic has no access to the sea, and fish is much less popular than meat in this country. Although sometimes Czechs cook various dishes from cod, pike, carp, catfish and trout.

Dumplings and dumplings occupy a special place in Czech cuisine. Flour or potato dumplings are usually filled with mushrooms, meat, vegetables or berries and served as a main course, while dumplings are cooked without any filling and served as a side dish to many main courses or soups. Dumplings with berry or fruit fillings are almost the only Czech vegetarian dish.

The most popular vegetables in Czech cuisine are cabbage and potatoes. Stewed or sauerkraut is usually served as a side dish, and potatoes are used to prepare casseroles, potato balls, mashed potatoes and other side dishes. German potato salad is also popular in the Czech Republic.

Czechs cannot be called sweet-takers – they are fond of meat, beer and cabbage more than sweets. Therefore, the Czech dessert table is quite simple – these are pancakes with jam or marmalade, parboiled cakes with jam or cream, sweet dumplings or fresh fruit.

And, of course, an integral part of Czech gastronomic preferences is beer. Beer is a drink that Czechs start drinking from childhood. And no wonder – this Czech beer is not strong (only about 3 degrees), so in small quantities they allow everyone to drink it, regardless of age. Czechs do not consider beer an alcoholic beverage – they drink it without remorse during the lunch break of the working day. The country is full of beer bars that have no tables or chairs at all – a person comes in, buys a glass of fresh beer, drinks it in two tries right at the bar, gives the glass back and goes on with his business. In short, beer in the Czech Republic is more than a drink, it is an important element of the culture of the Czech people.

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