5 best beaches in the world

Top 5 beaches in the world according to Way2day.

For some tourists the best beaches in the world are associated only with white sand and blue clear water. For others – an unforgettable experience of recreation creates a high quality service and professionalism of the organizers. For a third – the holiday wilderness and no one knows the lagoon. For the fourth – the native beaches near Moscow.

To tell the truth, there is no sandy place that will suit everyone. We present the top 5 best beaches in the world according to the rating Way2day on key parameters: atmosphere, accessibility, affordability, and recommendations from experts and travelers. Before you grab your swimsuit and get on the plane, find out what the best beaches in the world look like.

№ 5. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are an archipelago south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica, belonging to Great Britain. The largest of them is Grand Cayman. The best hotels are all-inclusive for those who like a quiet holiday without much hassle. The beaches are public and open to all comers.

Opens our rating “Best Beaches in the World” the largest beach Seven Mile Beach, located on Grand Cayman. The sand here is fine, white, and reminiscent of what you might see in an hourglass.

Tall palm trees and other tropical greenery create a pleasant shade in which to escape the sun at noon. The depths near the shore are shallow and the water is well heated. Dangerous sea creatures rarely swim ashore and do not disturb vacationers.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach

The best hotels offer their guests on the beach deck chairs, canopies of palm leaves, beach tables, wooden walkways from the hotel entrance and to the water’s edge, refrigerators with ice cream and soft drinks, cafes, restaurants and more. There are lifeguards on duty on the shore and on the boat.

On the “Seven Mile” beach you can do quite well with one towel. The sand is almost not heated and you can lie on it without fear of burns. For cleanliness is responsible hotel administration and local city services.

For most people who prefer to actively travel the world, the enchanting Caymans remain the most desirable destination in the Caribbean archipelago. The luxurious barrier reefs attract divers from all over the world like a sweet soda on a hot day attracts bees.

Newlyweds come here to spend their honeymoon on the best sandy shores in the world, and parents with children – to swim and feed the wild stingrays. Which, by the way, are so accustomed to humans that they purposefully swim for treats in shallow water, almost like pigeons in the park. Nature lovers get here to walk through 200-year-old thickets of mangroves, untouched by man.

The Caribbean islands have long been a haven for pirates and hunters of merchant ships carrying valuables from the New World to the Old. There are many unexplored coves and grottoes here, which means you have all the chances to try your luck and search for treasure.

How to get to the Caymans

You can get to the Cayman Islands by plane, with a connection in London. It’s not a short trip and not cheap at all, but it’s worth it. This pirate’s corner is beautiful at any time. The hotels welcome guests with great hospitality all year round.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach

№ 4. Seychelles

Fourth place in the “Best Beaches in the World” ranking goes to the Seychelles. 115 mysterious pieces of land, scattered in the Indian Ocean near the east coast of Africa. Looking from high altitude, it seems as if they are fine pearls scattered on light blue silk.

The sand here is indeed close in color to pearly pearls. And from shore to shore it takes on a different hue. Seychelles can be easily recognized by its massive boulders by the water.

Many islands of the archipelago are uninhabited, so it is more than possible to find a secluded corner. The port of Mahe (Mahé) has a huge selection of yachts and small boats, allowing you to easily explore the surroundings. But don’t be fooled by the enormous sea turtles and colorful birds that live in abundance in the tropical wilds. Keep your camera handy and be prepared for the unexpected.

Anse Sours d

Anse Sours d’Argent

On La Digue Island, Anse Source d’Argent is one of the best beaches in the world. It’s hard to call it fit for swimming, but its beauty surpasses most known shores. Amazingly shaped rocks and huge boulders add mystery shoreline.

Madagascar - the miracle of Africa

Photographers love Anse Sours d’Argent. Each photo of this place becomes a masterpiece. In the press it is believed that it is the shore of La Digue Island the most photographed in the world. Coming here, you can be sure that each photo will be a work of art and can easily decorate the walls of the room or become a favorite screen saver that reminds you of an unforgettable trip.

The best hotels on Anse Sours d’Argent provide top-notch service. Do not doubt – here no one and nothing will interfere with your vacation. The Seychellois are very courteous and unobtrusive. If you get tired of the hustle and bustle and people, the hotel staff will be discreet, just ask them to do it. Fresh flowers and dinner in the room will appear invisible to your eye.

How to get to Seychelles

The most popular flights are Air France, Qatar Airways, Emirates with connection in Paris, Doha, Dubai, respectively. The flight, on average, takes 13-15 hours. The cost of the trip is quite commensurate with the trip to Bali and Fiji.

Anse Sours d Beach

Beach Anse Sours d’Argent

№ 3. Marietas Islands

There are no exotic plants, rare birds or hundred-year-old sea turtles on Las Marietas Islands. There are no pirates hiding treasure here and no luxury hotels. But one look at Playa del Amor is enough to exclaim “the best beach in the world!”

Marietas is a chain of flat stretches of land, of volcanic origin, covered with bright green grass. The place itself is an amazing natural phenomenon. At the edge of one of the islets is a gaping hole in which splashes of azure water and flashes of white sand. “The Secret Beach” is the name by which Playa del Amor is known to tourists and photographers around the world.

According to rumors, Playa del Amor was not formed by natural processes on the surface of the earth. The Mexican government used the archipelago as a testing ground beginning in the 1900s. The military systematically conducted underground explosions, resulting in grottoes and caves.

Scientist Jacques-Yves Cousteau did a lot of work in the 1960s to stop destructive human activity on Marietas. In 2005, the site became a national park. Today you can swim, dive, and enjoy the sunshine here.

The only way to get here is through a long tunnel that connects it to the Pacific Ocean. The dome of the tunnel is about 2 meters above the water level. Kayak or kayak will allow unhindered passage to one of the best beaches in the world.

Playa del Amor Beach

Playa del Amor Beach

How to get to Marietas

With at least two connections, American Airline and Iberia will take you to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. From there you can book a boat or boat to get to Playa del Amor. The drive will take a long time and be really expensive, but the incredible experience of swimming through a rock tunnel and swimming on one of the best beaches in the world, is worth any money.

Playa del Amor Beach

Playa del Amor Beach

№ 2. Bahamas

When people hear about the Bahamas, the first thing that comes to mind is a number of fantastic resorts and casinos like Nassau, Paradise Island and Cable Beach. Yes, these are almost the best beaches in the world. Breaks all stereotypes a little island of Harbor. It is only 5.5 km long, but the width of this tiny part of the Bahamas is only 2.5 km. The main attraction of the atoll is Pink Sand beach (Pink Sand beach).

It is almost five kilometers of pink sand, located on the east coast of Harbor. The shoreline has an unusual hue from the clam Foraminifera, which lives in great numbers in the ocean. Depending on the season, the shoreline can be intensely pink, or the opposite, almost white with a slight pinkish hue.

Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach

Protected from the incoming waves of the Atlantic by a coral reef, the beach is ideal for relaxation. The energy of the place is conducive to a relaxing pastime. The locals are provincially slow and friendly.

Cozy homely hotels offer tourists chic accommodations. Breakfast – on the terrace, allowing you to breathe the aroma of the morning breeze, dinner – surrounded by hundreds of candles on soft pillows near the water. Lunch tourists prefer to eat in small restaurants, where the owner welcomes each guest and personally escorts him to the table.

Trulli in Alberobello, Italy: history of the city and its attractions

But do not confuse relaxed “rustic” holiday with the pathos of luxury hotels, which abound on the beach. Evening gowns and tuxedos are a must for a dinner for select guests. Celebrities like Kate Richards, Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon and many others like to vacation on Pink Sand Beach. Glossy magazines love the photos of the models against the pink sand.

How to get to the Bahamas

The nearest airport is at Governors-Harbour atoll. It accepts only small planes of local airlines. Therefore, you should fly here with at least two connections through the Bahamas capital Nassau and New York. The trip takes at least 20 hours, but you should see Pink Sand Beach by all means.

Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach

№ 1. Philippine Islands.

Can you imagine standing up to your ankles in powdered sugar? Highly unlikely. It can become a reality if you take a trip to the Philippines. More than 7,000 islands scattered over 2,000 kilometers between Indonesia and Taiwan await you.

One of them is called Boracay. Its main feature is the blindingly white and fine sand on one of its many beaches. It tops our “best beaches in the world” list.

The best beach in the world, White Beach, offers a contrast between the bright tropical greenery and the white sandy shoreline. For this reason, the sand is almost unheated and very pleasant to walk on barefoot. It is a municipal place, open to the public. Everything is very democratic and accessible.

There is a strict official ban on any wheeled vehicles and a non-official ban on shoes. They are not needed here. Just keep in mind, the white sand reflects the sun’s rays much stronger, which means you can’t do without sunscreen and good sunglasses at the best beach.

World's Greatest Beach White Beach

The best beach in the world White Beach

The water is so clear that it resembles mineral water. The coral reefs are a short distance from the shore, so it is better to get there by boat. Diving in the Philippines is very interesting, but caution does not hurt. Here you will find one of the most dangerous living creatures in the world – the jellyfish “Sea Wasp”.

The temperature allows you to swim even after sunset, but the night on the island of tourists and locals devote a completely different. Boracay is the nightlife capital of the Philippines. All the best bars, clubs and discos are open to tourists until morning. This variety of features White Beach makes it the best beach in the world by all accounts.

How to get to the Philippines

There is no airport on Boracay, but Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, better known as Caticlan, is just a couple of kilometers away on the neighboring island. It’s only 15 hours and you can enjoy the best beach in the world while standing ankle-deep in powdered sugar.

White Beach World's Greatest Beach

White Beach – the best in the world

The best beaches in the world – our top 5 best beaches (+ hotels)

Best Beaches in the World

Hello! The long-awaited summer has arrived and everyone wants to go to the sea and to the best beaches in the world, to swim, sunbathe, take a break from city life. To bask in the sun under a palm tree bent over the turquoise water and look at the endless distance, where the blue sea on the horizon, and a quiet breeze caressing the skin. Where to find such beaches? Everyone knows the good resorts of the world, but which of the popular destinations really do not disappoint? Now I’ll tell you all about it in this article on the website paikea.ru.

It is interesting to know that the beach is a relatively flat surface of the shore, approaching closely to a body of water (river, lake, sea, ocean) and convenient for mass recreation of people, their swimming and sun and air bathing.

Best Beaches in the World

The best beaches in the world

The best beaches in the world – these are the most beautiful and unique places in the world resorts for an unforgettable vacation at sea surrounded by a delightful environment under the quiet murmur of the waves. And since there are quite a few very good beaches in the world, I will share with you a selection from one of the most reputable sources Tripadvisor. This ranking includes the top 5 best beaches in the world according to thousands of travelers from around the planet based on their reviews and recommendations.

The Valley of the Temples: the most picturesque place in Sicily, Italy

Best Beaches in the World Rankings

The thing is that after reading this list of the best beaches in the world, I pretty much agreed with everything, because I have been to them personally and know where they are and what they are. But of course, I will add a little bit for myself about the good hotels on the best beaches in the world and to clarify, is the vacation on these beaches as good as written in the reviews.

That’s it, let’s pack our bags, choose the best beach and go on vacation at sea!

Best Beach

Basic information

The best beaches in the world are almost always closer to the equator and in the tropics, that is, far away. And to fly there by plane is quite a long time. But it is definitely worth spending both money and time, because a trip to the sea always refreshes people. Having been to many parts of our planet and traveled to different countries, I realized that any trip should end with a good beach vacation.

If you recently got married and are looking for a great place to honeymoon, or want to go on a wedding anniversary, or you are a married couple with kids, or maybe you just want to relax on the best beaches in the world, then this article is for you.

World's Best Beach

Where are the best beaches

Where the best sandy beaches, there are almost always a lot of people, even though they are sometimes quite far away. I will not mention that of course the beaches of the Maldives, no one could not beat the title of the best beach resorts around the world, where the most white sand and turquoise sea water.

With them on a par with the Seychelles – for example, Anse Source D’Argent beach – the most photographed beach in the world with granite rocks and white sand, the Bahamas and the unusual Pink Sands Beach with pink sand, as well as Tahiti and the island of Bora Bora with the most beautiful beach in the world as in the pictures – Matira beach.

Best Beaches in the World Seychelles

Intendance Beach – the most beautiful beach in the Seychelles

All these giants of beach destinations are already quite well known among tourists and promoted, so I will not talk about them in detail. However, if you are interested, you can read our articles about these amazing places on the planet.

world's best beaches bounty beaches

The best beach

So what are the best beaches in the world?

  • The longest natural beach in the world is Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.
  • The best city beach for recreation is Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro.
  • The longest sandy island with the most beautiful beaches is Fraser Island in Australia.
  • The cleanest beaches in the world are Varadero Beach in Cuba and Lopez Mendes in Brazil.
  • The wildest, but no less beautiful and picturesque is the beach Vakaya in Fiji.
  • The quietest beaches in the world – the best retreat for honeymooners – are the beaches of the islands of Lombok and Gili in Indonesia.
  • The most varied on the shades of water is Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico.
  • The whitest sand is White Sands Beach on Boracay Island in the Philippines.
  • And my personal favorite beach is Cocoa Island in the Maldives! Hotel SOMO Cocoa Island

where the best beaches

Top 5 best beaches in the world

And now on to the best beaches on our planet!

Shipwreck Beach (Zakynthos, Greece)

1The best beach in Greece, Navagio Beach or Shipwreck beach, in Zakynthos has been in the top spot of every poll in recent years. It is also one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

The romantic name Shipwreck Beach and the bay surrounded by white limestone rocks, with the blue Ionian Sea, can make you wonder if it really exists. But it is real, and this beach could have been the location for the filming of the movie “The Beach” with Leo DiCaprio, as it is similar to the most famous Maya Bay beach within the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand.

  • Tip : The great popularity of Shipwreck Beach makes it quite crowded. So come early in the morning to be alone on Navagyo Beach.
  • The best hotel in Zakynthos close to Shipwreck Beach is Mabely Grand Hotel
Holidays in Indonesia: 10 reasons to go there on vacation

Best Beaches in the World Greece

Navagio Beach Shipwreck Beach in Greece

Suluban Beach (Bali, Indonesia)

Second place in the ranking of the best beaches in the world is Suluban beach. Bali, a mysterious island within Indonesia, has many beaches. How to choose the best? Many people vote for Blue Point Beach (known in Indonesia as Suluban Beach ), calling it a true paradise.

Located 45 minutes from Kuta near the village of Uluwatu Pecatu beach, which is also sometimes called Uluwatu Beach, can be called a refuge from the crowd. It has snow-white sand and the beach itself is enclosed by rocks and a reef from the strong waves. The water on Blue Point beach is two colors: green, where the shallow, and blue in the deeper areas. Very close by is the famous Uluwatu temple.

We have not been to Bali yet, but we asked friends who live on the island and they confirm the information: Suluban beach is indeed the best beach in Bali.

  • Tip: It’s best to come to Blue Point Beach closer to the evening and watch the sunset here.
  • Stay at Blue Point Beach at Suluban Cliff Bali Villa

world's best beaches Bali

Suluban Beach, Bali’s best beach

Pra Nang Beach (Krabi, Thailand)

In third place in the ranking of the best beaches in the world is the famous beach of Thailand – Phra Nang Cave Beach, or the beach of the princess cave of Pra Nang. It is located on the Raleigh Peninsula in Krabi and is rightfully considered one of the best beaches in Thailand after the island of Phi Phi Phi. But unlike the island beaches, it is located on the mainland and is very popular among tourists.

On the beach is a sacred cave with phalluses, and next to the sea rises a beautiful karst rock, which is famous for the Andaman Sea in Thailand. You can only get to Phra Nang Beach by boat from Ao Nang Beach, or come on foot from other beaches in Raleigh.

Best Beaches on the Pra Nang Beach

Phra Nang Cave Beach – the most picturesque beach in Thailand

Helpful Tip: During the day a lot of tourists come to Pranang Beach as part of excursions, besides, the sun strongly heats the sand, and there is no place to hide from it. Therefore, the best time to visit is morning and evening. It is convenient to enjoy Pra Nang Beach to the fullest if you settle in one of the hotels on the Raleigh.

  • Right on Pranang Beach you can stay in a luxurious villa Macaque and Languor
  • The best 4* hotel is on the neighboring beach with fewer tourists – Railay Bay Resort & Spa

Best Beaches in the World Thailand

Pranang is the best beach in Krabi

Lanilo’a Beach (Oahu, Hawaii)

Fourth on the list of the world’s best beaches is Laniloa Beach in Hawaii with its beautiful rocky arches off the shore. Oahu is the most populated island of the Hawaiian archipelago, but even there are secret beaches to escape the crowds of Waikiki vacationers. This secluded beach is considered the perfect place where you can not expect a large influx of tourists.

Best Beaches in the World

These are the unusual arches found on some of Hawaii’s best beaches

  • Tip: You can rent a car to visit these and other beaches on Oahu, or you can settle in at Lanilo’a, as we did, for a couple of days. Or choose to visit the best beach on any of the islands in Hawaii or stay in Honolulu.
  • The best hotel on Lanilo’a Beach is the Courtyard by Marriott Oahu North Shore →
  • Read more about lodging in Hawaii in our article: Best Hotels in Hawaii

Best Beaches Hawaii

LaniLoa Beach in Hawaii

Beaches South Beach and Lammas Paru (Miami, USA)

In fifth place in the ranking of the best beaches in the world would be two beaches in Miami, located close to each other.

    • South Beach in Miami falls into the category and the best beach for young travelers who like to party, hang out and have fun. In general, Miami Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the world.
    • The tranquil Lummus Park Beach, in the midst of this hurricane of fun, is strikingly clean, calm and peaceful.

    Best Beaches in the World Miami

    Miami’s Best Beach – Lummus Park Beach

    We equally enjoyed walking among the Latin rhythms and numerous restaurants on Ocean Drive along South Beach and then hiding in the shade of palm trees on the promenade of Lummus Park. There, by the way, are also good playgrounds for vacationers with kids.

    • Tip: It is best to stay in Miami Beach hotels across from Lammas Park. Here you can relax in peace and quiet, and if you want to walk, it is convenient to go to Ocean Drive. It’s just a couple of steps away.
    • A good hotel on South Beach next to Lummus Park in an Art Deco building is Room Mate Waldorf Towers.

    Best Beaches in the World Photos

    The best beaches around the world

    It is worth talking about the best beaches in nearby countries, where most travelers go for good beaches and gentle sea.

    Here are the best beaches in different countries of the world:

      The best beaches in Cyprus are the quiet Makronissos, where you can stay at the Memory Apartments or the 4-star Asterias Beach Hotel, and the youthful Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa. Here I suggest two 4* hotels on the beach at once – Nissi Beach Resort and Vassos Nissi Plage Hotel

    Europe's best beaches Cyprus

    Nissi Beach Resort in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

    world's best beach in phuket

    Kata Noi – the best beach in Phuket

    Best Beaches in the World Spain

    Isla Canela is considered the best beach in Spain

    • The best beach on the Mediterranean Sea is Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv (Gordon Hotel & Lounge), and for a romantic evening you can go to the northern beach of Tel Baruch
    • The best beach on the Red Sea – North Beach in Eilat and the Leonardo Plaza Hotel Eilat
    • The best beach on the Dead Sea is the Mineral Beach. The nearest hotel is Metzoke Dragot Hostel and the Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel (a little further).

    Europe's best beaches USA

    The beach at the Crescent Bay Inn in California.

    And the last surprise from me!

    I will show you a picture of the beach in the most unusual and exotic place, the farthest corner of the world that I have visited so far. This is Anakena Beach on Easter Island.

    Easter Island best beaches in the world

    The beach on Easter Island

    When we flew to Easter Island, I never expected that this far from all continents and mysterious island would have a beach! However, we on Easter Island, not only explored the extraordinary culture that left behind the world famous statues, but also sunbathed on the beach and bathed in the Pacific Ocean!

    Beaches on Easter Island, several and all different: some suitable for diving, some for swimming. But the beach of Anakena, of course, strikes the imagination most! Beautiful white sand, palm trees, a cove protecting the waves of the Pacific and a view of the icicles! Just fantastic!

    Ranking of the best beaches in the world

    Top 5 unique beaches in the world

    The best beaches we usually imagine are: white sand, blue sea and swaying palm trees. However, the beaches are different! And finally, I’ll give you a set of 5 most unique beaches in the world that will surprise even experienced travelers and everyone wants to visit at least one of them. I, in any case, set myself a couple.

    Desert Beach in the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil is a beach in the middle of the desert and high dunes! It is far from the seas and oceans, but is replenished by rainwater every year. The best time to go is from May to September, and the worst time is February, when there is no water at all.

    2. Green Beach or Papakōlea Beach on Hawaii (Big Island), which has amazing volcanic green sand.

    green beach

    Green Papakōlea Beach in Hawaii

    3. Hot Water Beach in New Zealand, where you can dig your own bathhouse, where water from hot springs will flow from the ground. Here you can not only swim, but also take care of your health!

    4. Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives, which is famous for its sea of stars not overhead, but under your feet. The glowing beach at night can surprise anyone!

    5. Playa del Amor or Hidden Beach or Playa Escondida on the Marieta Islands in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) in the Pacific Ocean is something absolutely fantastic! If you don’t know where this beach is, you can only spot it from the air. One of the best decisions for a honeymoon trip for lovers!

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